Dr Mad Max Visits Daddy Tony and Mikey

September 15, 2011 in Leather, Rubber Pictures, Gear Pictures, S&M Pictures, Inmate: BndgKid

Our first visitor to the playroom is a personal hero of mine, Dr. Mad Max from Canada!  I am a huge fan of his gear, and have been going to his site repeatedly for several years. 

Our friends over at Serious Male Bondage recently got a large order of gear from ‘Uncle Max’ as I like to call him, and I was honored to get to be they chose to measure for all of the pieces, because I am pretty averaged sized.  The gear fits amazingly, and it’s some of the most restrictive stuff I’ve ever been in, especially the Psycho X – I really can’t wait to get one of those made for us :)

Dr Max and his partner were passing through town on their way North to Canada, so they stayed in our guest room upstairs, which luckily we had just finished setting up along with the playroom! 

I had a particularly long day at work, but was excited to know that we had visitors waiting there when I arrived!  I set my bag down and kicked off my shoes and gave Dr Max a huge hug – it was awesome to finally get to meet him after seeing his site for so long!

After our greetings, I came in from the garage and was just going to see what our plan for the evening was, and as I walked into the living room, I suddenly heard a WOOOOSH and everything went dark as a leather hood was pulled over my head from behind by Daddy Tony – he had me totally by surprise, and I was suddenly a little disoriented as he secured the hood, grabbed my arms behind me, and with Dr Max leading the way, they led me up to the playroom.

Daddy Tony took of all my clothes, and then he and Dr Max started telling me to listen to what they told me very carefully.  I felt the most amazing sensation as thick rubber was pulled over my head and an extremely heavy leather blob suddenly was hanging from my hooded neck.

“Now lift your arms up slowly and put them forward…” I was told.  I reached one arm up and into the rubber blob hanging around my neck, and it was guided into a thick rubber sleeve.  The next arm was brought up and guided to another sleeve on the opposite side, and the rubber pressed against my skin.  Next I was assisted as my feet were placed one by one into what I now realized was a rubber sleepsack, one of the thickest ones I’ve ever felt too!


Straps were secured around the sack and I was placed on the cot.  Dr Max, his partner, and Daddy Tony all went to work securing the sack to the cot with rope, including over my hooded face, and I found myself tied down nicely to the cot, unable to sit up or move side to side, let alone get out!

I heard them moving around a lot, and was just lying there enjoying the sensation of the rubber, but noticed I could move around a fair amount, the rubber was not a tight fitting rubber.  That is, until Dr Max hooked up the vacuum pump and began to draw the air out of the sack. 

I could feel the rubber start to cling to my skin, and it got tighter and tighter until sealing up to the point that I couldn’t move my fingers from side to side, or up and down – and the sack being secured to the cot the way it was, I was totally immobilized.

I lay there drifting in my own thoughts, floating in my bondage headspace, when suddenly I felt this sensation explosion erupt right over my dick.  Daddy had grabbed the large vibrator and had just flipped the switch, sending me in to writhes of pleasure.  I loved the sensation of being so secured, and then being touched through the rubber while the vibrator edged me to a conclusion that I knew would probably not arrive.  Nonetheless, it felt incredible!

They alternated between letting me float for a while, beating on my nuts a little bit, edging me a little bit, tickle torturing me, and just hanging out and having a good time.  I loved every second of it.  There were moments that I would drift off in headspace, and then Daddy would quickly place a hand over my hooded mouth – it would snap me back in the best way.

Eventually we started getting hungry, so they decided to free me from my rubber prison.  I was sad to have to get out, I was having such an awesome time too!  When I came out, I was dripping with sweat – a puddle had formed on the cot where I was sitting, and I was dripping wet.  Good thing for PVC liner!

Dinner was a blast, and afterward we hung out and talked until it was bedtime.  They will be visiting Seattle again later in the month – we are looking forward to seeing them again!


Dr Mad Max Visits Daddy Tony and Mikey


    1. avatar Amris says:

      Sounds like a great time was had by all, especially you! I’d love to try that myself!

      • avatar BndgKid says:

        Oh definitely! The best part was being suddenly hooded when walking out of the laundry room – closest thing to a kidnapping I have experienced so far!! :-D

Dr Mad Max Visits Daddy Tony and Mikey

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