New playroom is finally setup!

September 14, 2011 in BDSM, Gear Pictures, S&M Pictures, Inmate: BndgKid

Some of you may know that RubberAsylum and WetsuitJay are our landlords, but now this is true in the virtual sense as well, as we have decided to move into the asylum online as well *huge grin*  I am very excited to be an inmate and am looking forward to the trouble that all of us are going to cook up on this site :)  And to that end…

Daddy Tony and I have finished putting together the playroom!  It’s been a hectic three weeks getting settled in, but this weekend we decided it was beyond time to get the playroom setup, so off we went to the hardware store to pick up some pondliner! 

RubberAsylum and WetsuitJay gave us the tip to lay down PVC pond liner on the floor of the playroom, not only to protect the carpet, but also for easy clean up, and it feels really good to romp around/get tied up on as well!  We measured it to size, then I hauled all of the bondage equipment upstairs so that we could figure out where we wanted to put all of it!

Once we got the basic layout down, we got to work hanging the pegboard on the wall and sorting through all the gear – we quickly realized that we were going to need more pegboard!

Putting the cage together was a challenge – it’s crazy heavy, and Daddy has a hurt back, so it was my job to bring all the pieces upstairs.  The base is solid steel and was the hardest part, but once it was put together, it was all worth it.  We put the cage in the far corner, then the spanking bench next to the pegboard, with all of the spanking implements behind that *shudder*.

The St. Andrews Cross went in the corner opposite the cage, and next to that I setup a little station with a TV, computer, receiver, and some speakers – that way we can use the internet for scene music and porn :)

The cot was the last piece, and we put that up against the side wall as you walk in.  All of this took quite a bit of time, and we of course wanted to break it in for the first time!  We pushed through and decided to hang the artwork on the walls, making it feel a lot more complete.

We have way more gear that didn’t get put out due to lack of space and running out of time/steam, so we moved that aside, and I put on a pair of football pants and my torn green jersey, and Daddy started putting my leather-mitted wrists in the restraints that he had previously locked onto the cross.  He then added a blindfold and locked a gag in my mouth.  *huge grin*  I have been tied to this cross before, but I had forgotten how wide it spreads you out – and with the plastic wrap that Daddy added to me, starting at my wrists and then covering my chest, waist, and knees – I was totally immobilized.

Daddy tied my balls in a helicopter tie, his favorite (and admittedly mine also) *grin* and then tied them tightly down to the frame of the cross.  I was moaning and wriggling as much as I could, and Daddy tormented me like crazy – he kept going back over to the gear wall and getting impact implements and then returning, I stopped trying to guess which one was which after a while.

It had been a while since I had cum, so Daddy was edging me as well, which he is amazingly good at – I was begging to shoot basically as soon as he pulled my dick out of the football pants.  He said I had been good, so I got to shoot, and it was awesome – especially not having to worry about getting the bed messy or a towel even, I just went on the floor!

It’s not quite finished yet, heck – we’ll always be working on it, but it’s nice to have a room all setup with all the gear handy to play in!  Now we need to build the padded cell in the closet downstairs…..

I have a video as well – look for that to be added soon!  The rest of the pictures can be found in the gallery below *grin*

-Mikey (bndgkid)

New playroom is finally setup!


    1. avatar PupPup says:

      awesome Mikey :) miss you buddy hope to vist you and tony someday

    2. avatar WetsuitJay says:

      Looking good guys, see you on Saturday.

New playroom is finally setup!

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