Awesome fun with BndgDaddy and Sparky!!

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So, as some of you probably have heard, Daddy Tony fractured his shoulder in two places last week while working, and is on the mend now. Sadly with shoulder fractures, there is not much we can do other than let time run it’s course. Daddy likes to joke that now he gets to spend all of his time in his sling, but it’s not as fun as it sounds sadly.

Seeing as Daddy Tony is out of commission, at least in terms of heavy bondage and play, we’ve been looking for others to play with (and still are!) that can help out during his recovery process. Enter SparkySea!

I’ve been a fan of Sparky’s for a long time, and will be honest, have been itching to play with him for just as long, although the situation that brought it about is not all that great! If you haven’t checked out his blog, No Safe Word – seriously go do that now, I’ll wait right here for you to come back.

Back? Awesome.

So Daddy Tony and I headed over to Sparky and DVous1’s place for dinner and mischief last evening (12/28/11) around 7 – we got there and had an awesome homemade dinner which Sparky prepared, which really was special because I do not cook, and since Daddy hurt his shoulder, we haven’t been doing a lot of our own cooking. Chicken, veggies, and pasta – so good! :)

We relaxed after dinner a bit, just hung out and talked, and then Sparky said, “I need to go prep some things!” This put a huge grin on my face. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten tied up and abused, so I have been looking forward to this for a LONG time, and knowing he was going to prep things, meant that there is some sort of a plan for me that I don’t know about – which even now, has me hard as a rock.

We retired to the playroom and Sparky began setting up his electro gear. I had brought over my Mr. S Leather Sleepsack, and we placed that on the bondage table and I stripped down naked.

Now, those of you who know me, know that I’m not super into butt stuff. The only time I usually do anything involving a plug or ass toy is when electro is involved, and even then, the experiences I’ve had with it, while mostly pleasurable, have not been as fun as I had originally hoped. So when Sparky started pulling out the plugs, I gulped a little bit – it’s been a long while since I’ve had anything up there! I had decided on a larger plug, when Sparky pulled out this awesome little electro ball that goes up there. PERFECT! So up that went.

Once the ball was in nice and firm, I was treated to a Mr. S Leather Puffy Hood with the open mouth, but had a breathing-tube gag placed inside of it. I also had earbud headphones placed in my ears. Side note: I really need one of these hoods – I love the feeling of being hooded AND gagged, and this one is perfect for that. It’s also perfect for something else too!!

I crawled into the sack, and while covering up my cock so it didn’t get caught in the zipper, I heard Daddy say, “Damn pup, you are leaking like a sieve!” Once the sack had been zipped, laced, and strapped up nice and tightly, I heard Sparky ask Daddy, “Now, has he been a good enough pup to get tied down to the table as well?” All I could think of in my brain was, “I HAVE!! I’VE BEEN SOOOOO GOOD!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!” but before I could even try to form words around the gag, Daddy said, “Yes, he’s been very good.” WOO HOO!!

I feel rope start to hold me to the table starting right at the top of my shoulders, losing the ability to sit up or wriggle from side to side – then slowly feel the sack being restricted so that I can’t lift up off the table at all, save for maybe a little at my feet, and then I could move my feet from side to side a little. I was floating hard-core and loving every second of it.

Once I was nice and secured, Sparky connected up all the electro, which included the electro ball, and then placed a Mr. S Electro glans toy on the head of my cock, with a little post going down into my dick, a sensation I have not experienced before! Much less uncomfortable than I would have anticipated! Once the electro was set, and Sparky did a level test, the audio ride begun.

Sparky had selected some awesome music to sync up with the electricity, the first song having a very strong, consistent backbeat that made a lot of ‘flutter’ on the electro, which, for the first time, did not feel at ALL pokey or stabby, which in prior scenes where I’ve used the bluebands, I got a lot of (thus confirming my theory of ‘not enough electro gel and a bad connection surface, i.e. hair). I enjoyed every second of that first song!

Then the track ended. And there was silence. I knew another track would start at any moment, but had no idea when that moment would be, so I lied there waiting in antic*ZAAAP* – AAH! The track started very suddenly and with a good solid BUZZ from the electro, which definitely startled me. The entire song, I would find out in moments, is that way – moments of silence where the track seems to be building to some big crescendo, only to anticipate the moment it would start, and then when it doesn’t start at the moment you expect, but 10 seconds after that moment, all I could do was laugh. It started getting more and more frequent between odd zaps too – some of them were off the beats and some of them felt out of place entirely, but this made the experience so much more entertaining – to be totally helpless and lying there, not knowing when the electro would kick in. I was in heaven.

After my audio float, Sparky switched things up a bit. He turned on the microphone in the room, and suddenly very clearly, I could hear only his voice in my head, “Puppy – are you OK? Can you hear me?” BAM – if I wasn’t already rock hard, that would have done it – I’ve never experienced that moment of being totally tied up and then having someone talk to you through a microphone so that their voice is all you can hear, and it was amazingly hot. Since it was a room microphone, I could hear both Sparky and Daddy Tony talking, which really added a lot. Oh, and the noises were hooked up to the electro – so if I made a lot of noise or squirmed around too much, I’d feel it, same with if they made a lot of noise in the room. I noticed Daddy Tony suddenly developed a nasty cough right at that exact moment – who would have thought!?

He also then added more rope to secure me more to the table, including tying up my feet so that they couldn’t move. Aside from my head, I was totally immobile. And then the ball torture began!

When it comes to pain, I’m a big wuss, but my endorphins were flowing freely at that moment, and when the smacking started lightly on my balls, I writhed around a bit to see how much I could move away from it – turns out, not at all. As the smacking got more intense, I’d be pretty much screaming into the gag, but couldn’t stop it, and I’ll be honest – I loved every second of it, and probably could even have done some more! (SHHH!! Don’t tell Daddy Tony or Sparky that though!!)

After the first round of ball torture, I got a reward, which was being edged – and not having that done in a long time really made the sensation of not being in control of what’s happening to my dick extra heightened, and I swear I probably could have blown a load right there and then. However, I like the contest of holding out as long as I possibly can, so that’s what I did.

Before the next round of ball torture started, I felt my head pushed to the side of the table and was forcibly given poppers, which again, was amazingly hot – it felt like I was being drugged by Daddy and Sparky so they could do bad things to me – WOOF!!

The ball torture began again, and continued in a cycle like that – poppers, ball torture until the point you just can’t take it anymore, followed by edging RIGHT to the edge, and then rinse, lather, and repeat.

I remember the last cycle – Sparky had gotten out the Uzi-Stun Gun, which if you’ve read his recent post, you’ll know that it’s so powerful, it made Sparky actually pull a metal bracket out of the bondage table. They had informed me that if I shot my load, I’d be zapped with the stun gun, and were making it zap and spark around my head and junk, which just freaked me out a lot! I got a taste of the ‘residual’ charge, which felt like someone took a whartenberg wheel and stabbed me with it really fast, so needless to say, I was trying my HARDEST not to cum.

The last little bit is a blur for me – all I remember is fighting as hard as I possibly could to not shoot my load, but with the electro, the awesome bondage, the hood, the gag, Daddy’s hand over my gagged mouth holding my head down to the table, and Sparky jacking me off with his lubed hand, I couldn’t hold back any more, and I came like crazy.

It’s amazing how you don’t realize just how hot and sweaty you really are until that moment right after you shoot – then all of a sudden, it hits you like a wall of bricks. Suddenly I realized I was drenched in sweat and very very warm. However, Daddy and Sparky weren’t done and tried their darnedest to milk a second load out of me. Sadly, it didn’t come (HA!), I think the amount of sensational things that were happening to my cock, followed by my holding back my load with every fiber of my being, my body just couldn’t figure it out. I could almost hear my brain saying, “10 minutes ago you said you were praying not to cum, now you want to?! FIGURE IT OUT, MIKEY!”

After I hopped out of the sack and tossed my clothes back on, I gave HUGE hugs to Daddy Tony and Sparky for the amazing scene, and then helped clean up the gear. I glanced at the clock and realized, “Holy crap, it’s MIDNIGHT?! I was in there for 3 hours?!” Amazing how you lose time in a scene like that, if you had asked me how long it had been, I would have told you an hour, maybe hour and a half – and could have gone for more!!

We had an amazing time over there, and I can’t wait to do it again!! Huge thanks to Daddy Tony for coordinating that for me, he’s the best ever, and a huge thanks to Sparky for helping me scratch my bondage itch!!  Also a huge extra thanks again to Sparky for the awesome pictures!  Daddy Tony took some on his iPhone, but Sparky’s came out SO much better, so I mostly used those instead, I bet you can tell the difference! 

Awesome fun with BndgDaddy and Sparky!!


    1. avatar Amris says:

      Sounds like an amazing time!

    2. avatar PupPup says:

      glad your having fun

    3. avatar PupPup says:

      wish I could play :( no one wants to play with me that why I am leaving the community after MAL.

    4. avatar PupPup says:

      miss you mikey btw

    5. avatar robbie says:

      i love the men on the last pic,electro and rubber

Awesome fun with BndgDaddy and Sparky!!

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