Flashback ’02 – Me and B

December 15, 2011 in Leather, Inmate: BndgKid

I was organizing some old pics, and ran across a few from when my friend B and I hung out for a weekend – this was when I lived in Spokane still, and I came to visit him in Seattle. 

We knew we wanted to have a play weekend, but being young, dumb, and full of cum, we didn’t have a lot of gear ourselves – luckily an amazing mutual friend of ours knew we were planning a fun weekend, and we took a ferry across the water to his place, where he lent us bags of awesome gear!  I’m a gear nut, so the entire trip back, I was so excited and could not contain my hard-on – I swear it was going to pop out of my pants!

Now, I’m mostly sub, but there are some moments where I pop out of my shell and my dom side takes over. (Daddy always says when I do that, “Aww, that’s so cute!”)  I think it was the intoxicating smell of leather from the bags that triggered it, but as soon as we got back to his place, I ordered him to strip and put on leather pants.  I then put him in a Mr. S Leather Straightjacket, making sure it was strapped up EXTRA tight (do unto others!!), hooded him with a leather hood, and then tied him to the bed. 

I took my Adidas Superstars, that I had been wearing for quite a while, including a lot of walking from the Ferry and back, and held one over his face as I played with his cock, edging him but stopping before getting too close (again – golden rule!) – tormenting him on/off like that.  I also took one of my sneakers and placed his cock in it, trying to jerk him off with my shoe, essentially.  

I did not let him cum, and so when I let him loose, he then turned the tables on me!  I was strapped up inside my first Mr. S Leather Sleepsack where the smooth leather was on the inside, and the suede on the outside – I instantly knew I needed one of these someday for my own!  He very securely tied me to the same bed he was on just earlier, hooded me with the same hood, and edged me for what felt like hours.  He also took one of his Doc Martins boots, and put it over my face, which was almost pushed me over the edge a couple of times!

Of course, fair is fair, and I didn’t get to cum either.  We crashed that night, horny and happy, and then the next day we went out and explored the city.  Highlight was eating at the Broadway Grill and talking about the awesome scenes we had the night before, I got up to use the restroom, and discovered that my ex-boyfriend, who I had literally JUST broken up with about 2 weeks earlier, was sitting DIRECTLY behind me and heard the entire conversation (he didn’t really know about my kinky side – it was DOOMED from the start).  PRICELESS.  

We headed back to B’s house, and we had this idea of taking some pictures and sending them to Bob Wingate over at Bound and Gagged.  I put on some leather pants, and B’s cutoff Marines shirt – and then into the locking Mr. S Thigh to Wrist restraints, as well as an upper arm binder.  He then took out my cock and edged me some more, and then decided that the muzzle wasn’t enough – so he took that off, placed the leather hood on me, and then put the muzzle over the top of the hood – HEAVEN!!  We took a few pics of me sitting down reading Bound and Gagged while I was hooded and restrained, but sadly never got them to Bob for use in the magazine.  BOO!

I remember being really sad when I had to go back to Spokane – after having so much fun with B, I was ready to just up and move over here at that point – and it wasn’t long until I actually did that.  Best decision I ever made.

I need to find B again – he was a total blast, and a great guy!  :)


Flashback ’02 – Me and B


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Flashback ’02 – Me and B

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