Where the heck as Mikey been!?

December 5, 2011 in BDSM, Gear Pictures, S&M Pictures, Inmate: BndgKid

I haven’t posted in ages – I wish I had a good excuse, like I had been tied up in someone’s basement for weeks, screaming and struggling against my restraints in vain until Daddy Tony came to my rescue, but sadly, this is not the case.  We’re still adjusting to our move, figuring out jobs and things, and all that good stuff that comes with a huge adjustment like moving to a different city!  That having been said, it’s been FANTASTIC to be home, though I miss my San Francisco friends immensely! 

In a lot of ways, it feels as if I never left – and then in others, things have changed so much here that it’s like a new world for me as well – but in a good way!  I won’t bore you with all of the boring details, and instead, let’s just do a fun catch up post on things that have happened in the last few months!

Daddy Tony and I have been breaking in the playroom whenever we can find the chance – my latest favorite scene that we’ve done is chair bondage – something about chair bondage is just SO HOT, and RubberAsylum and WetsuitJay graciously gave us this red chair that, while looks very innocent, is actually pretty darn good for bondage!!

Daddy Tony started by tying me to the chair using tons of rope, starting with a rope harness on my upper body, and then using that to secure me to the chair really tightly.  He tied rope on my upper arms, elbows, and wrists, then added rope to my legs and waist, securing me to the chair really tightly.  He had me hooded, and then locked a gag on me, and then added nipple clamps into the mix!

My nipples are wired directly to my cock, and they are ultra-sensitive, so normally nipple clamps and I don’t get along very well.  Of course, in the position I was in, I really didn’t have an option at that point, and no amount of ‘MMMMPH!!’ was going to dissuade Daddy Tony, and I could hear him giggling with each tug of the clamps.

Of course, he teased me like crazy, tying my balls to the base of the chair and adding straps when he noticed a particular spot was moving too much, and with each strap and piece of rope he added, I sunk further and further into my bondage head space, struggling futility and trying to resist as much as possible the inevitable.  

Eventually I shot all over, making it as far as the cage with my load, and Daddy gave me a few minutes to just sit there in my own mess to decompress.  After he let me out, I had the best ligature marks on my wrists, I had to take a picture because I would love to find a way to get a tattoo that looks like this!

 Aside from playing in our playroom at home, it’s been awesome to get to see my Seattle family again, and a tradition that started shortly after I moved to SF is called ‘Chili Sunday’ – often times Sunday is a nice lazy day where not a lot is going on, so what better way to spend it than to have a play party!  We alternate play spaces, and we don’t do it every week, but it’s such a fun time getting together with everyone, having some good bondage fun, and then everyone getting together, talking, and eating chili (obviously we play first, THEN eat Chili… not the reverse – that could get ugly quick, and totally not my scene)!

My very close friend Jerry (the one mentioned in my GF profile [I’m bndgkid on there] – first guy I ever played with!!) created this new device we’ve decided to call a ‘Jerry’s Ladder’ – it’s essentially a long steel bar, with another bar behind it, and then smaller connector bars going up the back for tie points.  My good friend Josh, who is getting REALLY good with rope, and is so good to see more often again, offered to give it a trial run with me, and suddenly I found myself tied to Jerry’s Ladder and suspended off the ground. 

It’s quite effective, and once Josh had me totally secured, he added to it immensely by taking off my sock, shoving it in my mouth, and then taking rubber strips and wrapping it tightly around my mouth and eyes, gagging me so that all I could do was make muffled ‘MMMPH’ noises as I flailed around and swung slightly in the air.  I give the device two thumbs up!! 

 So that’s a quick update from a couple of adventures over the last little while.  :)  I promise I am going to post more – my next one will be on RubberAsylum’s awesome birthday party that was just this last weekend – was a TOTAL blast!!  I got to try a BDG Bondage Table, something that’s been on my list for quite some time, and it did NOT disappoint at all!  Sneak preview – I get tied up in some really hot football gear that WetsuitJay let me take home to borrow – I can’t WAIT to do some more scenes in it! 

Where the heck as Mikey been!?


    1. avatar rubberfreak says:

      You guys are fucking sick perverts, what the fuck?

      Ahem, sorry — what i meant to say is, HOT :D

      • avatar Mikey says:

        I know, right?! Wow – we really need some help! You should have seen all the sickos at RubberAsylum’s place this last weekend!

        Hope all is well with you – I wanna see you soon!! *pounce*

    2. avatar PupPup says:

      AWESOME :) Miss you Mickey :( you going to MAL? I am :) wag hope to hear from you PupPup. :D

      • avatar Mikey says:

        Thanks PupPup!! Hope all is well with you! No plans at the moment to go to MAL, but who knows, that could change! It’s on my list of things I want to go to really bad – heck, I still haven’t been to IML!!

    3. avatar Derek says:

      I would LOVE to be as lucky as you, Mikey…

    4. avatar rubberjoyboi says:

      fantastic,Love to be in your place :D

    5. avatar John says:

      Hey great to see you posting again. Get those waders on soon and send a pic, I am still recovering slowly.
      Hugs. John.x :D

    6. avatar robbie says:

      and also bondage in plastic,very thin! :)

    7. avatar Beau says:

      Lucky Boy!
      Well, great photos, it got the pup all squeaky and excited now he wants to clean the garage. Though I’m wondering if I ought to get rid of that hospital bed now or keep it – sigh!

    8. avatar Duncan says:

      You know some people are SO lucky!
      I would also love to get a chance to try out some new things, luckily for me though I have a vivid imagination to try and re create some fantasies (but alas only a few)and this is one of them I cannot!hmmph.
      Mikey, I always read (with much interest) at your “doings” with the “serious bondage ” crew.Please…….consider doing much more with them encased in layers of latex, as many as you can stand(or not as the case maybe.lol).sincerely yours, rubberdc.(on recon and GF)

Where the heck as Mikey been!?

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