BndgDaddy + HappyFrosh + soundsFun = Best Way EVER to start a new year!

January 2, 2012 in Leather, Leather Pictures, BDSM, Gear Pictures, S&M Pictures, Inmate: BndgKid

Daddy Tony and I went to a New Years Eve party with our friend Jerry, and a large group of the mixed Seattle BDSM community was there, many of whom I haven’t seen since I moved to SF, and it was a total blast! We hung out most of the evening with HappyFrosh and soundsFun, who were also there, HappyFrosh looking awesome in leather shorts, and soundsFun looking equally awesome in a really nice set of leather pants and a vest.  I kept finding any excuse to touch their leathers, which wasn’t difficult given the setting.  :)  If you haven’t checked out HappyFrosh’s Blog or soundsFun’s Blog – I highly recommend them! 


I wore my blue and white racing leathers, and our gorgeous hostess commented that I looked like a super hero, which coming from her, was a big compliment!   I also talked to a really cute guy who asked me what type of bike I rode, to which I could only reply that I’ve never actually even been ON a bike, I just really like the gear. 

We hung out upstairs for a while, and then eventually settled downstairs, because soundsFun was getting tied up in some amazing rope work, which had me totally memorized.  I’ve seen soundsFun in a Dom situation before, but had never seen him get tied up before (well, not in real life, anyway!) – he’s an amazing sub and was so much fun to watch as he was suspended on his side and then stretched and manipulated into intense positions.  It was definitely the highlight of the evening for me!  After soundsFun was freed, we went upstairs and rang in 2012 with champagne and noisemakers, hung out for a little while longer, then I drove Jerry back to his place, and Daddy Tony and I headed home.

During the party, HappyFrosh and Daddy Tony were talking, and it turns out that neither of us had plans for the following evening, we made plans to hang out on the first day of the new year.  We got to their place around 7:00 that evening, and hung out for a little while, catching up and just having awesome conversations about folks we know, fun scenes we’ve had, etc.  I love just sitting around and having conversations like that – one of my favorite things to do.  I had brought along my red racing leathers, per Daddy Tony’s instructions to me, and then also brought the football pads that I had on at RubberAsylum’s birthday party – I have been wanting to get tied up in those again SO BAD! 

HappyFrosh had mentioned the previous evening that he had a helmet that is no longer good for actual bike riding, but is good for fetish gear, which is exactly what I would use it for – so he generously gave it to Daddy Tony and myself!  I hadn’t seen a picture of it, but it was red and matched my red racing leathers almost perfectly, and had a mirrored visor, which I could see out of perfectly, but no one could see inside.  :)  *ponders if this effect could be reversed, so the person inside would see a reflection of themselves only, but those outside would be able to see the face inside…*

After conversing, I grabbed the gear and we headed downstairs to the playroom – I had not seen it in person, only in photos on HappyFrosh’s blog, and pictures do not do it justice. 

I jumped into my red racing leathers, and I was put into a fall harness, which even just that being put on got me really excited.  My hands were locked into leather fistmitts, and Humane Restraints were placed on my ankles, and once I was secured to the winch, Daddy Tony got the honor of liftoff, and I found myself floating freely, suspended comfortably by the harness. 

HappyFrosh and soundsFun then took to securing my legs up behind me to the ceiling, and they work so well together – the symmetry, everything was awesome.  My mitts where then secured to the sides of the room, and I was stuck good!

We realized that we had forgotten to add the newest addition to the gear – the helmet!!  The helmet went on, and with the only part of me not covered in leather being my feet, it got warm pretty quickly!  :)  I could see out very clearly, but then the visor started fogging up pretty good, as I would struggle and breathe heavier, especially when the Hitachi was pressed against my junk really firmly – it’d get a big burst of fog on the visor.

After a little bit, I did start to get a bit of a pinch from the crotch straps and the way there were bunched up on the leather – so HappyFrosh added a suspension bar at my hips, which helped a ton!  The three of them beat on me a little bit – I’m not a pain guy, but an finding that there are certain types that I like a lot more than others.  My favorite part was soundsFun whipping the soles of my feet and HappyFrosh/Daddy Tony taking turns using the Hitachi magic wand on my crotch through the leathers. 

After being tormented awesomely, they released my hands and feet and I touched down on the playroom floor once more.  After a quick drink and a recap about how much FUN that was, we went to phase 2! 

I’m going to write up a separate post about phase 2 – but here’s a teaser picture from it.  Oh, and a Venus 2000 is involved.  *HUGE GRIN*

A HUGE thank you to HappyFrosh and soundsFun for such a fun evening – and for the helmet! :-D  What a great start to the new year!

BndgDaddy + HappyFrosh + soundsFun = Best Way EVER to start a new year!


    1. avatar Scotty The Minotaur says:

      The gear along the wall is impressive. I have a growing collection but nothing like that. Beautiful stuff.

      The second to the last pic you look like a comic super hero who just leaped off his bike to do battle!

      Thanks for the interesting article, and fun site.

    2. avatar PupPup says:

      yayyyyyyy :) looks fun wag you going to MAL mikey ? miss you btw wag

    3. avatar PupPup says:

      wag wag :) looks like fun :)

    4. avatar PupPup says:

      wag wag looks like fun :)

    5. avatar PupPup says:

      you going to MAL mikey ?

    6. avatar Duncan says:

      you know Mikey…….you are doing things that I can only fantasise about………sighs to himself……XX

BndgDaddy + HappyFrosh + soundsFun = Best Way EVER to start a new year!

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