Rubber Video: Rubber Boy Playing by “rubngum”

December 13, 2012 in Videos, Rubber, Videos: Rubber, Rubber Videos, Asylum Inmates, Inmate: Dalmy_Toy

Hiya everyone…Anji here ^w^

Favorited a new video from rubngum on xtube. Dunno what it is but the gear in the videos are just amazing…and some of the scenes I’d love to try *blushes and wags*

Hope you enjoy this video as much as I did <3



Keep it kinky <3


Rubber Video: Rubber Boy Playing by “rubngum”

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    1. avatar Marvelo says:

      There are many things so right about this video. While the music isn’t one of them. I can’t get over the chair he’s strapped into. And while I love the venus 2000, it is a very unforgiving machine when set to a certain level, something I learned the first time when restrained under locks with count down of one hour. I do like the voice control. I can only think of so many games I could play with someone where their only option is to speak up to make a change in their fate. And the electro stimulator is genus. That’s the next item on my list.

Rubber Video: Rubber Boy Playing by “rubngum”

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