Welcome back to my world

Welcome back to my world

My Fellow Inmates,

Right now I half feel like posting the Geocities “Under Construction” banner…

Actually, you know what, fuck it



There, I feel better.

Truth be told I had given up on blog posts. We started this 10 years ago when I found Guysingear.com, a fledgling video site that was gaining interest in the community, and I began writing complete silliness. I’d create something daily that was written after multiple drinks and wasn’t fully thought through… Yet you all still found it and my blog quickly gained in popularity.

A few weeks ago my business partners said to me “We want your blog separated from the new store site. I replied “No worries, I wont blog. I don’t want to be a liability.”

“No.” they replied. “We want you to blog, and we want you uncensored”

This is my business partners who could be damaged by anything I have to say. I am known for being unpredictable in my topics… This meant a lot to me that people with money on the line wanted to see this back.

So then…

*Shakes off dust*

No more mis-starts that are just excuses to make agro posts

No more empty promises

I am back, and holy ever loving fuck do I have a lot to say.

As you can see our space is a bit sparce at the moment. Do you know your shit? Would you like to help with window dressing? Hit me up on twitter.

We have overcome a lot and we are now about to launch a business. So much more to come…

Wait til you see this prototype, its just this side of insane.

With that, Visiting Time Is Over

Whatever you do don’t scream too loud as others are trying to sleep.


One comment on “Welcome back to my world
  1. ty dehner says:

    Wow, nice site and you look great in your cell! 🙂 Looking forward to what you will be creating!
    Your friend ty!