Upcoming Asylum Projects

Upcoming Asylum Projects

My Fellow Inmates,

My apologies for the delay in new posts. We are working on setting up all new things, as well as some interesting news hit me today.

So whats on the plate at the moment?

A New Store: “Asylumgear” shall be arriving in November. We are working on setting up the site and getting products in place.

New Poscast/Videocast/Livecast coming in a few weeks. We are building the set for the livecast & video cast. First test run will be this Saturday

Today I heard from a Furcon who asked me to do my first comedy show next fall. I accepted. More info as we get closer to having a show written. Hide the kids 🙂

Just super busy at the moment, but working on bringing you all amazing new things.

Stay tuned

With That Visiting Time Is Over

Whatever you do don’t scream too loud as others are trying to sleep