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Memory Lane 5 – Meeting Bandit2001

November 5, 2011 in Asylum Inmates, Inmate: Boots

As I said from the beginning; work may get in the way.  Well it’s been three weeks (?) since my last post and I admit it wasn’t just work that got in the way but a good deal of perving too.

Last time I mentioned about my first bondage experience and how liberating it was to try rubber and be played with, but that experience (as good as it was) paled into insignificance compared to my next visit with Bondagebait.

The time leading up to this meet I knew I’d be meeting BB’s bf Bandit2001 who was a kinky biker into rubber, bondage, gasmasks, and loads of other kinky gear.  I never thought anyone so horny would want to meet me, a complete newbie with a small quantity of gear and what I did have was very limited and not particularly pervy.

These guys both had rubber, restraints, hoods and sports bike gear including one piece leathers which I’d always fantasised about since I started my ‘porn’ collection some ten years earlier.

I remember in fact feeling like I WAS buying porn when purchasing bike mags because I was tenting my trackie bottoms in the newsagents!

The weekend came and arriving at BB’s home I turned my car around in the cul-de-sac where he lived and parked my car up outside.  My nerves jangling as I switched the ignition of and pulled myself together.  I looked over toward the house and could see the blue Yamaha R6 that was owned by Bandit and then the front door just behind it started to open.  I thought to myself ‘no backing out now’ took a deep breath, grabbed my bag and got out of my car, locking it behind me.

I felt more at ease as I got inside and was greeted by Bondagebait, who called his bf down to meet me.  I could hear a creaking from behind me as Bandit descended the open plan stairs and when I turned around I saw this man in one piece leathers and Racing Boots offer me a hug and a quick kiss on the lips.

I don’t think I stopped looking him up and down, I don’t know if I was beaming a massive smile or slack jawed at this sight of a kinky guy wearing gear I had only been able to imagine from afar.

We all sat down and chatted in BB’s lounge about gear and kinky stuff, including how nice Bandit’s Mick Doohan replica Arai Helmet was when Bandit decided to get up and get changed, leaving his helmet on the carpet in full view.

A few minutes later bandit reappeared with his leathers in his arms and laid them carefully on the floor.  Now more casually attired, he asked if I wanted to try them on. I just looked over at Bondagebait for confirmation and he had a grin on his face and said ‘he won’t ask twice’.

Of course I jumped at the chance and sprung up ready to get geared up, my heart racing.

I was told to strip down to my underwear which I accomplished in moments and then perched on the bottom steps of the stairway Bandit helped me get my feet down the legs of his still warm leather suit.

I was taken aback by how loose they felt to begin with and how the lining made it difficult to get my legs in.  There was an art to putting leathers like these on but on this occasion I was so excited to get into this all encompassing suit I ended up inserting my foot into the pockets meant for the armour instead.

Eventually my socked feet appeared and after standing up I could pull the rest of the suit up.  Feeding my arms into the sleeves one by one I was almost fully in.  Bandit cupped my crotch and took the zipper tab and started to finally enclose me in his race leathers.  I felt amazing!!  The leathers felt quite tight and very protective, this gave me a raging hard-on and my heart was racing of course!

Bandit grabbed his hi-tech Alpinestars boots and told me to step in whilst he held them open.  I slid my foot in and was instantly surprised by how comfortable they felt; as he cinched the internal lacing up and zipped them closed they again hugged my lower limbs wonderfully.  On with the other boot and Bandit turned to me ‘I’ve not let anyone else wear my helmet but I’m going to make an exception for you today’ and handed me the gorgeous looking race replica full face helmet.

I took the lid from him by the chinstraps, my throat dry with expectation and pulled it up to put it on when he stopped me and told me to move back as I was stood under the low hanging light fitting.  A couple of steps back and I was clear to become helmeted.  I pulled the Arai on and as it slid into place I felt so very much at home yet flushed with an amazing feeling of being protected and safe in this gear.  Bandit reached under the helmet and fastened the chinstrap which made me even more horny as I realised I didn’t actually know how to undo it; I was effectively trapped in this helmet now which in itself made my cock throb.

Bandit then handed me one of his matching gloves for me to put on and as I pulled it on he pulled the wrist strap tight and repeated again with the other hand.

As I was distracted Bondagebait was snapping pics of me getting geared up and once finished I did a few poses loving every second of it.  Next thing I knew I was being led to the front door!!

And yep, I was wearing this mega horny gear with a raging hard-on and now being led outside where normal people could see me!  I didn’t want to expose myself like this but BB and Bandit assured me that I look normal.  They told me I’m just a biker about to go out and sit on a bike.

The door opened up and they forced me to step outside first.  My heart was racing and I was thinking someone would see me and think ‘things’.  Bandit followed behind and led me up to his bike and put the key in the ignition.

He told me to get onto the bike and they would take some more pictures of me outside in full biker gear.  After about 15 minutes of sitting on the bike looking like a proper biker on a sexy bike, in sexy gear feeling abso-fuckin’-lutely brilliant we went back into the house.

I was positively shaking with adrenalin and I really didn’t want to take this gear off, but Bondagebait had other things in mind.

After peeling the gear off me, we talked about a bondage session involving all three of us with me being the one to be tied up on the bed.  Spread eagled all four limbs would be roped to each corner of the bed with me in the rubber catsuit, tall boots and a blindfold.  I was soon geared up appropriately and restrained to the bed.

Bandit joined us soon afterwards in a rubber surfsuit, motocross boots, plus a collar and gasmask and started to rub my body all over.

The session lasted for what felt to me like five minutes but was more like two hours, where BB roped up my cock and balls in several ways polishing my helmet and making me squirm so much he had to tell me to calm down as I could injure myself.  Bandit was also snogging me deeply and give me stubble rash too, but I didn’t care!  I was being topped by two sexy guys wearing kinky gear and I was about to shoot my load.

I spurted again like a jet to a chorus of “whoah!!” from both Bondagebait and Bandit2001 as I shot my balls-full of semen across myself and almost hit the headboard yet again.

I was exhausted from all the effort I’d put into struggling on the bed but I also felt and amazing sense of unity with these two men.  I’d not felt so at peace with myself before.  Most times I’d wanked myself off to pictures of men in gear or by myself imagining exactly this sort of situation I’d always felt some guilt of being ‘different’.  Now though I was in the company of two hot guys who thought the same as me.

We cleaned up the room after playing and chilled out downstairs again for a short while and had some food and enjoyed each others’ company for the rest of the evening, talking about pervy things and just chilling out.

I slept on my own that night but I felt great and slept very soundly.

The next day brought more new experiences in the shape of more gear.  It was suggested that Bandit should go to the local shops to pick up some food and milk and that maybe he could take a pillion.  At which point my eyes widened as they both looked at me and worked out the logistics.

I was to now wear Bondagebait’s gear for the ride but considering I’d never been on a bike in motion before this was going to be a new and exciting experience.

We both got geared up and had some more pictures taken and then headed outside.  Again I felt that surge of excited nervousness of being seen.  Bandit started his bike up and I almost jumped backwards as it had an aftermarket exhaust which was a lot louder than I was expecting.  I was directed to get on the tiny pillion pad and I had to virtually bend myself in half to get my booted feet on the high pegs.

BB took even more pictures of us and with a blast of revs we took off toward the shops.  Round the corners I was as rigid as a corpse because it was slightly wet and I really didn’t know how to act on the back of the bike with my gloved hands wrapped tightly around my leathered up rider.

We eventually reached the shops moments down the road and I realised then that the huge supermarket still had hundreds of people going to it and as Bandit pulled up right next to the entrance he told me to stay put and keep my helmet on as he wouldn’t be long.

For about ten minutes feeling incredibly conspicuous with everyone who walked past seemingly looking at me and there was me trying to look nonchalant Bandit returned and directed me to turn around so he could put the groceries in the backpack I was wearing like some kind of harness.

The feeling of being so observed by general members of the public yet my identity hidden inside the full face helmet was again an experience I won’t forget in a hurry!

When we got back to the house we had lunch and it was time for one last play.  I was told to strip and handed a pair of rubber shorts.  I was directed to the corner and told to sit on a folded up duvet where my wrists and ankles were put into heavy leather restraints and clipped to a spreader bar.  A gasmask was strapped to my face and some poppers were held against my air intake valve. 

After taking a deep breath and letting the poppers take effect my cock was raging inside the rubber codpiece of the shorts.

Bandit appeared in some tight black all leathers and was then roped into a harness and restrained to the bed.  I was forced to watch as Bondagebait topped Bandit whilst I was restrained in the corner.

Eventually Bandit made a mess too and I was told to wank myself off to which I duly did as BB played with my nipples (which I didn’t find helped at all) and gave me more poppers.  I shot quite quickly but not as much as the previous day.

Bondage bait released us both and we got cleaned up.  Afterwards there wasn’t much time left so we just had a quick chat and a cup of tea and talked about how much we enjoyed the weekend.  BB told me he would be in touch to arrange something soon and I couldn’t wait to do it all over again.

My relationship with both these men continued for a while longer and whilst I only really played with Bondagebait once more my friendship with Bandit2001 grew into something else.

Ok, I’ve really rattled on this time, mostly because the experience I talk about here was a major turning point in my life because this was the moment that I met my now Husband of 8 years whom I love so very dearly and who I wholeheartedly dedicate my life to.  Thank you Hubby for making so many dreams come true and a Happy Anniversary!!

For the rest of you, I hope you tune in (hopefully) next week provided work doesn’t get in the way, but if perving does (and it may very well do if plans go ahead as expected) I’m sure you’ll understand!

Ciao for now pervs!



New playroom is finally setup!

September 14, 2011 in BDSM, Gear Pictures, S&M Pictures, Inmate: BndgKid

Some of you may know that RubberAsylum and WetsuitJay are our landlords, but now this is true in the virtual sense as well, as we have decided to move into the asylum online as well *huge grin*  I am very excited to be an inmate and am looking forward to the trouble that all of us are going to cook up on this site :)  And to that end…

Daddy Tony and I have finished putting together the playroom!  It’s been a hectic three weeks getting settled in, but this weekend we decided it was beyond time to get the playroom setup, so off we went to the hardware store to pick up some pondliner! 

RubberAsylum and WetsuitJay gave us the tip to lay down PVC pond liner on the floor of the playroom, not only to protect the carpet, but also for easy clean up, and it feels really good to romp around/get tied up on as well!  We measured it to size, then I hauled all of the bondage equipment upstairs so that we could figure out where we wanted to put all of it!

Once we got the basic layout down, we got to work hanging the pegboard on the wall and sorting through all the gear – we quickly realized that we were going to need more pegboard!

Putting the cage together was a challenge – it’s crazy heavy, and Daddy has a hurt back, so it was my job to bring all the pieces upstairs.  The base is solid steel and was the hardest part, but once it was put together, it was all worth it.  We put the cage in the far corner, then the spanking bench next to the pegboard, with all of the spanking implements behind that *shudder*.

The St. Andrews Cross went in the corner opposite the cage, and next to that I setup a little station with a TV, computer, receiver, and some speakers – that way we can use the internet for scene music and porn :)

The cot was the last piece, and we put that up against the side wall as you walk in.  All of this took quite a bit of time, and we of course wanted to break it in for the first time!  We pushed through and decided to hang the artwork on the walls, making it feel a lot more complete.

We have way more gear that didn’t get put out due to lack of space and running out of time/steam, so we moved that aside, and I put on a pair of football pants and my torn green jersey, and Daddy started putting my leather-mitted wrists in the restraints that he had previously locked onto the cross.  He then added a blindfold and locked a gag in my mouth.  *huge grin*  I have been tied to this cross before, but I had forgotten how wide it spreads you out – and with the plastic wrap that Daddy added to me, starting at my wrists and then covering my chest, waist, and knees – I was totally immobilized.

Daddy tied my balls in a helicopter tie, his favorite (and admittedly mine also) *grin* and then tied them tightly down to the frame of the cross.  I was moaning and wriggling as much as I could, and Daddy tormented me like crazy – he kept going back over to the gear wall and getting impact implements and then returning, I stopped trying to guess which one was which after a while.

It had been a while since I had cum, so Daddy was edging me as well, which he is amazingly good at – I was begging to shoot basically as soon as he pulled my dick out of the football pants.  He said I had been good, so I got to shoot, and it was awesome – especially not having to worry about getting the bed messy or a towel even, I just went on the floor!

It’s not quite finished yet, heck – we’ll always be working on it, but it’s nice to have a room all setup with all the gear handy to play in!  Now we need to build the padded cell in the closet downstairs…..

I have a video as well – look for that to be added soon!  The rest of the pictures can be found in the gallery below *grin*

-Mikey (bndgkid)


(Video) Caged Rubber Drysuit CBT

July 9, 2010 in Videos, Rubber, Videos: Rubber, Rubber Videos, Inmate: RubberAsylum

>My Fellow Inmates,

As of recently I have not been blogging as often as I normally do. The reason for this is I have had my hands full with the newest member of my family: Rottyboy.

Once a week he is required to post a piece of his journey, his current weight, and his current workout regimen. These postings should be coming on Sundays, sadly he has been slipping on this. We shall be shoring this up upon our next meeting on the 24th…. Come hell or corrective caning.

I welcome you to check out his blog, his journey through his eyes is actually quite interesting:

Now about the video:

This video was shot on the last day of Rocket’s visit. He really wanted to try out the Aquala suit, yet we were running out of time before we had to head off to the airport, as we had been playing all day.

Since Rocket and Rottie assisted me with the construction of the rubber padded floor of the cage, which turned out very comfortable, I decided to tie him up in there and alternate sensations at his crotch…

The results were quite fun…

With That, Visiting Time Is Over.

What Ever You Do Don’t Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.