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BndgDaddy + HappyFrosh + soundsFun = Best Way EVER to start a new year!

January 2, 2012 in Leather, Leather Pictures, BDSM, Gear Pictures, S&M Pictures, Inmate: BndgKid

Daddy Tony and I went to a New Years Eve party with our friend Jerry, and a large group of the mixed Seattle BDSM community was there, many of whom I haven’t seen since I moved to SF, and it was a total blast! We hung out most of the evening with HappyFrosh and soundsFun, who were also there, HappyFrosh looking awesome in leather shorts, and soundsFun looking equally awesome in a really nice set of leather pants and a vest.  I kept finding any excuse to touch their leathers, which wasn’t difficult given the setting.  :)  If you haven’t checked out HappyFrosh’s Blog or soundsFun’s Blog – I highly recommend them! 


I wore my blue and white racing leathers, and our gorgeous hostess commented that I looked like a super hero, which coming from her, was a big compliment!   I also talked to a really cute guy who asked me what type of bike I rode, to which I could only reply that I’ve never actually even been ON a bike, I just really like the gear. 

We hung out upstairs for a while, and then eventually settled downstairs, because soundsFun was getting tied up in some amazing rope work, which had me totally memorized.  I’ve seen soundsFun in a Dom situation before, but had never seen him get tied up before (well, not in real life, anyway!) – he’s an amazing sub and was so much fun to watch as he was suspended on his side and then stretched and manipulated into intense positions.  It was definitely the highlight of the evening for me!  After soundsFun was freed, we went upstairs and rang in 2012 with champagne and noisemakers, hung out for a little while longer, then I drove Jerry back to his place, and Daddy Tony and I headed home.

During the party, HappyFrosh and Daddy Tony were talking, and it turns out that neither of us had plans for the following evening, we made plans to hang out on the first day of the new year.  We got to their place around 7:00 that evening, and hung out for a little while, catching up and just having awesome conversations about folks we know, fun scenes we’ve had, etc.  I love just sitting around and having conversations like that – one of my favorite things to do.  I had brought along my red racing leathers, per Daddy Tony’s instructions to me, and then also brought the football pads that I had on at RubberAsylum’s birthday party – I have been wanting to get tied up in those again SO BAD! 

HappyFrosh had mentioned the previous evening that he had a helmet that is no longer good for actual bike riding, but is good for fetish gear, which is exactly what I would use it for – so he generously gave it to Daddy Tony and myself!  I hadn’t seen a picture of it, but it was red and matched my red racing leathers almost perfectly, and had a mirrored visor, which I could see out of perfectly, but no one could see inside.  :)  *ponders if this effect could be reversed, so the person inside would see a reflection of themselves only, but those outside would be able to see the face inside…*

After conversing, I grabbed the gear and we headed downstairs to the playroom – I had not seen it in person, only in photos on HappyFrosh’s blog, and pictures do not do it justice. 

I jumped into my red racing leathers, and I was put into a fall harness, which even just that being put on got me really excited.  My hands were locked into leather fistmitts, and Humane Restraints were placed on my ankles, and once I was secured to the winch, Daddy Tony got the honor of liftoff, and I found myself floating freely, suspended comfortably by the harness. 

HappyFrosh and soundsFun then took to securing my legs up behind me to the ceiling, and they work so well together – the symmetry, everything was awesome.  My mitts where then secured to the sides of the room, and I was stuck good!

We realized that we had forgotten to add the newest addition to the gear – the helmet!!  The helmet went on, and with the only part of me not covered in leather being my feet, it got warm pretty quickly!  :)  I could see out very clearly, but then the visor started fogging up pretty good, as I would struggle and breathe heavier, especially when the Hitachi was pressed against my junk really firmly – it’d get a big burst of fog on the visor.

After a little bit, I did start to get a bit of a pinch from the crotch straps and the way there were bunched up on the leather – so HappyFrosh added a suspension bar at my hips, which helped a ton!  The three of them beat on me a little bit – I’m not a pain guy, but an finding that there are certain types that I like a lot more than others.  My favorite part was soundsFun whipping the soles of my feet and HappyFrosh/Daddy Tony taking turns using the Hitachi magic wand on my crotch through the leathers. 

After being tormented awesomely, they released my hands and feet and I touched down on the playroom floor once more.  After a quick drink and a recap about how much FUN that was, we went to phase 2! 

I’m going to write up a separate post about phase 2 – but here’s a teaser picture from it.  Oh, and a Venus 2000 is involved.  *HUGE GRIN*

A HUGE thank you to HappyFrosh and soundsFun for such a fun evening – and for the helmet! :-D  What a great start to the new year!


Awesome fun with BndgDaddy and Sparky!!

December 31, 2011 in Leather, Leather Pictures, BDSM, S&M Pictures, Asylum Inmates, Inmate: BndgKid

So, as some of you probably have heard, Daddy Tony fractured his shoulder in two places last week while working, and is on the mend now. Sadly with shoulder fractures, there is not much we can do other than let time run it’s course. Daddy likes to joke that now he gets to spend all of his time in his sling, but it’s not as fun as it sounds sadly.

Seeing as Daddy Tony is out of commission, at least in terms of heavy bondage and play, we’ve been looking for others to play with (and still are!) that can help out during his recovery process. Enter SparkySea!

I’ve been a fan of Sparky’s for a long time, and will be honest, have been itching to play with him for just as long, although the situation that brought it about is not all that great! If you haven’t checked out his blog, No Safe Word – seriously go do that now, I’ll wait right here for you to come back.

Back? Awesome.

So Daddy Tony and I headed over to Sparky and DVous1’s place for dinner and mischief last evening (12/28/11) around 7 – we got there and had an awesome homemade dinner which Sparky prepared, which really was special because I do not cook, and since Daddy hurt his shoulder, we haven’t been doing a lot of our own cooking. Chicken, veggies, and pasta – so good! :)

We relaxed after dinner a bit, just hung out and talked, and then Sparky said, “I need to go prep some things!” This put a huge grin on my face. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten tied up and abused, so I have been looking forward to this for a LONG time, and knowing he was going to prep things, meant that there is some sort of a plan for me that I don’t know about – which even now, has me hard as a rock.

We retired to the playroom and Sparky began setting up his electro gear. I had brought over my Mr. S Leather Sleepsack, and we placed that on the bondage table and I stripped down naked.

Now, those of you who know me, know that I’m not super into butt stuff. The only time I usually do anything involving a plug or ass toy is when electro is involved, and even then, the experiences I’ve had with it, while mostly pleasurable, have not been as fun as I had originally hoped. So when Sparky started pulling out the plugs, I gulped a little bit – it’s been a long while since I’ve had anything up there! I had decided on a larger plug, when Sparky pulled out this awesome little electro ball that goes up there. PERFECT! So up that went.

Once the ball was in nice and firm, I was treated to a Mr. S Leather Puffy Hood with the open mouth, but had a breathing-tube gag placed inside of it. I also had earbud headphones placed in my ears. Side note: I really need one of these hoods – I love the feeling of being hooded AND gagged, and this one is perfect for that. It’s also perfect for something else too!!

I crawled into the sack, and while covering up my cock so it didn’t get caught in the zipper, I heard Daddy say, “Damn pup, you are leaking like a sieve!” Once the sack had been zipped, laced, and strapped up nice and tightly, I heard Sparky ask Daddy, “Now, has he been a good enough pup to get tied down to the table as well?” All I could think of in my brain was, “I HAVE!! I’VE BEEN SOOOOO GOOD!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!” but before I could even try to form words around the gag, Daddy said, “Yes, he’s been very good.” WOO HOO!!

I feel rope start to hold me to the table starting right at the top of my shoulders, losing the ability to sit up or wriggle from side to side – then slowly feel the sack being restricted so that I can’t lift up off the table at all, save for maybe a little at my feet, and then I could move my feet from side to side a little. I was floating hard-core and loving every second of it.

Once I was nice and secured, Sparky connected up all the electro, which included the electro ball, and then placed a Mr. S Electro glans toy on the head of my cock, with a little post going down into my dick, a sensation I have not experienced before! Much less uncomfortable than I would have anticipated! Once the electro was set, and Sparky did a level test, the audio ride begun.

Sparky had selected some awesome music to sync up with the electricity, the first song having a very strong, consistent backbeat that made a lot of ‘flutter’ on the electro, which, for the first time, did not feel at ALL pokey or stabby, which in prior scenes where I’ve used the bluebands, I got a lot of (thus confirming my theory of ‘not enough electro gel and a bad connection surface, i.e. hair). I enjoyed every second of that first song!

Then the track ended. And there was silence. I knew another track would start at any moment, but had no idea when that moment would be, so I lied there waiting in antic*ZAAAP* – AAH! The track started very suddenly and with a good solid BUZZ from the electro, which definitely startled me. The entire song, I would find out in moments, is that way – moments of silence where the track seems to be building to some big crescendo, only to anticipate the moment it would start, and then when it doesn’t start at the moment you expect, but 10 seconds after that moment, all I could do was laugh. It started getting more and more frequent between odd zaps too – some of them were off the beats and some of them felt out of place entirely, but this made the experience so much more entertaining – to be totally helpless and lying there, not knowing when the electro would kick in. I was in heaven.

After my audio float, Sparky switched things up a bit. He turned on the microphone in the room, and suddenly very clearly, I could hear only his voice in my head, “Puppy – are you OK? Can you hear me?” BAM – if I wasn’t already rock hard, that would have done it – I’ve never experienced that moment of being totally tied up and then having someone talk to you through a microphone so that their voice is all you can hear, and it was amazingly hot. Since it was a room microphone, I could hear both Sparky and Daddy Tony talking, which really added a lot. Oh, and the noises were hooked up to the electro – so if I made a lot of noise or squirmed around too much, I’d feel it, same with if they made a lot of noise in the room. I noticed Daddy Tony suddenly developed a nasty cough right at that exact moment – who would have thought!?

He also then added more rope to secure me more to the table, including tying up my feet so that they couldn’t move. Aside from my head, I was totally immobile. And then the ball torture began!

When it comes to pain, I’m a big wuss, but my endorphins were flowing freely at that moment, and when the smacking started lightly on my balls, I writhed around a bit to see how much I could move away from it – turns out, not at all. As the smacking got more intense, I’d be pretty much screaming into the gag, but couldn’t stop it, and I’ll be honest – I loved every second of it, and probably could even have done some more! (SHHH!! Don’t tell Daddy Tony or Sparky that though!!)

After the first round of ball torture, I got a reward, which was being edged – and not having that done in a long time really made the sensation of not being in control of what’s happening to my dick extra heightened, and I swear I probably could have blown a load right there and then. However, I like the contest of holding out as long as I possibly can, so that’s what I did.

Before the next round of ball torture started, I felt my head pushed to the side of the table and was forcibly given poppers, which again, was amazingly hot – it felt like I was being drugged by Daddy and Sparky so they could do bad things to me – WOOF!!

The ball torture began again, and continued in a cycle like that – poppers, ball torture until the point you just can’t take it anymore, followed by edging RIGHT to the edge, and then rinse, lather, and repeat.

I remember the last cycle – Sparky had gotten out the Uzi-Stun Gun, which if you’ve read his recent post, you’ll know that it’s so powerful, it made Sparky actually pull a metal bracket out of the bondage table. They had informed me that if I shot my load, I’d be zapped with the stun gun, and were making it zap and spark around my head and junk, which just freaked me out a lot! I got a taste of the ‘residual’ charge, which felt like someone took a whartenberg wheel and stabbed me with it really fast, so needless to say, I was trying my HARDEST not to cum.

The last little bit is a blur for me – all I remember is fighting as hard as I possibly could to not shoot my load, but with the electro, the awesome bondage, the hood, the gag, Daddy’s hand over my gagged mouth holding my head down to the table, and Sparky jacking me off with his lubed hand, I couldn’t hold back any more, and I came like crazy.

It’s amazing how you don’t realize just how hot and sweaty you really are until that moment right after you shoot – then all of a sudden, it hits you like a wall of bricks. Suddenly I realized I was drenched in sweat and very very warm. However, Daddy and Sparky weren’t done and tried their darnedest to milk a second load out of me. Sadly, it didn’t come (HA!), I think the amount of sensational things that were happening to my cock, followed by my holding back my load with every fiber of my being, my body just couldn’t figure it out. I could almost hear my brain saying, “10 minutes ago you said you were praying not to cum, now you want to?! FIGURE IT OUT, MIKEY!”

After I hopped out of the sack and tossed my clothes back on, I gave HUGE hugs to Daddy Tony and Sparky for the amazing scene, and then helped clean up the gear. I glanced at the clock and realized, “Holy crap, it’s MIDNIGHT?! I was in there for 3 hours?!” Amazing how you lose time in a scene like that, if you had asked me how long it had been, I would have told you an hour, maybe hour and a half – and could have gone for more!!

We had an amazing time over there, and I can’t wait to do it again!! Huge thanks to Daddy Tony for coordinating that for me, he’s the best ever, and a huge thanks to Sparky for helping me scratch my bondage itch!!  Also a huge extra thanks again to Sparky for the awesome pictures!  Daddy Tony took some on his iPhone, but Sparky’s came out SO much better, so I mostly used those instead, I bet you can tell the difference! 


Flashback ’02 – Me and B

December 15, 2011 in Leather, Inmate: BndgKid

I was organizing some old pics, and ran across a few from when my friend B and I hung out for a weekend – this was when I lived in Spokane still, and I came to visit him in Seattle. 

We knew we wanted to have a play weekend, but being young, dumb, and full of cum, we didn’t have a lot of gear ourselves – luckily an amazing mutual friend of ours knew we were planning a fun weekend, and we took a ferry across the water to his place, where he lent us bags of awesome gear!  I’m a gear nut, so the entire trip back, I was so excited and could not contain my hard-on – I swear it was going to pop out of my pants!

Now, I’m mostly sub, but there are some moments where I pop out of my shell and my dom side takes over. (Daddy always says when I do that, “Aww, that’s so cute!”)  I think it was the intoxicating smell of leather from the bags that triggered it, but as soon as we got back to his place, I ordered him to strip and put on leather pants.  I then put him in a Mr. S Leather Straightjacket, making sure it was strapped up EXTRA tight (do unto others!!), hooded him with a leather hood, and then tied him to the bed. 

I took my Adidas Superstars, that I had been wearing for quite a while, including a lot of walking from the Ferry and back, and held one over his face as I played with his cock, edging him but stopping before getting too close (again – golden rule!) – tormenting him on/off like that.  I also took one of my sneakers and placed his cock in it, trying to jerk him off with my shoe, essentially.  

I did not let him cum, and so when I let him loose, he then turned the tables on me!  I was strapped up inside my first Mr. S Leather Sleepsack where the smooth leather was on the inside, and the suede on the outside – I instantly knew I needed one of these someday for my own!  He very securely tied me to the same bed he was on just earlier, hooded me with the same hood, and edged me for what felt like hours.  He also took one of his Doc Martins boots, and put it over my face, which was almost pushed me over the edge a couple of times!

Of course, fair is fair, and I didn’t get to cum either.  We crashed that night, horny and happy, and then the next day we went out and explored the city.  Highlight was eating at the Broadway Grill and talking about the awesome scenes we had the night before, I got up to use the restroom, and discovered that my ex-boyfriend, who I had literally JUST broken up with about 2 weeks earlier, was sitting DIRECTLY behind me and heard the entire conversation (he didn’t really know about my kinky side – it was DOOMED from the start).  PRICELESS.  

We headed back to B’s house, and we had this idea of taking some pictures and sending them to Bob Wingate over at Bound and Gagged.  I put on some leather pants, and B’s cutoff Marines shirt – and then into the locking Mr. S Thigh to Wrist restraints, as well as an upper arm binder.  He then took out my cock and edged me some more, and then decided that the muzzle wasn’t enough – so he took that off, placed the leather hood on me, and then put the muzzle over the top of the hood – HEAVEN!!  We took a few pics of me sitting down reading Bound and Gagged while I was hooded and restrained, but sadly never got them to Bob for use in the magazine.  BOO!

I remember being really sad when I had to go back to Spokane – after having so much fun with B, I was ready to just up and move over here at that point – and it wasn’t long until I actually did that.  Best decision I ever made.

I need to find B again – he was a total blast, and a great guy!  :)



Simon Cowell was a furry! :-D

December 15, 2011 in Videos: Humor, Inmate: BndgKid

@Tautoru43 posted this link on Twitter, and I literally laughed out loud!  Apparently Simon Cowell’s first job was defending truth, justice, and the canine way!  Go Simon!! :-D


Where the heck as Mikey been!?

December 5, 2011 in BDSM, Gear Pictures, S&M Pictures, Inmate: BndgKid

I haven’t posted in ages – I wish I had a good excuse, like I had been tied up in someone’s basement for weeks, screaming and struggling against my restraints in vain until Daddy Tony came to my rescue, but sadly, this is not the case.  We’re still adjusting to our move, figuring out jobs and things, and all that good stuff that comes with a huge adjustment like moving to a different city!  That having been said, it’s been FANTASTIC to be home, though I miss my San Francisco friends immensely! 

In a lot of ways, it feels as if I never left – and then in others, things have changed so much here that it’s like a new world for me as well – but in a good way!  I won’t bore you with all of the boring details, and instead, let’s just do a fun catch up post on things that have happened in the last few months!

Daddy Tony and I have been breaking in the playroom whenever we can find the chance – my latest favorite scene that we’ve done is chair bondage – something about chair bondage is just SO HOT, and RubberAsylum and WetsuitJay graciously gave us this red chair that, while looks very innocent, is actually pretty darn good for bondage!!

Daddy Tony started by tying me to the chair using tons of rope, starting with a rope harness on my upper body, and then using that to secure me to the chair really tightly.  He tied rope on my upper arms, elbows, and wrists, then added rope to my legs and waist, securing me to the chair really tightly.  He had me hooded, and then locked a gag on me, and then added nipple clamps into the mix!

My nipples are wired directly to my cock, and they are ultra-sensitive, so normally nipple clamps and I don’t get along very well.  Of course, in the position I was in, I really didn’t have an option at that point, and no amount of ‘MMMMPH!!’ was going to dissuade Daddy Tony, and I could hear him giggling with each tug of the clamps.

Of course, he teased me like crazy, tying my balls to the base of the chair and adding straps when he noticed a particular spot was moving too much, and with each strap and piece of rope he added, I sunk further and further into my bondage head space, struggling futility and trying to resist as much as possible the inevitable.  

Eventually I shot all over, making it as far as the cage with my load, and Daddy gave me a few minutes to just sit there in my own mess to decompress.  After he let me out, I had the best ligature marks on my wrists, I had to take a picture because I would love to find a way to get a tattoo that looks like this!

 Aside from playing in our playroom at home, it’s been awesome to get to see my Seattle family again, and a tradition that started shortly after I moved to SF is called ‘Chili Sunday’ – often times Sunday is a nice lazy day where not a lot is going on, so what better way to spend it than to have a play party!  We alternate play spaces, and we don’t do it every week, but it’s such a fun time getting together with everyone, having some good bondage fun, and then everyone getting together, talking, and eating chili (obviously we play first, THEN eat Chili… not the reverse – that could get ugly quick, and totally not my scene)!

My very close friend Jerry (the one mentioned in my GF profile [I’m bndgkid on there] – first guy I ever played with!!) created this new device we’ve decided to call a ‘Jerry’s Ladder’ – it’s essentially a long steel bar, with another bar behind it, and then smaller connector bars going up the back for tie points.  My good friend Josh, who is getting REALLY good with rope, and is so good to see more often again, offered to give it a trial run with me, and suddenly I found myself tied to Jerry’s Ladder and suspended off the ground. 

It’s quite effective, and once Josh had me totally secured, he added to it immensely by taking off my sock, shoving it in my mouth, and then taking rubber strips and wrapping it tightly around my mouth and eyes, gagging me so that all I could do was make muffled ‘MMMPH’ noises as I flailed around and swung slightly in the air.  I give the device two thumbs up!! 

 So that’s a quick update from a couple of adventures over the last little while.  :)  I promise I am going to post more – my next one will be on RubberAsylum’s awesome birthday party that was just this last weekend – was a TOTAL blast!!  I got to try a BDG Bondage Table, something that’s been on my list for quite some time, and it did NOT disappoint at all!  Sneak preview – I get tied up in some really hot football gear that WetsuitJay let me take home to borrow – I can’t WAIT to do some more scenes in it! 


Blast from the Past!

September 17, 2011 in Asylum Inmates, Inmate: BndgKid

I’m working on trying to organize all of my photos that I’ve collected from over the years, both pics from the internet that I’ve liked, and pics that I’ve taken/been in – it’s a lot to sort!  During my sorting, I ran across a bunch of pics that I took of myself when I was still living in Spokane and just feeling horny.  I look like such a DORK in more than a few of them, but I just had to post a few of them.  I’m not sure what year this would have been, I’m going to say around 2004?  Some of these are webcam pictures, so they aren’t the greatest quality – I was just a dorky pup feeling horny with no one to play with!


Dr Mad Max Visits Daddy Tony and Mikey

September 15, 2011 in Leather, Rubber Pictures, Gear Pictures, S&M Pictures, Inmate: BndgKid

Our first visitor to the playroom is a personal hero of mine, Dr. Mad Max from Canada!  I am a huge fan of his gear, and have been going to his site repeatedly for several years. 

Our friends over at Serious Male Bondage recently got a large order of gear from ‘Uncle Max’ as I like to call him, and I was honored to get to be they chose to measure for all of the pieces, because I am pretty averaged sized.  The gear fits amazingly, and it’s some of the most restrictive stuff I’ve ever been in, especially the Psycho X – I really can’t wait to get one of those made for us :)

Dr Max and his partner were passing through town on their way North to Canada, so they stayed in our guest room upstairs, which luckily we had just finished setting up along with the playroom! 

I had a particularly long day at work, but was excited to know that we had visitors waiting there when I arrived!  I set my bag down and kicked off my shoes and gave Dr Max a huge hug – it was awesome to finally get to meet him after seeing his site for so long!

After our greetings, I came in from the garage and was just going to see what our plan for the evening was, and as I walked into the living room, I suddenly heard a WOOOOSH and everything went dark as a leather hood was pulled over my head from behind by Daddy Tony – he had me totally by surprise, and I was suddenly a little disoriented as he secured the hood, grabbed my arms behind me, and with Dr Max leading the way, they led me up to the playroom.

Daddy Tony took of all my clothes, and then he and Dr Max started telling me to listen to what they told me very carefully.  I felt the most amazing sensation as thick rubber was pulled over my head and an extremely heavy leather blob suddenly was hanging from my hooded neck.

“Now lift your arms up slowly and put them forward…” I was told.  I reached one arm up and into the rubber blob hanging around my neck, and it was guided into a thick rubber sleeve.  The next arm was brought up and guided to another sleeve on the opposite side, and the rubber pressed against my skin.  Next I was assisted as my feet were placed one by one into what I now realized was a rubber sleepsack, one of the thickest ones I’ve ever felt too!


Straps were secured around the sack and I was placed on the cot.  Dr Max, his partner, and Daddy Tony all went to work securing the sack to the cot with rope, including over my hooded face, and I found myself tied down nicely to the cot, unable to sit up or move side to side, let alone get out!

I heard them moving around a lot, and was just lying there enjoying the sensation of the rubber, but noticed I could move around a fair amount, the rubber was not a tight fitting rubber.  That is, until Dr Max hooked up the vacuum pump and began to draw the air out of the sack. 

I could feel the rubber start to cling to my skin, and it got tighter and tighter until sealing up to the point that I couldn’t move my fingers from side to side, or up and down – and the sack being secured to the cot the way it was, I was totally immobilized.

I lay there drifting in my own thoughts, floating in my bondage headspace, when suddenly I felt this sensation explosion erupt right over my dick.  Daddy had grabbed the large vibrator and had just flipped the switch, sending me in to writhes of pleasure.  I loved the sensation of being so secured, and then being touched through the rubber while the vibrator edged me to a conclusion that I knew would probably not arrive.  Nonetheless, it felt incredible!

They alternated between letting me float for a while, beating on my nuts a little bit, edging me a little bit, tickle torturing me, and just hanging out and having a good time.  I loved every second of it.  There were moments that I would drift off in headspace, and then Daddy would quickly place a hand over my hooded mouth – it would snap me back in the best way.

Eventually we started getting hungry, so they decided to free me from my rubber prison.  I was sad to have to get out, I was having such an awesome time too!  When I came out, I was dripping with sweat – a puddle had formed on the cot where I was sitting, and I was dripping wet.  Good thing for PVC liner!

Dinner was a blast, and afterward we hung out and talked until it was bedtime.  They will be visiting Seattle again later in the month – we are looking forward to seeing them again!



New playroom is finally setup!

September 14, 2011 in BDSM, Gear Pictures, S&M Pictures, Inmate: BndgKid

Some of you may know that RubberAsylum and WetsuitJay are our landlords, but now this is true in the virtual sense as well, as we have decided to move into the asylum online as well *huge grin*  I am very excited to be an inmate and am looking forward to the trouble that all of us are going to cook up on this site :)  And to that end…

Daddy Tony and I have finished putting together the playroom!  It’s been a hectic three weeks getting settled in, but this weekend we decided it was beyond time to get the playroom setup, so off we went to the hardware store to pick up some pondliner! 

RubberAsylum and WetsuitJay gave us the tip to lay down PVC pond liner on the floor of the playroom, not only to protect the carpet, but also for easy clean up, and it feels really good to romp around/get tied up on as well!  We measured it to size, then I hauled all of the bondage equipment upstairs so that we could figure out where we wanted to put all of it!

Once we got the basic layout down, we got to work hanging the pegboard on the wall and sorting through all the gear – we quickly realized that we were going to need more pegboard!

Putting the cage together was a challenge – it’s crazy heavy, and Daddy has a hurt back, so it was my job to bring all the pieces upstairs.  The base is solid steel and was the hardest part, but once it was put together, it was all worth it.  We put the cage in the far corner, then the spanking bench next to the pegboard, with all of the spanking implements behind that *shudder*.

The St. Andrews Cross went in the corner opposite the cage, and next to that I setup a little station with a TV, computer, receiver, and some speakers – that way we can use the internet for scene music and porn :)

The cot was the last piece, and we put that up against the side wall as you walk in.  All of this took quite a bit of time, and we of course wanted to break it in for the first time!  We pushed through and decided to hang the artwork on the walls, making it feel a lot more complete.

We have way more gear that didn’t get put out due to lack of space and running out of time/steam, so we moved that aside, and I put on a pair of football pants and my torn green jersey, and Daddy started putting my leather-mitted wrists in the restraints that he had previously locked onto the cross.  He then added a blindfold and locked a gag in my mouth.  *huge grin*  I have been tied to this cross before, but I had forgotten how wide it spreads you out – and with the plastic wrap that Daddy added to me, starting at my wrists and then covering my chest, waist, and knees – I was totally immobilized.

Daddy tied my balls in a helicopter tie, his favorite (and admittedly mine also) *grin* and then tied them tightly down to the frame of the cross.  I was moaning and wriggling as much as I could, and Daddy tormented me like crazy – he kept going back over to the gear wall and getting impact implements and then returning, I stopped trying to guess which one was which after a while.

It had been a while since I had cum, so Daddy was edging me as well, which he is amazingly good at – I was begging to shoot basically as soon as he pulled my dick out of the football pants.  He said I had been good, so I got to shoot, and it was awesome – especially not having to worry about getting the bed messy or a towel even, I just went on the floor!

It’s not quite finished yet, heck – we’ll always be working on it, but it’s nice to have a room all setup with all the gear handy to play in!  Now we need to build the padded cell in the closet downstairs…..

I have a video as well – look for that to be added soon!  The rest of the pictures can be found in the gallery below *grin*

-Mikey (bndgkid)