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Reader Story Submission: “Liquid Submission Part 1” by S10boi

October 13, 2011 in Stories, Reader Contributions, Rubber Stories, S10boi

“Is that it?” I asked, staring into the small metal box my Alpha had opened in front of me. He’d been very keen for me to see it – whatever it was. Inside, a thick black liquid half-filled the base of the box, reflecting some of the light in the room. I could almost see my curious face in it, the reflection staring back at me. He’d insisted that I was to be naked at the start of this scene, and that had filled my mind with all sorts of ideas about me going in some of his gear to be tormented. All of that went out of the window when I was confronted with…whatever this stuff was.

“Put your hand in it, pup” he replied. I knew that look in his eyes – he had something new planned for me, but he wasn’t going to let me know what. That look had been present before some amazing sessions with him, and I relaxed slightly – my nerves and uncertainty becoming less dominant as my horny side began to materialise.

He held the box in front of me, and I slowly moved my right hand closer to the liquid. Only now did I realise just how much I was shaking. I paused, and looked up at my Alpha once more. “You’ll enjoy this, I can guarantee it” he said, the look in his eyes somehow stronger than before.

In my hand went. The liquid was cold, slimy almost, but it felt strangely nice. It covered my hand entirely, but nothing else seemed to be happening. Was I supposed to use my hand to cover my body with this stuff? There didn’t seem to be enough of it to do that. I looked up to see my Alpha, looking slightly disappointed – clearly he’d been expecting something to happen.

“What..?” I started to ask, curious to know what I was supposed to be doing. The cold and slimy sensation felt like it was spreading up my right forearm. I quickly looked down at the box to see exactly that – the shiny black liquid was slowly working its way towards my elbow.

Startled, I instinctively tried to pull my hand out of the liquid, but it wouldn’t move. The liquid had passed my elbow now and was growing up towards my shoulder – the cold and slimy feeling against my skin was making me feel horny, despite the strangeness of what was going on.

“It’s liquid rubber – fully controllable by me”, my Alpha said, looking horny as he watched the shiny black substance as it grew across my shoulder and began to spread out across my chest and back. “It’s going to seal you in the perfect rubber suit so I can give my gimpy pup the treatment I know he wants and needs”.

Instant boner – hearing those words coupled with the feeling of the liquid rubber as it spread further down my back and chest – towards my groin was more than enough to completely defeat any remaining nerves I’d had and let my cock take over how I felt.

I lifted my left hand up in front of my face so I could see the last pieces of skin on that arm – the tips of my fingers – vanishing under the smooth, shiny rubber. “Fuck” was all I managed to say as my cock began to drip precum.

It spread up as far as my neck, but seemed to stop there. It came frustratingly close to covering my cock and balls, but stopped short, and instead spread down and around to cover my legs and ass. It sealed my feet as if I was wearing the most perfect-fitting rubber toesocks, but still my cock, balls and head remained uncovered.

I looked pleadingly at my Alpha – he was enjoying my frustration. I so desperately wanted my cock and balls to be sealed into the slimy-feeling horny rubber that now covered most of my body. I felt like I was ready to shoot my load just imagining the sensations as it spread from the base of my cock to the tip.

Lost in this thought, the cold feeling beginning to travel up my neck towards my head took me by surprise. He knew what I wanted the most, and was going to make me wait for it until the very end. The rubber covered my neck and face entirely, and for a few seconds left me unable to see or breathe. Panicking slightly, I was relieved when holes formed for my nostrils, eyes and mouth. It felt tight, but like on the rest of my body, not so tight that it was uncomfortable.

Finally, I got what I’d wanted so badly – I watched as the rubber slowly sealed my balls inside their new prison, before growing its way up the base of my cock, towards the tip (which was precumming even more now). I groaned in pleasure as the cold, slimy sensation travelled up my cock – I thought I was going to shoot my load before I’d even been played with inside this amazing rubber suit! I managed to hold back…just, as the rubber finally sealed itself around the tip of my cock to give me the tightest, best feeling sheath I’d ever worn.

Instinctively, I tried to move my right hand out of the now-empty metal box, towards my cock to have a proper feel, but I couldn’t. All of a sudden, the rubber around my right arm and shoulder felt tighter and thicker than the rest of the suit, restricting my movements and preventing me from getting anywhere near touching my cock, which was so desperate for attention.

“I told you”, my Alpha said, a smug look on his face, “it’s fully controllable by me – and now so are you, gimp”. Oh fuck! Why did that make me even hornier? “Have a look at yourself in the mirror”.

My body seemed to move by itself – the rubber on my legs almost pulling me to turn to the side and walk closer to the wall mirrors. Reflected there was someone I didn’t recognise – someone who most certainly couldn’t have been me. Not a trace of skin could be seen on the gimp standing there. His body was totally covered in the most perfect-fitting rubber suit imaginable: not a crease, seam or zip in sight. Even his eyelids and lips were covered by the blackest and shiniest rubber I’d ever seen. Only his eyes gave away the fact that there was a person trapped inside, and that the person was me.

Catching sight of my rubberised erect cock made me want to touch it again, but the rubber seemed to know what I was thinking – my arm didn’t move at all this time, despite what I was telling it to do in my mind. I’d never been so horny, so frustrated.

“I knew you’d enjoy it” he said, the horny look in his eyes reflected back at me as he stood behind his rubberised gimp. “You’re not finished yet though – there’s more I need to do to my gimpy pup before you can be fully used”


Story: Darkwave

September 30, 2011 in Stories, Rubber Pictures, Furry Pictures, Gear Pictures, Furry Stories, Rubber Stories, Inmate: Niko

I like to toy with writing. This is a story I wrote about a year ago, though never really finished. I went through, gave it another edit, and now I’m going to share it with all ya’ll. 


You just can’t totally fathom the situation I was in by way of the imagination really. No one can until they’ve truly experienced it.  I woke up, there, on the bed, much different than when I had fallen under the drug. My wrists were bound by leather bands; my ankles were confined analogously. The firmness of it all was dulled by a second-skin: a tight, confining, latex prison-for-one.

Nothing but my snout, horns, and little, fluffy tail escaped it. My mouth was stuffed with some object. I couldn’t tell you what it looked like, because I never knew, the tight hood over my head never revealing my surroundings. I could only assume it was a ball-gag of some color. Well-made, you know. Not that novelty crap that tastes rancid in your mouth because of the shoddy chemicals… lord I’ll never get roped into buying one of those again. I suppose that was my fault, but, of course, my rookie status was changing then, as I lay there, bound.

I felt something in me too, stretching my asshole wide. It had taken me a bit to notice it as I came too, but hell… I noticed it eventually. I knew it was some sort of toy. As I wiggled I felt my bonds tighten and hold me. I felt the choke of a collar around my neck, the binding embrace of a harness about my chest and waist, the firm strap of that very harness asserting itself as the toy only drove into me when I moved the very little I could.

I remember a whine escaping my mouth just then, in the darkness of my prison. I remember a gasp as the toy had driven into me. What I wont forget is that voice, of the man who had taken me here.


The night previous I had been at Darkwave, a BDSM club in the red-light district. There are a few joints, but Darkwave is a bit higher class. People with money go there. I might not be the most successful suit, but I figured I would give it a shot. I just went in my town-clothes. Fancy, but simple. It was easily enough to get me into Darkwave. They get a number of businessmen there anyway on most nights, and I figured my trip there would yield at least a new prospect in investment, if not something more.

I walked inside to the assault of thrumming bass-lines and driving synths. I guess it was some sort of fairly new-age music, but I wasn’t one to turn down good music like that, despite what someone might think of a 35 year old goat. I guess people just expected me to be more serious, and less into the seedier side of culture. At least people here appreciated what I did. Rubber, leather, sex, discipline, torture… nothing horrific of course, but who didn’t like a little sadism mixed into their life now and again, even if it meant they would be the victim of it? I know I wasn’t one to turn down my voyeuristic tendencies, especially not tonight.

I remember sitting down at a small booth that could fit three people at best. It had a nice onyx leather seat and a simple, smooth, crimson table. Well, I suppose the table could have been white for all I know. The light above was just as vibrant as the table, and it had a rather ruby hue about it, like so much in this part of town.

I was alone for a bit there, maybe an hour or so. A few yellowbirds, a gin and tonic, and a sticky wet-spot in my trousers turned into welcome company as the night dragged on. A few men were on stage, full rubber, pulling off some elaborate bondage routine. It was quite the thing to behold. It was around when they’d finished up that a cormorant slipped into the booth next to me.

“What a night, eh?” He said to me, nodding to the stage. “Fuckin hot shit, right?”

“Uh… yeah. I enjoyed it.” I responded, nodding a bit, obviously wary of this new guy. People here were still pretty professional though. They didn’t just let anyone into this place.

“Mm, good ta’ hear it. Say…” the guy continued, slapping a business card down on the table and sliding towards me, “ John Brockman, good to meet ya finally, Ben Lorrens.”

I had picked up the card before he said my name. I’d been studying the simple white print-on black style. Very simple. Just read ‘John Brockman, Enternity investments, 206.159.5509.’ on the front. I looked up to him with a cocked brow. Given, I was drunk at this point. My expression was exaggerated, and I felt suddenly stupid in front of this man.  

“Mr. Brockman, sir… I didn’t know you–”

“Came to Darkwave? All the time, Mr. Lorrens.” He interrupted, “And just call me John. No need for the Mr. or Sirs… unless you are here for THAT sort of thing, haha!”

I hoped, in a sense that he was joking, though, looking him over, I would probably not have minded taking him up on an offer to drunkenly venture to a private room right then and there.

“Uh… yeah. John… um, What’s the meaning of this pleasure?” I said rather ineloquently.

“You mean, why am I here?”

“Yeah, yeah.” I thought to stick with simple words at that point… the more tutored me was gone.

“Well, I had a few propositions to offer you. Now, I know you frequent the Darkwave forums… and I also know you have applied for a job at my company.”

“Uh, yep. Both true… I never heard back from E.I. though, not that I expected to.” He knew a lot about me. This had astonished me that night, and I was finding his presence ever-alluring.

“Well, you see Ben. You have an amazing talent. I have seen your work. I have had people watching you. I have been meaning to contact you, but I wanted to do it sort of… out of sight. I finally found you, of course, and I want to hire you on.”

“Oh, well… I’d be honored John.”

“Good to hear it boyo! Now… I have another proposition for you. I know Darkwave.”

I remember perking up even more when I heard this. No one… and I mean no one has ever seen or talked to Darkwave. Few have, of course, but he has his stigma. Obviously John knew him, somehow.

“You? Really!” I responded, smiling, and shaking my head, “No Way, no one does. I mean…”

“Well, Ben, I do… and you see, I believe you will like my second proposition… Darkwave wants you.”

“Wha… what?” I didn’t believe him. How could I? Darkwave is who he is. Anonymous, powerful, and mysterious.

“He does Ben. He’s a very good friend of mine. I’ve known him for decades, and he has his eyes set on you. We’ve seen your posts on the forums… we know what you like, what you imagine, what you desire…”

“You are shitting me…” I thought he was pulling my leg, I really did. I didn’t want to get played like a fool.

“I’m not” John said, staring at me. Dead-serious eyes. It had been almost frightening at the time. “Listen, take these directions. Follow them. All of them. You will have what you desire, and the man who desires you will have what he wants.”

“I…” I was lost for words as John slipped me the paper with the instructions. Darkwave wanted me… and really… I wanted the unknown. Call me weird, but the thought of this utterly unknown man giving me my deepest desires was beyond comprehension. Honestly, it was just about beyond even mine.

My heart was pushing redline there at that table. It was nearly ready to claw its way out of my ribcage and just explode in my face. I had waited for decades for something like this. Some stroke of luck, and here I was, business-casual, precum staining my pants at Darkwave, being told by my now future boss that I, Ben Lorrens, was the desired object of a shadowy, influential man I had never met.

Of course, there were rumors about Darkwave. There were stories about his sexual prowess, and his values… His club was clean, if that said anything about him. No matter how raunchy the club’s entertainment endeavors got, the performers practiced safe sex; Clean sex. It was something that set Darkwave apart from other places. It was the reason I came so often to the club… If the club was like the man, I wasn’t afraid. Darkwave was the object of my daydreams and fantasies, and apparently, I was an object of his desire.

“Can I count on you, Ben?”

I snapped out of my near dreamlike state, “Yeah, of course. I accept the offer.” I said… though I really didn’t know what they wanted of me. The booze wasn’t helping, obviously.

“Haha, alright. You have made Sire Darkwave very happy.”

Sire? Really, John called him that? It was interesting. John was no small man himself. He was the owner and founder of his firm, which was the best. No one argued that. He also said he and Darkwave had been friends, right? I was too drunk to remember or care. This was like winning the lottery, just… the checks hadn’t come in the mail yet.

John got up and walked away then, disappearing into the dark of the club. A new show had started, something with girls. I wasn’t too much into that, and now, looking at the sheet of paper I had been handed, I shook in my seat. I knew it was crazy, maybe even stupid, to pursue this… but that night, then and there, I wanted it. I was going to get it.


‘Walk to Cheshire Blvd. And 6th Ave. Tomorrow Afternoon at 3:23. Stand to the left of the postal service mailbox. Dress simply.’

I ambled to the crossing of 6th and Cheshire. Here, 6th Ave was barely an alley, and Cheshire ran above it, along a metal bridge. The night before was still weighing on my mind then. I was still wondering if I should even go through with this. I was so rife with anticipation that I was shaking from time to time, and I felt sick to my stomach. My heart hadn’t stopped pounding… thank god for booze, else I might not have slept at all.

I rested my arm on the mailbox, standing to the left of it. I looked at my watch: ‘3:20’ it read. I had 3 minutes, unless my clock was off. The sun was out, at least. I enjoyed that. I basked in it lightly, standing there in a t-shirt and jeans. I hadn’t even bothered with underwear. I liked going commando, it was something I did often on my off-days anyway.

Then, after what must have been the three minutes, I felt a sudden sharp pain in the back of my neck. It was like someone had hit me with a weak paintball. I reached back with enough time to feel a metal object with a puff of feathers on its end. I collapsed, slumping against the mailbox. My world weaved back and forth, sounds becoming distant. I remember feeling bliss, and fear. I also remember seeing this black van pull up before everything went dark. I thought I had asked for help, but… I don’t remember. My world just went blank.  


… And then I woke up.

I flexed in my bonds there on the bed, tied down, unable to move. I let out another whine as I sensed the presence of another there beside me.


“Ahhh… Ben… You look so good on my bed, lovely thing.” The voice came. I could hear it, even through the hood over my head. It was dark, and penetrating. The speech filled my mind and wrapped about it, reverberating through it as if it was an all-pervasive force, like the very energy of the universe. All I could do was to moan pathetically in response.

I felt the bed shift, the springs creaking under new weight. I felt the weight of something on my chest. It took me a while to realize that it was a hand. That hand caressed me; that hand soothed my worry.

“You are the most lovely man I’ve ever had here, you know.” The voice said. I swear I could feel it rumbling through the hand that touched me, flowing into me, consuming me. “Never have I wanted someone like I have wanted you… I know you’ve never seen me, but… I have watched you every night since you first came to my club.”

It was Darkwave. I knew it. In retrospect, it could have been anyone, but I knew right there that it was him. There was some silence as I felt him rub down, caressing past my cock lightly with his hand. It was heavy, firm, strong, yet caring; loving. I grew quickly at that touch, finishing off a half-flaccid rise that had started since that first tug on my bonds. Another hand moved over my chest as the one on my member worked its rigid length softly from base to tip. I could tell that this suit covered my cock too at that point. I felt the tight hold of rubber about my meat, the embrace about my sack. I gasped at it, unable to stop the pleasure of the entire experience from flooding into my mind.

“You are mine, Benny boy.” He said, the hand on my cock suddenly griping hard. I let out a muffled yelp, moaning with my remaining breath as my body shook. “You want to be mine, Benny boy?” I responded with an emphatic set of nods, unable to stop myself from agreeing; It was my deepest fantasy.

The hands left me for some time as feet plodded about. I felt my legs move. The straps around my ankles were pulled simultaneously. They must have been attached to a spreader bar. That’s all I could have assumed, the way it felt.  My legs were held high, tied somehow probably, though I couldn’t tell what to. My rump was left exposed.

I felt the bed shake again, new weight, someone, Darkwave, or so I assumed, undid the bit of the harness holding my anal toy in. The toy was slipped out of me, though I felt a barrier still inside of me… some sort of anal condom. It was arousing, to say the least. I’d been turned into a veritable rubber fucktoy for the mysterious man I had always wanted this intimacy with. What wasn’t to love?

A finger entered my hole, curling up against the wall inside, stroking my prostate. My cock jumped in its rubber sheath as the digit massaged within me.

“You’re just so perfect my boy.” The voice came again. “I want you, but do you really want me?”

All I could do was to nod vigorously. I shook the bed with my eagerness, as I recall anyhow.

Another finger slipped in, and another, three, thick, powerful fingers working within me, wiggling, rubbing, and slipping in and out of the rubber sheath that filled my ass. I could feel them dancing in there. The man had magical fingers. I was driven to a height of ecstasy I never thought I could attain by someone’s hand.  

Muffled moans and bleats escaped my gagged maw. Drool ran down over my hood past the gag, and my muscles fought against the bonds and tight confines of the latex suit that covered me. I arched my back, gasping raggedly as he slipped one more finger into my ass. I tensed and whined as I was stretched further than I ever had been.

The fingers worked me slowly for a while. I lost track of how long it was, but every moment felt like an hour, every minute, a day. I could hear Darkwave breathing heavily as well. I could smell his arousal over all the scents of rubber and lube. It was a thick smell. It seemed to fit him; it was rich and alluring.

My breaths came quicker as I was worked, the fingers slipping slowly out of me and wrapping about my cock as I felt the first hints of a body press against my legs. Thick arms wrapped past my knees, I felt the weight of his hands press the bed down beside me. I felt a strong, muscled chest and a firm belly rest against my thighs for a moment.

“And now, my sweet pet…” He said. I could only breathe; I could only moan lightly in anticipation. “I am going to make you mine.”

The idea was… overwhelming. It was so much so fast, but I wanted it. I needed it so badly I would do anything for it.

I felt the head of his thick, throbbing member at my entrance. I felt his breath wash over my snout. I sensed every little fluctuation of his body as he slid his cock deep within me, and his lips came down on my maw, giving me a kiss, maneuvering to my pried-open and drooling mouth with expert precision.

I felt his hips come flush with mine. I felt his long, thick dick filling my hole. I let out a high-pitched moan as he hilted with me. I felt my cock leak precum into my rubber suit’s cock-sheath. I felt the pre sliding around my cock in its own tight prison.

“Oh… Ben.. you are such a beautiful man.” Darkwave said, rubbing his hand along the side of my hood lightly. “Inside and out.”

Then the first thrust came. It was soft, soothing, and powerful. I arched my back once again and moaned loudly, shaking in my bonds as Darkwave began to pump within me. He worked each thrust differently, each one working me fully, each one hitting a wonderful new spot within me. I felt my pre flowing down around my groin within the suit as my cock throbbed and jumped.

The thrusts grew in frequency. I felt myself pushed around against my cuffs and harness by the powerful male. I let out cries of pleasure around my gag as I was drilled. I could hear Darkwave’s moans and hoarse breathing as he pounded me, and I felt that hot breath caressing my face. His exhalations, his scent, and his power were all intoxicating.  

I was fit to explode. My body was tingling, my senses all pushed to the edge of nirvana. Darkwave only fucked me harder, and I only pulled and writhed more. The rush was absolutely unreal.

Then it came. A loud, deep moan escaped Darkwave as he hammered home within me. I felt his cock flare and jump inside of me. I knew he was cumming, filling the rubber condom within me. I felt its warmth spread around there. I shook myself, the final moments for me, sloshing about in my own pre and sweat.

The orgasm gripped my mind and body in one, powerful shot. I felt it explode out from my groin, nerves firing all over like chain-lighting through a cloud. I was on fire with passion, ablaze with lust. The immense pleasure just erupted, spreading concentrated bliss through my form as I shot rope after sticky rope of hot seed inside my cock-sheath. I felt it flow around my meat and into my suit as well as I convulsed, a loud cry of intense ululation forced itself around my gag.

It was one beautiful, suspended moment. I was overflowing with joy and sensation. I felt like that single tick of the clock lasted forever as I was tied, shaking, filled, cum leaking out of my rubbered ass, a mess in the suit with me as well. I could only moan and pant through my nose, falling limp in the bondage that held me.

I had never been happier.  


I woke up in my bed the next morning. For a moment, I thought it had all been a dream, but as I sat up, realizing how sore I was, I saw something I normally didn’t see in my room. There, on the back of my bedroom door was a latex suit. I smiled a little, noticing a note hanging from the hangar that held the suit. I rolled out of bed, adjusting myself a bit as I plodded over to the rubber that had held me. I grabbed the note, and in the early morning light, through fuzzy eyes, I read:

“My Dearest Ben,

Last night was just the beginning. You were a wonderful partner, and you looked stunning on my bed. I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed, but you proved yourself to be far more than I had ever expected. I want to see you, Ben. Call me at the club, just give them your name. I won’t push anything on you. I need you to understand that. Everything you do to come to me is of your own will, your own choice. If you don’t want to pursue this, then I won’t hold it against you. You are a lovely man, and as everyone says, and I fully believe, you are just as beautiful inside as you are on the outside, and I’m not just talking about your ass, hot stuff. I hope you come to see me again.


D ”  


“The Wall” by Rexxie

September 30, 2011 in Stories, Rubber Stories

My Fellow inmates,

Here is another story for your edification


“The Wall” by Rexxie

When Craig regained consciousness this time he found himself in an odd position – he was standing spread-eagled, pressed against a wall. But it was a strange wall: covered in shiny black PVC, it felt slightly padded, and there was a shallow depression the size and shape of his head, which made his position quite comfortable. His arms were horizontal from shoulder to bent elbows, and his forearms vertical. There were padded leather straps over his wrists, just below the elbows, and over his biceps, two wider ones across his back – one just below the armpits and the other above the waist – and further straps over each thigh, calf and ankle. Each strap held him tightly against the padded wall and allowed no movement whatever.

Craig was unable to see his feet, but they felt as if they were inserted into holes at the base of the wall – at any rate they were facing forward, and held snugly but comfortably in the padded apertures.

He could feel a gentle pressure around his cock and balls – it felt like he was wearing a cockstrap – and presumably there was another, somewhat larger depression in the wall at his crotch to accommodate them.

Straining to look over his shoulder, Craig surveyed the room he was in. It was large, but fairly featureless – the other walls were brick, the floor was covered in what appeared to be black rubber, and apart from a couple of chairs and a wheeled surgical equipment table standing on the far side, bearing items which his position and the distance made it impossible to identify, there was nothing else.

Craig’s head was clearing now, but he was thirsty. A glass of water would have been nice.

No sooner had the thought occurred to him than a door opened behind him. The now-familiar figure of the hooded man appeared – his black ski-mask bearing no trace of the spunk Craig had showered upon it earlier. He approached the boy and stood by his side. In his hand was a tumbler of water.

“You must be thirsty – the drug has that effect. Here, drink this.”

Gratefully, Craig swallowed the water as the man held it to his lips. He drained the glass in seconds flat.

“Want another?”

Craig shook his head.

The man gazed at him for a few moments, whispered “Good grief, you really are beautiful”, and left without another word.

Craig waited for something to happen. He was, for once, completely relaxed – nothing could happen to him unexpectedly, as he would hear the door opening first as someone came in. Although he was standing, the position he was in was very comfortable – the padded PVC and the straps seemed to take most of his weight – and he felt good.

In fact, he was feeling quite horny again. How long had it been since that last monumental orgasm at the hands of the masked man? It felt like the best part of a day – but his time sense was not working well, and when they kept putting him to sleep it made keeping track of time very difficult.

Suddenly Craig yelled in surprise – something had touched his cock! He strained to look down, but his restraints made it impossible. His heart was racing. What was going on? Were there cockroaches in here?

There it was again – it felt like an insect crawling over the shaft of his cock. Now it was on his balls. In spite of his fear, he immediately began to get an erection. Then another joined it – now there was something tickling his balls AND his cock.

And then he realized what was happening. The reason he felt like he’d got a cockstrap on was because there was a HOLE in the wall, and his cock and balls were sticking through it into another room. There was someone on the other side playing with him. This blew his mind. These people were inhumanly fiendish. He suddenly felt more vulnerable than he had ever felt before. Here he was, strapped helpless – and his cock and balls were in another room, separated from him by a WALL, for fuck’s sake. He couldn’t see what was happening, had no idea what they were going to do to him, couldn’t communicate with them, and couldn’t prevent them doing anything they liked to the most sensitive organ of his body.

In a sudden panic, Craig struggled to free himself. He squirmed and writhed against the smooth black PVC, but the many straps held him tightly pressed against it, helpless and defenseless. In a way, this was worse than being blindfolded or hooded – at least then he’d been in the same room as his cock. Not only could he not hear or see whoever it was that was playing with him, but they couldn’t see his reactions either. This worried Craig a great deal. What if they hurt him badly? They wouldn’t know he was screaming in agony…

He tried to pull his cock back, but the straps around the tops of his thighs and across his lower back were wide, and fastened extra tightly. This was obviously designed to prevent any movement of his cock through the hole, and it worked only too well. He had no choice – he would just have to take whatever they decided to do to him. He rested his head in the shallow depression, closed his eyes in defeat, and concentrated on what was happening the other side of the wall.

* * *

John had removed his mask and was smoking a cigarette, while watching Adrian tease the boy’s cock to full erection with a couple of feathers. This was probably John’s favourite room in the asylum – although he’d used it many times, he still found the sight of a disembodied cock and balls protruding through the wall mesmerizing. In fact, the wall was only an inch thick (he could even see the head depression from this side). It was made of a strong, rigid plastic, and padded on Craig’s side to disguise the fact. As far as the boy was concerned, the wall was as solid as any other in the building. John smiled.

Arranged in a semicircle whose centre was the protruding genitals, were three chairs. The leftmost one was currently occupied by Adrian (who had put the feather down now that the boy’s cock was fully erect), and the other two were vacant. John seated himself in the centre one and pulled a cantilevered tray towards him. He snapped on a pair of thin rubber gloves, and picked up a small aerosol spray can. Carefully wrapping one hand around the shaft of the hard cock (which jerked urgently at his touch), he sprayed the uncircumcised head precisely with the chemical. A faint smell reminiscent of acetone wafted round the room. John noticed the frown on Adrian’s face. “Local anesthetic. We know how sensitive his cockhead is, and I don’t want any stimulus on it just yet. That will be the main course.”

Adrian smiled. His hand was on his crotch, rubbing his own cock gently through his regulation leather jeans.

John replaced the spray can and took two small feathers from the tray. “Never underestimate the effectiveness of feathers. They have a devalued reputation.” With that, he applied the tips of the feathers to Craig’s balls – one each side, directly on the front of the scrotum and, with small, light strokes, tickled the boy carefully. From this side of the wall, they immediately heard Craig’s pounding against the other side. There was a CCTV screen which could show them his reactions directly from a concealed camera in the other room, but very often John preferred not to have it switched on – to him, the only important thing was that his victim SUFFERED, and he liked the thought that – although that suffering was intense, it was remote and somehow unconnected with what he was doing. As he made the feathers dance round his victim’s balls, however, he was imagining Craig’s beautiful face, screwed up in ticklish anguish, and his sexy, hunky body straining at the restraints in his futile effort to escape.

Armed with the detailed knowledge of the boy’s most sensitive and vulnerable spots, John targeted the feathers onto each in turn: the back of the scrotum, the sides, and the bottom of the sac. He exerted loving care on tickling each spot as effectively as possible. At times like these, John felt like a surgeon – precision and care were everything to him. He’d noted when working on the boy earlier that the crevices at the sides of his scrotum, where it joined the tops of his thighs, were an especially vulnerable area, and so now, working first on the left and then on the right, he carefully pulled the balls to one side and held them there with his rubber-gloved hand, enabling him to get the point of the feather right into the crevices, running it up and down mercilessly.

Craig’s cock immediately began oozing precum, and Adrian placed a white towel on the floor beneath it to catch the stringy liquid as it fell in connected pearly beads from the tip of the foreskin.

John glanced at his watch. The desensitizing spray would be at maximum effect now, and would be completely gone in about twenty minutes. Time to move on. He began working on the base of the cock shaft, using the feathers to stroke lightly – at first only touching the fine blond hairs – round and round, up and down the engorged rod. He continued to work on the boy’s balls unpredictably now and again, to keep them sensitive and ticklish – but his main target was now the shaft. The veins stood out in relief as the twenty-year old’s cock responded to the unbearable sexual teasing by trying to get even harder that it already was, and it twitched up and down with almost every touch. This would have to be stopped, John thought to himself. “Pass me the erection holder please, Adrian.”

The chrome-steel device, as it stood on the shelf, comprised a base plate with a 5-inch diameter hole in the centre, and three rods which rose vertically from the plate, turned inwards at ninety degrees, and converged onto a thin, smaller ring which they held parallel to the base plate, some three inches above it. The height of the three rods was adjustable, as was the diameter of the smaller ring, which had a ratchet-like arrangement not unlike a single handcuff.

Adrian handed the device to John who opened the small ring fully then, steadying his elbows on the arms of the chair, very carefully indeed placed the contraption over Craig’s cock and clipped it to sockets in the wall – all without touching the throbbing cock once. Then, with equal precision, he adjusted the height so that the ring, when closed, would grip Craig’s cock just behind the corona. Finally, and handling the boy’s cock only at the very base of the shaft, he guided it into position and closed the ring so that it gripped the shaft, holding it immobile. It was still possible to see the cock jerking, but now the movement was reduced to a linear flexing, all other motion having been effectively prevented. The open construction of the device made access to the whole organ easy, and John continued to tickle and tease the shaft, going no higher than the metal ring of the restraint.

John knew exactly what Craig was feeling – totally, absolutely

HELPLESS. He knew from personal experience that the position they’d got him in at this moment was probably THE most unnerving and intense bondage possible. The feeling of having one’s genitals isolated and in ANOTHER ROOM while still being acutely aware of the slightest touch on them, was shatteringly intense. He smiled as he took an ice cube between his rubber-gloved fingers from the bowl on the tray.

* * *

A stream of saliva ran from the bottom of the indentation, down the shiny black PVC-covered wall as Craig, his eyes screwed shut in concentration, thrashed about – moving the only part of his body which wasn’t securely held immobile by thick leather straps: his head. He was sweating, and the PVC felt slick and slippery under his bare skin as he tried to deal with the unbearable sensations of what was being done to his cock and balls. He had no idea who – or how many – were in the other room watching the work on his genitals; he assumed the masked man was there, but there could have been an audience of twenty for all he knew. He’d spotted the CCTV camera long ago – a small lens high up in the corner of the room to his right – and the entire fucking perverted staff of the asylum were probably getting off on this. In a fit of rage, he spat as far as he could towards the camera, but the saliva fell far short of its target.

After the initial teasing which had got his cock hard (he’d tried everything he could think of to keep it soft – he’d been determined not to give these bastards the satisfaction of getting him erect, but a humiliatingly few strokes of what felt like a feather on his cock shaft had bypassed his conscious efforts completely, and his traitorous dick had risen to rod-like stiffness in seconds) – after that first teasing, his whole body had jerked as he felt something cold being sprayed onto the very end of his cock. Since then it hadn’t been touched, and he could feel nothing there at all. But his balls and his cock shaft had been getting serious attention for the last fifteen minutes or so. He’d never realized he was so fucking TICKLISH on his balls – but the thing that REALLY got to him was that all this was fucking TURNING HIM ON. Every stroke had made his cock flex and jerk about like a thing with a life of its own – until, that is, some sort of restraint had been fastened round it just below the head. That had stopped its movements dead, and had removed the last bit of defense he’d thought he’d had. He could still flex it, but now the end didn’t move at all. He prayed that they would continue working on the shaft and not start on the head.

Time passed very slowly. Craig would never have believed that a minute could seem so long. He tried everything – he willed himself not to respond, not to be ticklish, but that had no effect at all. He pictured the most un-sexy images he could think of in his mind, but the very next stroke of the feather on his cock shaft shattered them like a computer-generated visual effect, to be replaced with the sight of his disembodied genitals sticking through a hole in a wall and being tickled and teased by the guy in the ski mask. Each time this image came into his mind his cock tried to get even harder as if it was begging for more attention. Until the restraint had been put on, he’d consciously made his cock move in an effort to make his tormentors’ work more difficult – to spoil their aim, but now even that small defense was denied him. All he could do was stand there, strapped down tightly to the shiny PVC and suffer – his cock as hard as a flagpole and wanting MORE.

Apart from tickling unbearably, what they were doing to him was making him want to cum. In spite of the humiliation, he would have welcomed a firm grip on his cock and a good hard tossing. He tried imagining that there was a beautiful, curvy blonde with big tits on the other side, and that it was she who was working on his cock – but the thought made him want to cum even more and, in spite of his rapidly-increasing need for orgasm, he had a feeling these bastards were not going to let him cum for a long time – and so thoughts like that were not something he wanted to encourage at this moment. In fact, now he thought about it, he had a major problem: on the one hand he wanted to cum – in fact he was getting more into that idea by the second – but on the other, he was buggered if he’d let these perverts pull his strings and push his buttons like some damned automaton. He was straight, he was master of his own responses, and the fuckers on the other side of the wall could go to hell. He squeezed his eyes closed and raged silently against them, planning what he was going to do to the fucking perverts when he got free.

But his brain, it seemed, had other ideas. A sudden image flashed unbidden into his mind: the masked guy standing over him, the man’s leather-jeaned and booted legs astride his bound and helpless body, Craig looking up at the clearly-outlined hard cock under the shiny leather as the man bent down and, laughing evilly, pulled a hood over the boy’s head, plunging him into horny, helpless, leather-black darkness…..

Craig found himself stroking the PVC sensuously with his hands. He made fists and shook his head to clear the image. For some reason that picture had resonated more inside him than the one of the curvy blonde. He was going to have some serious thinking to do when he got out of this place.

He flinched as his balls were held to one side and a feather tip was drawn up the crevice at the side of his scrotum – a particularly sensitive spot, he’d come to realize (as, he knew, had they, the bastards) and then became aware of slight pins and needles in his cock head. Whatever they’d sprayed onto it was obviously wearing off, but still it wasn’t touched. Craig’s cock head was his nemesis, he knew – he should have been circumcised when he’d been young and, as it was, his foreskin didn’t retract, and his glans was hypersensitive. He’d known another guy at college with the same ‘problem’ although for them it was just the reverse: it made unbelievably intense orgasms possible by using the right technique.

The pins and needles were going now, and Craig longed to feel something on the tip of his cock. He KNEW that a couple of firm strokes rubbing the foreskin over his glans would cause the best orgasm he’d ever had in his life – he could FEEL it. But the damned tickling continued on his shaft and on his balls, and the wankers refused to touch his cock-head. It was driving him insane.

The need to cum was growing by the second now. He found himself flipping between two distinct and opposite mind-sets: first, the restraints, the humiliating position, the CCTV camera, what was being done to his cock through the wall, and all the rest were negative things – hated and to be fought with every ounce of his strength – and then, suddenly, it was all turning him on. His helplessness, the possibility that others were watching, the straps holding him down – even the black PVC on the wall – EVERYTHING was making him horny. He even realized that at these times, his ineffectual struggling became a voluntary thing, because it heightened his sense of helplessness. He flipped back and forth between these two realities – at first the trigger seemed to be whenever his cock was stroked – but soon he was aware that he was spending more and more time in the turning-on phase and less and less in the negative. He knew that they were breaking him, but also that there was absolutely nothing he could do to stop them. Fuck – even THIS thought turned him on.

Craig’s need for orgasm was becoming the only thing he could think about. He could feel precum dripping from his cock, and the sensation seemed more acute than it should. A tiny part of Craig’s mind began to worry slightly about that. With stunning clarity he could feel each drop of precum ooze out of the piss-slit, gather in the sensitive foreskin, and then lazily run over the edge to drop slowly away. It was the only sensation he could feel on his cock head, and he needed MORE.

Then, horrendous in its suddenness and unexpectedness – intense, icy cold. It ran down the shaft of his cock, and round his balls. They tried to shrivel back into his body, and his cock suddenly lost some of its solidity. He let out a yell which surely must have been heard by the whole asylum and grimaced in – not pain, exactly, nor pleasure – but the sheer INTENSITY of the sensation. It continued for a while (must be an ice cube, thought Craig), and then stopped. He breathed in relief. However, this relief was short-lived when he realized a couple of minutes later that as his skin returned to normal temperature it was many times more sensitive than it had been before.

“FUCKING BASTARDS!” He yelled, fighting the restraints hopelessly. As the tickling and teasing started again, always avoiding the cock head which was by now screaming for attention, Craig’s hard muscled body fought against the straps. After a few minutes he stopped struggling and, eyes closed in defeat, and as the unseen feathers teased his balls and cock shaft mercilessly, he sobbed with pure sexual frustration.

* * *

“Ok – time for some fun,” said John.

Adrian chuckled. “You mean this hasn’t been so far?”

“Oh, now it gets interesting.” He picked up a variable-speed hobbyist’s drill from the tray, and attached a special head to it which he handled very carefully: The head looked somehow shaggy, as if it had once been long woolen strands, but had been plucked almost bare. Fibres hung down limply – until he pressed the stud and gave it a quick, high-speed burst, then left it rotating slowly. The centrifugal force immediately separated the fibres and caused them to stand straight out away from the head like the fur of a cornered cat. It was now over an inch in diameter.

“Micro fibres,” explained John. “Each separate fibre is thinner than a human hair. Here – give me your finger.” He touched the spinning fibres gently to Adrian’s outstretched digit and a look of amazement crossed the apprentice’s face.

“Ha! It tickles!” He overcame an urge to pull his finger away, but, as John gradually increased the speed of the rotation, finally gave in. “Ouch! That hurts when it’s going fast!”

“Doesn’t it just,” smiled John. Imagine what that’s going to feel like on his cock-head. Completely adjustable from an intense tickle, to severe pain.” With that, he pulled the chair closer, and slowly approached the very tip of Craig’s hypersensitive cock.

* * *

Craig nearly jumped out of his skin. As it was, he gave vent to a scream of surprise. For what seemed like hours he’d longed for a touch on the end of his cock – preferably a firm grip, tossing him off – and now there was something indescribable happening there. Even when he was fully erect, as he was now, his foreskin just covered the tip except for the very centre where the piss-slit was visible within the ring of skin – and now, something was TICKLING the very edge of the foreskin intensely. He couldn’t understand it – it wasn’t stroking up and down, it seemed to be a constant stimulation somehow. Was it electricity? He didn’t think so. Whatever it was, it was excruciating. Then, slowly, it began to move over and round the whole of his cock-head. It teased the top, sides and bottom of the glans, ran around the corona and returned to the very tip in the most frustrating and horny way. It made him want to scream – and it made him want to cum.

Craig lost track of how long this went on for, so lost was he in the overpowering sensations. Eventually it stopped, leaving him at the same time relieved, and also panting for more. He felt fingers on his foreskin, gently pulling it back, exposing his bare glans. “Oh no,” he whispered, very frightened. The end of his cock was so hypersensitive that even a gentle touch of a finger on the unprotected glans was painful. But for a while nothing touched it. Then something did – but it was cool, and liquid. It didn’t hurt. Lube! He’d sometimes wondered if lots of lube would make a difference, but had never had the courage to try it. Then, so gently that at first he didn’t realize what it was, a finger WAS touching it. The experience was intense, and frightening – but at the same time it felt indescribably delicious. The finger moved over the boy’s naked glans, floating on a thick film of lube, until it was directly on the piss-slit. Craig was holding his breath, reveling in the most exquisite sensation he’d ever felt. It stroked there, up and down, and the boy quickly felt himself approaching orgasm. Then it was gone, the foreskin back to its usual position.

He banged his head repeatedly against the padded wall in frustration.

* * *

John put the device down and stood up. He looked at the clock on the wall. “I’m going to fit the PS unit, Adrian. Keep him interested, and work on his balls and shaft. You could try reaching the insides of his thighs as well – but leave his cock-head alone for now. Is that clear?”

“Yes Sir!” Adrian seated himself in the vacated central chair and selected two finely-tipped paintbrushes.

John watched him work for a few moments, then smiled. “You’re gonna make one hell of a torturer,” he said. He put on the ski mask, adjusted it carefully, and left the room.

* * *

Craig heard the door open, and turned his head. It was the hooded man, of course. His genitals were still being worked on, and a sudden feeling of humiliation hit him that he didn’t know who was doing it.

Without speaking, the man wheeled the trolley on the far side of the room across to Craig, then thickly coated one of the surgical rubber gloves he was wearing with lube.

Craig was worried – his arse had never had anything up it, and if this man was going to fist him…

It was as though the man had read his mind. “Don’t worry – I’m not going to hurt you. I have to do a little anal exploration, but I’ll only be using one finger, and it won’t hurt – in fact you’ll probably enjoy it.”

Craig had never had anything up his arse before, and the thought of it triggered stereotypical homophobic reactions in him. “You fucking leave my fucking arse alone you cunt,” he spat. “I’m not one of your fucking bum boys. When I get out of this you are fucking DEAD.” He launched a gob of spit in John’s general direction but his inability to turn his head far enough spoilt his aim. It landed on the floor.

John smiled under the mask. “Ok – well all you’ve got to do is stop me.” He parted Craig’s cheeks and touched the tip of his finger to the tightly-clenched hole. “It’s up to you, of course, but if you do that, it’s gonna hurt. If you relax, it’ll feel good. Believe me.”

Craig turned his head away. “Fuck you.”

John shrugged and pushed the fingertip in as gently as he could. Craig drew in his breath sharply. He let it rest there for a moment while the boy got used to the sensation.

The boy’s body had stiffened, but when the finger didn’t move, he gradually began to relax. After a few moments, he was surprised to find that the sensation was unexpectedly pleasant. He stiffened again with apprehension when the man moved it about slowly, but relaxed once more when it became evident that it wasn’t hurting. Very very slowly the man’s finger moved in, the lube easing the entry, until Craig could feel the rest of his hand against his perineum – it was all the way in now. Craig felt his cock become fully hard again, and flex in its restraint at the intrusion he could do nothing to prevent.

After a few moments, the man’s finger bent slowly downwards inside him, and he could feel it moving – exploring – until suddenly a shock of such exquisite pleasure shot through him that he gasped out loud.

“I think we’ve got it.” The man stroked whatever it was he’d found, and Craig felt himself beginning to approach orgasm. This was the most fantastic thing he had ever felt in his life. It was as if the finger was in direct contact with his orgasm centre, if there was such a thing.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Craig croaked in wonder.

Under the mask, the man smiled. “That is your prostate gland. Never had it stimulated before? You’re in for the ride of your life, boy.”

Apparently satisfied with its position, the man carefully withdrew his finger and clipped a metal frame to the wall, over Craig’s firm, round arse. Then he took a device which reminded the boy very much of a thing he used to demagnetize his tape heads at home – a ‘degausser’, it was called – a fat, pencil-like device with a long, rubber-covered snout at one end. But on this one, the snout was very curved. The man smeared lube along the length of it, and inserted it gently into the boy’s rectum. It was slightly thicker than his finger had been, but also smoother, so it went in easily. Craig drew a deep breath as the cool plastic barrel entered him, and frowned slightly in discomfort once as the man moved it around inside him. But then the tip found his prostate, and Craig groaned with involuntary pleasure as it slid over the gland.

Working on the boy’s reactions, the man centred the tip carefully, and locked the device in position on the metal frame. He plugged the trailing wires into a small socket in the floor, wiped some excess lube from Craig’s butt, and patted it gently. “Enjoy,” he said – then he was gone.

Craig tried to move his pelvis so that the device would rub over that wonderfully sensitive spot inside him – but his restraints made that quite impossible. He sighed in frustration, and his mind went back to concentrating on what whoever-it-was was doing to him through the hole in the wall.

Then, suddenly, the thought occurred to him that they were going to use electricity on him – up his arse. Abruptly his cock began to lose some of its hardness, and he started to worry. Once again the restraints, his position, and everything else were hated things which he would fight against. He’d show those fucking bastards who was in control of his body.

* * *

John removed his mask and resumed his position in the centre chair. Taking great care not to touch the virgin cock-head, he unclipped the metal restraint ring, and removed the wire cage, allowing the semi-limp organ to droop free. It came to rest pointing down at an angle of about 45 degrees. “Now then, Adrian – you haven’t seen the Prostate Stimulator being used before, have you?”

‘No, Sir.”

“Ok – well we’re going to try out a little idea of mine. See his cock? It’s going down. He’s probably worrying about the fact that he’s wired up to an outlet in there. Watch – ” John reached out to a control panel on the wall, flicked a switch, and then very carefully began to turn a small black knob. A needle moved slowly across the face of a dial. The dial went from zero to 100, and John stopped it at 20. “He’ll only just be able to feel that. Watch his cock.’

As if by magic, the object of their attention began to harden quickly and smoothly. It firmed out as the blood engorged it, and rose like a phoenix, until it was back to its former steel-rigid state, now pointing upwards by about the same angle – but this time ABOVE the horizontal.

John attached a different device to the clips on the wall. Being a prototype, this one had a home-made look about it. It was simply a curved metal half-cup, shaped to cover the upper surface of the cock-head, on an adjustable rod, to which a wire was soldered. John positioned it a few millimeters above the foreskin-covered glans, and locked it in place, and plugged the wire from it into a small black box. He then disconnected the PS unit and rearranged the wiring going to the control panel, inserting the black box into the circuit. “I think we’re about ready,” he smiled, sitting back. “Now we wait for his cock to go down again.”

Slowly, the member began to lose its hardness and descend. John flicked a switch on the black box, adjusted a control, and then switched the Prostate Stimulator back on. “If this works, we can both go and have a cup of tea.”

Adrian was puzzled. “What’s the box do?”

“Well, the PS unit in on now. You can see his cock getting harder. It will continue to rise until the head – which we haven’t touched yet, and which we know is ULTRA sensitive – touches the metal cup here. That will complete a circuit and he’ll get a small shock through his cock-head. It will also switch the PS unit off, and start a timer. The shock will make his cock go down, and twenty seconds later the PS unit will switch back in. Which will get him hard again, make his cock touch the cup….. You see? Up, down, up, down – and there’s fuck all he can do to stop it – although, no doubt, he’ll try VERY hard…”

Adrian smiled and shook his head in admiration. “You really are an evil bastard, Sir.”

John sat back with his hands behind his head to watch the show. “Why thank you, Adrian – that’s one of the nicest things anyone’s ever said to me.” He beamed happily.

* * *

Craig felt the most amazing sensation up his arse. It was a gentle tingling, a bit like a vibrator – but its effect was devastating. Instantly all thoughts of resistance vanished like phantoms in the dark. He knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that he was on the road to orgasm. His cock rose like it was on a string, and he could feel his spunk gathering in his balls, ready to pump down the plumbing and out of his aching cock with such shattering, mind-numbing ecstasy that he actually shivered at the prospect. His cock felt harder than it had ever been – and then it stopped!

“NO!” He yelled, beating the PVC with his fists. The phantoms rushed back and he swore at the inhuman bastards behind that wall. He hated them and everything about his fucking place with a fury wilder than anything he’d felt before. His cock poised at full erection for a few moments, and then started to go limp again.

Then something different – the restraint that was holding his shaft was being removed. He felt his cock fall free, and actually experienced a moment of regret. God, am I confused, he thought.

He waited for something to happen, but there was a pause of a minute or so, and he began to relax. Perhaps that was it – they’d had their fun – they’d probably been wanking themselves silly behind the wall and had cum. He would be released soon.

And then the tingling began inside him again. “NO!” He said. “I will NOT perform for you, you perverted wankers.” He closed his eyes and tried to ignore the electricity across his prostate, but it was futile. In spite of his efforts, his cock began to rise again, and the phantoms went away. It was all turning him on now – and this time he KNEW he was going to cum. His cock continued to rise, he got nearer to orgasm, that longed-for ejaculation appeared once again on the horizon – and this time the tingling wasn’t going to stop. His cock, rigid and as hard as iron strained upwards at its fullest extent – harder than it had ever been…

And then he screamed. A short, sharp, piercing yell of shock more than pain – as the sensitive cock-head touched something above it and electricity poured into it. Instantly all thought of orgasm was shattered, and his cock lost its rigidity, mercifully moving it away from the electric contact. But the tingling had also stopped. He wailed in frustration as the shock to his system receded and the need for orgasm returned unabated. His cock hovered, half-limp, half erect, not knowing what to do.

And then the tingling began again. Completely beyond his control, his penis began to rise once more, heading – he knew – towards that contact. He poured every ounce of concentration he had into stopping it, into keeping it soft – but the cursed thing had a mind of its own. Harder and harder it got, up and up it rose, while he got hornier and hornier pressed tight against the black PVC – unable to move, unable to make himself cum, unable to stop himself responding like a fucking PUPPET as these bastards pushed his buttons so easily.

“AAAHHHRRRGGGHH!!!” He yelled. “SHIT!” The cycle repeated – his cock backing away from the electric pain on its tip, and he found himself involuntarily counting the seconds – eighteen, nineteen twenty, twenty-

The current began to stimulate his prostate again right on cue. He realized without any doubt that this was automatic – that they had inflicted the ultimate humiliation on him: the bastards didn’t even have to DO anything now – his own uncontrollable responses would facilitate his own torture. If he could only stop his dick from getting hard enough to touch that plate, the tingling inside him would continue, and he’d be able to cum. More than anything else in the world, he needed to cum. When the tingling was on, it was the only thing he was capable of thinking about. His brain refused to entertain any other thoughts whatsoever. He HAD to cum – it was a compelling, driving NEED that REFUSED to be ignored. And his cock responded – rising up, up, until it touched that damned plate and made ejaculation an unreachable goal.

Every 35 seconds or so, regular as clockwork, he went through the cycle – and it was driving him out of his mind. It wasn’t that the shocks on the end of his cock were so painful – although they were not pleasant – it was that they prevented his orgasm. Each time, he thought “THIS time – I’m not gonna touch it…” but each time, of course, he did.

Craig had thought that he’d reached the very pinnacle of humiliation – but two things proved him wrong.

The first one was when they started tickling the sides of his balls again. His cock shot straight back up and fucking BUMPED against the electric plate. And this time it stayed there. Even the pain of the shock on his sensitive cock-head was not enough to make him lose the fullness of his erection while they did that. He screamed in pain and frustration as the devilish feathers tickled and teased his balls and the tops of his thighs. Once, a smooth – presumably rubber-gloved – hand gently gripped his scrotum and played with it, stroking it teasingly. Mercifully they only worked on his balls a couple of times, then once again left the electronics to make his body torture itself.

The second – and most intense – humiliation was when the door opened and two men entered with cups of tea. He recognized the hooded man but had no idea who the other guy was. This one was dressed identically – leather jeans, white tee-shirt and ski mask. Through a haze of overstimulation, Craig was aware of their pulling up the chairs to the side of him, and making themselves comfortable in them. Between sips of tea, they carried on a conversation as if Craig wasn’t there.

“So what do you think of my idea then?” Asked John.

The other laughed. “It’s brilliant. There’s nothing he can do to avoid the shocks, or stop getting hard. I loved it when you played with his balls – that really freaked him out.”

John chuckled. “I’ve been thinking of a few refinements. We’ll discuss them later. Shit – did you bring any biscuits?”

“No, sorry Sir. I’ll go and get some.”

Craig heard the man leave, and as the door closed his cock touched the plate again. He had been determined not to make a sound, but the expected – but nonetheless excruciatingly frustrating – shock made him yell. “SHIT!” His failure to keep silent plunged him into a rage of defeat. “Shit shit shit shit SHIT!” He pummeled the PVC with his fist.

Then he heard his own voice. It was begging. “Oh PLEASE – PLEASE LET ME CUM. I can’t stand this any more. I’m going to go…” His voice rose to a squeal as the PS unit cut back in and the cycle began to repeat… “inSAAAAANE!!!”

He was dripping with sweat. His short blond mohican was plastered to his head, and his whole body quivered as his unseen dick in the next room began rising for the nth time.

The door opened, and the second man reappeared bearing biscuits. Craig heard the crackle of the wrapper, then the contented munching and slurping of tea. “Did you hear that?” Asked John.

“Yes, Sir. He seems to want to cum.”

John nodded.

“What would happen, Sir, if we just left him there indefinitely?”

“Well, eventually he’d have to release his spunk, so he’d cum with his cock touching the electrode. It would be extremely intense, because at the moment of orgasm the pain of the shock would transform into acute pleasure. It would be far, far more intense than any orgasm he’s ever had before. After that – well, the PS unit would get him hard again almost straight away, and the cycles would begin again. He might manage two or three orgasms before he stopped responding. The long-term effects on his prostate wouldn’t be so good, though.”

“And how long are we actually going to leave him on it?”

John winked at Adrian. Aloud, he said, “Oh, we’ll disconnect him after the third orgasm.”

Craig moaned in fear, then screamed as the cycle reached the cock-shock point. He realized suddenly that his cock WAS staying longer on the electrode than it had been doing earlier, and that he was getting slightly closer to orgasm every time. One part of his mind wanted off this thing NOW, and a second, larger part screamed: “Just fucking make me CUM”.

But what worried Craig most of all was a newly-appeared third part.

It was, as yet, small – but he had a terrible feeling it was going to grow.

This part said: “Yeah – make me suffer, TORTURE me.”

* * *

“You’re not really going to leave him connected that long, are you Sir?” They were back in the control room.

“No – don’t worry. I want him to cum once on it, then we’ll take him off it. But I want that orgasm to be one he’ll remember for the rest of his life.”

Adrian nodded. “You could turn the current up a bit in the electrode as he starts to cum,” he suggested.

John smiled approvingly. “Good. You’re developing a devious mind – that’s exactly what I’m planning to do.”

They watched a couple of more cycles – the irresistible rise of Craig’s cock as the PS unit worked on the boy’s prostate, followed by the contact with the electrode, a pause as the rigid cock held out against the pain, then the slight lowering – another pause, and repeat.

“Actually, I think it would only take a few more cycles to enable him to cum – but I’m going to help him. Get the beaker to catch his spunk, will you? And switch the CCTV on – in fact record it.”

A picture of the suffering boy filled the screen as Adrian switched the monitor on, and he pressed the record button on the VCR. Then he took up position, holding the plastic container ready to catch the boy’s spunk as he ejaculated.

John placed one hand on the control box knob, ready to increase the current both to Craig’s cock-head, and to the PS unit – and with the other began to tease and tickle the boy’s vulnerable balls, running the tip of the stiff feather up and down, getting right into the creases at the sides of the scrotum – he knew that continued teasing of these would help to push the young punk over the edge.

Immediately Craig’s cock shot upwards and filled to maximum erection. Hard against the electrode, it stayed there as John slowly began to turn the control knob up. He knew that the two currents being applied to Craig’s body would try to force him to do two different things at the same time – the PS unit would make him cum, the cock-head electrode would cause him pain on the most sensitive spot of his body. But he also knew that the boy was so indescribably horny, had been on the edge of orgasm for so long and so many times, that the Prostate stimulator would win.

It did. Poised waiting for it to happen, John saw Craig’s cock suddenly get even harder, and immediately turned the control up higher. There was a split-second pause where his cock quivered like a volcano on the verge of cataclysmic eruption, and then, with an explosive force that stunned both of them, the boy’s spunk began to pump out. John turned the control up all the way and, together with Adrian, watched in fascination as the hot, sticky liquid jetted out with such force that it hit the bottom of the beaker and splashed up the sides – some of it actually rebounding completely out of the container. His hand on the control, John waited until the initial intensity began to lose power, and then smoothly turned the control down until it was off.

The boy’s cock began to subside, and Adrian caught the last drops of spunk as it dribbled out. Together they looked at the monitor. Craig hung limp in the restraints, unconscious.

* * *

Again, the cycle began. The tingling in Craig’s arse started his cock on its ascent towards the hated electrode. Suddenly, he gasped as he felt a feather on his balls – it was right up at the side of his scrotum, its stiff tip running up and down the sensitive creases. The fucking BASTARDS! There was nothing he could do as he felt his cock rise quickly and the pain of the shock hit his cock-head…

But this time, the tingling inside him didn’t stop! In fact it was getting stronger! And so was the shock on his dick! He felt himself approaching orgasm again, and prayed to any gods who might be listening not to let the perverts stop this time. A wail rose in his throat as the pain increased on his cock-head, blossomed into a scream as the intensity of both it and the prostate stimulation became unbearable, and he knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt that this time they were going to make him cum. But he also knew how they were going to do it. The current was getting stronger and stronger – the pain on the end of his dick was excruciating – but he knew he was going to cum anyway. There was no way he could do anything about it – they were controlling his every response.

He drew a breath and shrieked as the very brink of orgasm appeared like a bottomless pit before him – and then something unutterably magical happened.

Like someone throwing a switch, the jolting, sizzling, searing agony on his glans suddenly flipped to an indescribable rapture of exactly the same intensity. At that moment, he thought he experienced as intense an ecstasy as any human being had experienced in the history of the universe. Time dilated – stretched as if someone had clicked on a slo-mo camera: he felt his spunk gathering power, straining with increasing might against the biological dam inside him. His breathing froze – it seemed as if his very heart paused – and then, with a force which blew his mind away, his spunk erupted from the bulb, rushed unstoppably along his vas deferens, past his piss-slit and burst out into the air of the room beyond the wall. He felt each of these discrete and separate events clearly and sequentially, and every one of the muscles of his firm, hard young body locked tense as he strained against the straps which held him down. The sheer INTENSITY of it was overwhelming. As his spunk pumped out of his cock he screamed and screamed and screamed till his voice broke. That tiny part of his mind suddenly became the ONLY part, and he wanted to spend the rest of his life strapped down, helpless, and being tortured by these fiends. The moment stretched to breaking point – and then, with a final shriek of unimaginable ecstasy, he lost consciousness.

To be continued….


Story Contest Entry: “The Apprentice” by DIAGM

September 13, 2011 in Rubber Stories

My fellow Inmates,

I know quite a few of you have sent me stories, and I have a backlog pile at the moment, so never fear. We shall get to them.

Here is the next story entry, called “The Apprentice”


The Apprentice

I pressed the button down firmly with a trembling finger.

I heard a distant buzzer from somewhere far beyond the plain black metal door before me, and seconds later a loud click signified that someone, somewhere inside, had observed me through the closed-circuit security camera that seemed to undress me with it’s red robotic eye.

I took one last look at the tall thin window to the left of the doorway. A naked white mannequin in a gasmask stood in a tall prison cage, it held a small silver sheet of card; BROAD-MINDED INDIVIDUAL REQUIRED. 30 HOURS PER WEEK. APPLY WITHIN. I rubbed my sweaty palms on my jeans, took a deep breath, and pushed the door open.

I needed a job. I had moved to London to attend University just over 18 months ago, and had grown sick of having to eek my way through each day, constantly worrying about how far I was going to be able to stretch my student loan. I had heard about this fetish shop from some friends into the cybergoth-industrial music scene, and knew they had bought certain rubber or pvc items of their clothes from here once in a while- when they could afford it that is!

I was also very into the scene, just not as much as those guys, not enough to go around dressed like cross between Marilyn Manson and a gimp when I’m out clubbing in Camden! I think the Scenesters look awesome in their shiny rubber and pvc and neon and… I just couldn’t bring myself to wear that gear for some reason! The guys I hang out with in the clubs tease me for having a ‘stick up my arse’ and being ‘prudish’ just because I don’t choose to wear what they did. I felt too self-conscious to make the first step.

But now I was climbing the first step… up a narrow purple stairway and into a room full of chrome and shiny black. My pupils dilated to adjust to the dim light as I scanned the room, my mouth hung slightly open. 

“Yeah… that’s the usual reaction Newbies have when they step in here first time!” said a voice behind me suddenly as I whip round in fright.

“JESUS, you scared me there!…. haha!… Erm… Hi, I’m Pete… about the job?”

“Ah yeah of course! Peter! Thanks for coming, I’m sorry I startled you hehe! It happens a LOT… maybe I should move the counter from behind the doorway, eh?!”

I had spoken to Joe, the shop owner beforehand, He explained that this was a specialist fetish store catering to the rubber and leather scene, and after he’d explained what the job entailed, he had suggested I come down and have a look. Decide for myself.  Though I had some idea of how this place would be, I wasn’t prepared for this.

The walls were lined with every kind of garment I could name, and some I couldn’t, mostly all in black and sometimes brown, red or creamy white leather.  Circular rotating stands fill the large room, all containing rubber garments of every kind. There were human-sized cages on the floor and hung up high above me in the wooden rafters, racks, benches and crosses in various clearings around the room, each piece of ‘furniture’ was restraining a mannequin clothed in all kinds of restraint!

“Wow… this place is amazing!” I utter in disbelief.

“Half a million pounds worth. And You wouldn’t BELIEVE the trouble I have keeping all this gear in tip-top condition” Joe replied.

“I can see why you need shop staff now” I nod in agreement.

“I can manage sales and all that, 75% of my turnover is online you see… there are a lot of people who wouldn’t come into the shop for whatever reasons, or they live too far out to get here- most of my time is spent on the PC behind the counter and packing orders… your job will be to keep the shop floor looking clean, changing the displays to keep them looking fresh, and to be on display yourself of course!… you will need to look the part, boy… can’t have you wearing those blue jeans, eh!”

“Well I’m not sure, I, uh… don’t wear this sort of stuff… I have some tight black t-shirts and jeans though??” I suggest, noticing that Joe wore leather combat trousers below his tight rubber tanktop. I didn’t think I could go through with it.. but I wanted to tell him yes.

Joe looked dismissive and shook his head “You want the job kiddo… you’ll wear the uniform. I have two other good looking young lads who’d like to come in and have a shot at this job because it pays very good money due to what it entails… in fact, there are some kinksters out there who’d do the job for free, just to be in the gear all day, but this is a full-time job and I don’t want someone who isn’t committed to the shop, and I certainly do NOT want someone working here who doesn’t enjoy it… I want the best out of the guy I pay. You WILL model the clothing if you want this job, boy- you understand?”

I realised he wasn’t messing about. “Yes Joe, yeah I understand… and I really want the job, and I do really like all the gear I just haven’t really worked up the… erm…” I paused and looked at my boots, and got ready to admit something big. “Ok, this is hard… I’ve never really talked this through with anyone before… I don’t know why I… erm…”

“I’ll make it easy for you kiddo” Joe interrupted with a wave of his hand; “There’s no need to continue- I know EXACTLY what you are about to say… you remind me of myself ten years ago hehe… don’t be embarrassed ok, it’s been the same for most of us in the Leather scene, we all have to start somewhere… and so do you, boy!”  Joe paused and looked at me thoughtfully

“”I uh… yeah I suppose so” I tried to fill the gap in conversation, the silence was uncomfortable to me.

“I’ll tell you what you’re gonna do!” Joe interrupted with a firm squeeze on my shoulder. “You ARE going to take this job. You WILL wear what I tell you to. You WILL do as I tell you… as your BOSS… now, get yourself off home and be back here 9am Monday, wear what you like to walk here and home wearing, and we will pick out your clothing monday morning that you’ll wear in the shop, Ok?!”

I smiled broadly. “Thanks Boss” I said, feeling like I’d just won the lottery, could this really be for real?!

Monday took too long to arrive, but when it eventually did I was there, nervous as hell, excitedly buzzing myself into the fetish shop at 9 sharp.

“Morning, Pete. Nice to see you’re on time! Not like the last apprentice I had here… he didn’t last long!” Joe joked with a wink. “Go get yourself a coffee from the utility area out back, and then come up and join me here at the counter ok?”

“Ok Boss!” I called cheerily over my shoulder, doing my best to sound at ease, as I trotted past a rubbered up mannequin on all fours inside a puppy cage…

The utilities room comprised of a small, ultra-modern stainless steel kitchen area, which was set into the corner of a black-tiled room about 15 square feet. The opposite corner of the room had an open plan shower like a wetroom, the black rubber shower curtain was peeled back in an arc to rest against the wall, exposing a stainless urinal and a matching toilet.

“Awesome room Joe!” I shouted back through the shop.

“Yeah thanks… easy to hose down after folks have gotten all hot and sweaty in there! They often get ‘carried away’ while trying their gear on! You will come to find that the people who take the trouble to actually VISIT this store can be a lot less… inhibited… than my online customers!” said Joe, laughing like it was an everyday occurrance. I almost spat out my coffee at the thought of coming in here sometime soon, only to find someone playing in the shower!

I joined him at the counter and looked around a little more. Now my eyes had got used to the visual impact of all the gear, I had started looking deeper at the individual items of clothing, rather than the whole shop at once. Joe sat at the desk, clacking away on the PC keyboard busy with his orders.

“Go take a tour of the shop, pick out a top and some bottoms.” he gestured to his outfit, he wore the same leather combat trousers as before, with a leather short-sleeve police shirt which he left hanging open to reveal the rubber tanktop. “See what I’m wearing? DON’T copy me!… guys don’t need to see you lookin hot in the same gear I’m already in, Ok? Maybe find yourself some rubber!” he winked and ushered me out into the unknown…

After half an hour Joe joined me as I looked through some rubber long-sleeved tops. I was struggling to find something I dared put on! I had seen some real heavy duty rubber and leather bondage gear and some hot rubber dungarees with waders that made my cock twitch, but dismissed them with a blush.

“Having trouble, boy?” he chuckled as he came up behind me and put his hands on my shoulders. “I saw you checking out the sleepsacks and that rubber straitjacket, but I seriously doubt you’d get much work done in those… the wader suit wouldn’t suit you to be honest… too ‘heavy-duty’… you’re a bit too ‘slim-blonde-innocent-twink’ looking to pull those things off I’m afraid hahah!”

He went over to a rack where all different types of leather and rubber shorts hung, and held out a pair of knee-length shorts with locking belts around the waist and legs, and a bulging zipped codpiece. He grinned with this wicked smile, and held them open for me to see inside.

“There is NO WAY you are putting me in those Joe!” I spluttered. Attached to the inside of the shorts was a big black conical plug, around seven inches long and two inches across!

“Too soon?” he said with a pretend-disappointed look. “You have FIVE minutes to choose your gear or I’m having you wear these and nothing else except a gag to stop you moaning… get a move on!”

I needed no more encouragement. I dashed to the trousers section on the shop floor, and grabbed the first pair in front of me, then grabbed a tanktop and headed to change.

“NO! I have one of those tops!” Joe called. “Get the leather version with the quilted panel down the sides! And a rubber t-shirt to go under it with the shop logo on it from that shelf!” 

I got the other tank and headed to change as I looked at the trousers I’d picked up, then changed my mind when I realised I’d grabbed some chaps… I came back out and Joe was standing there, tapping his watch and waving those damned shorts! Oh Fuck!  He looked at the chaps with a smile, and grabbed a rubber pouch from a nearby hanger. “Ooh NICE choice kiddo! You’ll look real good in those! now HURRY UP!”

I emerged from the changing room minutes later feeling very self conscious. My rubber t-shirt fitted ok, as did the tank, but the chaps hung around my slim waist and legs like flags. Joe rolled his eyes. “Take those off and I’ll get some in your size… don’t you know you should wear chaps tight?”

“Sorry… no I have no idea… can’t I get something else… I got these by mistake!” I protested, but he dismissed me.

“No chance, boy. I thought you wanted those on, so I gave you that rubber jockstrap to have under them to complete your look… that’s a £40 rubber jock! I can’t sell that now! The chaps can go back on the rack with just a try-on, but not underwear! You’ll just have to go through with it now! Anyway I think you look GREAT, so that’s that… here- go put these on and stop messing me about!” He thrust a smaller pair into my hands and I took them back into the utility room with a sullen expression.

I came back out and hung the big chaps back on the rail, and looked at myself in the mirror. Even though I felt wrong and a little exposed, I had to admit Joe had a point… I looked HOT. The tight black chaps he’d chose had grey stripes up my legs to match the quilted grey panels on the sides of the tanktop vest, and the tight rubber t-shirt matched the jockstrap that held my semi-erect dick, all bunched up with my balls out in front of me. I started to feel a bit… naughty. I smiled at my reflection. It didn’t look like me, but I liked it!

The next few days consisted of me being mentored by Joe in all things Leather and rubber. The do’s and dont’s, a brief introduction into the etiquette of the ‘Old Guard’, what all the ‘colours’ meant- I had almost picked out a bright yellow rubber t-shirt my first morning, and felt glad at that moment I’d decided against it! I had begun my task of lightly cleaning and caring for the rubber gear to keep the dust off it, and had moved some of the kinky displays around to make a nice change. I had begun to get used to seeing the gear and toys used for the heavier side of the scene.

Customers came and went, some bought stuff, some didn’t. Nobody tried anything on… I’d hoped they would! All in all everyone in this scene seemed nice and friendly- very open and with a sense of humour regarding their fetish, which I found refreshing, and it really put me at ease- helping me in accepting all of this as mine. I had made my tentative first steps at last.

Saturday morning I turned up for work and Joe was unpacking a huge box of various items, a new line of leather straitjackets and sleepsacks he had just bought in. He’d changed his supplier due to some quality issues he had with the last few the shop had sold. These new ones looked very well made- I helped him unpack 2 extremely heavy sleepsacks at £850 each, and a very formidable straitjacket with padded elbows and mitts that cost £1200 with the options Joe had ordered. I checked out the stitching and rivets- had a good look at the way the straps were designed and laid out on the back, at the quality of the leather linings inside, at the reinforcement panels – all the stuff Joe had taught me about what makes a quality piece of gear. It looked perfect!

“These are awesome pieces, Boss.” I observed. “A little more expensive than your last run though… you think they’ll sell ok?”

“Oh yeah I’ve already sold the SJ and one of the sacks… the other one will go over on the suspension bar in the middle of the floor, I doubt it’ll be there long.” he said, looking over some new hoods and muzzles that were also in the box. He held up a leather muzzle and dangled it’s thickly padded chin cup in front of my face “You wanna try one of these on eh kiddo? Maybe with those nice shorts you seemed so fond of??”

“No thanks, hehe” I blushed “I think I’ll pass for now Boss…”

Joe had been teasing me occasionally over the week about my ‘favorite shorts’ and how much he’d like to see me walking around the shop in them, or some of the other more ‘risque’ items we sold, like maybe the thick rubber hooded catsuit with a similar buttplug inside it… I doubt I’d have been able to do much walking with that chunk of rubber up my butt! I always refused but played along, though. It was fun talking trash with Joe- he was a cool boss to work for and seemed to have a lot of patience with me as a total newbie in the shop and on the scene.

We put the sleepsack on display as he wanted it, suspended from a wide chrome bar hung from a thick chain, bolted to a huge wooden beam high up in the ceiling. It looked excellent hanging there open and inviting to show off the interior; fully lined with soft leather around the whole body and down the armsleeves, a thin padded cushion stitched inside which seperated the prisoner’s legs from toe to thigh, and a thickly padded hood with grommet nose and mouth holes. Fantastic!

Around lunchtime a large bearish customer entered the shop. I left him to browse as I adjusted some leather shirts to make the range of colour choices easier to compare, and I watched to see what he looked at. Instead of doing the usual thing of taking a look around, the man strolled directly to the counter and began talking with Joe. I could somehow tell this guy was a real old-skool player… he had black jeans on tucked into tall riding boots, with a really nice quality fitted leather vest over a black short sleeve shirt, his keys hung from the side of his belt- he was a Top man.

I saw Joe showing him the straitjacket. Ah… this was the guy that had bought it- definately not for him either, as he was far too big for the medium-sized SJ. I saw him point a thumb over his shoulder toward the utilities room beside me. Surely he wasn’t going to attempt to try it on?

Joe looked over his shoulder at me, and the bear also turned to look. Fuck! They’d caught me snooping. I tried to look busy as they came over from the counter.

“Hey Peter” Joe said with a pleasent tone.

He never called me Peter… only ‘boy’ or ‘kiddo’… hmmm. I turned to the two men, the bear was stood with his arms crossed behind my boss with a stern look on his face.

“Master Adam here is a friend and a very good customer of ours and has purchased this straitjacket to use on his slaveboy. He wants to check out how well it fits and to make sure it’s as good quality as it looks- unfortunately he had to return his last one… remember the bad quality ones I told you about?”

“Um. Well yes I remember… Lucky slaveboy huh?” I raised my eyebrows at the bear and smiled.

“He better damn well think himself lucky.” The bear nodded in a serious manner. “You look about the same size as m’boy so I suggested I’d strap you up nice an’ tight… just to make sure I’m gettin my moneys-worth with this one”

“Take your vest off kiddo, leave the rest though.” Joe ordered with a nod.  I shrugged the leather tanktop off and handed it to Joe. He took a hanger and replaced it back onto a rack together with various other used items that he wore for work.

“Alrighty then… arms front!”

I held my arms out as Master Adam slid the cold leather over my hands and up my arms. I felt the formidable weight of the straitjacket on my shoulders as he jiggled the jacket over them, and bent my arms up a little to take the weight easier. He stepped around me and instantly began to thread the thick straps through their buckles, loosely at first, then he pulled them very snug from the top all the way down… I counted them; seven in total. Joe watched me as Master Adam pressed himself up behind me and dropped his crossed forearms over my head to roughly grab my wrists, and then swiftly uncrossed them as he pulled my leathered arms down and across my front in one fluid motion… mating strap to buckle as he did so. The move was so sudden and well executed I heard myself ‘yelp’ with surprise and struggle with my arms a little… but by then it was no use. I was bound! This guy REALLY knew his way around a straitjacket!

Joe looked on with undisguised amusement as the bear kicked my legs wide apart and reached between my legs for the the two crotch straps, pulling them under me and deftly threading them at the same time with one hand on each, yanking them down and finally flicking the buckle-pins closed with his thumbs. I met his eyes over my shoulder- the collar was yet to be tightened, affording me some degree of neck movement, and I watched helplessly in startled awe as he winked at me.

“Enjoying yerself BOY?” he panted. He was obviously exerting himself- showing off his skills as a Top in front of Joe.

“Yeah I thinks he likes it Adam” Joe teased without waiting for my reply, talking around me as if I wasn’t there. “Looking at his jock, he likes it a bit more than he’s letting on eh?”

It was true. I did like it. I was as hard as steel inside my tight rubber jockstrap, and it was obvious to both men.

“Well it’s certainly an experience!” I said, trying to ‘save face’ and keep my cool a little bit.

“Oh come on now boy! I’ve been paying attention.” Joe stroked my cheek and gave me a evil grin “I see how you linger on the heavier bondage gear in the shop while you’re cleaning, how you have to keep adjusting yourself when you move certain items of my display furniture from here-to-there just for the sake of it… you pretend you’re doing it to keep things looking nice and fresh… but I’ve been here a LONG time, boy… I know the signs… there are guys who get into rubber because they like the feeling against their skin, others like Master Adam and myself who also enjoy the power LEATHER brings out in us… and of course there are boys like YOU, kiddo! You seem to really get off on all the gear that can get you into a lot of trouble in the hands of men like us… admit it… you are well fucking turned on right now… aren’t you?  Arent you??”

Well there was no point hiding it. I looked down at Joe’s boots.


“Well done kiddo… The hardest thing is admitting it to yourself… from now on it’s far easier… just let yourself go Ok? You fancy spending a little more time in there, boy? Maybe I’ll let Master Adam have a little fun with you before he lets you out eh??” he teased my short blonde hair

“You wouldn’t!” I choked, jerking my arms away from the bear in defiance.

“I’m GONNA!” Joe replied!

“You fucker!” I said half angrily, but with a grin. I began to struggle against the two men, Joe was already working the front strap around my crossed arms, pinning my wrists together tight up to my chest. Master Adam pinioned my elbows with two more thick padded cuffs linked with another strap, and as he was tightening those, Joe attached huge rigid ankle cuffs to my boots linked with a wide flat bar, and locked them on!

“Hey! You Bastards! You Absolute fuckers! You WAIT till I get out! I’m gonna bloody mace you both!” I shouted half-jokingly. I didn’t know if I should be angry, scared, amused or turned on! In truth I was all of those things, but mostly angry I’d been tricked!

Master Adam grabbed me by the backstraps and lowered me to the floor. “He’s making a bit too much noise, maybe the boy needs a gag… don’t you think, Joe? he said as he looked down at me with a smug look on his face. God I’d have loved to punch him at that moment! I spat at him instead.

“You little sod!” The bear yelled “Right! It’s a gag AND a hood for you Mr. Spitter!”

Joe came dashing back with a thin rubber hood off one of the many display heads on the high shelves that lined the room. I recognised it- I’d just polished it that morning! It had a nose cutout and a round hole for the mouth, nothing more. I shook my head to try and stop it going on me but it didnt work! All I managed to do was make Joe mis-align the holes and I ran out of air quickly, forcing myself to stop struggling and let him put it on me willingly! Damn it.

As soon as the nose and mouth holes lined up I gasped for breath… I’d been out of air for about 30 seconds but was under considerable exertion trying to struggle out of my inescapable leather prison. I only took one lungful however, before I felt a fat wedge of padded leather force it’s way between my teeth and across my face! I felt four hands working straps around my forehead, under my chin, around my neck and around my jaw, the padded muzzle- it had to be! Those bastards! 


I yanked at my restraints and clattered the wooden floor with my manacled feet, shouting and screaming at my two captors. All I managed to do was work a tiny bit of slack into the armstraps and across the shoulders of the straitjacket, and my gagged mouth made absolutely no sound… the padded cup around my jaw forced my teeth clenched tight down onto the fat stuffer gag that pinned down my tongue. Weak little piggy-squeals wheezed out of my nose instead!


 I felt myself being flipped over and pinned down by a heavy boot on my bare arse. The strap across my shoulders jerked tighter, tugging me off the floor and pulling my shoulders inward, then the strap below it constricted my ribs a little, knocking the wind out of me as they worked the slack out. Then the pinion strap tightened, pulling my elbows right back tight against my waist- which in turn made the loose arm strap tighten as my wrists were tugged back through the front loop. Then I was flipped again with the boot on my upper chest. One more notch was all it took to tighten the front strap to completely and totally bind me.

I could only move as a unit. I could barely utter a grunt. But I could kick!

With a shriek I raised my legs, heavy laden with the rigid steel spreader, manacles and my heavy boots, and flailed them around madly… only to have them caught by a pair of hands at each end.  That didn’t seem to go too well…

With my breath and pounding heart filling my smothered ears I heard their distant voices, I tried to calm myself and control my breaths to listen in.  The bastards were planning what to do with me now that I was helplessly bound and gagged, at their disposal.  Master Adam was practically begging Joe to let him beat me with a spanking paddle till my arse was red raw for spitting at him, but my boss wouldn’t let him! This calmed me somewhat- at least Joe still had my interests at heart… though he had a funny way of showing it!

“Ok boy listen. Can you hear me inside there?” Joe spoke loudly and clearly as he tightened up the last strap around the high neck of my straitjacket. I nodded as much as my rigidly braced neck would allow.

“If you had not been such a little shit earlier then you would have been out of your bondage within the hour… but as punishment for SPITTING at our customer, my friend Master Adam, you will be going on display downstairs in my shop window for the rest of the day! It’s about time I changed that dummy as it’s been there awhile… you will spend the next THREE HOURS down there in punishment bondage… just to give you a good taste of what I think you’ve been wanting and needing all along!”

“MMmmNNOOoooo!  MMMNNNNNNNGGPPHHHHHHHHHHHH!” I protested, trying to somehow tell them I was sorry, that I wanted out and didn’t want the humiliation of being publicly visible like this!

“Master Adam wants to give you a good whipping, but I told him he couldn’t unless you consented… then I thought since you DESERVE a paddling I will give you a choice, kiddo… you can let Master Adam work your arse with a nice heavy leather paddle while you’re bent over that dog cage in the middle of the room… OR… you can save yourself from him by having a vibrator plug up inside you while you are on display!. Grunt once for the paddle, grunt twice for the plug, boy… there are NO other choices! If you do not make a decision then you are fired for spitting at my customer do you understand!”

I began to sob a little, and nodded my head to show I understood.  I weighed up the odds… and grunted twice.

“Ok Adam, pick him up and get him over that bench” I heard Joe order.

The burly man had no trouble in hoisting me up and slinging me over his shoulder like a ragdoll, before plonking me face down bent over a padded whipping bench near the counter. My ass felt very vulnerable as it was the only bare patch of skin on my whole body, Master Adam rubbed his hand over my cheeks and playfully slapped them very lightly.

“I’m disappointed in you, boy… I wanted to have some fun! Just remember… it’s all just a game. It’s all just good honest fun and nobody wants to hurt you… well NOT MUCH!” he chuckled.

Joe came back and I heard the sound of him snapping on some latex gloves. Soon I felt my cheeks prized apart, and the coldness of a lightly lubricated finger poking at my exposed hole. I began to breath harder. I had no idea how big a plug I was in store for! We’d had conversations all week about our past ‘flings’ and playmate’s dick sizes and so on… Joe knew what I was capable of accommodating up there… but there were a large number of dildos and plugs for sale in this shop that were FAR bigger than I was used to!

I moaned as Joe slipped a finger in, then another, and worked them around. More lube, then three… I struggled to take the fourth and began to try to get away but Master Adam held me down while Joe worked more and more lube into me.

After a pause I felt the head of a cold metal plug rub up and down my crack. I took a deep breath… which one was it? I tried to remember the shapes and sizes I’d seen in the tall glass cabinet by the door… The smooth bulbous head pressed at my hole. With a second deep breath my nostrils filled with the sour tang of poppers and I instantly began to swim in my dark leather world. My head spun and I let out a deep gutteral moan as somewhere behind me I felt my arse open up and one, two, three, four, five bulging ridges of the fat buzzing plug pushed inside in one swift motion.

Before I could come back down to earth, I was being heaved off the bench and down the stairs by the two men. A door opened- the small access hatch to the window area. A rattle and series of knocks as the mannequin was removed to make room for the new display. Then I was heaved off the floor by the front door and being lifted in through the hatch.

A chain hung from the ceiling I remembered, to attach to a hook on the back of the dummy’s neck… I assumed this was the chain that was being attached to my collar now!  I was to remain stood, free to move around slightly but never able to sit down or walk more than a few inches in any direction, my legs spread wide apart by the shackle at my boots, which I think he attached to the floor with a similar chain!.

“Ok boy… You will be glad to know that your preperation ate into your captivity time by about 20 minutes so you will not have to stay in here for as long… you only have just over two and a half hours until I close. We have you on camera in case you get into any trouble, Ok? Have fun now!” Joe slapped my butt hard, and locked the hatch behind him as he left.  I felt the sun on my face an I opened my eyes to see, to my horror, the sun- shining straight in through the shop window, allowing me to see slightly through the thin black rubber of the hood… illuminating me like a beacon to the people of London walking by on the street, just a few feet away, watching me.

All was quiet except for a high-pitched whirr. I felt a slight breeze on my bare cheeks, and realised Joe had put a small fan in here to keep me cool in the sunny window… except… no, wait… I could still smell poppers! He had left an open bottle in here with me in this tiny room! The man’s evil-genius had no limits, I thought to myself.

Soon my head began to feel light and woozy as the poppers took effect- though not as bad as having them shoved up my nose like before, it was still mildly dis-orientating, and only served to worsen my situation. I was incredibly horny by now, fully strapped into my leather prison, rubber underneath… sweating,  hooded, gagged, that infuriating plug hammering into my prostste, and of course unable to relieve or save myself…I was chained up and shackled down behind bars… in public!

With a deep sigh I finally resigned to my fate, let out a slight chuckle at myself as I rolled my eyes underneath the tight rubber stretched across my face.

I’d only been working here one week!

Finally my captors released me and allowed me to go home, where I reflected on the amazing experience. I awoke the following morning oddly refreshed, like someone had pressed a stress-reset button in my mind

But upon entering the shop on the first day of week 2 of my new job, I felt a little uncomfortable.

Joe had given me a copy of the stores cctv footage to take home with me last night- my entire ordeal at the hands of Master Adam and himself captured in full. I had spent most of the evening masturbating over the things I saw being done to me, and now in the cold light of day I somehow found it hard to look Joe in the eye… I was still angry at him for tricking me!

I silently made my way through the shop floor and boiled the kettle while I changed into my gear- same stuff I wore last week, cleaned and readied for me in my absence. I joined my boss at the counter and handed him a coffee, trying not to crack a smile when I saw him out the corner of my eye, grinning at me from ear to ear!

I smiled, and blushed. Damn… I had planned on being pissed off at him for much longer than this.

“Sooo… ahem… you like the dvd I recorded for you, boy?”

“No. I hated every minute.” I replied with a raised eyebrow.

Joe laughed loud; “SULK!”

“I am NOT a sulk!” I countered, “You threatened to SACK me! After you and that big hairy fucker tricked me into that ‘jacket!”

“I wouldn’t have sacked you… I just wanted a little more leverage to get my own way, that’s all… anyways… your sarcastic mouth says no… but your jock is giving you away, boy! Your cock says yes, Yes, YES! Hahah”

I hoped that my hardon had maybe gone unnoticed, unfortunately not.

“Uh. Cheers for cleaning my gear.” I said, changing the subject.

“Ah it was the least I could do” Joe shrugged, “I actually almost felt sorry for you after we let you out of the window! Your eyes were as big as saucers! And  you babbled like an idiot! Ha! Sensory deprivation can do that sometimes- you will come to learn that with time. kiddo.”

“Oh I’m not doing THAT again! I roasted in that fucking window! And do not tell me you left the fan in there to cool me down!”

Joe shook his head “Absolutely not, mate- the fan was there to circulate the poppers… I wanted you to get nice and hot, makes your bondage more frustrating!… Hmm, seems to me you are quite the rare one, boy… a ‘reluctant-bondage-sub’ is what Master Adam called you! You find the gear really hot, and you enjoy being turned on and played with while bound-up in leather and rubber, and you enjoy the thought of your bondage AFTERWARDS… but you resent being put into bondage and you don’t really care for being in bondage either… yet you’re still as hard as a rock, despite yourself!”

“So what, are you trying to analyse me now?!” I remarked.

“Absolutely so.” Joe fired back immediately, catching me off guard with his honesty; “I want to know what makes you tick!… I want you to open yourself up to the fact that you’re a kinky little bugger!… believe me, kiddo- it’s healthy to explore and know yourself, you owe it to yourself to ‘cut loose’ a bit, and another thing… don’t be so damn defensive! I’m not out to humiliate you or harm you… remember what Adam said yesterday? It’s all just a game between consenting adults!”

He was right on all counts. I let the chip drop off my shoulder and nodded at him. “Yeah I guess so… I did enjoy being in it though… but only after I’d given up all hope of being let out, and realising that nobody could recognise me under all the gear.”

“WELL WELL finally you admit!” Joe punched me on the shoulder “Jeezus!, I feel like I need another drink… get the kettle on again, boy!”

I trotted through and made him another coffee.

“So does that mean Master Adam can come play with you again, boy? He was quite taken with you y’know!” Joe called to me.

“WAS HE?” I exclaimed; “Why, what did he say??”

Joe laughed “He was all ready for strapping a dog leash onto your collar and walking you 2 miles through London to his house, and putting you in a cage next to his other slaveboy!”

I was shocked at the thought of the burly Leatherman leading me through crowded streets, gagged and bound, helpless to do anything other than follow… “What does he mean his… OTHER… slaveboy! I’m not his slaveboy!”

“Yeah I know, but if he had his way… you would be! He even offered to PAY me for a few hours of your ‘labour’ hahah… he thought you belonged to me! I had to explain that you were just the hired help!” he crowed.

“After yesterday I think I’m a little more than JUST hired help, though Joe?” I questioned.

He laughed at this; “Kiddo, you haven’t been here long enough to be anything MORE than hired help!.. Yesterday was just another day at the office for me- remember that- though I can see it was fairly major to you, and also… Adam lives that life 24/7… he is a Master by profession and for pleasure… men PAY him to do the things he did to you, and they pay a LOT of money! Even if you don’t want him to make you his slaveboy, you should be honoured that he wants you! He can have anybody he pleases you know!”

“Well he isn’t having me, I’m my own master thanks v much!” I held my chin high and smiled sweetly.

“Hehehe you are MY bitch in shop hours BOY!” Joe teased, “I PAY you to do what I tell you to do… In fact- I’m temped to make you walk around with a gag or mouthless hood, just so you can’t argue and moan! Or maybe I’ll have you in that sleepsack hanging there after you have finished your job list!”

“Oh no- please don’t!” I pleaded, “Yesterday was enough! I get the picture!”

Joe sighed, and nodded his head. “Ok I’ll let you off… but stop answering back, you cheeky little swine… Best Behaviour! Or you are suspended in that ‘sack for a whole day, with a big stretcher on your bollocks!”

Defeated, I left the counter to clean a rack of rubber puppy gear, and left Joe to complete his web sales. Once I’d finished, I changed the order of some leather hoods on the display heads, remembering the rather ‘silent’ time I’d spent in the tight hug of the padded muzzle yesterday! 

I took all the gear from the rack that Joe and I used to house all the gear we wore in the shop- a collection of various pieces of leather and rubber that we could mix and match so we didn’t keep taking away the fresh stock- and I cleaned and refreshed them all, looking to see what I could maybe change my chaps and vest with, to try out something new.

Among the 20 or so garments I found a thin lightweight rubber catsuit with zips on the shoulders to get inside, and a codpiece that was held on with poppers. I thought I’d look quite hot in this piece, so I asked Joe if I could have it on instead of my t-shirt and jock, and find some different stuff than the leather I wore.

“Well yeah you can do if you want, but to be honest you won’t look much different… and I won’t be able to see your nice bare ass as you strut about my shop like you own the place!” he jabbed, “What about changing into the rubber surfsuit and those tall Doc Martens? Or you could put the leather bondage suit on! I only wore that once- what a waste! I’d have re-shelved it… but I shot my bolt inside it while playing with a couple of deep-sea-divers in the utility room the other month!”

I took another look at the leather suit. It looked hard to get into… it was a two piece mottled tanned-brown antiqued-effect leather suit that laced together at the waist and up the front of the trouser, and it could be locked onto the wearer by numerous black leather straps that criss-crossed the suit like a stitched on harness, Beautiful perfect stitching from the neck all the way down to attached padded ankle-socks. I took in the details- the lacing up the outside of the arms and legs, small round velcro titflaps, ass-zip, I lost count at 40 chrome D-rings… It looked great in black and tan too, different… Yes! I decided I was going to wear it!

I unlaced the suit down the front, leaving the waist laces tied, and slid my legs down into the tight leather socks and their nicely padded soles. Joe was the same shoe size as me, but very slightly shorter and slightly beefier in the upper body and thigh- the suit was fairly baggy on me, so I left it undone and called for him to come help tighten me into it.

“So you decided on the bondage suit after all! Good choice,boy- You’ll look awesome when I’ve finished getting you ready!” I felt proud at his compliments. With a sigh he continued to talk as he busily laced me up the front; “This is an awesome suit but I didn’t like the way it looked on me… I only wore this the once- just for a different look… it’s the only brown suit of this type in the country you know? all the others are grey or black, but I specially ordered this for a customer and he never turned up to collect it! Paid me as well! Such a waste of £1500…”

“Fifteen hundred!” I gasped, as Joe finished the laces at my collar.

“Yeah, I know! I’ve always wondered what happened to the guy… ” Joe went on, as he tightly laced one arm and then the other, before cinching the laces up my legs, “He was obviously some rich dude who got too embarrassed to come pick it up and had second thoughts… hey! HEY! I’ll tell you what… I’ll let you have this suit as your own as a present! Since it looks so fucking hot on you, I’d like you to wear it as your main uniform- it’s a very unusual piece of gear and will attract a lot of attention.” Joe said to me, But you can only have it… on one condition.” he smiled wickedly, I feared the worst…

I was so thankful for such an amazing and expensive gift! “What do I have to do, Boss?” I asked.

“For the rest of your time in this suit you will finish up your jobs locked inside it, wearing a nice hood and hand-mitts to give you more of a ‘gimp’ look- all you have left job-wise is some lifting and carrying, so the mitts won’t hamper you too much- and you have to wear a buttplug too!”

I looked Joe in the eyes, unamused. He smiled innocently “I’m being VERY generous here… I want something out of the deal! I want to see you all gimped up… it got me so horny yesterday seeing you in all that gear, knowing you were loving it, and hating it at the same time… I’ll get to see you like that all day! Do you agree?”

“I agree… but I get to choose the plug.” I said.

“NO DEAL!” Joe shook his head “I have a new plug I want to try out on you that I got in stock just before you came to work for me… I’ve not sold any yet or put it on the website, and I need to be able to describe how it feels inside you… think of it like field-testing!”

“Am I going to regret this?” I asked him, getting a little worried.

“You will definately NOT regret it! It is designed to stimulate your prostate and inner sphincter as you walk and move, and is designed for long-term comfort… I’m telling you, boy… you will love it… and also it will be yours to keep once it’s been up your arse!”

“Ok Deal!” I shout. Christ- I LOVE this job!

Joe instructed me to go and douche my backside with a special shower nozzle attachment in the utility room, and I did so several times. Once I was satisfied I was suitably clean, I came out to see Joe holding a beautiful leather Sidelace hood, trimmed out in matching tan-brown leather to my new suit!

“This was ordered together with your suit as a full set, as well as these flat-hand padded mitts” He explained, I’m not sure I want to let you have these though, as I can probably sell them on again for further profit… and since you don’t like being in bondage I’m sure you’re not too bothered, eh, Kiddo?!” He slipped the black mitt over my right hand. It had a reinforcment panel stitched over the back of the hand in matching tan-brown, same as the suit and hood… the thinly padded and lined interior was as soft as silk against my palm. Joe strapped them around my wrists, and folded my enveloped hand closed to snap a tiny chrome padlock to the fingertip d-ring and cuff… imprisoning my fist!

I gasped “I want them! Oh my god, Joe they feel wonderful! If they were made as part of the suit as a matching set… and they’ve all been paid for… surely it would be a crime to seperate them?” I ran out of excuses as to why I should have them…even though he’d already given me SO much!

“So you do like to be in bondage then!” Joe quizzed me as he restrained my other hand, “I’d already decided to let you have the whole suit, kiddo… I just want to hear you admit it again!”

“This suit… I DO… REALLY like being inside this suit! And these mitts! Yesterday was too much of a surprise for me I think… too soon and too sudden… this is SO comfortable and horny feeling… I want to rub up against everything like a cat!… you know?… keep moving about to feel it’s restrictiveness!” I gushed.

“That’s the point of this suit- to restrict your free movement in comfort, without necessarily tying you up! Though with all the attachment points the possiblilities are endless… with a SJ or ‘Sack you can only be restrained one way… in this? The sky’s the limit! You can be in comfortable and total bondage all the time you need to be… in ANY position your play partner wishes to restrain you!”  Joe held the open back of the hood up to show me. “You still fancy being my shop gimp today then, boy?”

I looked at the open hood before me. Same brown antiqued leather as my suit, and the lining was the same shiny black glove leather as the mitts. So soft… supple… so inviting… The buckles next to the eye and mouth holes suggested I was in for a gagging once the hood was on! The small padlock dangling from the wide collar told me that I was going to be wearing this hood for quite a long time!

He waited patiently for me to allow him to envelope my head, knowing I’d seen the padlock.

But I didn’t care. Joe had given me such a wonderful gift… not just the suit itself… but all that it meant… the insight into my dark need. The process of my accepting the suit as my own, of wearing it as a part of myself- it had pulled a psychological trigger within me, and I felt the burden of insecurity and doubt melt away… all that was left was the thought of my suit being incomplete without the hood… I was incomplete! 

Joe saw, and he knew. No jokes were made, he was silent and stone-faced.

I pushed my face into the smothering cold black hood, and took a deep breath. I looked out through a peripheral frame of leather, my dry lips pursed a little where they pushed through the mouth hole, and my nose took in air through two small metal grommets. Joe silently moved behind me and flipped the hair flap across, ran the zipper slowly down the back of my head, strapped me in at my collar, and snapped the lock together with the matching tab on the back of the suit.

Still without a word spoken between us, Joe then snapped about six more padlocks onto me at my ankles, wrists, waist and neck, locking the suit down more securely than any bank vault.  He stood in front of me and cinched the side laces of the hood neatly and evenly, tightening the leather all around my head and face so it conformed perfectly to every curve. He stepped back and looked at me in the eye with the look of a proud father. “I think you have just passed the point of no return, boy.” Joe stated as he stepped forward again and hugged me tightly.

“Thankyou” I said simply, in a quiet voice, humbled by the gravity of this situation. Joe didn’t allow me to say any more, he strapped the tailored mouthplate to one side of my hood- it was a black piece of rigid leather which cupped my chin and jaw, holding it clamped onto a leather covered ball-gag in my mouth- he tightly strapped it to the other side of the hood, it felt like a tighter and more comfortable version of the muzzle I wore yesterday.

He stepped back again to take a look at me now I was all locked in and gagged. “Boy… I’m SO happy for you! Coming out into Bondage or any fetish lifestyle is like admitting to yourself that you’re gay all over again… in fact it’s harder sometimes! Especially as a submissive. You are not a submissive person, Peter… BUT… You ARE a submissive ‘boy’… Two conflicting sides of your personality have been at war for far too long. I am SO PROUD of you for finding peace… and I’m pleased this suit has been filled with someone who truly deserves to wear it!”

He continued after pausing to look me up and down with a deep breath of satisfaction. “Ok then, gimp…time for your arse to be filled… get over that bench!” Joe pulled me firmly over to the same whipping bench that Master Adam had thrown me onto the day before… this was getting to be a habit!

He then undid the ass zip on my suit. He worked very quickly and deftly- just as Master Adam had done previously- greasing my hole and immediately inserting the buttplug I had forgotten about! It was quite thin like a slim dildo- but long and wiggly like a letter S. He kept feeding it into me until I felt it crack open the chamber high up into my bowel, and I moaned in pleasure as he twisted it- still feeding it in, then my hole stretched to accomodate the flared base, which sank into me with a pop, and the anvil retainer hooked around the underside of my crack to press on the outside of my prostate. I could feel it move and twist within me like a snake as I flexed my cheeks… it felt wonderful.

Joe closed and locked the ass zip on my suit, securing the plug inside.

“Take these empty boxes by the counter and flatten them one by one, then put them in the bin out back… once you’ve finished I will find something else to keep you busy.” Joe dismissed me with a wave, like a servant or butler.

I was in bondage heaven as I moved around the shop floor, covered head to toe in leather- the suit was so tight on my arms and legs I found it difficult to move properly in them, walking with an upright and stiff gait, head held high by the tight hood and collar, arms dropped neutrally to my sides when not in use like a leather automaton. Whenever I bent down to pick up a box, or took a larger stride than normal, I felt the long snake-like plug writhe deep up inside my arse, sending waves of pleasure through me. My cock was kept totally rigid by the constant massage and had created a slimy wetspot at my bulging laced crotch area.

Once I had finished the boxes I went and stood obediently by my boss, thinking how I had even started acting like a proper submissive now! Usually I would go and make a coffee and engage in friendly banter, but I couldn’t speak, nor did I have full use of my hands… so I simply made myself available to him.

Joe turned to me after finishing up with his order and eyed me up thoughtfully, there was a look in his eyes I couldn’t read… “What shall I do with YOU then, Gimp!” he said lustily as he rose from his chair and took hold of my shoulders, turning me to face away from him. “You know… gimps only really serve very few purposes… sometimes- to provide labour like a slave, or usually- to provide a hole to be fucked… like a whore. NOW… you’ve finished your labour my friend, and I’ve been getting really horny watching you trying to deal with moving around in that suit with that plug up your ass…” he brought a knee up and pushed it into me further- I moaned and leant back into his knee, he brought his hand round to the bulge in my groin and rubbed my aching, hard prick… I responded, grinding into his hand.

Joe continued, speaking clearly into my ear through the thick leather; “You have to give my your hole willingly, boy- I’m not just going to take it… but KNOW that IF YOU DO… I won’t be gentle… I’ll assume that if you say ‘Yes’ once, I won’t have to ask permission to fuck you again whenever I want… neither will Master Adam, as we share boys like you often… you may not get the opportunity to refuse us or decline a spanking ever again… unless you quit your job and leave… like my last young man who left my employment… he couldn’t take the heat… CAN YOU!”

I stepped away from Joe, trying to get my head around the huge, pivotal, life-changing decision he was asking me to make. I wondered what would happen if I said ‘no’. I imagined that I would be allowed to keep my job, but things may be uncomfortable for a while… he would think I didn’t want him, or Master Adam… but despite my uncooperative nature toward their authority over me, I DID want them, both of them, very much. I didn’t ever want them to stop.

Even as my mind pondered the decision, my body had already made it for me subconsciously as I stepped away from my Boss, and got into position over the whipping bench. Joe came up behind me and ground his bulging leather crotch into my plugged ass, he grabbed my wrists and pulled them behind, then immediately secured my wrists together and attached to a D-ring at the back of my suit beltline with a carabiner clip that he must have had in his pocket. Then another clip, this time attached to the insides of my elbows and also to a nearby D-ring halfway up my spine- my arms were now severely pinioned behind me, forcing me to lift my head from the bench and straighten my back in order to keep my shoulders comfortable!

Joe kicked my ankles together and clipped them together at an attachment point at the bottom of the bench frame. How many carabiners did he have!? More were applied at my calves, knees, thighs and finally a last one at the front of my collar, which pulled me back down secured immovably to the whipping bench! I could now see what he meant by the opportunities this suit afforded the person who restrained it’s wearer… with a few simple clips quickly applied to my body I had been inescapably and totally restrained in a perfect ‘L’ shape, all ready for him to do as he pleased.

I twisted and squirmed against my metal and leather bonds in discomfort, trying to wiggle a little extra ‘give’ into my arm and shoulder areas, but none appeared- I was too tightly bound. Joe stepped away and then came back immediately, I turned to try and look as much as my leather covered neck would allow, just in time to see the padded blindfold block out all light and vision, forcing my eyes tight shut as he strapped it tightly to the hood, pulling the hood even tighter around my face if such a thing were possible!

I felt the vibration of the suit ass zip run down from the small of my back to my balls, and my plug pulled out in one stroke. It felt about a metre long as it dragged from up within me, and I felt a cool rush of air in the cavity it left open. I heard the sound of poppers being pulled apart and remembered Joe was wearing a similar outfit to the one I wore last week- that was his jock cup being ripped off! I tried to ready myself for him- I knew he was quite big!

Joe took position and slipped the head in without any resistance from either me or my hole, and it wasnt until he’d got all the way in that I began to struggle with his size. I took a good ten minute taste of the rougher side of my Boss- though it felt like an hour inside my leather covered head- before he lay on top of me, panting and spent. He stuffed the plug back home and zipped me up as soon as he withdrew, and I heard the unmistakeable flick of a rubber being pulled from a man’s tool… I felt very grateful he had played safe with me.  One by one the clips were removed from my restrained limbs. My arms and shoulders ached terribly,as they flopped to my sides, and my back felt as though I’d done a month of hard labour!

“Thankyou, boy… that was a much needed fuck… I trust you also enjoyed the experience, eh?” He patted me on the shoulder and helped me up. I nodded my agreement with a muffled grunt. “Well I think it’s time for you to take little recovery nap, eh gimp?” Joe continued, leading me from behind by my shoulders. I walked slowly and steadily, one foot in front of the other, until I felt the floor change under my leather sock and my opposite knee hit a supple leather wall mid-stride. I began to fall forward and tried to recoil, but Joe’s body pushed into me, and I felt him wrap me into a thick leather curtain!

I grunted and moaned into the thick gag stuffing my mouth, and jerked away from him in panic, but as soon as I felt the zip tighten the thick leather sleepsack around my ankles and then pull my legs together I stopped struggling- I was already losing the fight! I allowed Joe to guide my arms down into the sleeves of the ‘sack, and manipulate the leg divider into place, before continuing upward with the zip.

The feeling of being zipped up- cocooned away inside a thick padded sleepsack was exquisite… inch by inch my movement was taken from me again… this time it was different… this was even more total restraint than earlier… more even, than the straitjacket of yesterday… I had been smothered in more layers of leather than I could count, and it felt AMAZING! My body was totally rigid! Joe took the blindfold and gag-cup off my hood and I babbled something approaching a thankyou, as he gave me a long drink of cold fresh orange juice.

“You’re staying in here for the rest of the day, boy… and tonight I have decided I’m taking you out to mine and Adam’s  favorite Leather club… parade you around on a leash in your new suit, eh? Show off my new toy!” He told me… and I could tell he was serious!

“Please Joe I don’t want to! I know I consented, and I give you permission to play with me here in the shop, I really enjoy it… but… please- not in public!” I pleaded.

Joe walked round the back of me and I felt his arms come over my shoulders. I expected him to remove my hood, but instead I found my face smothered with a second one! The thick padded head-pillow hood attached to the sleepsack was laced tightly over my suit hood, muffling my cries with only a tiny grommet to breathe through! I soon shut up though- as I found out the hard way that begging and panicking made me starve of oxygen, and spent the next few minutes desperately trying to regulate my panicky breaths and calm myself in order to supply myself with enough air!

I sobbed and squirmed in my rigid black leather chrysalis… I had no choice… I was to go to the Leather club as a gimp with Joe and Master Adam. and be led around like a puppy dog in front of all their peers!

So much for fun!

The amount of time I spent at the whim of Joe, wrapped inside my leather cocoon, seemed like a lifetime. Abstractly upon my eventual release, it seemed to have passed within only a few minutes!

Within a very short amount of time I found myself overpowered and in yet another helplessy bound state, as my captor got me ready for his night out on the town.

I struggled and pulled on my leash, slipping on my heels as I was led forcefully down the stairs to the front door of the shop- I landed hard on the top step, forcing the long wiggly buttplug to snake deeper inside my arse with a hard jolt.

“MMmmNnnpphhh!… PPpphhLllssss… NNnnOooommphh!”

No… Please… No… Easy words to scream without a thick hood wrapped over one’s face, and a tight unyeilding muzzle locking the jaw down onto a gag!

I’d have broken my fall with my hands if I’d had the use of them, but their function had been just as effectively denied to me as that of my mouth!  Too-many D-rings on the suit arms and down the sides of my body… far too many padlocks… more than were necessary. My arms were locked down tight to my sides every few inches… my hands, wrapped snugly in their padded flat-hand mitts, had been pulled tight together and locked in front of me, my useless fingers all bunched up just above my cock… so close, yet so far!

I let my captor help me up, and lead me down to the front door. I didn’t struggle or beg again until we reached the bottom.

“See what happens when I don’t get my own way, boy… YOU SUFFER!” Joe teased, rubbing the huge lump in the front of my suit. “And you bloody LOVE it too, dont you? Your cock loves it anyway! So… would you prefer to see where you are going, OR do you want this?” He dangled the buckle-on padded blindfold for the hood in my face. “Although you will probably have a few more slips if I render you blind… could be fun- for me anyways hehehe… are you gonna come quietly?”

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, then nodded.  I was close to tears with frustration- how could he do this to me? How COULD he? Last time I saw the clock, the time was 10pm… I had been confined in this suit for well over eight hours, and the novelty had long gone. My arsehole was throbbing and sensitive- before letting me out of the sleepsack, Joe had removed then re-inserted my plug covered in silicone ‘tingle-lube; which doesn’t ever dry out…OR let me forget I have a long buttplug snaking into my guts! I hadn’t been allowed to cum all day… despite having had a raging hardon for most of it… my poor balls were boiling!

And now I was being led out onto the street, wearing a full gimpsuit, on a short leather dog leash, by a man wearing a leather Army-style uniform! My face throbbed as I blushed crimson under the tight leather stretched across it… so much so that my eyes burned with bloodflow and began to water! My eyes! Everybody is going to be able to recognise me by my eyes! They’ll know who I am being walked down the street… LIKE THIS!

Paranoia had well and truly set in now, and I began to cry. We hadn’t even reached the bus stop fifty yards down the road! OH FUCK- THE BUS STOP! I looked over Joe’s shoulder. It was jam-packed with clubbers, heading off out for a night on the tiles! I stared at them with terrified eyes and began to struggle and drag against the steady train-like pull of the dog leash, as he slowed down and ceremoniously led me past them. I heard jeering and shouting- wolf-whistles rang out and laughter… lots of laughter.

Still I struggled.

Still Joe continued to pull me ceremoniously down the road, like a leather-bondage pet.

Yet, still my cock refused to go down.

Joe payed me no attention until we stood in the queue to the club. Then he stooped down to adjust a buckle on his left boot, pulling me down with him onto my knees between him and the wall, in the gutter. I was thankful he’d put some knee-high boots on me before we left- huge heavy biker-boots with armoured kneepads and straps all the way up the sides… the concrete would have been hard without them.

He rose to his feet, and I struggled profusely to bring my leg up in front of me to get back up. Halfway up I felt his hand on the back of my head, pushing me back to the floor.

“Get DOWN!” he ordered. I looked up at him, wild eyed. He had a lustful grin across his face- BASTARD!

I remained there knelt next to him for about five minutes until the queue began to move forwards, at which point I had no choice but to crawl along with him, my arms waggling uselessly by my sides in an attempt to keep my balance. Fuck this. I’d had enough! With considerable effort I staggered to my feet, shrugging off another attempt to push me back down, and I screamed at him through my gag, trying to tell him to ‘fuck off’ and to ‘let me go home’… I must have made some sense to him, because we left the queue and went to stand by the club entrance, where the Security Officers were allowing the crowd inside.

Joe gave me a stern look- a mixture of anger and disappointment; “What is your fucking problem? All day you’ve had a stiff dick! Do NOT try and tell me you don’t enjoy all this… I’m gonna take off you gag so you can tell me what fucking game you are playing here… if you shout, or cause me a scene here, I’ll whip it right back in before taking you back to the shop and releasing you… PERMANENTLY!” he spat.

Free of my gag, I began to speak in hushed tones- I didn’t want anyone staring at me anymore than they already were, so followed his instruction; “I don’t want this anymore… I’m sorry! I just want to get out of here, Joe- I don’t want anybody to recognise me or see me like this!”

He sighed at this, and shook his head, then turned me around to face the blacked-out club window next to me. I could see my reflection as clear as in any mirror. “Kiddo… listen to what I say… BELIEVE IT as the TRUTH… then make your ‘informed’ decision, and I will honour it, I promise… and you will NOT be sacked from the shop- I value your company and friendship FAR too much to do that… NOW- LISTEN!” He looked at me from over my shouder as he massaged them gently, relaxing me. “While you were all tied up in the ‘sack this afternoon, can you guess who came into my shop?”

I thought. “Master Adam?”

“No… your mate, the one with the blue spiky hair? He came in and asked if you’d been in to interview for the job! Now… you didn’t tell me that nobody knew you had already started working for me!” Joe raised his eyebrows “Hmmm?”

I panicked; Jamie was one of my clubbing-buddies… we weren’t really close friends, but we went out drinking as a group- he was one of those who told me to go ask about the job!… And there I was in heavy bondage! Shit!

Joe could see my expression. “I told him that yes, you HAD been in… and that you started next week… What I did NOT say… was that you were all bound and gagged in a gimpsuit, arse-plugged, suspended in my sleepsack, having just willingly submitted yourself to being fucked senseless… directly behind where he stood! AND you were fucking LOVING every second! He even commented on the ‘lucky sub’ who was inside there! I think he even wanted a go himself! But the point is, kiddo- I did not tell him it was you in there, and there is no way he could have known… even with your ecstatic groaning, he didn’t recognise you… and neither will anybody in HERE.”

Joe turned me around and fixed my eyes in a steely gaze, stern, but almost fatherly; “If you come in here tomorrow in your street clothing then nobody will recognise who your are… because you’ve never been here before… and even if you had… even I wouldn’t recognise you now- under all your gear! Now… I’m waiting to go in and have some FUN, please don’t spoil my evening!” Joe said with a smile.

“SO, decision time… what are you waiting for? Are you gonna keep treading water by the side of the pool… or are you going to do what you REALLY want to do… and jump all the way in!?”

He was right. Again, damn him.

A member of the door-staff called over; “Hey Joe! Have you whipped yer boy into shape yet? You coming in or what?!” They had obviously seen our confrontation.

Joe didn’t answer, just stood and looked at me expectantly.

“You’d better put that thing back over my mouth before I decide to refuse.” I nodded at the gag in his hand.

“Good boy!” a horny smile spread across his face, and he shoved the fat leather covered ball back into my mouth, then strapped my jaw back up clamped around it. No going back now.

Joe led me into the club. It was vast, dark, and already through the gloom I could see it was getting crowded, even this early on a weekday. He led me the long way round the club to the bar, seemingly checking out who was partying tonight, nodding to one or two people here and there, before taking a stool in an unlit alcove just next to the bar- though he didn’t sit on it… just used it as a prop for his foot. When I made a move to sit down next to him as he ordered a drink, he wouldn’t allow it; “That stool isn’t meant for you, boy. your spot is right there” pointing to the floor  right next to him… I should have guessed. In for a penny, in for a pound! I dropped down to my knees with an exasperated grunt.

“Cool eh” Joe nodded out into the room, “I imagine you recognise those cages hanging in the corners… I sold them to the owner… an old friend of mine.”  I nodded silently whilst propping my head and shouders back against the wall in an attempt to gain some sort of comfortable position, only to be pulled back up by the collar.

“Now, now! You’re not here to slouch, gimp! If you are having trouble balancing there with your arms in that position, I’ll free them to let you stretch while I fetch us drinks, then I’ll see about making you a little more comfortable- but you WILL remain bound until we leave, boy- do you understand?”  I nodded my assent, and one by one, he unlocked the far-too-many-padlocks with a tiny chrome key and allowed me the freedom I needed to flex my aching wrists and shoulders.

“Boy?… your drink? Grunt once for alcoholic, twice for water.” Joe asked

I’d have preferred a lemonade… but opted for something with flavour; “MMmmpphh!”

“Good boy, now… once for strong, twice for weak.” He followed, obviously enjoying being able to have me make use of my fat chewy gag.

I didn’t want to get drunk; “MMmmpphh-mmpphh!”

“Strong it is! I’m glad you want to have fun tonight, boy- I’ll get you a nice sweet triple-shot of minty schnapps!” He strode off to the bar…

Fucking hell! No! I thought I’d made my grunts clear enough over the loud industrial-metal chugging out of the club’s speaker system…

“MMMPPHH!!” I screamed after him, he heard me from the bar and gave me the thumbs up with a wink… but came back minutes later with not one, but two big shot glasses of the strong liquor.

“I heard you grunt once again… so assumed you decided you need a second drink to loosen you up! These will do the trick VERY nicely… but boy, you MAKE SURE you don’t waste them, or you will be punished!” The look he gave me said it all… he knew what he was doing!

I thinned my eyes to show him I knew his game, as he took off my gag, and he gave me that soul-melting ‘innocent’ smile he was so good at. I sank the first big shot, feeling it burn down my throat and the menthol vapour open up my sinuses.

“Are you gonna sink the other one too, or pussy out and wait for later?” He pushed, blimey… this was like going out drinking with Jamie and my other mates! Last one to the bar is a loser! I sank the second shot… worked out I’d just necked six 25ml shots of strong schnapps… christ, I’d be rat-arsed in ten minutes!

“I know your game, you fucker! You’d BETTER keep an eye on me in case I spew with that gag on! If I fucki… PPhHMMmmpphh!” Joe strapped my jaw back up before I could finish, nodding his head to show that he understood my point.

As soon as he’d re-gagged me, Joe took some padlocks from his pocket and locked my left mitt folded into a clenched leather-fist, attached to a D-ring above my right hip. Then brought my right fist over my left elbow and did the same, locking me into the classic straitjacket hug. More padlocks from the D-rings on my forearms to the ones above and below them on my chest, and one more to join them together as one. Then he grabbed my shoulders and shook me back and forth with a grin

“GOT YOU!” He teased, with a pat on my head!

“MMmmpphh!” I shook his hand off, annoyed. I was beginning to feel the buzz as the booze kicked in… He saw in my brief struggle that I had sufficient enough freedom to flap my elbows, so he locked them down to my ribs! Bastard! I began to struggle against him as he produced more locks and the blindfold from the pocket of his army green leather jeans… I knew where this was going and began to struggle against him… may as well make the bastard work for his kicks.

Within five minutes however, Joe had wrestled me into a tight hogtied position on the floor at his feet- my ankles locked to D-rings at the top of the back of my thighs and together, so limiting my movement to only being able to part my legs. As soon as I stopped writhing long enough to catch a breath, he whipped the blindfold over my eyes and strapped it to my hood, leaving me as a nice little package of leather in the dark alcove!

By now I was well drunk, though thankfully not feeling sick at all, to my relief- I’d been worried about spewing into the hood, which can be very dangerous- but I knew Joe was keeping a close eye on me, so felt safe. I propped myself up onto my forearms as best I could, and concerned myself with just dealing with the totality of my bondage, and at once I began to enjoy it again.

I saw myself in my minds eye as I floated out of my body and looked down into the alcove, a leatherbound gimp locked in heavy bondage, hooded, gagged, plugged, at the feet of it’s captor… a ‘leather-soldier’ in his contrasting deep green combat jeans and shirt, there we were in a crowded club, heavy music pumping, leather and rubber bodies grinding on the dancefloor, other shady characters playing in many other dark alcoves…

A familiar laugh heard over the music brought me back. Master Adam was here, I felt the poke of a familiar boot as he flipped me over onto my back, and massaged my throbbing dick with the chunky cleated sole… then to my ass, some light kicks jolted the tingling lubed-up snake-plug inside me. I was off-my-head from the schnapps, and I felt amazing! I writhed and moaned in my leather prison, trying to rub my cock enough to make myself cum… anything… just let me cum… now a hand came down and grabbed the bulge, and just that one hard squeese was all I needed to push me tumbling over the cliff… and I shot my load in the suit with a muzzled roar.

I heard his wicked laugh crackle out above the music, as I felt my leather head patted like a good dog that had amused it’s owner.  

I lay there panting as my legs were released, and one of the men heaved me up onto my feet. Still blindfold, I was led to another part of the club and pushed against a wall, where my leash pulled at my neck like a noose- I had been tethered to some sort of overhead anchor point, presumably to prevent me wandering off. I was forced to stand up fully straight and hard against the wall, to prevent additional pressure on my throat… provided I kept to ‘attention’ I remained in relative comfort, so there I remained- stiff backed and head straight forward.

Then I felt one of those two devious bastards remove the laces that covered my dick, which by now was fully hard again, and flop it out into plain sight. I heard Joe cackling as he used the loose laces to tie my sticky cum-coated balls off one by one in a ‘figure of 8’ shape, seperating them, and then wound more lace around the sack to pull them out away from my body.

All my deprived-senses were hard-wired into my cock and balls, and I immediately felt them begin to ache slightly. More lace around the base of my hardon to keep it rock-solid, and finally a lace cockring… I had been shown who had command over my genitals! My balls ached quite a bit now, and the head of my penis felt as though the blood pressure would make it burst… then fingers!… touching!… wet with silky lubricant!  FUCK it was driving me wild! I flexed my bound arms and strapped-up jaw in sheer pleasure as my cock and balls began to feel colder and colder, then the familiar tingle of the menthol silicone lube that coated the buttplug inside my arse…

My tackle was SO sensitive now… I felt the slightest touch magnified a hundred-fold as Joe and Adam carried on massaging the menthol silicone up and down my cock and tugging slightly on my poor balls- they were now aching so much I felt like I’d been kicked in them!

I heard Master Adam’s voice in my ear over the music; “Ok, boy… we’re off back to the bar for a drink. From what I’ve heard you won’t be needing another just yet, so you’ll be left chained here. If you feel someone playing with you… it won’t be us hehehe… folks in here like to get to know poor helpless boys who’ve been left around for their amusement!… see you in about half an hour!”

After a brief struggle with my bonds I decided, once again, I could do nothing to prevent my situation. My arms and hands were useless- hugged to my ribcage in a tightly locked hug. I resigned myself to stand at the mercy of the crowd as I saw them in my mind’s eye; A glossy black-clad crowd closing in on me like predatory vampires…

Though I could sense the prescence of anonymous Leatherfolk around me from time to time, for a while I was left untouched and began to relax once more, coming down from my previous high. I still felt drunk- though I’d leveled out a bit and my head wasn’t spinning as before.

Just as my cock had begun to deflate a little I felt someone make the first move on me; hands working their way up and around my torso, pinching and pulling at my restrained, helpless body. My cock was back at ‘full mast’ instantly, and I let out a muffled groan as a single fingernail scratched it’s way up the lower surface from my aching balls, up to the eye in the very tip. This stimulation continued for a few minutes until I felt my tormentor turn me to face the wall, grinding my sensitive dick-head into the coarse brickwork.  Instinctively, I pulled myself back- but found my tight leash wouldn’t allow it, so I leant my upper body into the wall with my neck braced to one side, and arched my back to push my hips and ass into the room… this allowed my cock the space it needed… but little did I know that my chosen position would also invite my tormentor to carry on with their ‘stimulations’…


The paddle landed it’s first blow hard onto my left cheek, causing me to fuck my hardon into the bricks. I yelped as it connected with the other cheek, just as I pushed back into it! I tried to turn, but a forceful elbow applied between my shoulder-blades suggested strongly to me that I should stay put! My tormentor gave me a choice; grind my dick into the wall as I recoil… or take the paddle like a man.

I took the paddle.  After maybe fifteen or twenty minutes I was allowed to turn back around, and rest my sore backside against the cool brick wall. I heard applause… seems as though my mystery Top had attracted a fair old audience with his little scene! Behind the layers of tight leather I blushed. I felt a tugging at my bound balls, and to my horror, some kind of weight was added to them! I yelped as their ache doubled, and I was forced to endure the ballweight as it swung from them.

However, through all this, I realised once more that my cock refused to go down.

After ten or fifteen minutes I felt my leash drop from around my neck, allowing me the freedom to move away from the wall. I moved slowly and very carefully- not wanting to tweak my bound cock and balls, which felt like they were on fire!

I heard the taunting voice of Master Adam at my ear; “Boy, you are just MADE for this life, do you hear me? I play with so many men who are apathetic to anything else but their own needs… once I got em all tied up- they just want to cum and be released, then pay up and leave.  Young men like you are a rare breed indeed, boy. You NEED it, but you can not get your head around the fact that you DO NEED it, the way you struggle and whinge, the way you ‘don’t’ want it once you’re all trapped, that’s what makes the bondage real. You want out, don’t you, boy? You want that heavy weight lifted from your balls??”

I nodded my head and attempted a “Yes Sir.”

He continued, but I could tell there would be a catch… with my two captors, there always was. “You’ll be let out tonight, boy… if. IF!… You come home with me, and submit to me completely. You and I are just meant to play together. I see it, and in time so will you… you just need to give yourself a chance to be convinced.”

Oh fuck was I in SO much trouble!

“You have a problem with authority, boy. Joe’s told me ALL about you and your little performance outside in the queue. I can and WILL fix your problem… I am the solution. Give me one week, and all your doubts, your fears… all of your problems will be solved! You will be SO much happier and whole, instead of conflicted and embarrassed. Aren’t you sick and tired of being ashamed of who you are, boy?”

Inside my hood I began to well up with tears, but fought them back. Damn those fuckers! My memory flashed back to Joe as he gave me my beautiful suit I still wore… his words… his pride…   “Coming out into Bondage………admitting to yourself that you’re gay all over again……….   Two conflicting sides of your personality have been at war for far too long………….. I am SO PROUD of you for finding peace………..

Master Adam continued; “Work at Joes shop during the day as normal, and at closing time each day I will drop by and pick you up. You will eat and sleep at my house and help me out entertaining my guests if I have any, to return my favour. That may involve you helping me by serving them drinks or assisting me with their scenes, or sometimes just looking pretty sat quietly in a cage wearing my straitjacket, or up on the wall in a sleepsack, boy… how does all that sound? We both know how much you like the heavy duty gear… You can only spend so much time in it at the shop, what with working and chores… this will be your proper introduction into our world, boy… YOUR world…”

I stood bound and in pain, in silence. He could tell I was weighing up the situation.

“Give me your answer, boy. Either come home with me now, or stay here for the rest of the night… I’ll put you back up against the wall and add a little more weight to your balls to hold your attention, then leave you with Joe until the club closes in about four hours.” 

FOUR HOURS! My nuts were fucking killing me, and I had begun to get cramp in my shoulders and forearms from the extremely tight SJ hug that my leathered arms were locked into. A part of me DID want to go with him, to explore his world… my world… even deeper. I admitted to myself right there at that moment that he was right, and so was Joe. I did indeed have a problem with authority that probably stemmed from my youth- I was always quite a disruptive child, after all… and the thing that made me resist them in the way I always seemed to- I realised- was my own pride and ego.

I would do it. I would go with Master Adam, and let him have his week as my Master. It was only one week after all. By the end of my time with him I would have made progress, or my mindset would remain that of a defiant, difficult sub.

I nodded my head, and immediately the weight lifted and I felt my aching balls released from their rope bindings. One by one the locks were removed from my suit and my sore, tired arms dropped free. He removed my blindfold and gag from the hood, and I squinted through the flashing lights of the club, which by now had became very crowded by the deviant horde.

Master Adam led me to Joe at the bar and spoke unknown words into his ear, which made him raise his eyebrows and laugh heartily. He looked over the big bear’s shoulder and gave me a thumbs up and a wink… my gut filled with a riot of moths and butterflies.

My new Master turned and twisted my leash up around his fist like a winch, reeling me in like a fish on a hook, and gagged me once more. As he strapped my jaw up tight he told me that we would be leaving immediately, and with that he flipped open his phone and called a taxi as he led me to the door of the club.

As we reached the pavement a beautiful black Audi pulled up, top of the range and looked to be a good £60k worth of car. No taxi plates… bloody hell… this was his driver, I realised! Business was obviously good in Master Adadm’s very ‘niche’ line of work.

He gestured to the chauffeur as we walked to the car and the boot popped and opened itself with a hydraulic hiss, and that was the last thing I saw. My vision went black as the blindfold was buckled tightly to my hood, and I felt myself being bundled into the trunk. My wrists were snapped together in front of me with a carabiner, followed by my ankles, then secured to luggage hooks at either side of the trunk-space deep within the Audi’s boot. Forced to lay there in a foetal position with my back against the trim panel on the rear passenger seats, I heard the boot slam down and then felt Master Adam’s heft as he got into the back of the car.

We pulled away, and I felt the torque of the car’s large engine stretch at my tethers as we sped through the city. Wrapped, strapped, hooded, gagged and bound in my blacker-than-black leather world and in transit to Master Adam’s home, my poor panicked brain tried to rationalise the decisions that had led me to this point.

No matter how much I told myself;  ‘It’ll only be for ONE WEEK!… one week and I’ll have given him the time he wanted and all this will be over and done with!’….. my predicament- (being truly honest with myself)- did not look good.

I’d had a little time to think whilst helplessly floating around the trunk of the car as it turned corner after corner, and I realised without doubt that Master Adam had deftly manoevred me into agreeing to his demands. In ‘asking’ me to come…. it was a demand. I realised that now, and even if I had refused him and allowed him to leave me in difficulty back at the club, there would have always been next time…

He would have just kept on applying pressure until I eventually caved in, and it was just as Joe said… this man gets what he wants. 

And he HAD made himself painfully clear in letting me know what he wanted of me. One week… gods help me! This week would make my baptism of fire at the hands of Joe and my new job pale in comparison, I was already convinced of that. My only uncertainty now was just where this was leading, and if Master Adam should keep on applying pressure for me to stay, my ability to resist (which he had already worn very thin) would diminish, leaving me…. His.

My heart began to race and cut short my fevered paranoia as momentum slowed up to full stop. I felt him alight the vehicle and then a rush of cool air as the bootlid popped. I could almost see myself through his eyes- a leatherbound piece of living luggage in the back of His car.

He quickly unsnapped my hands and feet, dragging me toward the slam-panel of the car and out over his shoulder without a word. I thought of burly firemen rescuing trapped victims from desperately hazardous situations. Not entirely out of context I supposed.

I felt myself being carried up a short flight of stairs and then dumped onto a prickly rattan doormat. I heard a key snaggle and noisily click-clack the lock open. It sounded old. My senses were working overtime in their attemps to compensate for their lack of focus. I heard a door swing open with a long creak and bump to a stop, then Master Adam’s footfalls as they changed note when he stepped over me from the stone steps and onto a harder surface, his metal-cleated bootheels tapping on a tiled floor… the echo suggested to me that his front door had opened into a very large room.

“Come in, boy. On your hands and knees… follow my voice… yes.”  I rolled over and crawled into the house toward the taunting bear until he ordered me to stop.

“YES! That’s it! All the way inside… You follow the sound of Master’s voice, boy.”

I heard his boots circle me slowly and kick the door closed roughly closed with a thunderous slam, causing me to jump. Then the boots slowly came full circle and stood directly in front of me as I knelt there on all fours. I could sense him just inches away, though he made no sound for what seemed like a full minute.

Everything about Master Adam’s actions now seemed even more planned and considered than I had ever noted… even right down to the way he walked around me used sounds and silence to put me on edge… every footfall and aural stimuli was planned and used to sculpt the atmosphere in such a visceral way. Of course he HAD to be good at the little details, he did practice professionally after all… he was very much capable of controlling and manipulating every situation in every way he pleased. Even in times such as now… when he wasn’t doing anything at all.

“UP” his voice echoed like a Drill Sargeant.

I sprang to my feet in shock at the level of volume he used, and immediately felt the blindfold fall away as he unstrapped it from the sweaty leather hood. I blinked my eyes to adjust them to the brightly lit foyer I found myself in. I was correct… bloody huge, with a victorian mosaic floor and white winding staircase that arced up above my head to what looked like a first and second floor, three doors led to other rooms, one open to reveal a long corridor revealing several more.

Even in a small town in the middle of cheapest tax-band Britain, this place looked to me like it would cost the best part of a seven figure sum… in this city? My mind boggled… I began to wonder if maybe this man was born into ‘money’.

Immediately my hands were secured behind my back at wrists and elbows, forcing me to stoop slightly in order to ease my shoulders (which still ached from my ordeal at the club) and then, as if it were an afterthought- just for fun- another clip between my knees to stop me spreading my legs. I began to resent my wonderful leather bondage suit, now slick with sweat over every inch of my skin.

“Welcome to my home, boy. Follow me through and I will show you to your quarters” he said, a twinkle in his eye as he took hold of the dog leash and tugged at my collar, giving me no choice than to stumble after him clumsily.

I could tell he was very proud of his house and that he enjoyed showing it off. And with very good reason… the place was sprawling and maze-like, every area and open door revealed high ceilings and wonderful early victorian architecture as we walked through the house and down a few steps into an atrium with a decorative stone cave-like feature and waterfall full of plants, then through into a utility area and a vast industrial kitchen more akin to that which would be seen in a busy restaraunt.

As we walked he turned and looked me up and down as I followed as best I could in a bow-legged hobble, and chuckled to himself- presumably at the effort it took me to keep up with him as he strode through the house.

By the time we came to a stop at the huge metal door at the very back of the house, I was dumbfounded and awe-struck. I felt like my brain had taken in too much information in such a short space of time since it had been given it’s full array of senses back.

Master Adam turned and looked me in the eye for the first time since we’d arrived. His voice sounded robotic and metallic as it bounced and resonated around the kitchen of stainless steel. “Boy. This is your room” he knocked on the door, “You will be spending the majority of your time down in this cellar space, unless of course I need you up here with me on what you will probably come to think of as ‘the upper levels’… just as my last slave did… as will you.”

Despite the heat in the house and within my leather suit, I felt an icy shiver slice down through my core. I suddenly remembered the fact that I was absolutely shitting myself with fear, intimidated and overwhelmed by him and his home, and the thought of what could possibly be beyond this door. I dont think I could have felt any more sheer dread even if I had a gun pointed in my face.

A tiny voice in my head tried to tell me; ‘Remember it’s all just a game between consenting adults’ but I wasn’t doing a very good job of convincing myself any more. He was playing His game, not mine… and it was as serious as it could possibly get.

My cock, which usually refused to go down, was very flaccid at this moment, and I felt the sudden need to bolt like a frightened hare.

He tapped a long number into a blue illuminated touchpad and the door popped open with the buzz of electric solenoids. Very trick… very secure. As he swung the door open the stairway lit up with more blue lighting.

“After you, boy” he gestured. I gulped my dry ‘adam’s apple’ deep down into my throat with a cheesy Tom&Jerry cartoon noise that seemed SO loud… and timidly struggled down the stairs one by one, not wanting to repeat the accident I’d had earlier tonight in Joe’s shop!

Adam’s apple. Yes. Master Adam’s apple! Master Adam’s ASS! For the next week at the very least! My thoughts stirred abstractly on the noise I’d just made as if it perfectly illustrated my terror at this moment.

I tried to steel myself and pull it together… why was I so nervous? After all I’d been through I really shouldn’t be anymore. It was him, obviously. He was like a fucking shark! All predatory… and when he wasn’t sleeping, he ate young men like me for dinner! Now I knew how poor old Marwood felt in THAT scene from Withnail & I…

At the bottom of the stairs I found myself in a short but wide corridor with a low arched ceiling and one door at it’s end. I heard the metal door clank shut up behind, and Master Adam’s thudding steps as he followed me down. I jumped as he dropped his hands onto my shoulders and then melted a little as he slowly but very firmly massaged the tension out of them, firmly easing me up to the door in front of me.

The door had no handle, and even if it had I would not have been able to grasp it to let myself through, but he didn’t stop… just pushed me gently into the door head first. With my hunched posture I simply dipped my head and the door swung open silently to reveal a hall-like space, black painted brick pillars supported domed ceilings of bare red brick, I assumed this cellar must cover most of the footprint of his house. I estimated it to be far more then six hundred squared meters, and it looked very much like Joe’s shop… albeit without all the clothing racks interrupting the tiled floor and the array of fiendish devices, every kind of prison one could imagine… all contained in one room.

Although this was a sight I fully expected to see, it still left me awestruck once again at the highest standards Master Adam had built his space. Again, I reasoned that if he expected folk to pay a premium, then premium is what they received. I assumed he hired this room out by the hour when he wasn’t using it for his own purposes.

Without pause he steered me across the room to a wetroom area similar in layout to Joes utility room, the floor tiles continued seamlessly up the wall here, and I realised at once they and the entire floor were made from thick industrial rubber sheet to look like stone tiles, like an expensive heavy-duty version of kitchen vinyl!

After releasing my arms and legs Master Adam helped me to strip the suit and hood, peeling the tacky leather off like a second skin. I looked at the pile of black and tan leather on the floor and began to calculate just how long I’d been trapped inside there…

Now out of the suit I realised the rubber floor was slightly cushioned and warm under my bare soles, underfloor heating no doubt. I saw Master Adam take a chrome douche shower from the wall, and push me toward the rubber tiles.

“Step forward and place your hands on the wall” I did as instructed without hesitation. “Yes Sir”

I felt a warm stream of foamy water hit me from behind, it felt fantastic and soothing. It smelt slightly perfumed and soapy, and left my skin soft and conditioned without so much as a hand-touch to wash me. The water stopped and I heard him remove his gloves and leather vest, followed by clanking of heavy metal.

From behind me he threw a set of huge stainless steel cuffs onto the floor between my spread legs, along with an allen-key. “Get those irons on, boy. Ankles to the outside!” he barked. I immediately sat, gasping as the forgotten plug pushed deeper up my tired hole. I clamped my left ankle into the rigid cuff and bolted it closed with the two bolts on each side, then did the same with my right. They were obviously custom made as I’d never seen a set like them in the shop or any of Joe’s catalogues; 2″ deep, 8mm thick tubes, cut into halves and drilled to bolt closed in the same way as a 2-piece ballweight with beautifully machined countersunk allenscrews.

The manacles held my ankles apart by around a metre with thick chromed motorcycle chain, and were designed to fasten my wrists in line between the ankles with identical wristcuffs spaced about 6″ apart, which Master Adam spent a few minutes helping me into with great pleasure. “Probably the most expensive jewellery you will ever wear” he said proudly. “They suit you, boy. Don’t you think?”

“Yes Sir they are very well made” I agreed

“Is that all? You think they are well made?” he seemed angered at my reply… “When your Master gives you such a beautiful piece to wear for him, you should be thankful, have the courtesy to say ‘thankyou’ boy, have you no damn manners?”

“Sorry Sir, thankyou Sir, they are wonderful… I am proud you let me wear them for you!” I felt stupid saying the words, demoralised and very degraded. I said them out of fear, but not really because I wanted to… and he could tell.

In the middle of the heavy bikechain, a thick steel ring hung between my wrists. His arm came around the side of my head and hung a fat chrome lock from it, then used it to lock a matching bikechain together and make a ‘T’ shape up to a matching steel collar, which he proceeded to bolt tight around my neck! It was huge and very heavy, the whole set weighed somewhere well in excess of 15 kilos and really made their presence felt. the edges of the collar were as smooth as those of the cuffs, so even though it rested on my collarbones, I was relieved to find it not too harsh.

I thanked him once again as he finished, not wanting to piss him off any further.

“Damn right you’d better be thankful… now get up onto your knees and let me see your hole, I want that plug out.”

The short length of the chain between my ankles and wrists, together with the short chain to my collar, meant for me to be on my knees I’d have to have my head and shoulders on the floor… Without a word I struggled into and made myself comfortable in the most degrading of positions, my manacled hands palm-up between my spread legs, head to one side facing away from him and butt in the air!

“Very nice view there, boy! You look at home down there with your face in the gutter… You know how many pervs have pissed on that floor, boy?” he taunted. I sputtered and clamped my mouth shut tight. “Quit your whining or you’ll be be cleaning it with your tongue! So I guess that means you won’t be wanting to take my piss eh boy? That’s a shame! I’d quite enjoy forcing some down you… in fact that will make a very suitable punishment if you misbehave I think! I’ll hook you up to recycle your own piss for the night if you don’t follow my EVERY instruction to the LETTER!… OK?”

I groaned inwardly, trying not to giving him any indication! “Yes Sir… I understand Sir”  I’d better do as I’m told!

I felt the plug’s fat base pop from my arse and pull out from deep within, and I let out a lusty growl, feeling my cock grow rapidly erect. He pushed the douche in and out, toying with me a little before turning it on and flooding my bowel with the warm soapy water. I followed his instructions, holding then expelling slowly, feeling the water running down the back on my legs, cleaner and cleaner with every cycle, until he hosed me down along with the floor around me into a nearby drainhole.

I felt a cold steel ring slip over my balls one by one, and my cock was then worked through down to the root. He pulled the tight cockring back between my legs as far as the engorged muscle would allow, and slipped a huge lubricated steel ball into my hole. He let go, and the tension of my ringed genitals pulled the hooked ball deep up into me, it was connected to the ring with a solid flat metal rod which pushed up against my prostate from the outside. Then came a heavy ballweight, ensuring the ring could never slip off even if I should be limp.

It felt incredible having my nether regions encased in metal, in fact I found myself helplessly covered with what felt like my own bodyweight of inescapable steel.

Alright boy, you can roll back to sit now… relax a little while I get your pyjamas ready.”  Pyjamas!? I wondered what the hell he meant.

I watched as he strode across to a set of steel lockers and removed some rubber. Of course… well what did I expect, if what I wore was referred to as jewellery, then my pyjamas obvoiusly were not going to be of the cotton variety!

He came back with a simple neck entry sack, which he lubed and helped me to slither inside with my shackes still on. The neck was very stretchy, and closed snugly up under my chin. Then I was dragged across to a large metal cage and positioned inside on it’s padded leather mat. I lay on my side in a forced foetal position, which luckily was fairly close to how I slept anyway.

Master Adam took a small car vac and sucked all the air out of the bag, leaving me there in my cage to spend the night like a shrink-wrapped piece of meat. He stood and looked at his work, and a smile crept across his face as he nodded as if pleased with himself.

“And now, you are mine. Going nowhere, eh boy?” he observed.

“No Sir, thankyou for making me comfortable”

“You are most welcome. Thankyou for coming to spend time with me in my little playroom. I think we shall have some fun this week eh?.. but for now, it’s very late, and we both need to rest. Now… I hope you can handle being hooded for the night? I have you on monitor in my bedroom, so no need to worry yourself boy, if you make much noise or move too vigorously you’ll trip an alarm that will wake me, and I’ll be down here within a couple of minutes… but you’re getting a respirator whether you like it or not!”

He produced a very long corrugated rubber hose from a white machine with blinking LED lights, and a thick eyeless rubber hood with a conical snout, and forced it over my face, zipping it down the back of my head and folding it neatly over the vac-bag collar. I found I could breathe freely, but then felt him attach the hose to the end and it instantly became more laboured. The strong chemical smell of the rubber filled my sinuses and the mask sucked tight to my face with every breath, making me wonder how in the hell I would sleep with such a distraction!

Then something changed. The resistance of the mask gave way to a very slight, almost imperceptible pressure. I could feel cool fresh air being fed to me down the long hose, opening my sinuses gently and allowing me to breathe more freely and easily than I could ever remember of any time in my whole life.

In fact, I found I didn’t even need to move my chest to draw air into my lungs! The machine must be breathing for me! My nostrils became slightly numb… then my throat… and the feeling began to rapidly spread over me like a wave.

I instantly became a little scared, and began to panic and struggle. My heavy metalbound limbs writhed weakly inside my slippery rubber cocoon as I attempted to get free, but felt myself growing weaker and weaker… fading… still completely aware that I was totally helpless and suffocating… but somehow not really caring anymore… my thrashing gave way to the occasional twitch, then I became aware that I had stopped moving completely. Not even breathing.

I didn’t panic when the thought dawned on me that I might just have actually died. But as if to reassure me, Master Adam’s voice rang loud from just outside of where I floated in my wet, dark world.

“You are hooked up to sleep-apnea CPAP machine to force oxygen into your respirator, along with a little something else that a good friend of mine concocted for me… I won’t bore you with the details, boy… but it ensures that you stay fully awake with your heart rate at it’s lowest safe bpm… it causes very slight paralysis you see… you will spend the night sleeping with your eyes open and fully awake!”

I think… I thought a moment ago, that I might… have wanted him to take it off me, but couldn’t… be sure…  My mind was clear and calm like a lucid dream. I found I could move reasonably well, until it came to actually lifting the weight of my steel restraints! They suddenly seemed far too heavy for my puny muscles.

“Rest easy, boy. You have a busy day tomorrow!” I heard his boots fade and rise above me as he climbed the stairs, before the metal door to ‘the upper levels’ slammed shut with a loud clang.

I lay on my side hunched over in a curl with my ankles together, elbows pinned into my stomach by my thighs. My knees almost touched my shoulders, and my hands lingered at my well lubed crotch… fondling with my dick, toying at the metal cockring, anal hook and ballweight that imprisoned them.

I had remained as hard as a rock forever, or so it felt. I mused upon the totality of my bondage, and whether I was merely imagining being so aroused… I was in a state of paralysis after all. I could hear and feel every one of my heartbeats, artificially slowed to a crawling rhythmic thud by the forced gasses being fed to me through the respirator clamped tightly over my nose and mouth.  

Every inch of my skin felt the lubricated rubber that had been tightly vacuumed around my metalbound body. Every tiny movement felt like a million fingers caressing me. Up tight into my armpits, the crack of my plugged ass, in between my fingers and toes, the pit of my throat, around my nipples, around my crotch… everywhere but the skin beneath my heavy manacles was touched by them, and it felt heavenly and so SO soothing.

At some point shortly after Master Adam had left me, I heard a steady rumble from directly above me which faded in and out, like a sub-bass soundwave, which my fogged mind fixated on for a while.

Every now and then I seemed to recall it… and on those occasions when my memory allowed me to re-fixate upon the resonance it was there, I found… until I became so used to it’s accompaniment my mind seemed to let it go and block it’s steady rhythm. Although I couldn’t quite make out the sound I could feel it in my belly and chest, and in those moments I felt comforted by it. Safe and protected and nurtured as it’s wave calmed me and compelled me to let go and drift away once more… until the next time I recalled… then once again, there it was… like an old friend.

I would stay in this dreamlike reverie for the rest of my life if I could… I didn’t want it to end.

But it did end, abruptly. I heard the sound of the door opening to reveal voices in conversation as the clomping of several sets of boots descended the stairs into the cellar. One of them was Master Adam, he was showing the other men around his dungeon and giving them directions to where all the different things were kept. I heard two other males in the room, exploring the space that Master Adam had given them the use of… opening drawers and cabinets, trying out a winch of some kind by the sounds of things…

Though still drugged, I could easily focus on the voices as they came across me as I lay curled on the floor bound up tight.

“Well THIS looks interesting eh! I assume you want us to leave your victim in peace Adam?” chuckled a deep baritone voice.

“No… not at all mate you can have a little fun with him… I own his ass for the week. He’s all mine like a rental car… and you know what they say about rental cars!” I heard both of the men laugh with him as I felt the hose pull off the front of my mask, I could smell stale cellar air and pungent cigar smoke. I wanted the sweet smell of my gas immediately… I wanted them to fuck off and leave me to daydream in peace.

I began to moan and stir, but could barely move. I felt like a piece of meat as I was poked and prodded.

“He needs to come out of there anyway… here… wrestle him into these bits of gear and suspend him over there same as you had your boy last week, remember? He won’t fight if you’re quick, I had him on gas most of the night so he will be nice and compliant for about quarter of an hour but then he’ll come round and will fight a bit… he’s a real feisty one. I’m working on breaking the fucker so you’ll be helping me out actually, feel free to tenderise him a bit!” 

I struggled with every ounce of effort I had, but began to get the sudden feeling I would lose control of my bodily functions if I strained myself too much… I couldn’t hope to get away anyway, so I soon resigned.

The cage door clanged and two pairs of hands grabbed at me, roughly heaving me out onto the floor, dragging me over to another area. The neck of my bag was pulled away from my rubber respirator helmet with a wet slurp as cool air rushed inside around my body, making all of my skin feel odd and tingly.

As the bag was peeled from me I felt a hand pull at my pubic hair, which I had expected to hurt… but seemed as if I felt it just pull out of my skin painlessly as he scooped it away from my crotch!

“Ah so you’ve used a depilatory on him. Did he know? Knowing you mate, probably not! Hahah! Right let’s get the fucker in this suit and jacket sharpish”

As I tried to make sense of what they were talking about, hands were working on my wrists, ankles and neck manacles simultaniously. Within seconds they rattled to the floor and I was hit with a stream of the warm foamy shower just as before. While still wet, my lethargic carcass was forced into a thick rubber dungaree-style suit with attached wellington boots, like waders but far tighter up the legs and of a very heavy industrial gauge rubber. I felt the cold stiff rubber come up my body to just under my nipples and strap over my shoulders with thick rubber belts, which then crossed over at my shoulderblades with cold metal buckles to secure them.

One of them came behind me and grabbed my wrists, holding them out in front with powerful furry arms. I felt more rubber slide up them and over my shoulders as he took his arms away to pull a straitjacket around my upper body, folding me into yet more heavy gauge rubber. Whilst another equally large man held me up by my armpits, I felt the jacket wrap around my back and down my legs quite a long way. It seemed to be made of a very heavy rubber like the suit… the same kind of stuff they make butyl tractor tyre-innertubes with.

The two fiends worked together, tightening the backstraps and then down into attached shorts instead of crotchstraps, which belted around my inner thighs with more fat metal buckles.

As the effects of the gas wore off I regained some strength and began to struggle against them, though still blinded under my thick rubber helmet and my lips pursed shut with the tight respirator, I managed to slurr the words “FUCK YOU!”… only to have a hand clamped over my airway as the other man held me firm.

“Now, now. Lets all play nicely shall we?” a calm deep voice crooned into my rubbered ear. “I’m going to cut off your air until you pass out if I have to… that won’t be very pleasent for you though… but struggle all you want.”

I’d already begun to tire. I had no stamina whatsoever, and I slumped against the guy in front as I felt his mate strap my arms into a tight hug around my chest. The front guy pushed me back to the one behind and looped a wide rubber cuff over the entire length of my forearms, and strapped them together with four straps on the front of the jacket. Then I was tossed back forward like a catch-ball and elbows pinioned behind me tightly with yet another wide rubber strap, then (just as I thought they were about finished with me) metal ankle cuffs clamped over my rubber boots.

The men were relentless. Now affixing chains to several of the straitjacket’s backstraps, including my elbow-pinion and armstrap. I immediately felt myself being winched off the ground until my toes barely grazed the tiles. I felt a cover being unpopped around my crotch and ass, and began to struggle again, shouting all the filthy language in my vocabulary and kicking at the men until my strength began to wane once again. I wasn’t about to let two strangers rape me without a fight. I still had some dignity.

I felt the chain connecting my ankles being pulled upwards and attached to the winch, suspending me horizontally in a hogtie and stopping me lashing out ever again to protect my exposed genitals. I dangled there squirming, suspended in the heaviest rubber, legs torqued back high up behind my lower spine and forcing my thighs wide open, as I struggled to deal with their strained position. I was caught. Theirs. Helpless to resist.

“Good work, lads” That was awesome!” I heard Master Adam’s voice. Oh thank god! I thought he’d abandoned me with these bastards.

“I’m filming this whole scene, you can take it home and edit it when we’re done here for no extra charge… put it on the next DVD, that should go down well I think!… HEY BOY!… YOU ALRIGHT IN THERE?… ALL STRAPPED IN!…” he slapped my ass and hung a weight off my balls, making me cry out in anger and frustration.

“Aww, I’m sorry, boy… forgot you don’t like weights!… how about a couple more?”  I felt two panels unpop over my nipples and clamps attach to them, weights swinging off them on chains. I hung my head, groaned in pain, and breathed deeply, trying to focus on dealing with the sensations.

I felt a leather cock cage being strapped around my semi-hard cock and behind my balls, which was then strapped up tight against my belly and around my waist with a belt, pointing up at my chin. The effects of the anasthetic had completely worn away now, and now my skin had stopped tingling I could tell that my body was totally devoid of hair, including my imprisoned cock and balls.

The hood was unzipped and ripped from my head, and I half-expected all of my hair to come off with it… but was relieved to find that Master Adam had only seen fit to take my body hair from me. I saw a leather Bishop-muzzle swing across my face and slip over my jaw, then swiftly tighten up around my nose and across the whole of my lower face as he strapped my head in. He inserted and strapped the fat tongue-depressor gag to the faceplate, but left the blindfold off, allowing me to see for the first time. Another chain was attached to the back of the mouthplate and up to the winch, forcing the gag in further and holding my head up and back. My spine was now arched tightly, and it felt like my useless rubber booted feet were probably waggling just a few inches behind my crown.

Slowly my eyes adjusted to the lights and I took in my surroundings. I was in a different area of the dungeon near to the ‘wet-space’. The two men who had accosted me were big hunky guys, a ‘muscle-mary’ dressed in army fatigues and the other a leatherbear like Master Adam… they had a slave with them, packaged up in a full leather Hogsack, arms and legs doubled over and strapped in… no doubt for transporting here to the dungeon. The boy lay squirming on the floor, struggling to breathe through a short rubber tube protruding out of the Hogsack’s attached eyeless hood, ‘it’ seemed upset at being left alone to struggle in such heavy bondage while the men played with their new plaything they had found here ready and waiting…

In front of me on the wall was a huge mirror, through it I could see the blinking light of a videocamera recording every move! I could hear the rhythmic bass resonating beat with clarity now. It was a low-frequency digitally enhanced version of Master Adam’s voice playing quite loudly via an ambient speaker system… repeating one word slowly over and over… OBEY          OBEY          OBEY          OBEY          OBEY          OBEY          OBEY          OBEY

I seemed to have an unchallengable compulsion to do just that.

“Can we fuck him?” I heard the bear ask as he handed Master Adam an expensive looking cigar, which he allowed the husky leatherman to clip and light for him before he approached me. Fuck, he looked so hot as he savoured that fat stogie… jetting creamy plumes of smoke out of each nostril with each voluminous inhale, almost looked like like two Scud missiles had just whooshed up into his beard.

“No guys, I’m afraid not” Master Adam replied as he came up behind me, popping out the metal plug and rubbing a lubed thumb up and down my crack. It felt wonderful and smooth, very sensitive, I let out a long moan “He wouldn’t give you permission to do that… hell… this one even took ME over a week to break, and I’m still not totally through into his head yet…”

They talked about me as if I wasn’t here, like an abscent object, as Master Adam toyed with my hole. Though at this moment I could only be thankful that my captor had enough respect for my limits not to let them loose on me any further.

“No guys I’m sorry” he said again as he rubbed his own cock over my hole, then slipped it slowly all the way deep inside to the hilt.

His unexpected entry caught my fogged mind and relaxed hole by surprise, and I let out only a weak whimper just as he settled into me. I felt no pain though, only pleasure, and it seemed my guts had accepted him even before my mind had managed to. He moved left and right to stir the last few millimetres of himself inside. At that moment I just gave in to him with another cry of deep satisfaction and lust!

The powerful man continued talking as if nothing had happened; “I couldn’t allow you to fuck him… but me… on the other hand… well I DO OWN him after all!”

He pulled out again with a deep growl and slapped my ass. He came around to face me and stared into my eyes.

“Dont I, boy?” He stared me down, unblinking. I had nowhere else to look to avoid his steely gaze. I tried to stare back but the defiant part of me had now all but gone. I lowered my eyes to him in submission and closed them.

My earnest whisper; “Yes Sir.” could be made out quite clearly, even from behind my tight gag.

“About time, son… you made me wait! But I know that you’ll make it up to me.” he caressed my muzzled cheek.

The video footage concluded with Master Adam subjecting me to a long, hard fuck while the army dude cut the footage between us and the other bear torturing his slave with some hot cigar play, burning his cock and nipples with the fat stogie and making him scream for the camera.

Soon I found myself left alone to deal with my slow-swinging weighted nuts and nips while my Master saw the men off home and went about his business in the dungeon, putting all their used equipment away as I watched him admiringly through the mirror. I had never had intercourse like this before… sex that quite literally rocked me to the core and bent my head around another man’s complete dominance over me.

It was the way he did it… nonchalantly spearing me as he told his guests that I was not theirs to be fucked… it had impressed upon me that he was a Man above other men. And although it was the simplest of basic sexual gestures and so short a monologue in comparison to all that I had been party to over the last week and a day… it had changed me.

I had seen my true self in the mirror as he took me then for His Own… that  true self which had eluded me and held me back until now. The Peter that refused to admit, the Peter that refused to submit… though I had learned all of those things in the last week and had indeed broken down my own inhibitions… the last little bit of ‘Peter’ wouldn’t quite let me enjoy indulging ALL the way into those things I need…

Now I was truly changed. That ‘Peter’ had gone. The person that I had allowed to come out, he whom Joe had groomed, mentored and nurtured… Master Adam had taken that new ‘Peter’ and galvanized him… into me. The same… yet as different as could be.

Abstractly my next thought was not of my boss, or University, or my new Master, nor of dealing with the dull ache of my balls being pulled to the floor by the weight that hung from them… but it was my friends. How would they react to this new Peter? It was common for our paths not to cross for a week or more between Uni tems, but upon our next meeting out on the town I would be an ‘owned boy’… a leatherbound and leashed submissive led by the will of a Dominant!

In this moment I just didn’t care. All I wanted was to endure it all for Master Adam, and glean the pure pleasure that derived from it.

He finished tidying and came over to me, kneeling down and releasing the belt that strapped my caged cock to my abdomen. I moaned as he flicked the three weights hanging from my body to swing harder, setting my tits on fire and making my balls throb. I had ejaculated during his assault as he hammered the seed manually through my prostate, and my nuts badly needed a rest… but I didn’t… I wanted it all over again and again.

I bucked in my suspended bondage and fucked the air under me with my hard dick, desperate for release. I felt him remove the cage and begin stroking me gently, slowly bringing me up to climax. I felt my heart quicken and my balls tried to tighten up into my body… I was just on the edge when he stopped with an evil laugh.

“I don’t think so, boy. Not yet.” he chuckled as he lowered me down off the winch onto the floor and crushed my hardon into the warm rubber tiles. I could have cried with horny frustration.

Slowly and methodically my bondage was lessened until all I wore was the simplified straitjacket, the suit under it, and the muzzle. I flexed my arms and legs beneath the thick unyeilding rubber, grateful for at least some movement. He dragged me over to lean against the wall and came to kneel in front of me, then unstrapped my gag.

“Thankyou Sir”

“My pleasure.” his eyes smiled and had a kindness to them I had never recognised before.

He began to stroke my cock again. I was still close. I rolled my eyes up to the ceiling and let them close.

“Look at me!”

I snapped back to him instantly and met his eyes. This time he didn’t stare me into submission, but looked right into my inner being.  “I do not know what it is that you have, boy, that makes me covet you as I do. All I know is that I want you for my own, more than any other boy I have ever owned or met.” Unbelievably it was he who looked away first… only for a second, as he toyed with the end of my cock with the hot nub of his cigar… and then seemed to find himself. “Because of that… I am going to do everything in my power to ensure you call me your Master. Your life will change in every way… but you will want for nothing” He slowed down and stopped stroking my cock. I felt I would go insane with desire for him.

I was desperate. “Please… please… let me cum, Sir! I will give you anything you want… everything!”

He continued on the tip of my cock with only a single leather finger; “You know what I want. How hard will you make this for us both, boy?”

My cock spat a pair of strangled nuts’ worth of lumpy opaque fluid out onto Master Adam’s hand. He raised it up and fed it to me. I licked it greedily off his leather glove, cleaning it thoroughly.

“What do you say, boy? Say the word I want to hear just one more time… and let me know that you truly mean it.”

“Thankyou… Master.”


“Drysuit Fun” By Topcat Jones

September 8, 2011 in Stories, Rubber Stories

My Fellow Inmates,

This story is by Topcat Jones, and is called “The Drysuit”

Hope you enjoy…


“The Drysuit”

By: Topcat Jones

Being  Horney and online is never a good thing, so I ended up on ebay bidding for dry suits, now there are always two things I look for on ebay how many others are bidding and location especial with big stuff.  I managed to find dry suit about an hour’s drive away in Northwich I had been there a few times on my bandit to J&S to buy leathers and chain lube and such, so I knew it was not too far to travel.

The suit had attached steel toe cap boots with steel sole plates and a red covering over the toes and a line running down and around the soles to indicate they where steel. I contacted the seller to find out what size the boots where and lady luck being on my side there where size 11 uk. I did pause for a moment here but only because most time I bought trainers I ended up in size 12, but I figured I could always re ebay if it did not fit. The guy said he was 6”4 in the add and it fitted him fine I was 6”2 at best so figured I would be fine.

The only down side being that two other people where bidding already and the neoprene neck seal had split, I google’ed the price to fix the neck seal and saw it was £15 to do it myself with a kit or £30 to get someone at a dive shop in Liverpool to do it.  Picking it up I could wipe off the £18 shipping price so decided I would bid up to £60, suits where going for a £100ish 2nd hand and figured this was going to be the price point where someone who needed it shipping was going to pull out.
Thou I waited till the last 30 secs to bid as any good ebayer should, I just don’t get people who bid days before the end all they do is drive up the price.  Ofc I won otherwise there would be nothing to write about,  £52.27 in the end I love the auto bids odd pricing.

I arranged with the guy to go pick it up next Saturday, seeing as the auction ended on Sunday night. The guy was cool with waiting and it gave me a week of being Horney waiting to feel the rubber of the suit and wondering what it would be like to wear it. It all so gave me a week to work out a story to tell him as to why I wanted it.  Envisioning myself turning up at his house having to make small talk, prob having to try it on and all the rest of it. He had said, he river walked in it whatever that was in the add, so there was no way I was saying I was buying it for that and telling him that I wanted to rub one out in it and be tied up did not seem like much of an option ether!

In the end I decided to just tell him the guy’s in work had roped me into some charity thing where you had to build a raft out of barrels and sail down a river and had said I would need one. It was a simple lie that needed no details and if he asked any more questions I could just I did not have a clue I had just agreed to it and they where sorting out the rest as they need 4 people to do it and I was really just making up the numbers.

As it turned out I spent a week practicing for nothing as when I got there on Saturday I had just missed him by 5 mins he had gone to Asda and his wife was there, which was great for me she asked me did I want to look at It I said no, paid her, left with the suit saying I did not need the change and got out of their quick. I was just glad no to have to use my feeble lies.
Thou I think she was a bit scared of me which was weird, she said her dog was a trained guard dog. It was the cutest little puppy dog ever, It may have been big I could not tell anymore Since I got my Great Dane every dog is tiny and anything you have to bend over to  pet is tiny.  I don’t know if she was trying to be funny. But I guess I tend to dress a bit skinhead/scaly. And I am sure my Mohawk did not help the image any. I tend to dress a bit vintage with Fred Perrys and tight fitting jeans and boots. I have huge mutton chop side burns and am a bit of Dan Dare I shave and then two mins later I have a 5oclock shadow; I am so used to having constant stubble that when I do shave I feel about 5 when I look in the mirror at that fresh faced boy who looks back.  I am so hairy that I have hair on my toes up my feet and pretty much unbroken from head to toe, thou non on my back strangely.

Enough about me, I got home was naked in all of two seconds had the suit out of its carrying bag I held it up and it must have been about 7 feet tall at first I was like fuck how big was this guy. I struggled a bit getting into it as the legs where a bit long. I pulled up the internal braces over my shoulder to hold it up. My 8” cock was rock hard waiting for what was to come I stuffed it down inside the suit for now I just wanted to get this thing on!

I pulled up the rest of the suit behind me it had a front entire zipper from the right hand shoulder across the chest down to the left hip. I slipped the neck over my head first leaving my arms out of it the neoprene seal came over my head it was split down both sides I would have to sort that out.

I pulled my arms into the sleeves, one at a time a bit awkward sort of bending them back and threw rubber seals on the end sleeves still they stuck out the which pulled at hairs on my wrists.  I might just have to shave them in future…
Now all that was left to do was to pull the two zips closed and make it water tight, rather than an interlocking zip it seemed to pull the two parts of the suit so that the material was laying on stop of each other creating a seal, it was tuff to pull the zip shut once I had it on I was thinking maybe I should have A, tried the zip before hand and B, got some bees wax to lube the zip as I had read about on the net while searching for neck seals.

I managed to get the first water tight zip shut and had visions of myself having to seek help later to get out of it.  The 2nd outer zip was a little stiff but was very easy compared to the inside zip. It had a nice big loop on it, I immediately thought about how it was just the right size for a padlock thou there was nothing to padlock it too, I first I thought to a chain around my leg and then as I pushing the flap cover over the zippers which hid them I had the great Idea that if I got a grommet hole put in the flap where the zips terminated then the zip could be padlocked to the grommet hole and once in there would be no way out without the key.  I would have to see about getting that done when I got a new neck seal at the dive shop.

I ran up stairs to my bed room to have a look in the full length mirror on the wardrobe, the sight of myself in the suit reminded me I still had and 8 inch rod in my pants that needed attention.  But it would have to wait for a bit I wanted to sweat before I got any release. I decided the best way to heat myself up would be to rip the cover of my water bed wack it up to 40 and lay on top of it. It has a nice quilt on the bottom that keeps the heat in the water and stopped you from getting too hot, but I know from past experience when I have washed it and then slept on the rubber while it dried that being in direct contract with the rubber just makes you all hot and sweaty, perfect.

After about 20 mins I was getting a good sweat on I tired rubbing my cock thought the suit but the rubber was so thick that there was just no sensation at all and there was not enough slack in the suit for me to rap my hand around my cock.  There was no way I wanted to open the suit at this point and let the heat out, so I figured the suit was big enough that I could pull my left hand inside the suit with it zipped up. All these dry suits where designed to go over a thick thermal lining for when people go diving after all. If you have ever been in the North sea in winter it’s no exaggeration to say that when you get out your balls are up inside your body and your dick is shrivelled away to nothing.

It took some do’ing and I had to pull the sleeve away from my body to stretch the material enough to get my elbow out of the sleeve I was in two minds weather it was a good idea or not as It had taken both hands to zip the suite shut I had no idea how I was going to undo it If I could get my arm in but not out again.

Now I am right handed and always jack off with my right hand so it made sense to leave my strong arm outside the suit and I so rarely use my left hand to wank that I would say its pretty much impossible for me to cum with just my left hand as it does not reach the spot.  I knew this was going to be another hot and sweat 30 mins in the dry suit till I got board and had to pull my right arm in side to cum but to make it last as long as possible I told myself that if I could not make myself come with my left hand (like that was ever going to happen) then as punishment I would coat my right hand in deep heat plenty of it and that I would coat my cock and balls with the stuff before I got to cum.

What followed was 30 hot and sweaty mins with me pumping away at my dick with my softpaw, the sweat pooling in my arse crack and around it playing with my tits humping away not really getting anywhere, thou there was enough room to get my arm inside the suit there was no real room for proper movement and I just grew more Horney and frustrated to the point where after an hour of wearing it I was willing to coat my cock and balls in deep heat.

I struggled to get of the bed with my left arm inside the suit, the water bed was a like a bucket with a rubber bag in it so when I rolled over to the edge all the water went to the other side of the bed and my body was now below the top of the bed and I was sort of stuck laying on my right arm, without my left to pull me up and over. I managed to swing my legs over the side of the bed the heavy steel boots anchoring me to the floor I managed to stand up sort of leaning against the bed and using it for leverage.

I held out the empty left sleeve stretching it away from me so I could get my left arm out, at least I knew now, I could get my arm out again. I walked over to the desk and sorted thought the bottles of lube and tubs of Vaseline and pulled out the red tube marked deep heat rub.  I had bought it for one reason only to coat my dick in it, I had read enough storeys on the net of guys tying each other up and coating each other with it or lube’ing up butt plugs with it and being forced to suffer with it.
I had used it a few times before ofc first trying it on a part of my body that was not quite so sensitive, thou it made no effect on anywhere else, I could not tell I had even rubbed it in. I even tried it on my nipples and there was only the slightest sensation. But on my cock that was a different story I was hooked to the pain. Thou I must admit I did not have the balls to lube a butt plug and shove it in.

I squeezed out a huge dollop in to my right hand and carefully closed my hand around the cream to protect it making sure not to crush it and squeeze it out of my fist. I used my left arm this time to stretch out the suit and pulled my right arm inside.

I went back over to the warm bed that by now was radiating heat the sweat was pouring off me. I lay back down in the middle of the bed all the time being careful to protect the cream in my right hand not wanting to waste it. Once I was in place and happy with my position on the bed I opened my right hand a quickly started rubbing the cream in to my dick and balls, I pulled my foreskin back as best I could with one hand and coating my piss slit and the head of my dick in a huge glob, then quickly jacked my foreskin a few times to spread the cream between my foreskin and my dick head.

I knew I had about 30 seconds to get it well rubbed in before I would be both happy and sorry about what I had just done.  I could feel the burn building in my cock and god it was good my balls were on fire but seeing as I had yet to cum the pain was adding to my pleasure. I knew from past experience that explosive hard feeling I was feeling in my cock was it turning a deep shade of purple and going as hard as it possible could.

My dick has never gone has hard as it does when coated in this shit, I started jacking away just gripping the tip of my dick around the head, I never bothered the shaft really there was this one point on the rim of the head of my dick that was just pure please for me and the faster I pumped that one bit the faster I came.

I was now pumping away like made until I shot load after load inside the suit I was in heaven I could feel the contents of my balls spray all over the inside of the rubber it was pure heaven, but also in the back of my mind I knew the hell I was about to spend the next 10 mins in. While I was still coming down I rubbed my spunk in to my cock and balls, making the good feeling last that little bit longer.

Then I felt the turn,  quickly while still laying on the bed managed to get my right arm back in to the sleeve and on the outside of the suit. It hit me and I was soon curled up in a ball on my bed sweating in rubber overly hot desperate for a drink and a piss with my balls in agony the menthol that  no more than a minute ago was giving me so much pleasure was now burning and fuck me did it burn, the sort of pain where you stop breathing and go very, very still, where you don’t move a muscle and just lay there in pain so much pain that you want to scream out, but I don’t I kept quite. I did this to myself no one forced me to. (Part of the reason I have yet to shove this stuff up my arse, I just don’t think I could cope.)

This was the price I paid for the pleasure I just had and god what a price, after about 10 mins I felt able to move again. My balls now saw and tender and they would be tender for the rest of the day every time I knocked them they would hurt every time I sat down moved or in any way did anything that would adjust my package I would know about it, the pain would linger for the rest of the day.  

As I felt more in control of myself I decided it was time to get out of the suit, my rubber encasement and have a nice long shower. I managed to slowly get the big heavy zip undone, making the decision that it needed bees wax. And that tomorrow I was going to ring up the dive shop about getting the neck seal replaced and that grommet hole put it the outer flap but I still had no idea how I was going to ask/explain that one. I put the suit back in its carry bag and noticed the smell of menthol that came from it; it must have stunk to high heaven for me to be able to smell it. I have an awful sense of smell; I used to have terrible, terrible nose bleeds as a kid and would have like 6 or 7 a day easy, eventually  at 25 (they said I had to grow up before they would do it) I managed to get it cauterised on the NHS. They burnt out the inside of my nose with 6 vials of some sort of chemical burn. It stopped me bleeding every day which was a gods send let me tell you, but did leave me without  much of a sense of smell not that I had much of one to being with, my nose always being full of the smell of blood.
The next morning I woke up around 8 and pawed at my morning hard on for a bit before deciding that I should get dressed. I knew it was a bit early to be getting up on a Sunday morning, but I had gone to bed early after last night’s fun and the dog would need feeding and a walk.  

I hopped in the shower and decided that seeing as it was Monday tomorrow I would have a shave ready for work, the next week, I had not bothered for the last 3 or 4 weeks and it was starting come over my top lip and into my mouth and I was itching like mad every now and then.  Needless to say after a shave I looked like a kid again, in fact I look so much younger when I shave that a few weeks ago at mate’s stag do in Edinburgh we went in to this student’s bar that was heaving because it was also fresher’s week. The Three sisters or something like that, needless to say I got Id’ed now don’t get me wrong I get a kick out of being 30 and getting Id’ed.  But come on I am 30 how the fuck does anyone think I am younger than 18? Needless to say the lads all get a good laugh out of it, All my mates being straight and all, lots of piss taking all round.

But then no one ever thinks I am queer ether, All my mates are straight they all know I am queer and like the kinky shit I don’t hide fuck all, we even have a little game gay or not, where we stop random birds in town and get them to guess weather me or one of the other lads is gay, No one has ever picked me as being the gay one,  I guess that’s why I have so much trouble meeting guys no one ever thinks I am queer and they are shocked as fuck when they find out, the lads will go to gay bars with us but they always get hit upon. I always have to go out and hunt down a man and even then their  like but your with those straight guys or think it’s part of some gay bashing plot and that I am pretending to be queer.

Enough about my woes, I put on my 20 eyelet rangers with yellow laces, ladder laced ofc it takes about 20 mins to do it properly but it’s worth doing right, with some yellow footie socks and a tight pair of 501’s with my black and gold Fred Perry top and some yellow braces hanging round my arse. Now don’t get me wrong I would not say I was in to water sports in a huge way I get off on pissing myself or on a guy or  being pissed on but I would not say I go out of my way for it, it’s more the bondage that gets me hot an Horney and ofc pain.

I grabbed my cash, phone and keys and head for the front door, pulled out some doggy poo bags from the stack. Grabbed the dogs lead and gave a quick whistle he jumped up of the couch 13 stone of dog comes bounding towards me tail splaying all over the place, He knows it’s time for his walk its prob around 930 as I lock the front door and head down the New Brighton front to head to the park.  

We get the Park and sit outside the cafe I order a sausage sandwich for me and plate of bacon for the dog, I get stopped along the way by people ether telling me I should get saddle for him or with kids want to stroke the dog, or once even someone asked to sit a teddy on his back and take photo for his daughters school project.  

Jay just puts up with it all and takes it in his stride he’s a good dog, the chef likes him too and always brings the plate of bacon out the back himself so he can stroke the dog.  Jays eating his bacon which does not last long, I sit drinking a cup of tea and eating my sausage on toast not really thinking of anything when I am flooded with memories of last night.  I sit there thinking about how Horney it was and that next time I put the suit on I am going to put a layer of rubber on first under it and add to the heat. Lock myself in it and freezing the key in a bucket of water with no spare or emergency key should take at least 6 hours for the bucket to melt. If something happens and I have to go out into the street in a dry suit then shit happens, I mean how likely is it the house is going to burn down?

I look at my phone to check the time Its after 10 I decided to chance the dive shop, I could not remember the opening times but had saved the phone number in my phone I figured that since most people would prob be diving on the weekend and with UK opening hours, Sunday is still the day of god and all (how dark ages), only small shops and supermarkets can open and even then only for 6 hours, so most stuff that opens on a Sunday opens at 10 and shuts by 4.  Only pubs and petrol stations stay open all day.

I gave them a ring and a guy answered I explained that I wanted to get my dry suit fixed and that the neck seal need replacing.  The guy said they were open and I could drop it into day if I wanted but they did not normally open on Sunday but he was in filling some air tanks for a mate and would be there till 12.  

That did not leave me much time not much time at all it was 1030 now and it would take me 30 mins to walk the dog home and then another 30 or so by the time I locked the house up and drove into Liverpool the Dive shop was on the dock road a mile or two outside of the city canter, there was fuck all else on the dock road these day since most of the docks where shut for good.

I knew just about where the place was and managed to pull up about 10 to 12 I just hoped he was still there. I went round front and the metal shutter was down so I went round the side, the side gate was open so I went in and shouted hello. AS you do feeling a bit like a bugler that you’re doing something naught or wrong because you’re using the side gate.
I heard a voice tell me to come so I pushed my way in with the big sack over my back, I walked thought the back of the shop towards the sound of a compressor guessing I would find him in that direction.

I was so not expecting what I saw before me, there was a guy who must have been about 40 ish maybe a little older buff as fuck covered in sailor tats anchors and such and what looked like a military unit tat thou I could not tell what it was.  He was prob about my height 6 foot + a little wearing nothing but a pair of swimming trunks he was carrying and air tank under each arm.

I was hard in hart beat this guy was all man, I was guessing straight and prob ex navy, I was also going to take a punt at ex navy diver, seeing as we were in a dive shop.  I was still drooling the first time he said it so it took the 2nd time for it to register on my brain “Can you open that door for us” as he nodded to door I just came thru, I quickly brought myself back to the real world and said “sure mate” I put my bag down and pulled the door open for him he walk thru it and said he would be back in a min.

When he came back thru, he was no less beautiful thou I could tell he was little off with me now as he thought I was perving of him which to be fair I was. I explained how I had rung up about getting my neck seal replaced.  He remembered me and said I should come thru to the shop with him so he can put it in the book.

I did my best to star him straight in the eyes after that never letting my gaze drop lower than his head or looking at what we where meant to be doing,  It was pretty standard to begin with he asked whether I wanted latex or neoprene and I had thought about this long and hard while I was waiting to pick the suit up and decide on latex as it would just be  a seal although all the divers said it was more uncomfortable for the neck and they recommended neoprene the neck seal would be twice as long and have to be folded back upon itself in some special way and it just sounded to fiddle plus I was never going to get the outside wet only the inside. He said all the things I had read on the net and told him I wanted latex and I knew all about the pros and cons.

He took my name and addressee and processes my card for 30 quid to pay for the work, It was then that out the corner of my eye I spotted that tool they use to put the grommets in the pockets of the dive suits so that they don’t  just end up full of water when you get out. Fuck I had forgot to ask about getting one put in so I could padlock the suit. I stood there for a sec and mentally kicked myself.

When I stopped beating myself up I realised I was now staring at his crotch and he was asking if there was anything else,  I was like for fuck sake now he defo thinks I am perving at him again. Now I know you would not believe this but at one time I was shy fucker I would not say boo to a goose, but that all changed when I left school after doing my GCSe’s everyone else stayed in school to do theirs at the schools 6th form, but I left I wanted to do IT and in 96 that was not an option at school I had go to college to do a betec in IT.

I used it as an opportunity to reinvent myself, I threw myself into it changed the way I dressed shaved my head down to no 2 and become a bit of a skinhead, I stomped round in boots and tight jeans and well people where scared to talk to me, the lads now who many years later are good mates all said in that first year of college they were scared to talk to me.

I guess that was fair, you could say that I adopted the attitude that if some scared me or if would not have done it in the past because of what other people though, I did it when my body told me to run away, because I was a sack of shit I threw myself into it, I was not going to be the cowered little kid any more.

So when he asked that question and I wanted to run out the shop, I asked about getting the grommet hole put in the flap on the front, now I had not really thought this threw so the best excuse for wanting a grommet hole put there was to clip my keys to it. It was Bull shit he knew it I knew it but I was now committed to that pile of crap excuse.

Needless to say he was not getting it at all and asked me to show him where on the suit.  Now it was still in its bag as there was no real reason to get it out up until this point, so I opened the bag and pulled it out.

As I was pulling it out he recognised that it was an otter skin dry suit form the branding on the arms, a good custom suit he said must have cost me a pretty penny. I was thinking not really and I knew from my research on the net you where talking a grand or so for a custom made suit. Thou this one was not a true diving suit as it had no dump vale or inlet so you could not really use it for diving. But I was never going to.

I unrolled the suit now I had not noticed but it stunk to high haven! You could smell it clear across the room well you could if you were not me, I saw him smell the air but had not put two and two together yet, seeing as I could not smell a dead badgers arse if you shoved it up my nose.  The zip on the suit was still open you could smell the deep heat on the inside of the suit from last night on the moon.

He sniffed the air again, I still a clueless moron looked at him questioningly; he said “can you not smell that?” I was like “no” I then explained about me having my nose done 5 years ago and not really smelling anything since.   Now weather he believed me or not he seemed to except this and I proceed to move things along by showing him where I wanted the metal grommet wrings putting in on the flap covering.

He looked at me funny and said that I could just use the pockets or if I really wanted the ring that it would be better in the middle as it was more likely to rip on the edge, at this point I must have flashed a bit of fustratation as let’s face it, It had to be by the end of the zip so I could padlock it there otherwise what was the point of padlocking the zip half open?

At this point he sniffed again I think I was wearing his patients thin I could see the point where he changed I could see him make the decision to call bull shit. Now at this point depending what he did next I did not have many options open to me he knew where I lived and was built like a brick shit house so I was not wining a fight if it turned nasty and because we were in the locked shop with me round the counter side the only way out was over the country and threw the door behind him.
He spoke this was it, “I know one thing you don’t go diving in this suit in fact I don’t thin you have ever been diving! How can you not smell this it stinks of menthol and I can see from here the crotch of this suit is covered in it! “He blurted out more force full this time with incredulity “how can you not smell that!”

I opted for the truth “I don’t have a sense of smell I told you that already” I though I push it on to him “I cannot smell a thing mate it must be you.” He was not happy, Then he did it “faggot” right to my face without any shame, well my body told me run away and end this but the man in me is not letting anyone get away with call me a faggot at least not in that tone of voice.

“What did you call me?”  Making sure to look him dead in the eye’s I had to keep this as a war of words as I knew the moment it turned physical I was losing.  “Faggot I caught you looking at me before staring at me.” There was only one tack that worked when they went down this root, out and out confrontation don’t argue with them don’t try and say the opposite of what they are saying.

“Dam right I am faggot and dam right I was giving you the once over your hot as hell, you’re the one wondering round in nothing but skimpy Speedos I mean come on its 2010 no one wears Speedos any more unless they want to show off. You could have got dressed after I arrived but you did’t”

Ok so this was risky making out that he wanted me to perv off him, but it was my best bet and I could tell from the confusion on his face that I had out manoeuvred him this round but I could also tell that it was not going to be enough to win the war only the battle.

Fuck was all I thought as he jumped across the counter before I could even react I was on my back on the floor with him on top of me. I was scared shitless at this point this was obviously the sort of guy who could do whatever he wanted to me and the only trace I was ever here was my debit transaction and my dry suit which could easily be explained away.
I stilled my mind and looked him the eye’s I may have been bricking it but I was not going to let him know that, if I could upset him this much that still meant at some level he respected me otherwise he would not have given a fuck what a total stranger said.  After all I had known him for less than 10 mins at this point.

What he did next took me by surprise he reached down with left hand and started groping my cock, I got hard “so you like that faggot” he almost spat in my face, I could go two ways with this but “Ofc I do 1,I am queer and 2, your hot” That was not a 50/50 choice that went my way, next thing I knew he had his right arm in the air with a fist and was about to beat the shit out of me, I was still locked on looking him the eyes I knew what was coming I was going to get the crap beat out of me, but how I took it said more about me than the fact he was going to beat the shit out of me so I stayed still and stared him in the eye’s.

I may be queer but it did not mean I had to be a coward, I felt his fist hit my face well make contact would be more accurate, but without any power, he smiled and evil smile “your all right lad” he got off me and helped me off the floor, at this point I was confused as fuck but it seems I was not going home in an ambulance after all.

He went back behind the counter, “this is how it’s going to work, I know why you want that hole where you want it and why, I will even do it, but on one condition” I looked at him and said “what?” as none comitial and as unexcited as I could manage with my best poker face, I was not giving in just yet.  “You come and collect it Friday night turn up 5 mins before closing and you leave padlocked in to it, and I won’t be letting you out or giving you the key, you’re going to have to get someone to cut the lock. “

“you’re on” I shot  back, I had a week I could pop to machine mart in Liverpool city centre and get a pair of heavy duty bolt cutters before then leave them at home and then just cut myself out after the drive back to my place, no big deal, hell I could even leave myself locked in all weekend.  It was no big deal, and at this point I was thinking it was more than a good idea to get out of here in one peace.

He picked up the chip and pin machine and just said a tenner, he may have been willing to do it but he was going to make me pay for it. I just gave him my cash card and then put my pin in without even looking at it. He said “you know the way out don’t be late 5:55 Friday”.  I walked around the counter and out the back; he followed me out about half way and then just got back on with whatever he was doing with the tanks before I turned up.

The week passed slowly, I could not get him out of my head, not in a sexy way but, just wondering what the fuck had gone wrong, and what evil though had crossed his mind when he decided not to hit me but to lock me into the suit instead.
I had the heavy duty bolt cutters at home I had gone on Wednesday after work and got some.  I took an old pair of trakie bottoms and a crappy t shirt to work that I had last warn to paint the house, Along with some old paint covered trainers, I figured that I would change out of my suit and tie and leave them in work fuck knows what he would do with my cloths once I was not in them, so I was going to wear something I did not give a shit about.

It was a long day in work, but I had also accepted that this was going to happen and not only was it going to happen there was part of me that wanted it to, the kinky party and I was actually looking forward to it.  In a way it was nice to have no controlled for a guy to take charge of me for once and for me not to have to fight for acceptance. This guy, whatever you say about him knew I was queer without a 2nd guess, tbh it was great and strangely I loved it.

I turned up at the shop and parked in road out front it was 5 to but it looked like it was already shut for the night the shutters where half down and the lights for the sign where out. It was quite dark out being November the sun was setting early and it was dark when I left work never mind by the time I got to the shop. I left my phone and wallet in the glove box and locked the car only taking my keys into the shop.

I ducked under the half closed shutter and pushed on the shop door I was right it was open, I went in he was nowhere in sight I shouted out, “any one there?” He came out of the back of the shop, he was dressed like a sailor of sorts he had on a thick black jumper with the roll neck like you see in films and pair of cream cargo pants, he had an air of military authority around him.

“So you turned up” “I said I would” “strip” was all he said in response I kicked of my trainers dropped my trakkie bottoms I had not bothered with boxers I did not see the point, He stood there watching me I diced I would put on a show I crossed my right hand to my left side and vise versa and then lifted my shirt off in one go from the bottom up. It gave him a clear view of my chest and with me not being able to see any more an opportunity to perv on me without me being able to see if he was or not the thought gave me a chubby, putting myself on display for some angry straight man.

I dropped my t-shirt to the floor, “you drive here?” I said yes he bent behind the counter; he pulled out a 2 littler sports bottle of water, give me your car keys and drink this while I lock your clothes in the boot and check for a bolt cutters. I did as he asked; he stepped out the door and locked the shop door with his keys which I thought was a bit odd he then pulled the shutter all the way down.

I was now alone butt naked in his shop, I started to gulp the water down I figured he wanted me to piss myself in the suit and humiliate me. I would piss in the suit but humiliating was the last thing it was going to be.  It took me a while to down the whole bottle, I was not exactly thirsty I did not notice him come in the back door of the shop, I was startled when I heard him “have you not finished that yet” he saw my shock and said “I locked the shop up I did not want us to be disturbed”

“I been gone 15 mins I thought you would have drunk that by now”, I was shocked to think he had been gone that long but there was no clock in the shop.  “Ok lad so, I spent all week on this and let’s just say while I was working on your suit I made a few modifications extra that it thought you might like. “ I looked at him funny wondering where the fuck this was going, “don’t worry you will like them I am sure”

He instructed me to turn round and face the front of the shop and not to turn round he did not want me to see what he had done to the suit till it was too late. I did as he asked thou I was starting to think that this was going a bit far and was a little worried as to what else he done to the suit.

I could hear him behind me he placed a table and some items on it then I heard him drag the suit behind me.  I could hear him do something on the floor like he was laying out ready for me. “Lift your right leg” I did so the right leg of the suit was now below me the legs rolled down so you could step straight into the attached steel boots. As I put my foot in I noticed powered of some type I had to push my foot threw it to get it in the boot It filled the boot to the top, I tried to ask him but he just said I would find out.  We then repeated the process a 2nd time, I was now starting to wonder what the hell I had let me self in for.

“I want you to keep looking straight ahead, I don’t want you see the suit before its time” he said as he came round in front of me with and evil grin.  I did as he said he bent down and start to pull the suit up once it was around my waist he got me to hold it there and told me not to move my hands, he went round back of me and then preceded to pass two pieces of leather over my shoulders they were thin from what I could feel, now the suit did have braces in it before he had, had it but they where elastic.

“Nice piercings, let’s make use of them” he said I had got my nipples done a while a go and had ring in each pretty big now I had gone up in size twice, I loved having my nipples played with. I felt him thread the leather threw my nipple rings and then reached down the front of me and pull out a matching leather strap and thread one into the other, he put his hand in his pocket and pulled out two padlocks securing each strap so there was no way it could be undone. The suit now attached to my body Via my tit’s. He said I could let go and I felt the weight of the suit now on my shoulders and leather across my nipples rubbing them, every movement of the suit was pass through my nipples.

He went behind me this time appearing with a 2nd bottle of water, “drink” I thought for fuck sake he is taking this a bit far, I downed it thinking its only water, I am just going to have drive home in my own piss.  While I drank he just walked around me admiring his handy work, he spoke to me now to give instructions.  

“I have gone a bit further than you wanted and the suit now has an attached hood with internal gag and nose tubes. “ he announced as if to no one and everyone all at once but most off all for me. I asked “isn’t this going a bit far?” “Aren’t you queer? Don’t you like this sort of thing? Then don’t complain.” He said without waiting for any response on my part he did not need to wait the answer to all those question’s was yes.

He carried on, he could tell I was going to let him do this to me, but I got the feeling that I may be bleeding sorry I let him do this to me.  The way these suit’s are made the hood had to go on before the arms went in, I felt him pull the hood down inside the suit, It was good job there was so much slack in it. The top of the inside of the hood was now on my head and being pulled down slowly, all this movement in the suit was going straight to my nipples the rubbing was starting to chafe I could see me having very sensitive nipps by the end of the night.

He slowly rolled the hood down my head he got to my eyes and I could see it had built in lens’s they where tinted to make them harder to see out off  but where not to bad in the bright light of the shop it was more like wearing sun glass in the summer than black out blinds.

Next I felt him push two tubes up my nose one each side, the way the hood was they both had to be done at the same time pushing them up while rolling it down, the hood was tight, but stretched a fair bit it had to owing to the way it was put on.  Finally I felt the tubes well placed in my nose and two large bulbs stuffed up the end of each nostril I could now only breathe threw the tubes but I could breath.

Then he stopped he was doing something he went behind me and was doing something on the table he came back around in front of me, “once I do this you won’t be able to hear me and a few moments later you won’t be able to talk, so I want to make sure you understand this now.”

“Once this suit is sealed it is not the end of your night only the beginning, I have written instructions for you on cards so you can read them I have planned out your evening, I will have to give you the first card while you are here you will read except it and do it. I have destroyed all the keys to the padlocks I am using on you tonight; there is no way for me to let you out of any of these items. I am guessing that you had a plan to get you out of the padlock in the suit so you should just use that to get out of the rest of them. Do you understand?“

What was I going to say to that, in some ways it did not matter I was planning to cut myself out of the padlock he was going to use to keep me in the suit any way.  I was sort of scared at the thought of being trapped in this suit but at the same time that was exactly why I was here to be trapped in it. “Sir I understand”

He reach in the suit and preceded to put ear plugs in my ear’s I was now deaf I could not hear a thing, this only seamed to concentrate the feeling in my nipples.  Next he disappeared behind me and was doing something on the table. He came back I felt him fiddle with the gag in front of my mouth I still did not know what type it was there was then more movement, it felt like he was sticking stuff into things but I could not really tell.

Next I felt him pull my chin down to open my mouth and he began to guide it in he had to stretch my mouth a little bit to get it to fit in a first but once in it did not seem bad, he then placed his had under my chin and forced my teeth together, I bit into to something it felt like dentist clay I remember the taste from when I was a kid an had to have braces.  The gag consisted of two gum shield’s one for the top row of teeth and one for the bottom both with inserts full of clay I am guessing that this was what he was fiddling about with, he had prob kept it contained until it was time to shove it not wanting it to go off.

He now finished pulling the mask over my head and the neck of the suit down, once it was in place I could feel how tight it was but it was not really tight I guess it had to have a lot of stretch in it to for the way it had to be pulled on. He then went around behind me he was there for some time I could not see him so could not tell what was going on.

He eventually reappeared in my view he was holding something over my head, and seemed to be shaking his hand a lot, I did not know if was just me but the hood felt like it was getting tighter real tight and hot. As he moved around me I could see he had a hair dryer in his hand and was using it to heat the mask as he was doing this the hood was shirking on my head to as tight as it would go, every now and then he would smooth out the hood. But it was now so tight I felt like I was going to exploded there was no way I was ever opening my jaw again It was held to tight and I could feel the dentist clay setting round my teeth.

Once he finished he went away and came back again only this time with giant IV bag attached to a tube filled with water it looked huge maybe 5 litters, he pulled something on the front of my mouth it was a tube attached to the hood that went into my mouth I had not even thought about breathing thought my mouth only my nose I had assumed it was not possible.
Water started flowing into my mouth at a slow rate it was a good job it was slow as it was real effort to swallow it, with the hood so tight. He reappeared in front of me looked me in the eyes with a cold stair and then proceeded to grab my right arm and feed it into the sleeve, he helped me push it in but it did not reach the air as I expected yet another modification to my suit, rubber mittens, it reminded me of being a child there was one pouch for all my fingers and one for my thumb, my hands where now pretty much useless for anything other than holding large objects, I reckoned I could  just about drive in them.

He then took my left arm and did the same to it, down into a useless mitten, they felt quite thick but where not too bad, I spoken to soon he came back with the hair dryer and heated them as he did so they too shrunk now pressing my fingers together very tight, my hand’s sort of curled under the pressure it was like a Lego mans grip the only free movement I had was my thumb it seemed less affected by the heat.

Once he was happy that my hands where now useless, he zipped the front zip of the suit up I had to pull against him for this as it was still not waxed so took quite a lot of effort to pull it shut I would have thought at this point he would have waxed seeing as all the other modifications he had made to the suit he could have waxed the zip. I could feel the pull of the suit transmitted thought the braces into my tits they where no standing on edge.

Next he pulled the outer zip across this seemed to slide so much easier,  The he went behind me and came back after picking some stuff up, he then held a A4 piece of paper that he had obviously printed out earlier,
I am going to show you the padlock now, that’s going to keep you in there for a while, I know it looks a bit big but I made a few changes to the suit. So I decided to upgrade the zip on the out size, that’s why it slides so well this one has a much bigger loop on the end, in fact it off a secure mail bag it has its own locking post, I feature I am sure you will enjoy.

I groaned under my gag the best I could while still drinking the never ending stream of water that was pouring into my mouth. He removed the paper out of my field of vision to reveal a huge fuck off silver pad lock, now I was planning on cutting myself out of luggage lock or at worst something you might use to keep the back gate shut. After all there was only so much material in the zip guard I was not expecting him to put some huge padlock on there.  I had brought the biggest set of bolt cutters they did, thinking I might need them some day in the future.  

He reached down and I felt him work the lock threw the zip and the locking post at this point I did not want to look down.  Up until this point I had a way out but I had no clue about how I was going to cut thru that. I would love to say I heard the click of the padlock but being deaf at this point I only knew it was locked in place when I felt him tug it to ensure it was locked in place, now I really was scared. I thought at least there is fuck all else he can do to me now I am locked in this.
O how wrong I was, he started working behind me again the next I felt cool air on my arse, I went to turn round he jumped up and grabbed me by the shoulders and held me facing the front of the shop, he then held another printed message in front of my face, “you have behaved yourself so far, don’t fuck it up at this point” I stood still now I really just wanted to get home so I could start thinking about how the fuck I was going to get out of here!

I felt him reach around the inside of the suit, his hand grabbed my cock and balls and started working some sort of oil in to my dick he pushed it all over me and pulled back my foreskin making sure to rub it in to my piss slit, I then felt him do the same with my arse, he must have coated a thin dildo or something with it and I felt him pump some of the oil inside my arse.
I felt a little numb after that I could not really feel my dick and more and my arse felt like it was numb. I was guessing that he was going to make sure I got no sensation down there I may have been hard but I could not feel anything really. Next he reached back into the suit again only I could tell this time his hand was gloved I felt the rubber on the side of my body as he worked his way round the side of me. He grabbed my cock and started rubbing something into it some sort of cream this time and again in to my piss slit and I felt him rub it into my balls.

He repeated the procedure with my arse again some out squirting some of it up me, this seemed to be the end of this step as he just zipped up the arse zip and started tugging I guess he just added padlock to it.  I quick flash of card with one word in front of me “water proof” So I knew nothing would be leaking out of there.

Next he stood back in front of me he took hold of the water IV that was hooked up to my hood, and squeezed it force the last quarter of the contents into me as quick as he could. He seemed rather hurried at this point. Once it was all in me he unhooked the tube from the hood and held up a plastic hard packet in front of me, it was the plastic container the lock had come in, I could read off the rapper the point he was pointing too, “will with stand an angle grinder attack for 15 mins”  I hart sank where the fuck was I going to find someone with an angle grinder everyone I knew worked in IT apart from a mates brother who was welder but I no more wanted and angle grinder against me than I wanted someone try to blow torch it off me!

Things seemed to move quick form this point he dropped the packet on the floor where it lay and spun me round, forcing me out the back of the shop, we took the same route I had come in the other day he turned off lights and locked doors as we went, but did so with military precision he wanted out of here quick and I could tell, thou I was yet to find out why?
We stepped thought the gates at the side of the shop he stopped me and padlocked the back gate of his place, I could just about see what he was doing outside in the night the tinted lenses where a lot harder to see thought and this being the dock road the street lights were few and far between. He then reached in to his pocket and pulled out what looked like two pieces of A4 that had been folded in to quarters he looked at them I could just make out 1 had a G on it and the other a B he seemed to make a decision. He handed me the one with a G on it, Then reached into his other pocket and pulled out my car keys, I had forgetting all about them, the Dry suit had two pockets on the front legs for map’s and stuff and he opened one of them and put the keys side so I had both hands free, not that they were much use.

He motioned at me to open the paper as he did he walked over to a car opened it got in and drove off, I watched him drive off into the night, now I really was screwed, padlocked into this suit standing on the dock road I was totally fucked and you know what I was loving it.

I moved down the street a little to get under the street lamp, I did not want to attract to much attention but the road was empty no one live down this way anymore, only the odd truck driving past to get to the docks. The note was titled, Good Faggot I guessed the B not was for Bad Faggot.  It was simple and to the point.

Seeing as you behaved yourself I am going to tell you where you car is parked, you see when I took your clothes out to the car I really did put them in the boot, we both knew you would not need them and could not use them so it did not matter but what I did do. Was drive your car 2 miles down the road to just outside the centre of town and park it there under a street light.

Also seeing as you where a good boy you may remember the compound that was in your boots, It is used by large plant shops to store water in the soil, as you piss it will expand as it soaks your piss up, I recon there is enough in there to fill right up to the top of the legs of your suit, walking should become quite hard, let’s hope you get home safe.

Also The oil I rubbed in to your cock and arse, that was a numbing agent it will last no longer that 7 mins by the time you finish reading this note, Thou I would not worry about that the 2nd cream is the one you’re going to have to care about, Icy hot, I had to get it off the net just for you. Seeing as you like to rub deep heat into your balls I figured you would love this stuff it’s ten times as strong and last 4 times longer.  O being a faggot I know how you like to shove stuff where the sun don’t shine, so I guess you would love it up your arse as well.

Good luck

Fuck me, Fuck Me Fuck Me, I was right royally screwed, totally fucked over! How on earth was I going to cope with that up my arse never mind on my dick! Trust me the deep heat hurts enough but something 10 times stronger how long was I going to have to lay round in agony before it wore off?

Right I could stand round and think how screwed I was or I could get on with it. I started walking towards the car It would take me 20 mins or so to walk that far, the boots where still dry thou a bit heavy I could cope with them, It was hard going walking down the dock road in the dark I could barely see I don’t know how long I walked for but I did think it was strange I had yet to piss I had drank enough water to turn Snowdonia yellow.  

I made another few steps then it started, I could tell I was still hard, I could feel my dick again! Thou this was not good knew as I could start to feel my arse too.  It was heating up quite quick, now this was going to be bad. Then I saw down the street a group of guys round a bend and start walking towards me they must have been about 500 meters down the road, There was a bit of old scrub land that at one point was prob a knocked down house that was now full of bushes and such I quickly turned into it, pushed my way to the back and got down in the bushes they where  only waist high so to ide in the middle of them I had to get down on all fours like a dog, and that was when it hit me, the numbing agent had worn off. I could feel my dick again, it throbbed and bobbed it needed someone to paw one off. It felt good and bad at the same time.

I tried rubbing my crotch I knew it was no use thou I could not do it when I had my hand never mind a rubber coved mitten. Then I noticed that my activity was moving the bush, I shate myself, I may be deaf ant not able to her fuck all but those four lads where not going to be! I quickly stopped what I was doing and went as still as I could. I could not really see out the bushes so decided I would stay where I was count to 700 and then risk going outside again.

While I sat there counting all I could do was concentrate on the feeling in my dick my balls and my Arse, all of which well where really starting to give my agro now, my dick was still felling good it just kept pulsing demanding to be jacked.  Evenly thou the pain reached a point far beyond what I was used to and it soon over road the pleasure in my cock.

I was only just up to 150 so I knew I still needed to keep quite I concentrated on my breathing It was about all I could doand I was sucking down Air like there was no tomorrow trying to breath threw the pain, Never mind feeling like I was going to pass out I wished I would it was that bad, I did not care if that meant some tramp would find me asleep in his bush or if I had to walk the rest of the way to the car in day light, my eyes where now starting to tear up it was that bad, but I could not even mone or grown in case those lads where still about.

I don’t really know what happened next but I saw stars, I felt myself go somewhere else I was not really in my body any more, but I could tell my balls where pulled up right into me, my arse was on fire, and my cock was pumping away like there was no tomorrow.  I was emptying my balls in what had to be the most powerful orgasm I had ever had the mix of pain and pleasure was intense, the only problem was I was now just left with the pain.

I would hate to think I chickened out but my brain decided that it was best if I stayed floating outside my body for now.  The next time I was back in my body I could tell I was pissing myself, and pissing and pissing, it must have gone on for 5 mins. All that water went in and well now it was coming out I was coating myself with piss the front of the suit hung down as it filed up with piss as it pooled in it.

I was spent I had no energy left and suit was now full of piss, I wanted to be in a nice warm bed this was not fun or Horney any more, but I had to get home first.  I took a chance that there was no one around I stood up and the piss that had pooled in the top half of the suit now dropped in to both legs.

Then I remembered the powered in the boots, that absorbed water and I had just poured god knows how much on it, I felt it straight away there was now no space in my boot as it crushed my feet trying to expand around them. This was not good, the best option with the limited time as far as I could tell was to get on my back and hold my legs in the air, poring the stuff out of my boots and in to the leg’s of the dry suit allowing room in my boots for my feet once more.

Next time I stood up both legs where full of the stuff I felt like the Michelin man I could hardly bend them as they were surrounded on all side by this powered which had now swelled to fill both legs. I diced to press on rather than dwell on it, Now the only way to walk was to do a short of goose step keeping my legs straight it was hard working lifting the heavy boots into the air all the time and it was making me even more tired, I was sweating like a pig adding more water the powered making it heavier as I went.

10 Hard long minutes later, I could see my car under a street light as he had said it would be, As I came along side my heart sank, the front tyre was flat, at first I thought some bastard had slashed it but with much effort I worked out that someone had let the air out of it. I knew what was going to be next, but I walked round the car any way, all 4 where flat and I did not have a foot pump or any way to blow them up.

At this point I just wanted off the street and to sit down so I did my best to open the Velcro pocket on the leg and fish around with my mitts, I could not really feel anything, but had to randomly grab to see if I had manage to get my keys or not.  Once I got them I managed to open the car at least the battery was not flat.  As I opened the driver side door, I saw a folded note on the seat. I picked it up and got in, FUCKING HELL is what I would have scrammed out at the top of my voice the moment my arse hit the seat my ring was killing me. I had not really noticed before now but fuck me it hurt to sit down.
I shut the car door and felt safe in my own little space, the first time I had felt safe since leaving the shop.  The note said. If you got the good Faggot note, I am sorry if you got the Bad Faggot note, tough shit. By now you must have noticed all 4 tyres are flat, bad luck old chap, but I did not know how tired you would be at this point so felt the need to point it out. In case you just drove off on 4 flats. “God he was all heart”, seeing as I am such a nice guy I left you a foot pump in the boot, Thou I am afraid I could not find the key to that padlock ether.

I did not want to move, but I had to not only to get home to try and get out of this, but I also knew the dog would be at home waiting for his walk and his dinner, one of which he would not be getting to night at this rate. I got out of the car stiffly went round the back and opened the boot, there was a foot pump, with a small chain attaching it to large lump of iron it looked like cannon ball only a bit bigger.

I reached in to lift it out, It weighed a fucking ton next time my body says leave it this time, I might just listen to it. It’s hard to grab hold of it with to mittens for hands it’s not like I can spread my fingers out and reach around it to lift it all I have to sort of balance it on my grouped fingers and title a little bit towards my thumbs but not so much its massive weight forces my thumbs to give way and it roles away from me.

With my legs effectively in splints thanks to that water absorbing powered there is no way I can think of bending legs and lifting the correct way, I have to try a dead lift using my arms only and take the strain on my back, not good. With some effort I managed to get it up and on to the boot lip, thou the next problem is how to get it to the ground, where I can role it with no way to bend my legs in any useful way, I decided it was best to just drop it on the floor. So I spread my legs, so it did not break my foot and let it go, making sure it rolled out of the car and not back into the boot.

Big mistake,  I had only been thinking about the hard part getting the ball out not the easy part the foot pump on the short chain, well you can guess what happened when I drop a large lead ball between my legs, the next thing I knew I was on the ground in pain grabbing my bollocks. Ofc the dam pump had whipped up out of the boot and hit me in the crotch, owing to the weight of the massive lead ball it hit me with some force and I was now on the floor in pain once more.

A few moments followed in silence now this would be the point I would have sworn and ff’ed and blinded, but talking was not an option with my teeth in some sort of clay. I said to myself “Its your own fault” and decided to just get on with, It was hard to stand up and I was only going to have to bend over to attach the pump so I just pushed it along crawling along the ground in a sort of sit up with my legs straight.

My thoughtful “friend” had put the dust caps back on all the wheels so they did not get lost, but that meant at least 10 minutes of struggling for me to untwist the dam things with thick rubber mittens it was not easy, and I was really starting to sweat again and I had to piss, no point holding it in at this point.

After spending 10 minutes to get the first one off, I finally attached the pump, and spent what must have been another 10 or 15 minutes pumping the tyre up maybe longer I had no way to measure time at this point, but you try pumping a foot pump when you cannot bend your leg, I kept having to do a sort of jump with on leg so I could use my weight on the other leg straight to push it back down it was killing me and I still had 3 more to go.

After the first one was done, I flung the dust cap in the boot, no way I was putting it back on. I managed to do the other two wheels with much the same level of difficulty in much the same time. I was now doing the last front wheel I was standing out in the road, now with the lens on and it being so dark I could not really such beyond the area illuminated by the street lamp.
It was too late before I noticed the car pull up next me, I could not hear it running put I saw my shadow as it was cast upon my own car, my heart sank how the fuck was I going to deal with a norm at this point I was knackered with no way to communicate other than hand jesters and could not hear anything any one would say to me.

I turned round thinking it was best to take the intuitive, luckily with the street light behind me I could make out the driver clearly a lad no older than 20 more likely 18 in a beat up old Orion the scaly type who always wear trakies no matter what the weather is and more than likely have their hand glued to their cock no matter where they are or what they are doing, you see them with to hand down their kecks any where you go in Liverpool.

He got out of his car and asked me if I was alright, well that’s what it looked like the best I could see from reading his lips. I took my hands and put them over my ears, then one over my mouth and put my hand above my eyes as if I was looking far away to try and indicated limited vision.

He seemed to get it the bright lad that he was,  and mouthed flat, I nodded I could see he wanted to ask what had happened, but it was my lucky day and he just mouthed stag with a knowing nod. Seeing my easy way out, I just gave him a resigned nod.

Before I could even say anything else, he was round next to me pumping away and talking at the same time, but he was going so quick I could not really make out what he was saying, I could only make out something about his brother and guess he was telling me about his brother stag do.

He had pumped it up to 35 psi in a few mins and I was glad, it was one wheel I did not have to do, he bent over to take the pump off the wheel, I saw him laugh as he noticed what the pump was attached to. But too his credit he just picked it up and put in the boot for me. I was waiting for this to go wrong, but he closed the boot and then proceeded to even put the dust caps back on for me. I just stood their useless as I did not really know what to do with myself as this lad went round sorting everything out for me.

He then walked over to me with purpose and reached out to me, and grabbed the big silver padlock in his hand to give it a tug, he then said one min and held up his hand with one finger and went to his boot, this was starting to be too good to be true.  He came back with a set of bolt cutters smaller and less industrial looking than my own. He came back over to me with a thumbs up and tried to cut the lock that kept me in the suit I could see him turn read in the face. He was not going to do it the lock, could stand up to angle grinder never mind them cutters.

He shook his head in resigned way to let me know he was not going to be able to help with this problem, but then took me by surprise and took me by the shoulders and spun me round, I felt him messing around at the back of the suit, he then came around in front of me, he had managed to cut the padlock on the arse zip, which I had not even thought about, being the least of my worries.

He held up for me to see and nodded and did a thumbs up which was really the only thing you could do in big rubber mittens. He lashed it in to the street and looked in at his watch, I could tell this was about as much good will as I was going to get out of him, but was thank full ether way.  I offered him my hand to shake, as means of thanks as it was all I could really do and he understood that I understood and he went back to his car got in a drove off.

With the car ready I was ready to go home, but I a thought did occur to me that if the arse zip was now free to be opened, that I could lay on my back and dump all the water and whatever else was in the legs out thought the arse zip.  

It was not easy reaching round, the zip on the arse was nothing special and to my surprise it turned out to be a proper water proof set up with not one put two zips.  It took a few goes of grabbing the zip and then pulling with too much force for the rubber covered mitts to slip off the small zip pull before I managed to get both zips fully open.  I laid down in the street on my back and lifted my legs into the air, while holding the gap in the arse open as far as it would go, I must admit it was nice to get that cool air inside the suit and on my poor arse hole, thou it was chilly being November and all.
Small green balls started falling out my arse in a big wave and over the road, they looked like those ones you see in flower Varese when someone buys flowers, I am guessing it was the same tec only used as unintended.  With lots of shaking and standing and lowing and rising of legs I managed to get 90% of them out of the suit, the road was now A wash with little green balls and every time I stood on a clump I had to be careful not to trip, I did not want to go flying and nock myself out not dressed like this any way.

I decided it was prob best to at least pull the outer zip back up and close the suit for the drive home before I got in the car, that prob took another god knows how long of pulling and slipping out of my hands. Thou I was glad to be able to bend my legs and did a few deep knee bends and it was now going to be safe to drive home, where as I did not fancy it when I could not bend my legs.

Thankfully the car started first time and I set off on my way home, I then thought about the toll booth, reaching around in the side door pocket of the car where I kept the fast tag for the tunnel. I put my hand in and could not find it at first, but was very thankful when my mitted hand managed to find the tag, saying I was relived was an understatement. I only had folding in my wallet and the machines only took coins, I did not fancy pulling up to the manual window and handing over a 5iver for change.

The drive home was uneventful thank fully thou my hart did skip a beat as I was stuck at the auto lane in the tunnel waving my fast tag round in the air like I just don’t care, trying to get the dam reader to pick it up so I could get away from there asap.

I pulled up outside my place, and reached over to get my house keys out of the glove box with my mobile and wallet, I shate myself when I Could not feel the keys and some random thrashing around did not make contact with them, now I should explain that I rarely use the car, in fact I recently sold my nice car and bought and old hep when I realised I was only driving once a month to go shopping normally I use my motor bike, it has that added advantage that you can drive thought the Mersey tunnel for free on a bike saving me £70 a month in tunnel fees  

Now I could barely see a thing in the car so decided I was going to have to bite the bullet and turn on the in car lights so I could see, this ofc came with the down side of lighting me up so that anyone in the street could see me sitting in the car outside my house dressed like a gimp.  O and there is police station about 10 doors down from where I live just to top it off!
With the light on I could just about make out a packet of something in the corner, It was long and silver and about as long as my keys, I reached in and pulled it out to hold it up into the light, that bastard!  It was my keys rapped in duct tape; how the fuck was I going get them out, with my hands in mittens like this I had no finger nails to unpeel the tape.

I turned off the light and sat there and dark thinking how I was going to overcome this little challenge. The best idea I could come up with that did not involve knocking at next doors house and asking them to do it for me, was to take the car key and stab at it and rub it and attack it, and just have at it with as much brute force as I could.  

Although a bastard there was only 3 layers of tape on the key’s and with a lot of hard work I managed to get my keys out of the tape, thou my legs where now covered in little bits of tape as was the car seat and my car keys.  
I took a quick look around and jumped out the car and up to the house, unlocking the door was a bit of a fumble with covered hands but I managed it, then the hard part I had to use my thumb to type in the code for the house alarm before I set it off, with having a dog the motion sense where off most of the time but it would still go off if someone kicked a door in or broke a window.

With the front door shut behind me I dropped to the floor and sat with my back to the front door with my head in my hands, the full weight of the evening’s events dawning on me so far had just been about getting home, but I still had to get out of the suit without having to cut it off.

I could not wallow in self pity for too long, on the other side of the frosted glass vestibule door I could see the familiar sight of large tail wagging backwards and forwards waiting for me, poor Jay must have been trapped inside for ages now, it was more than likely well past his time for a walk, and I was fully expecting a pool of piss on the floor.

I picked myself up and opened the door to be greeted by a very excited dog, until he noticed the face mask which seemed to put him off slightly but at this point I think he was just desperate for attention and to go out, So I proceeded to the back door and let him out and while he was out, set about finding the can opener and making him something to eat, even thou all I really wanted to do was sleep and hope that divine inspiration brought me a way out.

When I finally got round to looking at the clock it was 10 pm that meant It had taken me 5 hours to get suited and home. I really wanted to eat but that was not going to happen and I did manage however to dip the tube on the mouth gag into a glass of water and have a drink, I wish I had some of those energy drinks around, but I did not really like fizzy drinks so only normally drank water at home. I was not going shopping, even if Tesco was 24 hour.

Once the dog had has his dinner I just ended up sprawled out on the couch with him sat on top of me, he need the company and it was not his fault I was trapped like this but mine, so I did not think it was fair to make him suffer so I shoved the TV on, and two of us lay there on the couch till I passed out.

I woke up in a panic my throat was dry I could not breath there was great weight on my chest and I could not feel my fingers or my face. Jay jumped off me and I remembered where I was and why.  I kicked him out into the garden it was around 2pm I had slept most of the morning.  It was unlike Jay to lay in this long, but I guess he must have sensed I needed the sleep, thou I had no Idea how he could tell it was me, in all this rubber he must not have even been able to smell me.

I needed a morning piss, so decided that I would open the arse zip and sit on the loo, I hooked my dick with my hand and pissed, it did not really matter if I pissed on my arm, it was not going to get wet and I could always jump in the shower.
Which I ended up doing I put the shower to cold and washed the outside of the suit it was great to cool down, I decided to shove the shower head in the arse zip and zip it up and then let her rip, the legs of the suit filled with water it felt great it was like having a standing bath, if I put my hand around the nozzle I could stop most of it from leaking out and it filled up behind the open zipper and around my chest and then down my arms, It was great to feel clean and get the sweat washed off me, My nipples thanked me greatly they were so raw from the constant rubbing of the underside of the leather braces.

As fun as this was it was time to get serious half the day was gone and I was still inside this suit, I turned the shower off and undid the zip a great torrent of water spilled out the suit I held my arms in the air to drain the sleeves of the suit and then had to lay on the floor of the shower with my feet in the air to empty the legs a few green balls spilled out as well.

It was a bit strange to stand there with a towel and dry my rubber skin but I did not want water over the rest of the house it was not waterproofed like me. Once down stairs I was meat by wagging tail holding a lead, knowing that we normally went out after my shower, it was hart braking to disappoint him but I had other things I needed to do.

I had heard the post man while I was in the shower so decided to see what had come, giving myself more time to think about how to get out. Usual junk mail and hand addressed letter with no stamp and just the word’s “Dry suit Gimp” on it, I had to get steak knife out of the kitchen to open it.

It was a mock flyer for a sale at the dive shop, showing a diver in heave chains at the bottom of a tank, with the words sale above it. Below “we are having a fire sale on keys we have one left special rates available.”  With instructions to text the number below, by 6pm if I wanted to take up the offer.

I put it down on the radiator and went in search of bolt cutters I had purchased as ultimately this would make me decision for me. I sat with my back against the wall and position the cutters in place and then had to lean forwards to grab both handles and push, no joy, I tried a different hold with the handles in front of my face but and push and pushed till I was read in the face and a little faint the tubes restricted how much air one could get and I was starting to feel light headed.

I was not going to manage this myself, my options where to take him up on his offer or to call a lock smith.  That was going to involve rather a lot of problems trying to get one to me without being able to speak or hear and cost me around £200 to get it picked. I did not have £200 to be spending on lock smiths.

I found my phone luckily it used a stylus so it was fairly easy to send him a mail enquiring if he had any keys left and what the price was.. . I got a text back saying the price was 24 hours of my time,  I sent him a text back agreeing I thought it best to try and start as soon as possible.  

The next text said be on your knees in your hall for 8 pm, That would mean I need to make arrangements about the dog, I sent some texts off and eventually found a sitter I said I would leave the keys under the back gate and would they be sure to take jay out for a longer walk as he would need it.

Seeing as my arse was now free I decided to give myself a good clean out, I was not sure if he would be happy or not that I had gotten that zip open but I was sure now it was he might just want to make use of it.

When it got to 7:45pm I put the dog in the living room put the keys in place so he could be walked hid my wallet and phone so it looked like I was out to my mate, and decided it was prob best just to take house keys with me, I turned off the lights and knelled in place and put my keys on the floor to my right where they could be seen, I left the front door unlocked.
I don’t know how long I spent there but my knees where dead when the door was eventually pushed open it was dark out and in the house so there was not enough light for me to see thought the lenses in the hood.

The figure must have seen my keys as I could just about make out a figure pick them up and pocket them before I was patted on the head, I did not think that this was the same guy as he was just not the right shape.

He then proceed to put a heavy steel collar round my neck and padlock it in place followed by a set of hand cuffs to keep my hands in place.  And then finally blind fold I was tugged by the collar up and I guessed this meant stand. He pulled me out of the house and then stopped me while he shut my front door, I was pushed and pulled until I felt metal on my shins guessing I was up against the back of a van, I stepped up and into it, where I was then pushed down on my knees and then finally lowered on to my stomach I could feel my legs being tied off spread eagle and then chain against my collar pulling me the other way I was now stuck there till some one set me free.

A bumpy ride later, I felt the china holding me down being undone and I was once again dragged to my feet I was lead out of the van and the blind fold was removed I could see where in the dive shop car park.  This was well lit so I could see quite well now and could easy tell it was not the same guy who had put me in this suit but was in fact the young scaly lad form the night before who had helped me, with on hand on my lead and one hand down his trakie bottoms on his cock he lead me into the shop.

He led me to another part of the shop I had not see before and over to what looked like a water tank in the floor he stopped me by the edge, I wanted to ask so many questions at this point but could not. He disappeared out of view and I felt my hands uncuffed, and he took off the steel collar. I stood waiting it was the only thing I could do. I felt him at my feet placing on a set of huge 2 inch thick leg maniacal connected by a huge chain they weighed a tone. I would not be walking far in these. Next he came over and put some sort of dive helmet on me but the sort you see deep see divers wearing with a glass plate in it. I felt him pressurise it I was now breathing off an oxygen line leading off a real off to one side, there was a hell of a lot of line there for such a small room.

Next a thick heavy collar was placed around my neck I could not tell if it was the same one but with the diving helmet on it acted like a posture collar and forced me to hold my head straight up. He then placed two large manacles on my wrists that again weighted me down,  but these did not have  a chain, but he came back with one held it against me, he did not like it for some reason and swapped it for another. He then place one end threw the o ring on the collar and padlocked each end to a cuff, he proceeded to pull my left hand to my hip and on to the padlock, The idea was to show me that I could reach it but I did not yet know why.

He walked me over to the tank and had me stand there, I could tell he had turned on the lights in the tank and he proceeded to push my head forward so I could see down while holding me from behind tom make sure I did not fall in. It was deep very deep the markings on the side made out it was 25 meters deep, he stood me back up and showed me a key then held a note in front of my face “your key”, then the key again, I could tell what was coming next he dropped it to the bottom of the tank. If I wanted the key I was going for a swim. Worse was to come however, he ten held up a bucket in front of my face so I could see it and proceeded to poor the contents into the tank, It was full of fucking keys all the same! My heart sank as the task before me started to take shape, I would have to try each key to see if was mine which thick rubber mittens on at the bottom of a tank using my softpaw.

However it was to get worse, much worse he undid the arse zip on the suit and pulled me into a squat, like I was having a dump on the side of the tank,  he then proceed to push a very large put plug up my arse as far as he could and when it would go no further he stop pushing it up and just pushed down on my shoulders till my legs push out in front of me and I fell right ton to it, I screamed that much that you could hear it even with the gag. This was a fucking monster in my arse tearing me in two!

He helped me up quickly all of a sudden his pace seamed to change once he got into me, I felt his hand now with gloves go round the side of the suit and coat my dick in cream, and rub it into my piss slit. Once done with the same speed and efficiencies as before he zipped up the suit held a padlock in front of my face and then proceeds to lock the back zip once more.

Another note, you have 24 hours to find your key, we won’t be sending the ladder down to get you out until the time is up, if don’t find your key in the time allowed you will have to be cut out, only one is yours, good luck.

I gowned at the thought, but before I could realise what was going on I was shoved into the tank and fell to the bottom, with all the steel in my boots and on my body I hit the bottom with a thud, the floor was full of keys all looking the same, then the lights went out, the bastards turned the fucking lights out I was going to have to do this in the dark!

I decided it was best to try and push all the keys to my left and then throw them away to my right, so set about pushing them all over to one side when it started. A burning sensation in my arse, followed by my dick, I spent the next 40 minutes in the foetal position on the floor of the tank in agony I would have cut my dick off to get rid of the pain, thou my arse probably hurt just as bad if not worse with the massive over sized plug in me, both had been coated with icy hot. I cried like a little girl I just wanted to go home at this point sorry I had ever gotten myself into this trapped at the bottom of  a tank laying in darkness on a bed of keys.


With That, Visiting Time Is Over.

What Ever You Do Don’t Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.



Rubber Stories: The Experimental Diving Suit Parts 1-6

April 7, 2011 in Rubber Stories, Inmate: RubberAsylum

>My Fellow Inmates,

In the continuing efforts of sharing some of the best on the net with you, here is another one of my favorite rubber stories. The author used real people or, well, real online names to torment his character.

It still makes for a great story. 

…And One of Asylum’s favorites.


The Experimental Diving Suit Parts 1-6
by BoyRubber

The following is a true story of the future! It is dedicated to all those kinky perverted guys of the “Lone Star Rubber Corps.”

West Coast Rubber 2006 was over, and boyrubber returned home as spent as an empty repeating rifle, and as dry as Desert Hot Springs in July. So many rubbermen, so little time! Among the hottest, of course, was Aqualaboy, 6 foot 4 inches of latex covered heaven.

Throwing his suitcases filled with gear on the bed, boyrubber attacked his mound of e-mail (mostly spam and invoices), when he came across one unexpected but not unwelcome message from none other than Aqualaboy. The subject line read, “The Experimental Diving Suit.” It was an invitation by Aqualaboy to join his kinky perverted gay diving group, the “Lone Star Rubber Corps,” for a weekend of diving fun, and inquired whether boyrubber would have any interest in evaluating their new experimental diving suit.

boyrubber replied immediately, excited by the prospect of manflesh encased in Viking and Aquala, but admitted to Aqualaboy that boyrubber had no experience diving. Aqualaboy’s reply was direct and to the point, the invitation was being made specifically because of boyrubber’s lack of experience. The Corp felt that only someone with no experience could give a truly objective appraisal. boyrubber wrote back excitedly accepting the invitation, agreeing to evaluate the suit and asking what he needed to bring with him. Aqualaboy replied to bring only the clothes he needed to travel because the Corp had plenty of spare suits, and besides, boyrubber would be wearing the experimental suit for much of the weekend anyway. There was, however, an odd postscript. Aqualaboy requested that boyrubber have all of his hair waxed off for the evaluation, as the suit could be hot to wear, so fur removal was required. The instruction seemed strange, but boyrubber was so excited by the offer that he complied without questioning it further. Four weeks and several very painful hours at the local aesthetician later, a smooth boyrubber was off the plane and heading to a secluded spot on the coast of Texas.

The excitement of anticipation showed on boyrubber’s jeans as he drove his rented car to the wharf where he was to meet Aqualaboy and his gang. It wasn’t hard to spot them, a large crowd all encased in various drysuits, wetsuits, hardhat suits and a few suits that defied description, but which boyrubber was sure were made of rubber too.

boyrubber practically threw himself out of the car, not even sure he had turned the thing off, and made a bee-line for Aqualaboy whom he recognized from his handsome photographs on! boyrubber was obviously expected, but his welcome was unexpected…

“I thought I told you to get rid of ALL of your hair,” stated Aqualaboy sternly, as he reached to shake boyrubber’s outstretched hand.

“I DID,” protested boyrubber, “had every hair waxed, and it hurt like a son-of-a-bitch!”

“What do you call THIS,” yelled Aqualaboy as he tugged on some of the fine black fur making up boyrubber’s neat flattop. “I suppose this is imaginary hair!”

“Surely, you didn’t want me to have my head waxed?”

“Look,” declared Aqualaboy, “either you take this test seriously, or you shouldn’t have come. I thought I was quite clear in my instructions. The suit will be hot. No fur allowed. Heat retention, highly dangerous!”

“but, but…” stammered boyrubber.

“No problem, Bob here, is a barber by trade. Ain’t that right Bob?”

“Yup,” replied a tall man in a black rubber apron and matching industrial gloves standing a few feet away, “Got my equipment in my bag here for just such an emergency.”

“Right then,” answered Aqualaboy quickly, “that’s all settled.” It may have been settled in Aqualaboy’s mind and in Bob’s mind, but it was not at all clear in boyrubber’s mind. Nevertheless, boyrubber thought it was better to let the matter rest for the time being. “Time to get our subject suited up, men,” announced Aqualaboy to the gathered crowd. “Take off all of your clothes, boyrubber.”

“Here?” replied a confused boyrubber, “Out in the open, in front of everyone?”

“Don’t be shy,” smiled Aqualaboy, “we’ve seen it before. Just place your clothes in that bag.” Aqualaboy motioned to a black bag begin held by Jason who was wearing a black beaver-tail wetsuit complete with flippers, and holding a plastic bag that looked remarkably like a garbage bag. boyrubber complied slowly, neatly folding his clothes in a stack on the pier. Jason scooped them up, bagged them, and to boyrubber’s surprise, tied the end of the bag and deposited it in a black metal barrel labeled ‘trash.’ Seeing boyrubber’s perplexed face, Aqualaboy explained that the barrel was the Corp’s storage container for their guests’ valuables.

“Now,” uttered Aqualaboy to the Corp, “Who’s got the security device?”

A man stepped forward from the crowd. He was wearing a one piece yellow rubber suit with attached gloves and boots, with no apparent way of entering the suit. Hanging down from the front of the suit was the distinct outline of male genitalia, apparently housing the man’s family jewels. The significance was lost on boyrubber for the moment. The man identified himself as Alan and boyrubber now saw that he was carrying some small metal object.

“Alan, would you do the honors?” asked Aqualaboy, and turning to boyrubber, stated nonchalantly, “we’ve had some problem with previous test suits, where the subject soiled the suit.” Looking at boyrubber’s uncomprehending face, he continued, “soiled…do I have to spell it out for you?” Several chuckles and a few outright laughs emitted from the men. “This device makes sure that this expensive suit is in the same condition when we finish, as when we start.”

“What does it do,” boyrubber inquired innocently, hoping the answer was not what he suspected.

“Keeps you from getting over excited, and creaming the suit. Please proceed, Alan, time is wasting.” And with that, Alan came forward as did two rather large men in identical green frogmen suits complete with flippers and snorkel masks. The frogmen stood close on either side of boyrubber, as if to handle any trouble. The intimidation worked perfectly, and boyrubber held still as his man parts were handled without the least dignity. Fortunately, boyrubber was shy and the attention caused his manhood to shrivel up, making the procedure go more smoothly. Quickly, boyrubber was fitted with a steel tube attached to a rather tight matching steel cockring. The tube has a small opening in the tip, and a short stub of a tube with threading for mating with some unknown instrument. The cockring was fixed in place with two small screws that were countersunk into the rim of the cockring. Unbeknownst to boyrubber, Alan added a drop of epoxy to the screw holes before he implanted the screw ready to answer the question as to why with his stock answer, ‘so that the screws don’t come out accidentally,’ but never receiving the usual question. At the moment, boyrubber had more to worry about for, as his manhood recovered in size, suddenly, sharp, piercing pain emanated from the enlarging head of his cock. A loud protest followed, whereby the two frogmen moved in for support and Alan explained that the end of the tube was lined with small spikes to discourage suit soiling. All routine really, nothing to worry about. The pain subsided as boyrubber’s cock inevitably shrunk back, and Alan and Aqualaboy nodded to each other confirming that the procedure was completed.

“The suit is designed for extremely cold water dives,” explained Aqualaboy to boyrubber who was still examining the steel prison on his manhood, “so you need to fitted up with glove liners for the gloves that are attached to the suit.” With that, a member of the Corp stepped forward and presented Aqualaboy with a pair of black rubber items that seems to boyrubber to be very strange gloves indeed. First they had no visible fingers, and second, they seemed to have a locking strap around the wrist band. “Here,” offered Aqualaboy holding out the first glove to boyrubber, “there’s no right and left, either hand will do.” boyrubber held out his right hand and, before he could withdraw it, found his hand encased in a sheath of thick black rubber, fingers and thumb together, the glove zippered from knuckles to wrist, and the zipper locked to a wrist band around the wrist with a small padlock.

“Why are you locking the glove?” ask boyrubber, “and why doesn’t it have any fingers? Hell, I can’t even bend my fingers. How am I supposed to function under water?”

“Novice,” stated one Corp member. “Where did you get him, Aqualaboy?” asked another.

“There, there, guys,” answered Aqualaboy, “boyrubber’s here to learn.” And then, turning to boyrubber, Aqualaboy explained that the hand ends of the diving suit were made for swimming and keeping the fingers together helped displace water, kind of like fins for the hands. The locks were necessary to prevent accidental slippage of the gloves during diving. In any case, while Aqualaboy was soothing boyrubber’s fears, the second glove was placed and locked and the issue became academic anyway.

“Who’s got the list?” Aqualaboy yelled to the Corp members. An unseen voice from behind read out ‘drainage!’ “Right ‘o,” replied Aqualaboy, “Loren, aren’t you in charge of plumbing today?” A Corp member dressed in an all black diving suit but wearing a gasmask with a hose extending two foot down came forward with what appeared to boyrubber to be a nearly foot long dildo in the shape of an erect penis with black tubing coming out of the bottom. boyrubber did NOT like the look of this, and turned his head a little to see if the frogmen were still at his side. They were.

Loren took the end of the tubing and, using a screw connector, attached it to the fitting on the tip of boyrubber’s security device. Then, Loren motioned for boyrubber to turn around. “Why,” questioned boyrubber, “what do you intend to do with that monster?”

“You may be in the suit for awhile, boyrubber,” explained Aqualaboy, “can’t have you peeing in the suit. We members of the Lone Star Rubber Corps are very environmentally conscious. We strongly believe in recycling. RIGHT boys?” ‘Right!’ and ‘You betcha!’ came several replies. “Anyway, we’ve found that the most practical solution is for the diver to hold his own piss, that is of course, IF he needs to go during the dive.” There were more chuckles from the Corp members. The foreshadowing was entirely lost on boyrubber.

“Why can’t I just use a leg bag,” pleaded boyrubber, becoming too aware of what the ‘boys’ had in mind.

“tsk, tsk,” replied Aqualaboy, “the suit won’t fit right with a leg bag. We can’t have any drag in the water!” ‘Not unless you count that episode with the tutu last year’ whispered someone behind boyrubber.

Without further discussion, Loren motioned for boyrubber to turn around. Not complying fast enough, the frogmen lifted poor boyrubber up and placed him in the proper orientation, and then bent him over holding him by the neck. boyrubber felt the cool wetness of lube being injected into his hole in great quantities, and then, with a warning ‘take a deep breath’ felt the monster push open his sphincter and snake its way in farther and farther. Finally, boyrubber took the whole thing in, and Loren proceeded to wipe off the excess lube around boyrubber’s stretched hole. What boyrubber didn’t witness was Loren’s application of some waterproof glue around the hole and Loren’s firm pressing of the flange of the invader against boyrubber’s butt until it was sealed in place. What boyrubber also didn’t appreciate was that the invader had a second channel, then not attached to anything, but not to be long unattached.

“Let’s see now,” declared Aqualaboy, “secured, gloved and replumbed. Yup, who’s got the anti-bends vest?” An odd looking garment of rubber covered canvas was put into his hands and he passed it to boyrubber telling him to put it on. “This device is our Corp’s own invention, an ‘anti-bends vest.’ We had quite a bit of trouble with diver’s getting back trouble from bending too much, hence the vest. It should stop unnecessary bending and solve the problem!” Even with his hand now fixed into closed mitts by the glove liners, boyrubber could tell that there were closely spaced steel stays between the layers of rubber and canvas. boyrubber tried to put his mitts through the arm holes, but Alex immediately stopped him and turned around the vest so that the opening was in the back. “Alex here is an investment counselor,” mentioned Aqualaboy motioning to the man handling the vest, “so we put him in charge of investments!” boyrubber did not find any humor in this though some members of the Corp snickered. Once in the vest, Alex produced a thick strand of wire several feet long and proceeded to lace it through the eyelets lining the opening at the back of the vest starting with the bottom of the vest. Every couple of eyelets, Alex gave a tug on the wire drawing it tight around boyrubber’s body, and continued to lace until he reached the eyelets at the top of the neck.

“Hey,” complained boyrubber, “what the hell are you doing? You’re going to break my bones. Not so tight!” Alex stopped tightening the vest, apparently waiting for that reaction to gauge when his first job was completed. Alex’s second job would come soon enough. Alex carefully bent the excess wire backward and cut off all but about 6 inches of the excess.

“Time to get suited up,” declared Aqualaboy, “I’ll bet you can’t wait boyrubber!” Actually, at this point boyrubber could have waited. He was beyond second thoughts and having third thoughts. But for the ever presence of the two frogmen, and the Corp crowd surrounding poor boyrubber, he might have made a break for it. Still, if the truth be told, boyrubber was a little curious to see the suit he had come so far to try on.

boyrubber didn’t have to wait long. With great ceremony, a Corp member in an orange hazmat suit complete with a radiation danger warning sign on the front, made his way through the parting crowd carrying the experimental diving suit all folded up into a neat small package. boyrubber was SHOCKED by what he saw!

Part 2

boyrubber did not at first recognize that this was the suit which he was to analyze as it did not appear to be a diving suit at all. Aqualaboy took the suit from the hazmat man and carefully unfolded it revealing a strange garment of alternating black and white stripes and smelling pungently of cured rubber.

“I can see you are wondering about our choice of colors,” Aqualaboy addressed boyrubber. “We found that this choice of alternating black and white stripes decreases the incidence of man-eating octopus attacks!” Be that as it may, boyrubber did get a first impression that the suit reminded him of an old-fashioned prisoner’s uniform. Further, boyrubber was a little disconcerted to see large “D” rings attached to the end of the mitts, on each shoulder and at the sides of the waist of the suit. The suit had a back entry shoulder to shoulder zipper, a high neck seal and a metal ring above the shoulders for attachment of an, as yet unseen, diving helmet. Aqualaboy held open the suit, but instead of asking boyrubber to come forward, he turned the hazmat man and nodding. At that signal, a couple of members of the Corp began pouring one bucket of a clear substance into another bucket ominously labeled “silicone synthetic rubber” and proceeded to stir the mixture with large wooden paddles. “The suit tends to get a little tight over time,” Aqualaboy stated now turning to boyrubber, “we use some industrial grade lubricant to overcome the problem.” This seemed odd to boyrubber because the suit looked a size too large for him, if anything, and boyrubber did not see how the suit could get that tight. While boyrubber was contemplating this information, the two Corp members finished their stirring and together carried the heavy load to the diving suit. At the direction of the hazmat man, the Corp members poured their mixture into the suit causing the two legs to expand fully up to the knees under their load of poured rubber. “That looks fine to start,” pronounced Aqualaboy, “step right this way boyrubber!”

boyrubber made no move to comply, instead stepping a little back from the suit. At that, and with another nod from Aqualaboy, the frogmen lifted boyrubber up by the armpits and frogmarched him to the suit. By now, boyrubber was fully petrified and only wanted to call the whole thing off. His suspicions that this was not what he was expecting originally had now turned into near total panic! Seeing that boyrubber would not be “cooperating” further, Aqualaboy did not even try with gain boyrubber’s cooperation but directed the frogmen to lift boyrubber up and place his legs into the suit. As boyrubber’s naked legs came in contact with the smooth thick rubber of the insides of the suit, he relaxed slightly, only to be reawaken when he feet made contact with the pools of liquid silicone rubber. Deeper and deeper, his legs were forced into the legs of the suit and, as they went in, the pools of silicone rubber expanded upward until they completely surrounded him to the upper thighs. Deftly, Aqualaboy went around the back of the suit pushed a rubber tube through a one-way valve in the crotch of the suit. Using a Christmas-tree connector, Aqualaboy connected one end of the tube to the heretofore unused second opening in boyrubber’s butt invader. Next, boyrubber’s gloved hands were pushed into the sleeves of the suit and his head was squeezed through the tight rubber neck seal and metal ring. The two Corp members came forward again and poured additional silicone rubber into the back of the suit, filling it to the waist.

With the assistance of the frogmen, boyrubber was then turned around, and shown a “chair” of sorts that had mysteriously appeared in the middle of the pier. The “chair was a black metal affair, with a ladder back and four reinforced metal legs, but no armrests, and with a seat that resembled that of a toilet. boyrubber was half escorted, and half dragged to the waiting chair and made to sit down by the application of some firm pressure on his shoulders. The unused end of the rubber tubing hung down through the opening in the seat like a tail, but only for a moment.

“Now then,” said Aqualaboy, “time for Alex to finish his job.” Alex reached into the back opening of the suit and, using his pliers, began twisting the wires at the top of the anti-bends vest once more causing howls of protest from boyrubber. “Look, boyrubber,” scolded Aqualaboy more than a little miffed, “I need and I EXPECT your cooperation here. When I count three, I want you to suck in that gut of yours and to exhale as completely as possible. Got it!?! Here we go…one…two…three… Good, a little more… Get all of that air out of those lungs of yours… a little more…” Just then, Alex went for the gold, twisting the wires several more times, thereby taking every bit of slack out of the vest and fixing poor boyrubber’s sucked in stomach and collapsed lungs in place. “VERY good,” congratulated Aqualaboy, “now that’s much better!” boyrubber gasped as he tried to expand his air starved lungs only to find that no amount of effort could force his chest to expand. He began choking. “Small breaths…small breaths,” advised Aqualaboy, “you need to learn to breath under the dangerous conditions that you might find during a dive. That’s right, don’t move, moving requires more oxygen, just concentrate on taking those small breaths and you’ll get used to the vest in no time.” It wasn’t like boyrubber had an option anyway. While boyrubber was gasping for oxygen and trying to get ‘used to’ his compressed state, Alex clipped the excess wire and cold welded the ends together forming a nice neat knot of metal at the top of the vest closure.

“I think we’re ready for the final filling, eh boyrubber!” said Aqualaboy addressing the cheering Corps. “Cum’on boys, let’s have a full bucket this time.”

“Please…please…no more,” begged boyrubber to Aqualaboy, “this lubricant seems to be getting hard. I can’t move my legs. They’re stuck!”

“BOYS!” shouted Aqualaboy to the men mixing the next bucket, “I thought I told you ‘lubricant!’ Did you make that stupid error you made the LAST time again?” At that, the ‘boys’ doing the mixing looked at each other distinctly downcast and nodded. “WELL!” said Aqualaboy, “guess there’s no time for a redo, so we might as well proceed, right?!?” “RIGHT!!!!” came the shout from the assembled crowd.

At that, the boys finished their mixing, and heaving the huge bucket of liquid silicone rubber, came over to the opening in the back of the suit. “Please…please…” cried boyrubber, “no more lubricant, please….” Two members of the Corp stepped forward and, grabbing the “D” rings attached to the end of the mitts containing boyrubber’s immobilized fingers, pulled the sleeves of the suit straight out to boyrubber’s sides. The boys then began filling the remainder of the suit with ‘lubricant,’ higher and higher, to the ribs, to the tits, and then bending boyrubber slightly forward, filled the sleeves of the suit until only the small area around the zipper remained lax. Putting down the bucket, which still contained a little unused liquid silicone rubber (note the blatant foreshadowing here), the boys carefully closed the zipper making sure not to spill any of the contents out of the suit. Next, unseen by boyrubber, the boys applied a good bit of rubber solvent around the zipper and quickly pressed a strip of matching rubber over the zipper, holding the strip in place until it permanently bonded with the suit.

Then, several of the Corp members descended on boyrubber almost on cue, actually it was on cue, forcibly crossing his arms straightjacket style and securing the mitt rings around his back and to the chair, while other members secured the shoulder rings and the waist rings on the suit to the chair also. These actions compressed the suit sufficiently to push the liquid silicone right up to the neck seal causing a belch of rubber tainted air to expel from the neck seal. The Corp members then smoothed out the wrinkled in the suit, making sure that there was silicone rubber between boyrubber’s skin and the rubber encasement of the suit he found himself in at all points. Obviously, this was not the first time that the Corp members had undertaken such a challenge, as their expertise practically oozed.

Stepping back to examine their handiwork, the Corp members congratulated themselves on a job well done…but of course, it was only half done….

Part 3

boyrubber was allowed to set up properly for a few minutes, but the heat released from the molding compounds solidifying around every inch of skin below his neck did not contribute to a calm relaxed state. Also not helping the situation was realization that he was being entombed as surely as if given a cement overcoat. Even tiny movements were becoming impossible. This whole episode ceased to have any redeeming quality about it, and…it was about to get worse…MUCH worse.

“Now,” exclaimed Aqualaboy, “time to clear off that bush!” Before boyrubber could protest again, Bob appeared at his side with an ominous bag labeled ‘clear cutting.’ Bob withdrew a rubber barber’s cape and spread it over the suit, fastening it tightly around boyrubber neck. “Don’t want to get the suit messy, do we?” Aqualaboy explained.

Wasting no time, a pair of noisy clipper’s made a neat path down the center of boyrubber’s flattop, followed by strips on either side until only the barest of stubble was visible. Next, boyrubber felt the unmistakable sensation of hot shaving lather being liberally spread over his entire scalp.

“Is this really necessary?” boyrubber gasped.

“It wasn’t me who didn’t follow directions,” replied Aqualaboy in an accusatory tone. What poor boyrubber didn’t realize was that it was not ordinary shaving lather covering his clippered scalp, but heavy duty depilatory cream guaranteed to prevent regrowth for several weeks. boyrubber had other things on his mind at that moment, as well as on his scalp, for he became aware of the distinct sound of a straight razor being finely honed on a strop followed by the order to ‘stay still,’ and then Bob’s expert hand carefully removing the lather and stubble. In a few short minutes the procedure was completed, and several members of the Corps stepped forward to feel the results. ‘A little fuzz here, Bob,’ and ‘You’re getting sloppy, Bob,’ were heard from the crowd.

“No problem, be cool,” Bob replied, “I’m sure boyrubber, here, wouldn’t mind if we gave it another go. How about another go at it boyrubber?” There was no reply from an incredulous boyrubber, but the crowd roared with enthusiasm and it was settled. Poor boyrubber’s head was unceremoniously relathered with depilatory cream, this time enough to do the job for several months, and Bob let the cream do it’s job for an extended time so as to get each and every follicle treated, before proceeding to shave boyrubber’s already smooth scalp against the grain, leaving only pink glass smooth skin behind. When Bob was finished, there was not a trace of 5:00 o’clock shadow, nor would there be for a very long time. After another “inspection” by several members of the Corps, there arose overwhelming praise for Bob’s handiwork. boyrubber would have a special reminder of his time with the Corps for many months to come, as well as developing a strong fetish for Fedoras.

“What’s next on the list,” Aqualaboy inquired. An unseen voice from behind read out ‘antisweat coating.’ “Oh yah,” responded Aqualaboy, “almost forgot the antisweat coating. See what you almost made me do with your failure to follow instructions,” chastised Aqualaboy shaking his finger at boyrubber. “WHO’S GOT THE POLISH?” called Aqualaboy. A man in a red and black Viking drysuit with a matching gas mask came to the front with a bottle, cloth and what appeared to boyrubber to be a buffing machine.

“WHAT are you doing?” sputtered boyrubber to Aqualaboy as the man spread a hefty layer of polish on boyrubber’s freshly shaven pate.

“The suit gets a little hot after awhile, and once the diving helmet is on, you won’t be able to stop any sweat from your head dripping into your eyes. Willi here is just sealing all of the skin pores on your head so you don’t sweat. No sweat, huh?!?” Aqualaboy laughed at his own humor but boyrubber didn’t find it amusing. Further, in his indignity at being treated this way, boyrubber was not aware of a slight pressing sensation before the first layer of polish was applied, where Willi had laid a stencil of indelible water-proof ink on boyrubber’s scalp labeling him number ‘69’ and with the test date below. In time, boyrubber would become aware of this souvenir of the test, but for now it was only important that the cameras recording the test could see the number and date clearly for future verification.

Once Willi began the polishing proper, he did not stop with polishing boyrubber’s depilitated scalp, but shined the entire rest of boyrubber’s head also, forehead, cheeks, jaw, ears lobes, and even sealing his tear ducts. At first, boyrubber tried to avoid the buffing pads as they were applied but, now firmly set-up in a coat of no-longer-liquid silicone rubber, boyrubber could not avoid the pads by the small movements of his head that were left to him, and gave up trying after a few halfhearted attempts. boyrubber might have put more effort into his attempts to evade the pads if he had known that the “polish” being used was really an industrial grade acrylic coating used for model show-room cars and designed for maximum sealing and shining. boyrubber could not, however, help noticing that his head and face were becoming very stiff, as the acrylic coating not only sealed his pores, but was drying to a marble-hard finish.

Willi continued to carefully buff poor boyrubber’s head until the shine was practically blinding, going over every spot several times, laying down two additional layers of polish and even changing the buffing pad once before he had satisfied the cheering crowd. Finally, everyone was satisfied, except boyrubber of course.

“Now then,” proclaimed Aqualaboy to boyrubber, “time to get your hydration tube put in place. Can’t have you getting dehydrated in the Suit, can we?” A small bundle was handed to Aqualaboy, who unfolded it to reveal what appeared to be a short, wide penis complete with veins attached to some kind of rubber strapping.

“WHAT are you going to do with that,” boyrubber asked afraid of the answer.

“I’ll show you,” responded Aqualaboy ominously. “Now now, boyrubber, open wide!” he requested of boyrubber bringing the head of the artificial phallus to caress boyrubber’s lips. boyrubber would have none of it. He shut his mouth tight and tried to turn away. Expecting trouble, however, a member of the Corps had positioned himself strategically behind boyrubber and, at a nod from Aqualaboy, performed a pinch maneuver behind boyrubber’s jaw, causing boyrubber to reflexly open his mouth. Without so much as two second delay, the phallus was shoved inside. “MMMMMMMMMPPPPPHHHH,” protested boyrubber jerking his head side to side. Ignoring the commotion, Aqualaboy carefully inserted the rubber pads extending off the base of the phallus into boyrubber’s cheek pockets, and then with another nod, the Corps member standing behind boyrubber connected the strap and buckle arrangements,and snugly fixed the hydration tube in position. “MUCH better,” exclaimed Aqualaboy smiling proudly at his handiwork. There was still garbled noise coming from boyrubber at this point, partly because a tube extended from the exterior of the teeth plate all the way through the phallus, opening into the back of his throat, and this rather small connection did allow some unintelligible sound through.

Next, Aqualaboy was handed a large syringe with most of the reminder of the liquid silicone rubber that was foreshadowed in our last part, and inserted the tip of the syringe into a mating valve in the front plate of the phallus adjacent the opening of the tube. Slowly, steadily, and with increasing difficulty, Aqualaboy injected the contents of the syringe. Slowly, steadily and most unwelcomely, boyrubber found that the phallus was getting an erection of sorts, mostly to the sides, filling his oral cavity more and more completely. boyrubber’s teeth became cradled in ridges at the base of the phallus creating a tight seal. Even the cheek pads expanded giving poor boyrubber the appearance of a chipmunk. None of the Corps members made fun of boyrubber’s rodenty appearance, however, as they were too polite to mention it, and of course, it was not wholly unexpected.

As the artificial phallus got more excited, boyrubber made more and more pitiful noises and then became rather silent, for you see, the entire bottom of the phallus expanded into shark tiny points skewering boyrubber’s tongue and fixing it into position. Any tongue movement now would result in painful reminders to keep his tongue absolutely still, and that lesson was quickly learned. boyrubber was quite lucky not to have a gag reflex, or there surely would have been trouble. Yes, how could the Corp members have known this ahead of time? Had boyrubber’s reputation preceded him?

Finally, the injection was complete and in a few minutes the liquid silicone rubber would set up creating a very secure and very fulfilling oral plug around the as-yet-unused tube in the center of the artificial erect phallus. “Well,” commented Aqualaboy, “silence is golden!”

Yes indeed, silence was golden but at this time, boyrubber was only 12 karat. Much more would have to be accomplished before boyrubber could be declared fully 24 karat! Fortunately, the Corps were up to the task!

Part 4

This part of the story is dedicated to Rubberblade.

While Aqualaboy was waiting for the oral plug to finish setting up, a small table was placed in front of boyrubber. On the table was a small mortar and pestle. boyrubber watched intently and with much trepidation while Aqualaboy placed a few small blue pills in the mortar, crushed the pills throughly and then added some liquid to the powder he had created. Next, Aqualaboy took an empty syringe and drew every drop of the now blue liquid into the syringe. Flicking the end of the syringe to remove trapped air, Aqualaboy commented nonchalantly, “yes, that dose will do to start.” Aqualaboy then came over to boyrubber with the syringe while the table was removed from sight. He caressed boyrubber’s puffed out cheeks pushing in slightly and thumped boyrubber’s teeth plate. “You’re doing very well, boyrubber,” complimented Aqualaboy, “you must have been a tuba player in the past. You took the filling to near full capacity. Well done! And it seems that things have solidified nicely so we can move forward. I’ll bet you’re just as anxious as we are, huh?” Actually, boyrubber wasn’t anxious at all but the question was rhetorical, and in any case, boyrubber wasn’t about to get into a philosophical discussion with a grapefruit-sized oral plug filling every crevice in his mouth and cheeks.
“I am now going to inject the liquid in this syringe through the hydration tube in your oral plug. You’re going to feel a little squirt in the back of your throat and you must swallow as soon as you feel it so the liquid goes down correctly. This will be good practice because once your hydration unit is hooked up and functioning, you will be doing a lot of swallowing. Alright, on the count of three, we’ll do a little squirt so that you get the feel of it. One…two…three…” And with that the first test run of the hydration tube was initiated. As soon as boyrubber felt the liquid, he tried to swallow but reflexly moved his tongue causing the spikes lining the bottom of the oral plug to dig it painfully. boyrubber jerked his head in response, but he did swallow the liquid. “Not bad for a first try, boyrubber,” commented Aqualaboy, “it takes a little practice to swallow without moving your tongue, at least that’s what they tell me!!!!” Snickers rose from several members of the Corps standing nearby. “So, let’s try again, and concentrate on keeping your tongue steady while swallowing with your throat muscles…ana one…ana two…ana three…and WE’RE OFF!” The second squirt went in and boyrubber concentrated with all his might, managing to swallow with less tongue movement and only a shudder of his head. “Much better, right?” declared Aqualaboy admiringly, “I think we can get the rest in now, and here goes…!” The remaining contents of the syringe squirted into boyrubber’s hydration tube and hit the back of his throat. boyrubber swallowed quickly, this time keeping his tongue almost perfectly still and getting all of the liquid down without even a tiny movement of his head.

“WELL DONE boyrubber!!!” congratulated Aqualaboy. “Now, I guess you’re wondering about the liquid you just swallowed.” boyrubber was wondering but at that moment he was feeling a strange but not unwelcome sensation. He was getting a hard-on! “The liquid,” continued Aqualaboy, “was a concentrated dose of Viagra in a special solvent for rapid absorption. I’ll bet your feeling a little giddy already!!” It was true, boyrubber was feeling a little pleasure BUT THEN ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE!!!! The most sensitive part of his manhood encounter the spikes that we previously dealt with in Part I of our story, only now, boyrubber couldn’t shrivel up again from the pain. In fact, boyrubber continued to get harder and harder and couldn’t stop the process anymore than he could effect anything else that was happening. As his dick continued to grow, it pushed past the spikes which turned out to be a ring and the tender head of his cock moved inexorably forward to meet its fate at the end of the tube. “I see you gotten past the ring of spikes,” noted Aqualaboy seeing boyrubber’s jerking head movements, “and have encountered the urethral tube…and …yes, there we are, all the way to the end!” Aqualaboy based his assessment on the now frantic movements boyrubber was making with his head, the only part of his body not stiffly entombed. “Perhaps a little explanation is in order.” It may have been in order, but boyrubber’s only thought at that point was trying to communicate that something was terribly wrong. Some muffled screams could now be easily heard from boyrubber’s throat followed by involuntary tearing which, thanks to the plugged tear ducts, merely rolled down his acrylic covered cheeks, past the strapping of the oral plug and pooled in the creases of the neck seal of the experimental diving suit. “Just past the ring of spikes is a tube that has entered your urethra so that every drop of piss you produce will flow easily into the tube at the end of your security device and into your anal plug. Don’t want to spill a drop now, do we?!? Anyway, the lining of the end of the security device contains a few spikes, while actually a hundred spikes and they will make sure that the urethral tube stays in position during the test run of the suit.” What Aqualaboy didn’t ‘explain’ however, was that each of the hundred spikes was arrow tipped, so when they entered the flesh of poor boyrubber’s cockhead, the grabbed firmly and wouldn’t come out. Each tip has also been coated with an anticoagulant to prevent bleeding that might interfere with the test. And further, each spike in the ring of spikes pointed forward and was seated behind the fleshly corona of boyrubber’s cockhead, so that, the combination of the arrow tipped spikes and ring of spikes would have prevented retraction of boyrubber’s prick even if it became soft. Only the cruelest of sadistic perverts could have envisioned such a hideous device. But then, this was the Lone Star Rubber Corps after all.

Aqualaboy continued, “I know what you’re thinking boyrubber, what happens when the Viagra wears off, how is your urethral tube going to stay in place then? Don’t worry, your hydration fluid will contain additional doses of Viagra throughout the test period to keep your manhood erect as it should be….or as least as erect as your security device will permit!” And that was another thing, there was an unceasing battle between boyrubber’s cock shaft trying to expand and the metal prison which surrounded it. The metal prison won, of course, but boyrubber’s cock sure put up a good fight resulting in a feeling of continual compression that did not lessen in time. Still, as the minutes passed, the whimpering grew less even though tears continued to roll down.

As boyrubber struggled to keep his composure, a new character in our cast stepped forward into boyrubber’s line of sight. Aqualaboy brought him close and introduced him to boyrubber as ‘Sandy, the plumber.’ Sandy was wearing a full coverage Strak suit with zippered mouth and pinhole eyes, combined with very heavy industrial blue Le Chameau chest high sewer waders and matching blue shoulder length heavy duty acid proof gloves. A gas mask covered his face and a three foot tube extended from the inflow value with the end buried deep inside the chest waders. “Sandy here is our drain cleaning expert, a plumber by trade. No need to worry about making any mess. As you can see, Sandy is always ready for the worst spills!” boyrubber was actually less worried about spills at this point than he was about what insult Sandy intended to add to boyrubber’s already heavily abused body and soul. boyrubber was not left pondering the question for very long.

“It’s Sandy’s job to get you all cleaned out, so there are no messy-messies in the suit after you start testing it proper,” explained Aqualaboy. “You’ve already got some of your plumbing fixtures in place, so I guess we better get the compression and decompression units hooked-up and get started! ALRIGHT BOYS,” he called to the Corps, “GET THOSE UNITS UNPACKED! BOYRUBBER AIN’T GETTING ANY CLEANER BY YOU STANDING AROUND GABBING!” “Now,” advised Aqualaboy, “while we waiting for our slow-pokes to get a move-on, I guess I should get your ‘communicator’ in place. This here,” said Aqualaboy raising a small device that closely resembled a penny-whistle, “is a communicator especially made to mate with the hydration tube in your oral plug. We make them in several varieties. This-un here is called ‘veal’ because, well, it lets you make a sound like a young calf!” An unwelcome voice from behind boyrubber added “…being led to slaughter!!” “QUIET!” called Aqualaboy, “as I was saying, we just screw the end into the front of your hydration tube…thusly…and now anytime you want to get my attention, just suck air through the communicator. Go on, give it a try!!”

boyrubber did give it a try but nothing happened. “Com’on boyrubber,” just suck on the end of your oral plug, just give it some head, I know you can do it, I’ve heard the rumors, com’on.” With those directions, boyrubber went into action mode, and a very soft “mmmmmoooooooooo” issued forth from the communicator. “VERY GOOD, boyrubber!” congratulated Aqualaboy, “Anytime you want my attention from now on, you just call!! “And I see that the units are unpacked so we can proceed!!!!”

Part V

The compressor and decompressor units were indeed unpacked and strange units they most certainly were. Generally oblong casings, there were a variety of gauges and dials, hose extensions and fitting coming out at every apparent angle. Obviously, there were complex machines designed for a sinister purpose.

boyrubber did not have long to contemplate their odd appearance, however, and the units were immediately removed to the vicinity of the back of the chair on which he was so joined, and disappeared from site, but the boyrubber was aware from noises behind him that the two units were being firmly attached to the chair. Further, boyrubber felt a tug on his anal plug but could not see that the second tube that was previously hanging down under his seat was being connected by split connector to both the compressor and the decompressor. “mmmoooo…?” questioned boyrubber.

Sandy the plumber supervised the whole operation, including the filling of the various holding tanks in the compressor unit with the fluids and powders to be administered to an unsuspecting boyrubber. Once the preparations complete and the fittings tested for leaks, Sandy the plumber came around to the front of boyrubber and addressed him directly. “This here,” Sandy stated waiving a small object in his hand, “is a remote control for the compressor and decompressor units which are now hooked up and fully loaded. I will explain the cleaning process as things get underway, so you’re not left in the dark!” “… until the blinders go on…” came a voice from the back. “QUIET!” yelled Sandy, “I must concentrate to get everything correct. You remember the last fiasco when both units were accidentally started together!!” boyrubber didn’t like the sound of any of this. “mmooo…mmooo…” he cried plaintively.

“Anyway, as I was saying,” Sandy continued, “these units have been years in the making, and we of the Lone Star Rubber Corps are now reasonably sure that they will work with only the most minor problems that in any case should not effect the final goal all that significantly… which is of course getting you cleaned out for the long test of the experimental diving suit which you are about to undertake.” With that, Sandy flipped the power “on” switch on the top of the unit causing a light flash, and then pushed a button marked “Phase One” and rotated a knob a little clockwise. “And, we have lift off!!!!”

The compressor unit roared into life. “wwwwhhhhhiiiiiirrrrrrrrr….” it roared. A few seconds later, boyrubber felt a little puff of fluid being injected through the tube in his anal plug and coating his colon from the end of the plug to the juncture of the his transverse colon and even a little higher. “Phase One is now initiated. Your colon is now coated with heavy duty cleaning fluid,” declared Sandy gleefully, “and its time for the sprinkler probe!” A second button was pushed. At that, boyrubber felt a narrow flexible metal rod enter his colon through the tube in his anal plug and advance… and advance…and advance until it reached the entire length of his descending colon. It had a small diameter, and not particular uncomfortable but did rachet up boyrubber’s anxiety which was already highly racheted. “Now,” explained Sandy softly, coming quite close to boyrubber’s face, enjoying the expression of fear in boyrubber’s eyes, “your probe is in position…and…,” he turned the knob a little further, “time for some suds.”

With that, boyrubber felt thin jets of warm water rhythmically shoot out of the probe. At first, it was not unpleasant, actually, it might have been pleasant under other circumstances, but after several seconds, boyrubber began to feel some distinct discomfort. Sandy reversed the knob. “Sudsing is complete!” he declared, “now we suck out the soapy water.” Sandy pushed another button causing the decompressor to roar into life, and in second, all of the fluid was vacuumed out of boyrubber’s colon and into a discharge tank sitting on the pier besides the chair.

“HOW’S IT LOOK???” called Sandy to a Corps member monitoring the tank. “A little brackish” came the reply. “Guess, we’ll have to go again, eh, boyrubber?” Sandy addressed his victim. By now, boyrubber was beginning to feel some soreness in his heretofore virgin colon. What Sandy didn’t explain was that the cleaning fluid was a powerful degreaser, specifically selected to strip the lining of his colon of any protective coating it had, in preparation of the devious trial Sandy had in store for boyrubber.

Without any additional explanation, Sandy repeated the process, this time giving poor boyrubber a double dose of heavy duty cleaning fluid, and leaving the probe activated for three times the length of the first go ‘round. After being vacuumed dry by the decompressor, the Corps member called the ‘all clear’ and Phase One was complete. boyrubber, however, now experienced a distinct burning throughout the length of his colon, a potent of things to come!

“Now, boyrubber,” explained Sandy as the Corps guys set up the next trail for boyrubber, “it’s time for PHASE TWO!!!!” Phase two began almost immediately. First, Sandy directed the compressor to inject a can of Jolt soda pop that had been chilled to just below freezing and crushed into a slurry. Mixed with Jolt was a large dollop of baking soda. As the Jolt hit the raw lining of boyrubber’s colon, an indescribable pain ensured. The pain could be described as a hundred hot pokers seething even inch of his most intimate private parts. But for the solid structure holding poor boyrubber in place, he would have jumped ten feet off the pier. A series of horendous “MMMMMMMMMMOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo’s…” bellowed from the end of the communicator. The high levels of caffeine in the soda pop increased boyrubber’s awareness of what was occurring, guaranteeing that he would be paying close attention. Sandy waited a few minutes for the soda pop to rise in temperature, making sure not to overstimulate boyrubber.

“I am getting a little bored with all that ‘mooing,’ boyrubber,” uttered Sandy. “How’s about we change your communicator.” Sandy unscrewed boyrubber’s communicator and replaced it with a new one. “QQQQUUUUUUAAACCCKKKK….” boyrubber cried as the new communicator went into action.

“And now, we’re ready for PHASE THREE!!!” Sandy declared turning more knobs on the remote control. The decompressor sucked out the, by now, liquid Jolt leaving a coating of baking soda lining the burning interior of boyrubber’s colon. The compressor unit again roared into life injecting a stream of vinegar. As the vinegar hit the baking soda, carbon dioxide gas was produced, expanding poor boyrubber’s innards like a blimp and stretching every pain receptor along his entire gut. The reaction was so fierce that both boyrubber and the chair shook visibly. If the Corps guys had not prepared boyrubber carefully, there would have been boyrubber on the moon at this point. Fortunately, the Corps guys were experts and boyrubber stayed put pretty much doing nothing more than imitating a bobbin’ head doll and making the most pitiful “quacks” imaginable.

After what seemed like years to boy rubber, the reaction begin to die away, and then the decompressor went into action again, removing the gas and giving a final washing, leaving boyrubber cleaned out completely.

“HOW’S IT LOOK NOW???” called Sandy to the Corps member monitoring the tank. “A-OK,” came the reply.

“Now,” declared Aqualaboy stepping forward to face boyrubber, “I would like to introduce you to your Dive Master! Here is…”

A man in a black rubber tuxedo stepped forward and finished the introduction.

“Bond,” the mysterious figure intoned, “James Bond!”

And here we leave our unfortunate boyrubber, left with the questions:

Who is this mysterious “James Bond”?
And why the rubber tuxedo, was he going to a fetish dinner party?
And why did boyrubber need such a thorough cleaning?

Part VI (Conclusion)

‘James Bond!’ thought boyrubber. Somehow the name sounded familiar. Something about fast cars… something about Marakesh… something about phlegm… NO, WAIT, that wasn’t it! boyrubber suddenly remembered that there was a rumor of the existence of a notorious rubber pervert named ‘James Bond’ who was supposed to be an expert in turning handsome and charming mobile guys into unseen, totally immobile, silent, sweating rubberboys. boyrubber wondered, “Could he be that ‘James Bond’?” “quuuuuaaaaccckkkk….?” questioned boyrubber, but he suspected the worst.

James Bond leaned forward and patted and rubbed boyrubber’s acrylic covered head, and poked boyrubber’s puffed out cheeks, carefully checking the preparations. “A little heavy on the acrylic this time,” James Bond commented, “and this one must have been a tuba player! Did ya put a whole liter into that oral plug?” Satisfied by the preparations, James Bond called to the Corps members, “BRING ME THE AUDIO UNITS!” Aqualaboy came forward and put something in James Bond’s hand which boyrubber could not make out. “These,” explained James Bond, “are yer audio units. We just insert them fully into yer ear canals, thusly…” A couple of shoves and twists molded and sealed the soft plastic units into each of boyrubber’s ear canals cutting off the sounds of activity on the pier. Next, James Bond put on a miniature radio microphone extending from over James Bond’s ear and toward his mouth. “Testing…testing…” stated James Bond, “have ya got this thing on?” boyrubber nodded, indicating that he could hear James Bond. “Good boy, boyrubber,” complimented boyrubber. “Always a pleasure to have cooperation. Nothing worse than an uncooperative rubberized statue.” boyrubber didn’t like the sound of this comment. “This here is an audio unit which will allows me to communicate with ya during the dive. Understand?”

“qquuaacckk!” confirmed boyrubber.

“And enough of that quacking. Really, guys,” he addressed the Corps. “Last time it was lambs’ ‘bleating’ and kittens’ ‘mewing.’ A sense of humor is one thing, but I have to concentrate.” James Bond chastised the Corps as he reached forward and unscrewed boyrubber’s communicator from the hydration tube in boyrubber’s oral plug, thereby silencing boyrubber once again.

“BRING ME MY GLOVES!” called James Bond. A pair of dull gray asbestos mitts were brought forward and placed onto James Bond’s hands, surgical style, as if an operation was about to begin. “BRING ME THE SHEATH!” he called next.

As boyrubber looked on helplessly, and now silently, a tube-like structure of shiny black about a foot and a half tall was placed into James Bond’s outstretched gloved hands. James Bond took the sheath and unceremoniously brought it down over boyrubber’s head, temporally blinding boyrubber as the sheath, when set on boyrubber’s neck seal, extended above his eyes. boyrubber could breath through the sheath, however, as the sheath had three holes about half way down that allowed the passage of air through his nose and the hydration tube in his oral plug.

“HEATING UNIT!” boyrubber heard James Bond call through the audio units. In less than 30 seconds, boyrubber became aware that the air inside the sheath was getting hotter and hotter. But even worse, the sheath was contracting both in height and in circumference, coming ever closer to his acrylic covered face and plugged mouth. In a few minutes, the sheath had shortened enough to so that boyrubber could peak out above and he could see that Aqualaboy was holding a yellow machine that resembled a hair dryer which he was pointing at the sheath while James Bond was using his asbestos covered hands to mold and shape the ever shrinking sheath closer and closer, pushing here and smoothing there. By five minutes, boyrubber realized that they intended to make the sheath cover his neck and most of his head like a second skin. And if that wasn’t bad enough, James Bond was pushing the sheath up under boyrubber’s chin causing boyrubber’s tongue to firmly engage the spikes underneath the oral plug, and slightly tilting boyrubber’s head back to prevent boyrubber from disengaging. Protest was out of the question, of course, but there were silent cries of alarm. Unavoidably, the process continued to it unavoidable conclusion. The heat was turned off and cooling ice applied to fix the shape of the plastic prison. Once cooled and hardened, the sheath created a form-fitting container for boyrubber’s neck and head extending from the neck seal of the experimental diving suit, ending just under boyrubber’s eyes in the front, covering his nose up the forehead, and extending around the sides of his head covering his ears completely and tightly forcing the audio units even deeper into boyrubber’s ear canals. The sheath did dip a bit in back so that boyrubber scalp numbering remained wholly visible to the camera recording the event. The shiny black surface highlighted ever curve of boyrubber’s face, distinctly showing the outline of his ears and his puffed out checks. boyrubber also found that the sheath did its nefarious job not only from tight contact with his neck and head but that the applied heat had softened the acrylic coating on boyrubber’s head as well as the rubber strap holding his oral plug in place. These tacky surfaces served to glue the sheath to his skin completely preventing even the smallest movement of his neck and head!

Two of the three small holes in the sheath had lined up with boyrubber’s nostrils and providing two openings for boyrubber to draw in the breath of life. The third hole lined up perfectly with boyrubber’s hydration tube, temporally leaving a small third opening into his otherwise sealed-up body. As the sheath was cooling, James Bond took two short tubes about 1 inch in length and pushed them through boyrubber’s nostril holes in his sheath, and into boyrubber’s nasal passages, until flanges on the end of the tubes prevented further movement of the tubes. The flanges sealed with the tacky surface of the sheath, finishing this phase of the suiting-up process.

boyrubber was now certain that the mythical James Bond come had indeed come to life.

“There we go,” explained James Bond proudly removing his gloves, “we’ll just let that sheath finish cooling off and we can move on.” Turning to boyrubber, he explained, “the sheath I just applied will stop all of that head wagging. Ya looked like a bobbin’ head doll a little while ago. Geeesh! Can’t have ya bumpin’ into the side of the diving helmet, now, can we.”

No, as a matter of fact we couldn’t. The head bobbing was now safely under control. Actually, at this point, the only thing on boyrubber that could move at all was his eyes and eyelids. Even his forehead had hardened into an acrylic covered unwrinkled surface. But, those eyes, ah yes, those eyes. Between blinks, they moved rhythmically back and forth trying to signal ‘SOS’ in Morse code. If any of the Corps guys knew Morse code, they weren’t letting on. In any case, judging from the hardons all around, the Corps guys were having too much fun to pay attention.

The Corps photographer stepped forward with an oversized camera and telescopic lens and, pointing it at boyrubber exclaimed, “time for some photos for the website, boyrubber.” boyrubber was indeed a sight for the site. From the front, there was the strange impression of a humanoid statue covered with horizontal black and white stripes, with a shiny black tube at the top and then eyes sitting beneath a shiny white cap. Only the eyes betrayed the living contents of the figure. “Can you open wide and give me that look of terror you did when your dick ran into the spikes in your security device awhile ago?” requested the photographer. “YAH, that’s it, open them baby blues a little wider…” boyrubber didn’t have to try hard as the look of terror came natural under the circumstances.

“OK, seems cool enough” declared James Bond touching the sheath without his gloves on. “Time to start the hydration!” With that, James Bond reached at the based of neck seal and pulled a heretofore unseen tube poking through the neck seal a short distance to the front. Then, using a small connector, he attached the tube to the hydration tube in boyrubber’s oral plug completing an as yet unknown circuit. “There we go,” exclaimed James Bond, “all hooked up! FILL THE RESERVOIR!!” he called to the Corps guys. boyrubber listened attentively though his audio units and could just barely make out some splashing noise coming from behind him. “All completed?” questioned James Bond. “Yup,” came the reply from some unseen source. “Now, we just turn this little knob,” James Bond indicated as he twisted a dial on the remote control unit, “and…” Suddenly, boyrubber felt the squirt of liquid in his hydration tube once more. Remembering his training, he swallowed quickly, ignoring the piercing pains in his tongue. The squirts of liquid did not stop, however, but continued rhythmically as James Bond explained the device. “What we have here is yer hydration circuit. The reservoir on the compression unit attached to the back of yer chair has been primed with four liters of electrolyte solution. The compression unit is now set to administer the electrolyte solution into yer oral plug and ya will have to work hard to keep swallowing, and yer bladder will start filling in no time. Yer anti-bends vest was designed to squeeze yer bladder so yer gunna to have to piss pretty soon. The piss exits the tube in yer security device which is hooked up to the incoming tube in yer anal plug, thereby filling up yer cleaned out colon with yer piss. Once the pressure in yer colon reaches a critical level, the pressure regulator in the outgoing tube of yer anal plug opens, and the decompressor unit sucks ya dry and dumps the contents of yer colon back in the reservoir of yer compressor unit to start the circuit again. Closed circuit, ya stay hydrated through the test period. Neat, huh?!?”

What James Bond had accidentally failed to mention, however, was that the electrolyte solution in the reservoir was spiked with Viagra, and was also primed with a heavy dose of long-lasting Lasix, a powerful diuretic guaranteed to keep boyrubber flowing long after the test was completed. Further, James Bond had loaded the electrolyte solution with a strong dose of “No-Doze,” an amphetamine which would keep boyrubber completely awake throughout the test period, enjoying the experience, or not, it really didn’t matter.

boyrubber tried to make sense of James Bond’s explanation while concentrating on swallowing the seemingly endless infusion of hydration fluid. SUDDENLY, A LOOK OF HORROR SPREAD ACROSS HIS FACE as he realized that James Bond was informing him that boyrubber’s ‘hydration’ was going to be by recycling his own piss enema. The Corps photographer stepped forward to snap several photos of boyrubber’s wide-eyed terror!

James Bond was, of course, correct. boyrubber felt urine filling his squashed bladder almost immediately, and while boyrubber tried hard not to piss, it was no use in fighting the sensation. Piss broke through and began filling his colon within minutes.

“Now,” James Bond declared, “while the hydration cycle gets goin’, it’s time to be fitted with yer diving helmet. HELMET!!” yelled James Bond.

While trying to maintain what was left of his composure, and there wasn’t much, boyrubber watched as the ‘diving helmet’ was placed in James Bond’s outstretched hands. Swallowing all the time, boyrubber watched attentively as James Bond examined the strange item. It appeared to be made of clear plastic, cylindrical at the bottom, and a shallow, half spherical dome at the top. The diving helmet, open at the bottom, and had two tube connectors toward the bottom, but otherwise presented an unbroken surface to the world. It wasn’t like any diving helmet boyrubber had ever seen. In fact, it resembled a bell jar boyrubber had one used in a highschool physics class when experimenting with vacuums.

Without any ceremony, James Bond feed the opening at the bottom of the diving helmet over boyrubber’s plastic encased head, right onto the mating ring of the neck seal, and then twisted the helmet a quarter turn to lock it in place. Quickly several hands of the Corps member reached to engage the various hoses and connectors to the equipment at the back of the chair. Obviously, the air supply needed to be hooked up quickly for there was very little room in the helmet between boyrubber’s immobile head and the sides of the helmet, and therefore very little air. The Corps members, however, were experienced in their tasks and the air supply, and other connectors to the compressor and decompressor were hooked up in no time, causing fresh air to enter the helmet, or so it seemed to boyrubber.

“TESTING, TESTING,” called James Bond, “Can ya hear me? If ya can, boyrubber, squeeze yer lids closed! Good, good…we can proceed with the test dive! First, you are going to feel some increased pressure,” advised James Bond to boyrubber, “ as we load up yer lungs with pure oxygen. Gotta get ya nice ‘n ready for the next phase.” With that small warning, the atmosphere in diving helmet became more and more pressurized. boyrubber’s eyelids were pushed shut by the pressure and his lungs expanded to their maximum extend within the constrains of the anti-bends vest. The extreme pressure continued for a full five minutes, long after boyrubber had concluded that he could not stand this twisted compression any longer.

Then, James Bond made one final announcement, “now, boyrubber, its time for your depressurization. As your blood is now supersaturated with oxygen, there is no need for you to breathe for awhile, so the depressurization phase will now begin, and after a test depressurization, you will start your dive! Good luck, boyrubber.”

Suddenly, things went silent for boyrubber. James Bond had apparently turned off the speaker on the audio units leaving boyrubber nothing but restricted vision to see what was happening. Even more frightening, however, was the sudden decrease in pressure. The diving helmet was indeed a bell jar of sorts, designed to withstand high pressure and no pressure inside. Unfortunately, boyrubber’s head was not so designed. As the pressure decreased, boyrubber’s eyelids opened, and then opened further and further, until they were stuck maximally opened. Even then, the pressure drop continued and boyrubber’s eyes were sucked forward from their sockets, immobilizing them in a stare of extreme fright that mirrored his metal state at the time. The decrease in pressure also activated values in his nasal tubes sealing his lung from the vacuum of the diving helmet.

And so, it appeared that the evil Lone Star Rubber Corps had truly found a way to completely immobilize their victim as he tested the evil contraption they called “The Experimental Diving Suit.”

The pier became a beehive of activity. A small derrick was driving onto the pier and a crane hooked up to the chair to which boyrubber was attached. Boyrubber felt vibrations, then was lifted up off the pier, and chair and boyrubber were turned to the side of the pier. Once completed, boyrubber felt and himself being lowered into the water, deeper and deeper until boyrubber and chair hit the sea floor with a thud. Instantly, the large men in identical green frogmen suits for Part I were at his side bolting the chair to a concrete platform placed there for just this purpose. Then, they were gone leaving the chair with boyrubber attached, firmly fixed to the sea bottom.

The test dive began. Pressurized and then depressurized, over and over again without let up. Either squeezed or expanded, boyrubber had no choice in the matter. All he could do was continue to suck his hydration fluid and experience the multiple unpleasant sensations caused by the apparatus now fully controlling his every function. Time passed slowly for poor boyrubber, as it had for the readers of our little story…

Now that boyrubber was neatly tucked away in the experimental diving suit performing his evaluation, members of the Corps retired to the Corp’s bookie to place their bets. Generally, the test subject was suited up for a full 48 hours, but boyrubber seemed to take the suiting unusually well, so the Corps members agreed to extend the test period. The odds given were only 2 to 1 that boyrubber would last 50 hours in the suit, but increased to 6 to 1 for an 60 hour stay. Aqualaboy, however, placed his $100 on a record 72 hour stay at 50 to 1. The bets completed, the members then turned their attention to the last bet; would boyrubber be willing to evaluate the suit a second time? The only odds given were even money!

The beginning…


Several days latter, after being extracted from the Experimental Diving Suit with much difficulty, after filling out the requisite forms providing the Corps with the agreed upon feedback, and of course after being hypnotized to forget the more harrowing moments of the weekend, boyrubber found himself back in his rented car, baseball cap covering the telltale scalp inking, face still a little stiff with acrylic, penis head with dozens of telltale puncture wounds and butthole still a little stretched, but otherwise not much worse for wear. He headed toward the safety of California. Ah yes, the safety and security of home….

A short ways outside of Los Angeles, boyrubber decided to make an unexpected and unannounced stop at the clubhouse of the Southern California Rubber Corps, because he had to pee. Pulling up, he was glad to see the parking lot full. “Finally,” he thought to himself, which is how it is usually done, “friends…there must be some kind of meeting going on.”

Entering the clubhouse, boyrubber was surprised to find the front door unattended, but he heard many voices coming from within the rubber dungeon. Carefully…cautiously… he opened the door, and was SHOCKED to see at least 50 men in full rubber inside. There were drysuits, there were wetsuits, there were catsuits, there was even one man dressed like the Goodyear blimp (or so it seemed). As boyrubber appeared at the door, the room went silent. All snorkeling masks turned toward him. boyrubber felt himself pulled in the room by unseen hands and heard the door close and lock behind him.

Little did boyrubber suspect, nor could he have known, that he had stumbled on an unfortunate rubber play party, where only tops has shown up. Each top had his bag of toys, each top was an expert in some extreme rubber perversion but they were NOT happy with the lack of subjects, until of course our hero just happened to wonder in.

Things looked dark for boyrubber, very dark and very hot and very sweaty….

With That, Visiting Time Is Over. What Ever You Do Don’t Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep. ~Rubberasylum


Rubber Story: The Rubber Garage Parts 1-7

March 27, 2011 in Stories, Rubber Stories, Inmate: RubberAsylum

>My Fellow Inmates,

As Always Asylum Strives to bring you some of the best content on the net. I may make fun of myself that I am stuck up… but even I have to bow my head to masters of the horny craft…

The Rubber Garage was Written by Gnjal in the 1990’s and is an amazing piece.

As always if the author disagrees with my reposting of this story, please email me and I shall remove it immediately.

Beyond that, please enjoy a great rubber bondage classic


The Rubber Garage, 1/7
by Gnjal

Jimmy jangled the keys nervously and finally found the right one to his neighbor’s side garage door. Pushing the keys in and twisting he grinned as the door creaked open.

His neighbor Carl had left on a business tirp that morning waving goodbye from the driveway as Jimmy left for the university and his 7:30am symbolic logic class. Carl had moved in a few months before during the middle of the night.

Living alone in his parent’s old house while going to the university, Jimmy was board with his daily routine, and found watching his new neighbor’s comings and goings a welcome relief from the tedium.

Carl however, was very secretive. All the blinds in the house were kept closed, and he had been thumping and sawing in the garage for weeks now, building who knows what. Jimmy had tried to peer in the papered-over windows, but failed to do anything but make himself even more curious.

Now was his chance, he had seen Carl stash his extra set of house keys in the hanging fern out back, and with him away for the weekend, Jimmy would be able to explore his house without him knowing. And especially, he could look in the garage to see what all the commotion was about.

Stepping into the darkness of the garage, Jimmy quietly closed the door behind him, and heard the lock click shut. Feeling around for a light switch, he finally found it, position a little ways from the right side of the door.

He flipped the switched and light flooded the garage. Stacked five high, arranged against the long side wall, were sealed plastic crates, translucent sides showing contents which looked like folds and folds of some black shiny material.

Jimmy walked into the center of the garage and turned around, and his eyes landed on a strange plywood box, about the size of a man lying down, with a padded lid.

Moving over to touch the padded top, he realize that it was completely covered with thick black rubber, over some padding material. Looking over the side of the box, he say that coiled pipes ran from seals on its side to a machine that looked like some kind of compressor.

“What the hell?” Jimmy shook his head. What was Carl using this thing for?

Jimmy grabbed the side of the lid, and opened it, swinging it up with difficulty on its steel hinges. It released with a sucking pop, as if he had broken an air seal.

Jimmy stared inside the case. The whole thing was padded with shiny black rubber. It seemed limp somehow, like they had fitted it to loosely. Jimmy reached down to touch the slick folds, running his hand along the cool slippery sides of the box.

He looked closely when his hand bumped something protruding from the inside of the box. It look liked the thing had a rubberized manacle positioned right where someone’s wrists would be if they were lying down in the padded box. Looking at the other inside edges, he found matching rubberized manacles for the other wrist and ankles. There also seemed to be a thicker rubber restraint for where the unfortunate person’s neck would be.

All of the manacles gleamed a dull black, softened with their rubber exterior but ummovable as steel. They were all stuck open, as far as Jimmy could tell. Grunting with effort, he was unable to cause any of them to shut.

“Weird…” Jimmy left the lid up, and decided to investigate the plastic crates lining the wall. Moving to the nearest one, he slide its drawer open and peered inside.

It was rubber. Piles and piles of folded black latex. He reached into the silky pile of talced rubber and pulled the top item out.

Holding it up in front of him, it’s heavy black rubber folds unfolding heavily against him, Jimmy looked in wonder at what appeared to be a rubber catsuit. It had rubber feet and gloves attached, with a zipper running up the front to the attached open-faced hood. Jimmy ran his hands wonderingly over the sensuous material, never realizing that he was taking the first steps towards being totally enslaved to the lust of rubber.

He grabbed the zipper tab at the catsuit’s neck, and pulled it down, till bumping against the rigid ring positioned right where a person’s cock would be, bouncing over tight rubber bag, which must be for the guy’s balls.

His cock began stiffening in his jeans, and he suddenly pressed the cool heavy rubber against his crotch, rubbing it up and down, unable to resist. It was so smooth and slippery, his cock jumped up against his tight white jockeys.

Draping the catsuit over the top of one of the nearby crates, Jimmy dove in and began pulling out the treasure trove of rubber gear which was stored in the drawer he had opened.

When he had finished emptying the crate, he had found a heavy rubber hood with eye, nostril, and mouth holes, a tight rubber bermuda shorts with an attached penis sheath, a pair of thick over the elbow gloves, some kind of blow-up gag, a bottle of some kind of clear lubricant, and a long heavy rubber cloak.

Jimmy shuddered with the feelings that the slippery black material was evoking from him. He shivered suddenly in the cool dark garage, cock twitching in his pants and abruptly decided that he had to try this stuff on!

Pulling off his cotton tshirt, unlacing his work boots and kicking them off, he yanked down his pants, pulled off his white socks, and moved over to where the hypnotizing rubber garments lay on top of the stacked plastic crates.

He picked up the bermuda shorts, wondering again at how the slick rubber slid through his hands and lifted his foot to put them on.

“Stupid!” Jimmy shook his head, and sat the shorts down while he quickly yanked off his tight white jockys. His hard cock bounced and bobbed in front of him as he excitedly grabbed the black latex bermudas and stepped into them.

They slid silkily up his legs, to tightly wrap his ass and hips. He reached inside them and tried to push his cock through the penis sheath.

“Damn, this is not working.” Turning back to the open drawer, he suddenly realized what the lube he had found was probably for. Grabbing the bottle, he popped its top, and squeezed a handful of the slimy liquid into his palm.

Reaching down into the tight bermudas, he grabbed his dick, and began lubing it, sliding up and down, the slippery cool wetness quickly turning into cock warmed slime.

Jimmy clenched his butt, shutting his eyes and pressing his lips together as he was overwhelmed by the intense waves of pleasure coming from his dick. The feeling of the tight rubber shorts gripping his ass was amazing!

He opened his eyes and using his other hand pushed his cock into the tight black rubber sheath attached to the shorts. This time, his slimed stiff dick slid through easily, causing him to gasp as the rubber squeezed his shaft. The straining purple head of his dick emerged from the tight sheath, glistening with lube and pre-cum.

“Man, this is amazing!” Jimmy grabbed the catsuit next.

Stepping into it, he snugged the booties tightly onto his feet, pulling the suit up his calves and thighs in one slide of soft talced rubber. He next pulled it on one arm and then the other, shrugging the heavy rubber of the suit over his shoulders.

Jimmy was breathing excitedly now. This rubber was doing something to him! His cock throbbed, poking out its head obscenely from the zipper of the suit, tightly wrapped by the latex sheath of the shorts.

Jimmy smoothed the fingers of the gloves attached to the catsuit between his fingers. Holding his hands up in front of him, he made gleaming fists amazed at how beautiful and entrancing this stretchy black material was.

Reaching down and grabbing his cock, Jimmy pushed its head through the tight rubber ring melded to the crotch of the suit. Putting his rubber covered hands to either side of his crotch, he squeezed his dick through the ring until it was nestled at the base of his shaft.

The ring made his stiff dick even harder. Jimmy felt like it was going to explode. He stroked it up and down tightly gripping it in both his rubberized hands, and began panting head thrown back.

Just when he was about to shoot, he remembered that there was still more rubber gear to put on. He dropped his hold on his cock, letting it bounce in front of him, he picked up the heavy rubber hood, and pulled it over his head.

Position the eye, nose, and mouth holes, he wished he had a mirror to see himself, knowing that with as good as this fucking rubber felt, it must look even better. Jimmy tucked the skirt of the hood into the open neck of the catsuit, smoothing it with his rubber covered fingers.

Jimmy reached back and grabbed the catsuit’s attached hood, pulling it up and over the heavy hood already tightly wrapping his face and head. Stretching it up and letting it snap into place around the other hood, he grabbed the zipper of the catsuit, and pulled it up tightly beneath his throat.

Jimmy stretched out his hands and moaned, the tight rubber gear felt like nothing he had felt before. It grabbed and held his body, from head to toe, the only part of him visible being his eyes, lips, and the head of his lubed cock sticking from its rubber sheath.

He turned back to the crates and grabbed the long rubber cloak, pulling the heavy rubber across his shoulders and fastening the rubber fastener at its neck. He grabbed the slick slippery folds in his hands and wrapped them around his catsuited body. The ends of the cloak slapped his naked cock head and sheathed shaft making him wince and gasp from the cool silky material sliding against his slick cock head.

Turning back to the crates one more time, Jimmy picked up the heavy gloves. Sliding them on, he found it hard to bend his fingers, they were so thick.

Spreading his legs, Jimmy swirled the clock between them, rubbing his gloved hands over his thighs, grapping his ass, and sliding his heavy rubber fingers across his chest. Trying his best to squeeze his thumb and forefinger together, he succeeded in pinching one of his nipples through the rubber of the catsuit.

“Damn…I can’t believe this stuff…I…my cock is so hard!” Jimmy grabbed at his dick, fumbling and slappling it accidently, clumsy in the thick gloves, and unable to see quit clearly through the tiny eyeholes in the hood tightly wrapping his head.

He muttered in frustration looking around for something to steady himself on. His eyes lighted on the padded rubber box across the garage.

Moving over to it with the heavy rubber cloak swirling against his thighs, he stared down into its black padded interior.

“Why not?” Jimmy panted, getting into the rubber padded box while being completely catsuited, hooded, gloved and cloaked may just let him get his cock to shoot, and relieve him of the terrible need to spurt.

Stepping into the box, he slipped slightly, the rubber of his heel sliding on the slick black rubber padding. He lifted his other foot and stepped into the box. Turning around, he began setting down slowly, holding the rubber cloak around his sides so that it wouldn’t lay over the sides of the box.

Inching down carefully, he shifted the heels of his feet, which suddenly slid on the slippery padding of the box.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa….!” Jimmy fell back loosing his balance landing hard on the rubber padding. The rubber padded sides of the box were tight against his sides, and his neck lay in the rubberized manacle.

Jimmy looked around, decided he wasn’t hurt and stretched out his rubber bootied feet. His ankles slide down and seated in the dull manacles at the bottom of the box.

Jimmy took the edges of the cloak and wrapped them over the front of his legs and chest, so that just the head of his naked straining cock glistened wetly from the folds of rubber.

He pushed his gloved hands around his cock, but the thick gloves would net let him clamp down around it. He couldn’t get firm enough grip to jerk himself off! Slamming his arms down at his sides in frustration, Jimmy bumped the recessed activator switch, which was hiding in the folds of loose rubber padding the box.

Jimmy turned his head, startled, as the compressor next to the rubber box started up with a thump and whine. He jumped as the rubber covered steel manacles closed tightly around his ankles, wrists and neck.

“What?! Wait, wait!” The compressor changed its tone, and Jimmy’s eyes widened in alarm as he felt the padding of the box inflate around him, gripping him in tight rubber pressure.

He craned his head, looking down as the padding inflated to extend and cover his chest, legs, and pelvis, finally stopping with his stiff dick pressed between its two rubber halves.

Jimmy jerked against the manacles holding him and yelled as the inflated rubber pads slightly deflated and then quickly reinflated to slap against his cock where it was trapped between them.

The rhythm increased, and the rubber slapped his dick over and over again. Jimmy gasped and pushed his hips up, as he realized that the rubber slaps were making his cock throb and twitch. He was going to cum! His breathing coming in rushed pants, Jimmy began pumping his pelvis, lubed cock sliding in its sheath, tight between the inflated rubber. Its slick head emerged again and again from the rubber, each time the slick, tight wet slide pushed Jimmy closer and closer to a cock spewing climax.

Suddenly, the compressor decreased its wild whine, and the padding deflated leaving Jimmy’s cock twitching with unfulfilled desire.

“What? Damn, damn, damn!” Jimmy couldn’t believe it, he was wrapped in rubber, bound to this stupid rubber box, and he couldn’t reach his dick! He wimpered with frustration.

“Jimmy if I had known you were interested, I would have given you a tour…” Jimmy jerked his head towards the voice. It was Carl! He was back. And Jimmy was trapped, bond in rubber, betraying cock sticking up, bobbing, like it was saying hello.

“Carl! I .. I.. I got stuck, can you get me out?” Jimmy twisted his hooded head as far as the neck manacle would allow, trying to see Carl.

“Well, Jimmy. Technically this is breaking and entering. So I think we need to talk about how were going to deal with that, before we do anything about changing your situation.” Carl moved into Jimmy’s line of sight.

Jimmy sucked in his breath in shock. Carl was covered completely in rubber. He was wearing heavy rubber jodphurs jammed into black rubber boots, and a tight black latex muscle shirt. Carl grinned down at Jimmy and slapped the latex whip he was holding against his naked hand.

“Jimmy, boys will be curious, I expect that, but there’s no excuse for not using the equipment correctly.” Grinning wider, Carl held up the rubber pump gag which Jimmy had looked at earlier. Jimmy pressed his lips tightly closed, not wanting that thing in his mouth. Bending over, Carl grabbed Jimmy’s nose and pinched it tight shut.

Jimmy twisted his head, trying to break Carl’s grip, but couldn’t. In an explosion of breath Jimmy opened his mouth and Carl quickly pushed in the rubber gag. Grabbing its squeeze bulb in his hand while he held Jimmy’s chin tightly with the other, Carl quickly pumped the gag up until Jimmy’s cheeks bulged from the tight black rubber packing it.

Jimmy began moaning, and fighting against the manacles again.

“Jimmy, I think first you need to use this box like it was intended, then we’ll talk about how you can pay me restitution for violating my home.” Reaching over Jimmy’s bound and rubberized body where it lay in the rubber box, Carl slapped a switch which sent the compressor whining back up its mad cycle again.

The rubber resumed slapping Jimmy’s dick, which despite his fear at his predicament, stiffened and stunned Jimmy with waves of pleasure at even the slapping touch of rubber.

Jimmy’s ass cheeks clenched and he arched upward against the trapping rubber pads as he cock suddenly spewed its hot cum into the air, twitching, jerking as it slid in and out of its lubed sheath, slapped incessantly by the rubber box’s mad actions.

Jimmy yelled into his gag, biting down on it hard, the taste of rubber strong in his mouth.

“Oh, Jimmy, shooting once is kids play, you’ll have to do better than that.” Laughing Carl grabbed the lid of the rubber box and slammed it on Jimmy’s panicked eyes. It shut with a muffled thump, plunging the rubberized and bound Jimmy in darkness.

A darkness in which the rubber continued to slap at his dick, which to his surprise and horror was already stiffening again, as he twisted and pulled against the implacable manacles binding him in this box of rubber.


The Rubber Garage, 2/7
by Gnjal

Carl smiled to himself. This had worked out better then he could have hoped. Jimmy had swallowed the bait hook line and sinker. Over the last few weeks Carl had made sure to make his removal and replacement of the spare key a show that Jimmy could hardly avoid noticing. The rubber equipment room he was building needed a test subject, and he could only do so much by himself, so Jimmy seemed like the logical choice.

A university student, living alone next door, obviously bright and with some serious time on his hands would make the perfect rubber test subject. Carl had sized the equipment and gear accordingly, guessing at Jimmy’s dimensions.

The compressor of the rubber box whined down. It had been an hour since he had slammed the padded lid on Jimmy’s wild and panicked eyes, it was time to give the boy a breather.

Carl walked over to the compressor and slapped the shutdown switch. It wheezed and thumped to a halt, and air hissing from the box’s air conduits. He reached down and pried up the rubber padded lid, popping the ring of suction created by the after pressure of the compressor.

Jimmy’s rubber masked and gagged head twisted dazedly towards him, eyes squinting from the long hour in the dark rubber bowels of the box. Carl looked down and noted with satisfaction that the rubber around Jimmy’s cock was liberally lubed with cum.

“Jimmy! How are you doing? Did you enjoy the rubber box?” Carl grinned down at Jimmy.

Jimmy pulled against the manacles of the box, spent cock slapping side to side and yelled around the tight bulb-gag pressing his cheeks out.

“Jimmy, relax! Remember, you broke in and vandalized my home. I think we need to talk to the police about that don’t you? ” Carl stroked a rubber gloved hand across Jimmy’s cock, pressing it down and sliding it against the cum-slicked rubber of Jimmy’s pelvis. “And I don’t think you’re doing to badly, anyway, are you Jimmy?” Jimmy shut his eyes and moaned into his gag as Carl stroked his cock back to hardness.

“Let’s get you out of there, and talk about it, okay?”

Jimmy nodded his head eagerly, even though he had come thrusting three times in the tight rubber confines of the box, he was ready to get out of the damn thing. Carl reached down and pressed the release catch on the manacles. It had been by Jimmy’s left hand the whole time.

The rubberized manacles around Jimmy’s neck, wrists, and ankles snapped about with dull thuds. Carl grabbed Jimmy under the arms and yanked him up and out of the rubber padded box.

Jimmy stood unsteadily on his rubber bootied feet, gloved hands feeling for the release on the pump gag which packed his mouth, as the heavy rubber cloak he was wearing swirled around his ass and thighs.

“Whoa Jimmy, let me get that for you…” Carl deftly snare the dangling pump bulb attached by a rubber hose to the gag and twisted its release valve. He stood in front of Jimmy, rubber muscle shirt gleaming blackly and pulled the gag with a wet plop from Jimmy’s mouth.

Jimmy massaged his jaw with his rubber covered hand, and stared at Carl.

“You’ve got a problem, Jimmy. How do you explain to the police why you broke into my house. Now, I also have a problem. I’m a designer of rubber bondage gear, and I’ve only got 2 months to work out the kinks in my equipment before it goes to market. I test all of my equipment thoroughly, but there a limits to what I can do just by myself.” Carl looked up and down Jimmy’s rubber covered body, and caught Jimmy staring down at the rubber bulge of his own crotch.

“I think that maybe we can solve each others problems. If you will help me out testing the gear I’m working on for the next 2 months, I’ll forget you ever broke in. And if you do a good job, I’ll even let you have the rubber gear you’re wearing right now as a bonus.” Carl reached across and put his gloved fingers under Jimmy’s chin, pressing upward so that Jimmy stared directly into his eyes.

“I think that you may enjoy it a bit also, Jimmy. What do you think?” Carl reached down and slid his rubberized fingers around Jimmy’s dick, its head slickly protruding from the tight rubber sheath wrapping it. Jimmy gasped and pressed against Carl’s hand, his cock throbbing with intense waves of pleasure from the contact with rubber.

Jimmy looked down at where Carl was slowly milking his cock, and up again. “You’ll give me this gear?” Jimmy asked breathlessly.

“Oh yes, Jimmy. I think that if you work out as planned, you’ll have more than earned it.” Carl squeezed Jimmy’s dick one last time and let go. Hands resting on his hips, muscled arms gleaming from where they bulged from his rubber shirt, rubber jodhpurs gleaming above the heavy black boots they were tucked into, Carl waited.

Jimmy looked at Carl, then down at his own twitching and pulsing cock, thrumming with pleasure from just a quick touch of rubber.

He looked-up abruptly, eyes gleaming intensely from the eye holes of the black rubber hood covering his face, and spoke, “You have a deal!”


The Rubber Garage, 3/7
by Gnjal
Jimmy stood naked, shivering under a harsh light, standing on the cold concrete tiles of the garage, staring at Carl in disbelief.

“You want to shave my whole body?” Jimmy couldn’t believe it, it wasn’t like he was that hairy, “Why do you want to shave me?”

“Jimmy, most of my customers live and breath rubber. They also tend to be clean shaven over most of their bodies to provide better contact and stimulus from the rubber gear they have. So, you have to be shaved to properly test some of this gear. That’s just the way it is. Now, I want you to get your ass in that shower now!” Carl pointed at the shower stall in the corner of the garage.

Jimmy turned and walked over to the shower and stepped in. Carl followed him, and twisted on the water, blasting Jimmy with a cold stiff spray.

“Hey! That’s freezing!” Jimmy danced under the cold spray.

“Don’t worry, it’ll warm up quick. Now stand still.” Carl reached down and picked up a can of shaving gel. Just like Carl said, the water quickly warmed to a steaming hot spray. Jimmy stood under it, head back enjoying the hot deluge.

Carl twisted the shower off abruptly, stopping the spray.

“Turn and face the back, arms up and flat on the wall Jimmy.” Carl made a twirling motion with his gloved finger. Jimmy turned around and put his hands high up on the shower stall wall. Carl moved in, pushing Jimmy’s legs apart with his booted toe. Jimmy craned his head, looking over his shoulder at Carl.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“You don’t think I’m going to shave you dry, do you?” Carl laughed, and squirted a huge pile of the shaving gel into his gloved palm. Moving close to Jimmy, half-stepping into the shower stall himself, he slathered the gel over Jimmy’s back and ass.

Jimmy wriggled his ass, marveling in how wonderful the slimy gel felt, as Carl’s rubber gloved hands smeared it all over him. Carl squeezed his gloved fingers between Jimmy’s ass cheeks, squelching the gel between them.

“We’ve got to make sure the hard to reach spots are all gelled up.” Carl crouched down, and worked his gloved hands up and around Jimmy’s ankles, calves, and thighs. Jimmy closed his eyes, dick hardening as Carl’s gloved hands slipped and lid over his legs and ass.

Carl grabbed Jimmy’s hips and turned him around, “Arms up Jimmy!” Carl began slathering the foaming gel on Jimmy’s torso, sliding his rubber fingers across Jimmy’s nipples, gripping him under the armpits, spreading the slick gel everywhere. Jimmy stared over Carl’s rubber shirted shoulder, eyes widening as Carl got closer and closer to his crotch.

Sliding his gloved hands over Jimmy’s pelvis, Carl suddenly grabbed Jimmy’s cock tightly, squeezing it till the gel oozed out from between his fingers.

“How are you holding up Jimmy?” Carl leered at him.

“O..O..Okay.” Jimmy stammered out. He was having trouble concentrating as Carl began sliding his gloved palms up and down, Jimmy’s stiff cock squelching between their tight rubber embrace, lubed by the shaving gel.

Carl released one hand from Jimmy’s dick and reached down to begin massaging the thick gel around and behind his balls. He kept up his stroking of Jimmy’s stiff cock as he reached all the way under and fingered his asshole with a lubed digit. Jimmy gasped and moved against Carl’s hands. It was too much! His dick felt like it was going to shoot at any moment!

“Whoa fella, I don’t want you shooting yet.” Carl laughed and released his grip on Jimmy. Stepping out of the shower stall, he returned with a electric wet-razor. “Ready to get smooth Jimmy?” Carl snarled.

Jimmy looked at the muscular rubberman gleaming in his rubber shirt, jodhpurs, and boots, gloves smeared with shaving gel, and shook his head yes. What had he gotten himself into? Carl moved in on him with the razor.

Half an hour later, Jimmy stood dripping in the shower stall, balls, ass, legs, and armpits shaved completely clean, staring down at his cock and balls, which somehow seemed much larger now that they weren’t hiding in a mound of pubic hair. He looked up at Carl, who threw a big terry cloth towel at him.

“Dry off kid, we’ve got work to do.” Carl turned away and began setting up some large rubber covered equipment in the center of the garage.

Jimmy began drying himself off, cock bouncing stiff in front of him, balls hanging shaved below, feeling very exposed and sensitive in the cool air of the garage. He finished drying by roughly toweling his short hair, and hung the towel up on a hook he found near the shower stall.

“Jimmy, I call this my water frame. Come over here and I’ll show you how to get in it.” Carl was standing next to a rectangular frame of steel tubes standing upright between two heavy pylons. Folds of heavy rubber hung suspended by straps from the frame. The heavy rubber seemed to be shaped roughly like a man.

Naked, Jimmy stood to Carl as he grabbed the top of the frame and pivoted it down so that it was horizontal with the floor. It latched into place with a solid click.

“You enter the frame’s suit through the shoulder, Jimmy.” Carl unstrapped the head piece of heavy rubber from the suit. The head piece appeared loose with no eye holes, but a large mouth hole. Jimmy noticed that both the head piece and the heavy rubber suit suspended in the frame had several hoses running to and from them to some type of machinery sitting on the floor.

“What are the hoses for?” Jimmy asked, one hand cupping his balls, while the other pointed at the dangling hoses.

“Oh, those are the hot and cold water feeds. I’ll explain it to you once we get you in.” Carl sat the heavy head piece down and picked up a tube of water-based lube. Holding it high, he squeezed a great gob of it into his gloved hand.

“Come here, Jimmy. You need to be lubed up for this one.” Carl proceeded to quickly smear the heavy lube all over Jimmy’s body, excluding only his head. Brusquely slapping the lube around Jimmy’s ass and legs, he knocked Jimmy’s stiff dick, batting it out of the way as he covered Jimmy’s balls with lube. Jimmy gasped, and held his hands stiffly out from his sides.

“Now, stand here and I’ll lift you into the suit.” Moving behind Jimmy, Carl grabbed him under the arms and hoisted him up, jamming his legs into the opening at the suit’s shoulder. Jimmy moved his legs under the heavy rubber, and sucked in his breath as Carl pushed him forcefully into the black rubber suit.

His feet slid to a stop, springing against the attached feet of the strangely slack suit, ass sliding across the rubber easily on the coating of heavy lube that Carl had smeared him with. He notice that both his ass and his crotch were exposed to the air by thickly seamed cutouts in the suit.

“Jimmy, push your arms all the way down the sleeves please.” Carl grabbed Jimmy by the shoulders and shoved him the rest of the way into the suit, quickly fastening the shoulder port closed so that Jimmy lay face up, only his head protruding from the heavy rubber covering, stretched between the steel of the frame.

“Why is it so loose?” Jimmy asked.

“Oh it won’t be for long.” Carl grinned and began whistling to himself. Grabbing a thick rubber codpiece with a long hose attached, which was hanging from the side of the frame, he squirted some of the heavy lube into it’s throat. “Jimmy, you may have noticed that most of my equipment is designed to stimulate while restraining a person. This one is no different.”

Moving over to the side of the frame, so that Jimmy could see him, he smiled nastily, and jammed the lubed codpiece down to swallow Jimmy’s stiff cock. Jimmy thrashed and moaned at the sudden slick pressure of the rubber codpiece squeezing his dick.

“Now, I have high hopes for this one. But I’ve had some problems getting the pressure calibrated just right. But, I think you’ll do okay.” Carl threaded the codpiece’s attached straps into rings on the heavy rubber suit and cinched them tightly down, pressing Jimmy’s dick in further into the mouth of the thing. Jimmy rolled his eyes, and started breathing quickly, the cod piece felt too good!

Carl moved to the side of the frame and flipped a switch on the small pump hooked to the water feeds. Jimmy’s eyes widened as warm water rushed into the suits inner lining. The suit began to stiffen around him, pressing in on him tightly.

“Wh..wha..What’s going on?!” Jimmy started to panic. The heavy rubber of the suit was bulging out pressing him tightly between its layers, squeezing him in a fierce lubed embrace.

“Well Jimmy, in this piece I’ve decided to use water as an immobilization technique. The pressure will keep building until you’re unable to move your body at all.” Carl peered under and around the frame, inspecting the equipment for any leaks.

Jimmy’s back was forced into an arched position, cock in it’s rubber codpiece jutting up into the air with the force of the expanding water stiffening the suit into a shining black rubber caricature of a human body. His ass shone whitely from the surrounding rubber, glistening with lube and Jimmy’s nervous sweat.

“Okay, that should be about right.” Carl shut off the pump. Jimmy was held rigid in the frame, arms, legs, and chest all tightly wrapped by the pressing layers of rubber. The rubber was warming quickly from the water filling it.

“Now for the head piece. Are you ready Jimmy?” Carl smiled down at Jimmy from the top of his head.

“I don’t know about this Carl!”

“Oh, too late to back out now Jimmy. Let’s get this on you.” Carl forced the slack headpiece down over Jimmy’s face and strapped it to rings on the suit.

Only Jimmy’s mouth was exposed from the covering of rubber, with small nostril openings being the only other openings in the head piece. Carl switched on a spigot leading to the head piece, and warm water flowed quickly in. Jimmy jerked as the head piece squeezed his head, pressing it’s heavy black rubber into his eyes and ears. The water stopped, and the pressure held steady.

Jimmy opened his mouth to protest, but Carl stopped him by forcing a thick rubber penis bag between his teeth. Jimmy gagged on the rubber filling his mouth, and yelled as Carl strapped the gag tightly behind his head.

“Remember our deal Jimmy. And besides, the good part is coming up!” Carl laughed and stepped on a floor switch. A pump chugged to life, and the codpiece began sucking Jimmy’s cock, stroking up and down his shaft in strong waves of rubber.

Jimmy thrashed his head from side to side, blind, teeth biting hard into the rubber dick between his lips and lost himself in the waves of pleasure the machine was giving him. Carl smiled, and heard cash registers in his head. This was going to be a popular one, he knew it!

Grabbing the frame, he depressed a release lever, and swung Jimmy so that he was upright, slung between the tubular steel of the frame, a taut rubber figure. Moving behind the slowly writhing Jimmy, Carl popped open the fly of his rubber pants, releasing his thick cock.

Grabbing it in both gloved hands, still slick from his lubing of Jimmy, he began stroking it, watching the slow clenching of Jimmy’s white ass from where it was framed by the heavy seamed rubber of the water suit. Jimmy moaned and jerked against the tight hold of the suit, water sloshing inside, warm rubber holding him in a slick close embrace. The codpiece increased the pace of its stroking, embedded sensors detecting the jerking of Jimmy’s cock.

Jimmy yelled into his gag and spasmed as his cock spewed into the throat of the thick rubber codpiece. Carl dropped his hold on his own dick, and moved behind Jimmy, till his own naked cock was throbbing just inches away from Jimmy’s ass crack.

Carl stared at Jimmy’s ass as it clenched with the force of his orgasm. Reaching a decision, Carl grabbed Jimmy’s hips through the heavy rubber of the suit, squishing water between his hands, and slid the head of his cock between Jimmy’s ass cheeks.

Jimmy twisted his head and yelled, feeling the tip of Carl’s thick cock press against his asshole. Carl paused, and then began working his cock slowly into Jimmy’s ass, savoring the sweet feeling of Jimmy’s hot lubed hole.

Jimmy yelled again. Carl’s cock was huge! The last throbs of his own orgasm were making him fuzzy. Why was Carl doing this?!

Carl, not able to hold back any longer, shoved the remaining length of his thick lubed dick up Jimmy’s ass with a grunt. He then began slowly pumping his cock in and out Jimmy’s bound ass, framed in the rubber. Jimmy, meanwhile, was writhing in his bonds, unable to keep his ass from clenching around Carl’s sliding cock.

Carl thrust in and out deeply, causing Jimmy to moan into his gag, drool slicking his lips where they were pressed around the shaft of the penis gag. Then the sweet tight lubed interior of Jimmy’s ass defeated Carl’s reserve and he came yelling, pounding his cock into Jimmy’s rubber bound ass, hot cum shooting.

Carl look down, and pulled his thick spent cock from Jimmy’s asshole, trailing cum and lube. Quickly he pulled his dick back in his pants and buttoning them up. He flipped the release lever once again on the water frame holding Jimmy and abruptly swung the whole frame 180 degrees so that Jimmy was upside down, rubber covered face at Carl’s booted feet.

Jimmy ass throbbed from Carl’s use of it. And to his surprise the codpiece began another cycle of heavy stroking, bringing his cock back to hardness.

“Jimmy, you’re doing great. I’ll start the clock. I’ve got this thing pegged as a 3 orgasm per hour unit. Let’s see what you average over two hours.” Carl crouched down on his heels and gave the Jimmy’s hooded cheek a friendly pat. “I think you’re going to more than earn that rubber gear Jimmy, don’t you worry.” Carl inspected the frame and water-filled rubber suit once more, and satisfied that all was in good order, left the garage.

Jimmy hung, lubed, slick body bound by rubber, strung upside down, cock throbbing under the ministrations of the rubber codpiece’s throat, and moaned. How had he gotten himself into this!

Pumps cycled, and the water pressure in the suit was increased a fraction. Jimmy bit down on the rubber gag and tried to fight against the suck of the machine.

Carl had said two hours!


The Rubber Garage, 4/7
by Gnjal

Jimmy stood on a thick rubber mat, dazed from his time in the water suit bondage device of Carl’s. He had come 4 times while strapped into the thing, and he felt exhausted.

Carl slapped Jimmy on the back with his gloved hand.

“How you feeling boy!” Carl smiled broadly and looked up and down Jimmy’s naked body, slick and shiny from his hairlessness and the lube and sweat covering it. “You surprised me, son. That machines only supposed to get you off three times, now either it or you are exceptional.”

Carl walked over to the containers of rubber gear and pulled out a pair of thin black latex bermuda shorts with an open ended penis sheath.

“Step into these, Jimmy” Carl held them out to him.

Sometime during Jimmy’s session in the water suit, Carl had changed from his jodhpurs and boots into a black Aquala suit and open-faced hood with long industrial black gloves topped with a thin stripe of yellow at their cuffs.

Jimmy grabbed the soft light latex in his hands and stepped into the shorts. They pulled easily up his lubed and slicked legs, sliding up with a black stretchy grab.

“Let me help you there, Jimmy.” Carl stood in front of him, and grabbed the shorts, yanking them up over his hips, packing them tightly between his ass cheeks and below his balls. “And let’s get you positioned…” Carl reached a gloved hand down into the briefs and grabbed Jimmy’s dick, pressing it into the cock and ball sheath built into the latex bermudas.

Jimmy gasped, and closed his eyes at the feeling of Carl’s gloved fist grabbing his cock. Carl smiled and grabbed the bermudas below Jimmy’s balls, tugging the sack into place tightly around them with a snap. Jimmy opened his eyes wide at the feeling of the thin black latex gripping his balls.

Carl moved over to the containers of gear again and picked up some black rubber rings returning to Jimmy’s side with them around three of his fingers.

“I know that the water suit took a bit out of you,” Carl smiled wickedly, “So we’ll give your dick a little help at staying stiff.” Carl had reached down with the gloved hand not holding the rings and started pulling on Jimmy’s dick through the penis sheath. Standing close to Jimmy, black Aquala suit dully gleaming in the light of the garage, Carl stared intently into Jimmy’s eyes as he continued stroking his dick.

Carl smiled with satisfaction as he felt Jimmy’s cock begin to harden once again. This boy was amazing! Looking down, he could see the lubed and straining head of Jimmy’s dick sliding in and out of the thin black latex penis sheath. Jerking on Jimmy’s dick more forcefully, Carl stopped abruptly when it hardened and lengthened enough so that its head was completely free of the sheath, looking like a fleshy mushroom attached to a thick rubber stalk.

“Jimmy, you are a fantastic test subject! Great recovery time, boy. Now let’s make sure you don’t lose this hard-on.” Carl knelt in front of Jimmy and took one of the thick rubber rings off of his fingers.

Stretching it between his two hands, pulling it wide, he quickly slid the ring over Jimmy’s dick, down the shaft, and over his balls, letting it go to snap into place behind his balls.

“Ow! That hurt!” Jimmy flinched and back away from Carl.

Carl looked up at Jimmy and laughed, reaching out and grabbing him by the hips, pulling him close again.

“Come on Jimmy, a little pain for a lot of rubber? Not really a tough choice right?” Carl pulled another rubber ring off of his fingers and stretched it wide, looking at Jimmy expectantly.

Jimmy looked down at the black rubbered form of Carl, face gleaming white from the open-faced hood. He moved forward, sticking his jutting dick through the ring held open by Carl.

Carl slid and snapped this one into place on top of the first ring, tightening the pressure on Jimmy’s balls, and turning the black latex ball sack into a gleaming tight wrapping.

“Last one Jimmy!” Carl pulled the last ring from his fingers, and stretched it open. It was smaller than the other two but a little bit thicker. Jimmy took a breath and pushed his cock into it.

Carl slid it up the shaft of Jimmy’s cock, holding it stretched wide around the base and above his balls. Carl looked up and smiled at Jimmy and let go.

Snap! Jimmy sucked in his breath and looked down at his hard cock. The rings pushed up his balls and made his dick feel rock hard, lubed head emerging from black rubber.

“What now?” Jimmy looked at Carl, who was now standing.

“Well, I’ve got several advanced orders for one of my sleep sack designs Jimmy, and since you look all tuckered out anyway, it’s probably time we gave you a rest of sorts.” Carl grinned and motioned Jimmy over to a gurney in the corner of the garage.

On the gurney lay a variety of thick rubber straps hanging loose down its sides and a heavy black rubber bag of some sort, the size of a man.

“Hop up, boy!” Carl slapped Jimmy on the ass with his gloved hand, causing Jimmy to jump, and look back at Carl angrily. He walked over to the gurney, cock straining and jutting in front of him from the black latex bermudas and sat on the gurney.

Carl moved over and grabbed Jimmy’s legs, swinging them up and pushing them into the opening of the heavy rubber sleep sack. It opened in front with a strange double-flapped zipper running from about knee height to the neck.

Carl snugged the heavy rubber up over Jimmy’s legs, zipping it up just below his dick. Moving to the top of the gurney, Carl grabbed the top of the sleep sack and pulled it up Jimmy’s back and over his shoulders.

“Bend your head, Jimmy, we need to get the hood on you.” Jimmy obediently bent his head, as Carl stretched the heavy rubber up and over.

The sack’s attached hood slipped down over Jimmy’s face, it’s thick rubber neck ring mashing down his nose as Carl yanked it down to seat at his neck. The hood had tiny eye holes and two large nostril vents. Straightening up, Jimmy felt the rubber sack pull on his shoulders, stretching tightly against him.

Carl pushed Jimmy down, so that he was laying on his back, shoved his rubber ringed cock through the whole in the front of the sleep sack, and pulled the zipper quickly up so that Jimmy was now cocooned in heavy rubber, legs tightly together, arms at his sides and peering nervously out of the tiny eye holes in the hood.

Carl took his gloved finger and pressed down on the rubber sack over Jimmy’s mouth, forcing the heavy rubber of the hood into his mouth, pressing down till he felt Jimmy’s tongue squirm against his finger through the rubber.

Jimmy arched his back and rolled on the table, protesting, arms pushing out against the sides of the rubber sack. Carl smiled and began cinching the thick rubber straps attached to the gurney over Jimmy’s rubber wrapped form.

“I think you’ll like this one, Jimmy. Just let me get the compressed air attached and we’ll fill you up.” Carl moved to the other side of the gurney and grabbed an air hose which was laying on top of the nearby air compressor. Jimmy struggled against the straps holding him to the gurney and realized that he could barely move. All he succeeded in doing was to make his hard cock sway back and forth over his rubber bound pelvis.

Slipping the quick latch connector onto a plug at the foot of the sack, Carl slammed his hand down onto the compressor’s power switch.

“The sack is actually double layered, with you on the inside, Jimmy.” Carl explained, watching the compressor gauge carefully.

Air hissed into the sleep sack, and Jimmy grunted as it began to press in on him tightly, rubber squeezing between ass cheeks, legs, and arms even though they were pressed against his body.

Carl let the air continue until the sleep sack bulged against the restraining straps holding it to the gurney. The last part to fill was the hood, pressing in around Jimmy’s head, with a special mouth piece pushing into and filling his mouth. Jimmy realized that Carl had been positioning the mouth gag earlier when he had pushed his fingers into his mouth.

“Mmmph! MmmMmmmPh!” Jimmy protested, he was bound in a tight rubber sleep sack, rubber pressing in on him everywhere!

Carl popped off the air hose with a hiss and shut down the compressor.

“Don’t worry Jimmy, this will get you the relaxation time you need.” Carl slid a gloved hand from Jimmy’s hooded face across the bulging chest of the sleep sack and down to Jimmy’s exposed and straining cock. Smiling wickedly, Carl clamped down onto the shaft of Jimmy’s dick.

“I know your eager to continue, but this restraint gear needs testing too.” Carl took his other gloved hand and flicked his fingers at Jimmy’s tautly held balls.

“Owmmmmph! Mmmph!!!” Jimmy felt the sharp smack of Carl’s fingers on his balls and struggled against the tight sleep sack and the straps holding him. He couldn’t even lift his head, the sack was inflated so tightly!

Carl smiled again, and began to pull and and down on Jimmy’s cock, milking it in its rubber sheath, watching as a drop of pre cum formed on its head. Carl flicked Jimmy’s balls again.

Jimmy arched his back and yelled around the rubber filling his mouth. His cock was so hard, the rubber rings were making it seem like it was going to explode.

Carl looked down at the rubber bond form in front of him, and eyes lost focus, feeling the stiff rubberized dick sliding in and out of his rubber gloved fist, he abruptly remembered the first rubber master that had bound him. Eyes clearing, Carl decided to reward Jimmy for such sterling work as his test subject.

Carl dropped his hold on Jimmy’s cock and pulled himself up onto the gurney straddling Jimmy’s legs and facing his head. He took hold of Jimmy’s dick in both gloved fists and held it straight up, admiring its gleaming, lubed, twitching length, pushing it back to get a good look at Jimmy’s tightly rubber wrapped balls, rings pressing tightly below them.

He opened his mouth, and slowly lowed his hooded head. His lips slid over the head of Jimmy’s cock and down onto the rubberized shaft, bumping to a stop against his hands gripped tightly around it.

Jimmy stopped struggling, and sucked in his breath around the rubber gag filling his mouth, when he felt Carl’s wet hot mouth descend on his throbbing dick.

Carl begin moving his head up and down on Jimmy’s cock, while simultaneously stroking the shaft and balls with his hands. Lube and pre cum combined to form a slippery rubberized surface.

Jimmy arched his back, pushing up against Carl’s mouth, trying to plunge his dick deeper and deeper into Carl’s slurping mouth. Carl began seriously pumping Jimmy with his hands, squeezing his balls hard as he pistoned up and down on his cock.

“Mmmmph, mmmmmmmmph, mmmmmMMPH!!!” Jimmy’s cock twitched and spasmed as he finally succumbed to Carl’s ministrations. Carl lifted his mouth off of Jimmy’s dick and yanked on him furiously, watching with a grin as streamers of hot cum shot from Jimmy’s straining cock.

Jimmy arched his back and jerked against the rubber straps and sack binding him, caught in the throes a violent and intense orgasm.

Carl finally let up, and released Jimmy’s cock, satisfied that he was drained for the moment, and wiped a streak of cum off the side of his black rubber hooded head.

Leaning down next to Jimmy’s rubber covered face, Carl whispered to him, “I’ll be back in a few hours, boy. Enjoy your rest…” and patted the side of Jimmy’s hooded face.

Jimmy tried to catch his breath, gazing out of the tiny holes in the hood and felt his dick still stiff above him, held that way by the thick rubber rings around it.

He felt exhilarated and trapped at the same time. What was happening to him? This rubber was too much, and besides he had to pee! Jimmy twisted futilely against his rubber bondage, and whimpered into the rubber filling his mouth.


The Rubber Garage, 5/7
by Gnjal

Jimmy stood staring at the thick rubber and foam object in front of him. He was holding his arms around his chest, trying to keep the chill of the garage’s cement floor from causing him to shiver, wearing only a tight black latex brief with an attached penis and ball sheath. It was high waisted, covering his lower back and belly with a slick black surface, shining in the light of the garage.

“What is it?” Jimmy asked Carl, mystified as to what this round rubber object could be. It was a three foot diameter sphere of rubber, ridged and gleaming. There were two groupings of holes one on either pole of the sphere, with a seam running between them, bisecting the sphere.

“Ah, I’m proud of this one, Jimmy. I call it my rubber medicine ball.” Carl had returned and released Jimmy from his mummy sack bondage earlier, having Jimmy take a shower and sit down to a filling meal of scrambled eggs, hash browns, orange juice and several steaming mugs of coffee.

“It’s made out of a thick rubber shell molded around a heavy impact foam core.” Carl stood next to the ball, his hands spinning it on the floor of the garage. “It’s actually light when it’s empty.” Carl smiled at the unsuspecting Jimmy, anticipating the upcoming “test”.

“Empty? What goes in it?” Jimmy asked, balancing his weight on one foot and then the other, not enjoying the cold concrete floor beneath his feet.

Carl smiled even wider, and bent over the ball. He was wearing a relatively tame pair of jeans, work boots, and a white T-shirt underneath a heavy leather jacket. Working at the seam running equatorially around the medicine ball, Carl grunted and forced the two halves of the rubber sphere apart, one half hinged to the other with loops of latex coated steel braid.

Jimmy moved closer, and looked down at the ball’s interior. It was filled with black shining rubber, the only space free was an impression of a person folded knees to chest, head and ass positioned so that they were at the edge of the ball’s rubber skin.

“It’s quite a ride Jimmy, are you ready?” Carl pointed to the ball, and waited.

“I don’t know Carl, it looks pretty small…” Jimmy began hedging as Carl stood and walked over to stand in from of him.

“Jimmy, remember our deal. Do you really want to miss out on all that rubber gear you’re getting to keep?” Carl reached down with his bare hand and gently snared Jimmy’s rubber wrapped cock.

Jimmy let his arms drop to his sides, as he stared into Carl’s eyes, feeling his cock jump immediately to attention, firm under Carl’s strong fingers.

“Okay, how do I get in?” Jimmy asked.

Carl dropped his hold of Jimmy’s dick and clapped him on the back. “Just crouch down on the floor here, and I’ll push one half onto you.” Jimmy did as he was told, and Carl grabbed the split ball and proceeded to align it with Jimmy’s hunched form.

“Hang on!” Carl suddenly rolled the sphere on it’s side, pushing Jimmy at the same time, so that he was wedged down into the rubber innards of the ball, laying sideways. Jimmy felt the foam under the rubber push and give as Carl worked him deeper into the one half of the ball. His feet were pressed to his ass, his knees to his chest, his arms rigidly at his sides.

“Okay, let’s get you mated correctly with this thing, Jimmy.” Carl reached over and pulled on Jimmy’s dick, forcing it and his balls through an inner rubber wall of the sphere. Grabbing a thick ring of rubber from his jean’s pocket, he quickly stretched it and forced it down and around Jimmy’s shaft and balls, seating it firmly on the other side of the rubber wall. Jimmy’s dick and sack were effectively sealed on the other side of the rubber.

Jimmy pulled back on his hips, the little movement the tight confines of the rubber medicine ball would allow and felt his cock yank, stuck firmly in the inner rubber wall of the sphere.

Carl smoothed the hair out of Jimmy’s eyes and gently but firmly pressed his head down deeper into the rubber covered foam grip of the ball. Jimmy’s could hardly move his head, face pressed against the rubber skin of the ball, eyes and nostrils lining up with holes in the surface, mouth sliding against some kind of thin rubber flap.

“Suck it in Jimmy!” Carl laughed and lifted the other half of the ball, lining it up on Jimmy’s still uncovered half, and giving it a sudden push, squeaking it down tightly on Jimmy, sealing him inside the rubber sphere.

Carl latched the halves together and spun the ball so that he could see Jimmy’s wide eyes staring at him, air whistling through the nose vents. “Let’s get the mouth piece right, boy.” Carl pushed into the hole over Jimmy’s mouth and forced the sleeve of latex into Jimmy’s mouth, smoothing it over his teeth, so that his wet pink tongue was wriggling against the black latex surrounding it.

Jimmy licked the sleeve with his tongue, feeling his spit lube it and tasting a heady blend of rubber. The latex stuck to the roof of his mouth and beneath his writhing tongue. Jimmy tried to close his mouth to swallow, but the thicker rimmed edge of the ball holding his face prevented him from moving his jaw more than a fraction of an inch.

“Now for the rear ports!” Carl spun the Jimmy ball until he had the two holes over Jimmy’s rear positioned in front of him. Reaching into the top hole with his fingers, he maneuvered the slick sheath attached to the hole into the rear slit of Jimmy’s tight briefs. Jimmy grunted and mumbled a protest from the heavy rubber wrapping his lips as Carl forced the lubed sheath into his ass. Carl continued stroking and rubbing with his fingers until the smooth black latex was deeply inside of Jimmy.

“There now, that’s better. How does that feel, Jimmy?” Carl patted Jimmy’s ass through the rubber skin of the ball and grinned. Jimmy was really going to enjoy what was coming up!

“Oh almost forgot, have to check the joystick control!” Carl pushed his hand into a hole in the ball’s surface and reached deep down, between Jimmy’s wedged legs, and grabbed Jimmy’s rubber covered dick. “Oh, yeah, this is working just fine…” Carl gave Jimmy’s cock a few nice firm milking strokes, flicked his balls for good measure and pulled out his hand.

Jimmy tried to move, but the rubber covered foam interior of the ball kept him wedged tight, dick throbbing, balls pulling against the rubber wall holding them, and stared out of the rubber sphere, as he was once again spun to face a grinning Carl.

“Now, this test actually requires a few more volunteers, so we’re going to go on a little road trip.” Carl stuck his finger into Jimmy’s rubber rimmed mouth and slid it around Jimmy’s tongue. “So let’s get you set for traveling!” Carl removed his finger and leaned over to slap Jimmy’s ass through the rear skin of the ball.

Jimmy began to protest, trying to make sense through the rubber covering his lips and teeth as he saw Carl return to his side with several rubber plugs. Carl grinned evilly, and proceeded to fit the rubber pieces into each eye hole in the ball. Jimmy struggled against the ball, flexing it slightly, but unable to split the securely fastened seam, as Carl plunged him into rubber darkness.

“Now, relax boy…You’ll be fine.” Jimmy heard Carl say, and then felt a plug of rubber being pressed into his mouth, forcing his tongue down against the rubber already in it.

“MMMmmph! mmmphmmph!” Jimmy yelled against the black rubber packed between his teeth. He protested even louder as he felt a huge butt plug being forced into the latex sheath already inside of him. It was so big! Jimmy panted, trying to relax his ass, and let the butt plug enter him, panicking would only make it hurt more!

Carl smiled again and pulled over a wide handcart, leaning down to heft the Jimmy ball onto it. Whistling, he tied the Jimmy ball down to the cart with white nylon rope and the convenient D-rings fused into the black rubber sphere’s sides. He went to the front door of the garage and yanked it up, revealing the side of his van, door ajar, ready for the Jimmy ball’s loading.

Yep, Jimmy was going to enjoy tonight’s test, if he was any judge. Carl smiled as he slammed the van’s side door, and climbed into the driver’s seat.

Jimmy felt the engine roar to life beneath him, and tried once again to flex his way out of the rubber medicine ball binding him. Grunting with the effort, he finally gave up and chewed on the rubber filling his mouth in nervous anticipation. What had Carl meant about other volunteers?

The van roared off into the darkness.

After what had seemed like hours in the rubber sphere, Jimmy felt the van stop, and heard the muffled sound of the side door being pulled open. The hand cart he was tethered to was bounced and yanked over some fairly rough ground, until he felt himself being lifted and lowered off of it.

Jimmy rolled his dry tongue as the plug was removed from his mouth, licking the rubber covering his lips and around his tongue, trying to get it moist again. He winced as the butt plug was abruptly pulled from his ass with a plopping sound, and heard several people laughing around him.

“Carl, this is one of your better ones!” A voice exclaimed, and he felt a hand pinching the rubber over his ass. What felt like a gloved finger pushed into his mouth and trapped his writhing tongue. He heard more laughter.

“Jimmy, I’d like you to meet some of my past test ‘volunteers'” He heard Carl say.

Jimmy blinked as first one, and then another eye plug was pulled free and he could once again see out of the rubber ball he was trapped in. He was spun around quickly, and he got the impression of several rubber covered men, standing or sitting in a circle around him.

“Now, Jimmy. This product is called the Rubber Medicine Ball. Basically, these fellows are going to give you a taste of rubber medicine. Let me show you how it works…” and with that Carl spun Jimmy and rolled him across the floor.

Jimmy felt dizzy as the ball rolled end over end, taking his bound head up and then down. He was abruptly stopped, eyes up and facing the rubberman who had stopped the ball.

“Hello, boy” the rubberman sneered through his hood, eyes glinting, teeth flashing at the bound Jimmy. The rubberman stuck his gloved finger into Jimmy’s rubber propped mouth, sliding it around his tongue.

Pulling his now spit slicked finger out of Jimmy’s mouth, the rubberman inspected it, black wet rubber gleaming wetly, and grunted with satisfaction. Reaching down, he grabbed the side of his heavy rubber codpiece and snapped it open, releasing a stiff, thick rubber sheathed dick.

Jimmy’s eyes widened in alarm as the rubberman grabbed either side of the rubber ball and pulled Jimmy’s rubber rimmed mouth slowly down onto his cock, grunting and swearing as Jimmy’s tongue slid along its shaft.

“Damn, boy, you feel good!” The rubberman’s cock throbbed inside of Jimmy’s mouth, pushing towards the back of his throat. Stuck inside the rubber sphere, Jimmy could only watch as the rubberman began stroking in and out of his rubber wrapped lips.

Grabbing the ridged rubber surface of the ball tightly in his gloved hands, the rubberman began deep thrusting into Jimmy’s mouth and throat, causing him to gag. Jimmy’s eyes rolled in panic as each plunge of the rubberman’s rubber covered cock stopped his air.

The rubberman threw back his hooded head and yelled, his cock jumping and twitching in Jimmy’s mouth as he came, streamers of hot cum splashing the back of Jimmy’s throat. The rubberman gave one last shudder, pressing Jimmy’s rubber bound face hard against his cock. Then pushed Jimmy off his dick with a wet plop, cum trailing down the side of the black rubber ball.

“Excellent Medicine Ball, Carl!” the rubberman laughed and suddenly rolled Jimmy across the room to another grinning rubberman.

This time Jimmy came up facing away from the rubberman who had caught him, and he felt hands working his ass through the thick rubber skin of the ball.

“My turn, boy!” the other rubberman grunted.

Jimmy heard snaps popping behind him and felt something pressing at his rubber sheathed asshole. He winced and struggled against the thick rubber and foam he was wedged tightly into, as a large cock slowly worked itself past his sphincter and deep inside his ass.

“Mmpph!, mmmmMMMphh!” Jimmy tried to protest as the rubbermen around him laughed. The stiff cock began sliding in and out, slipping easily over the rubber already pressed inside of Jimmy, spreading his ass wide.

The rubberman behind him gripped the medicine ball and began yanking the trapped Jimmy back on his hard dick, burying it deep inside Jimmy’s ass, slapping his rubber covered pelvis against Jimmy’s rubber skinned ass cheeks, over and over again.

Jimmy closed his eyes and felt the rubber around him stretch and recoil at every thrust of the rubberman’s thick cock. His own dick stiffening at the repeated stroke against his prostrate, he gasped as he felt a hand reaching into the sphere and grabbing at his strapped cock and balls.

He opened his eyes to see half the circle of rubbermen grinning appreciatively at his predicament, and closed them again as the hand gripping his dick began to jerk and squeeze him.

Behind him, the rubberman whose dick was planted deep in his ass began to swear and plunge even harder into him in a rapid pistoning stroke. Jimmy rocked within the tight confines of the sphere, sweat-slicked skin sliding with each thrust, and felt his cock twitch and begin to shoot as the hand jerked it unmercifully to climax.

He yelled and felt his hot cum fill the sheath covering his dick, squelching underneath the grip of whoever was milking him, and opened his eyes wide as the rubberman behind gave one final deep hard thrust, and shot his hot stream of cum into Jimmy’s rubber coated ass.

Jimmy panted and looked around, spotting Carl in the corner talking to a man wearing waders and a black latex muscle shirt. Carl looked at him, made eye contact and smiled, then turned back to his conversation.

Jimmy felt the huge dick pull out of his ass, and held his breath, head whirling a he was spun across the floor to the next crowd of eager rubbermen…


The Rubber Garage, 6/7
by Gnjal

The Rubber Snake Pit

Jimmy had been released from his cramped position in the rubber medicine ball after two hours of use by the surrounding rubbermen. He had been led to a small single doored room, its walls painted black, and strapped down to the sole piece of furniture it contained; a rubber padded cot. The door was then slammed, leaving him alone, in the darkness.

He was exhausted and dazed from the rubbermen using and abusing his mouth and ass, presented from the gleaming black sphere of the medicine ball he had been trapped in. Anonymous hands had also jerked his sheathed dick to cum splattering orgasm twice, making him feel light headed and ready for sleep. He remembered glancing down at the outside of the medicine ball and seeing the numerous splashes of cum ringing the mouth and butt access holes.

Jimmy tested his bonds, pulling against the straps holding him to the cot till finally giving-up. He relaxed into the rubber padding beneath him, naked except for his penis sheath briefs, face-up in the warm little room which smelled strongly of rubber and sex.

Jimmy’s head nodded, and he drifted off to a well-earned slumber.


Jimmy turned his head away from the light flooding into the little room.

“Jimmy. Wake-up boy.” Carl stood over him, dressed in a rubber catsuit with tall rubber waders and heavy black rubber industrial gloves on both hands. He reached down and shook Jimmy by the shoulder.

“Did you have a good snooze, boy?” Carl grinned at Jimmy, strapped to the cot.

“What? Yeah, I guess so…” Jimmy turned his head from side to side, just then remembering that he was strapped down to the padded cot, “Get me out of this, will you?” Jimmy nodded his chin at the rubber straps running across his chest, hips and legs.

“Why sure, Jimmy. We’ve got to get you ready for the next test setup, don’t we.” Carl laughed, and began unfastening the straps, grabbing Jimmy behind the shoulders and lifting him up to a sitting position, helping him to swing his stiff legs off the cot, to touch the cold concrete floor of the room.

Jimmy bowed his head, and then looked up into Carl’s eyes. He felt refreshed and relaxed after his nap, but an edge of anticipation was making his balls tingle as he looked at Carl’s grinning face.

“Follow me, Jimmy.” Carl turned and walked out into the main room, leading Jimmy over to what looked like an above ground pool, draped in heavy black latex sheeting.

“Go ahead Jimmy, take a look over the side.” Carl waved him to the edge of the pool and stood beside Jimmy as he grabbed the rubber covered rim and peered over the edge.

Inside was a confusing tangle of half-inflated large rubber inner tubes, rubber pillows, and stretched rubber sheeting. He stared closer and realized that the rubber was moving. Several black shining man sized forms were wriggling and writhing among the shining black rubber.

“We call it our Rubber Snake Pit, Jimmy. The suits the rubbermen are wearing were designed by me.” Carl reached over and pointed down at the nearest rubber bound figure, slipping and sliding over the rubber tubes surrounding it.

“You’ll notice the arms and legs are held tightly to the rubberman’s sides and that they only have nostril and mouth holes in the attached hood.” Carl pointed at another rubberman nearby, flipping on his back in the tangle of rubber. “They also have their cock and balls sheathed and strapped for easy access out of the suit, with a paired anal sheath pushed between their butt cheeks.” Carl turned to Jimmy.

“Are you ready to join them, boy?” He grinned widely at Jimmy.

“Join them?” Jimmy stepped back from the edge of the rubber snake pit and felt his jaw drop as Carl held up a form shaped rubber suit just like the rubbermen were wearing in the pit.

“Oh yes. Come here, boy, you’ve got work to do…” Carl advanced on Jimmy and began pulling the heavy rubber gear onto him. He first had Jimmy step into the one leg of the suit pulling the rubber up and over Jimmy’s ass.

“Let’s get you lined-up boy!” Carl thrust a gloved hand down into the suit and grabbed Jimmy’s cock and ball, pushing and shoving them into the suit’s tight lubed sheaths. He then pointed to the internal sleeves in the suit, waiting for Jimmy to push his hands and arms down into the tight latex tubes.

“This is tight, Carl!” Jimmy complained.

“That’s right boy, the tighter the better.” Carl yanked the rubber up and over Jimmy’s shoulders and pushed on the back of his head, forcing Jimmy’s face into the tight attached hood.

“I can’t see, Carl!” Jimmy said his voice rising with unease and a trembling anticipation.

“That’s the point, Jimmy.” Carl folded the inner flaps of the suit in, lining up the mouth and nostril holes to Jimmy’s and moved behind Jimmy for the final zip closure.

Jimmy stood teetering in front of Carl, legs tightly pressed together by the latex suit, arms stretching, and snapping back, held by the internal rubber sleeves, blinded, tongue licking his lips nervously as he tried to stay balanced.

Carl grinned as he looked down to see that Jimmy’s cock was already stiff and jutting in it’s tight shining sheath of rubber. Jimmy was really going to enjoy the pit!

Unable to resist, Carl began to slide his gloved hands up and down Jimmy’s rubber bound body; one stopping to grip Jimmy’s balls and then move on to pull at his sheathed dick, while his other hand squeezed Jimmy’s ass and pinched his nipples through the latex.

Jimmy began moaning, his cock throbbing with excitement from the strokes Carl was treating him to. He arched his back, butt clenching under the rubber, as Carl jerked his cock in earnest, and the tight suit overwhelmed him with the sense of rubber bondage. He tipped over, and was caught by Carl and lowered on his front to the cold concrete floor, his sheathed dick pressed hard between it and his stomach.

“One last thing we need to get ready, Jimmy.” Carl laughed and began working his fingers into the anal sheath laying between Jimmy’s ass cheeks. Carl slid it’s lubed surface up from between Jimmy’s legs, pressed tightly together, and quickly found his asshole, pushing in gently and then more forcefully, as Jimmy grunted and moaned, hooded face pressed to the cold floor.

Carl pressed two more fingers into the anal sheath and plunged all of them deep into Jimmy’s ass, pushing the lubed rubber until it coated Jimmy’s hole and filled him with latex.

“There now, boy. You’re all set to go into the pit.” Carl stood up and nodded to two cat suited rubbermen who had taken position on either side of Jimmy’s writhing rubber wrapped form.

They both leaned down in unison and picked Jimmy up. One grabbing him by the shoulders and the other wrapping his arms around Jimmy’s tightly bound legs. They walked in step over to a ramp leading up to the rim of the rubber snake pit. Jimmy’s mouth opened and closed like a landed fish, his gleaming black knob of a head twisting to and fro, trying to sense what was happening from under the rubber covering his eyes and ears.

The rubbermen paused at the rim, holding Jimmy’s bound form horizontal, pointed head first towards the middle of the pit.

“Oh, and one last thing Jimmy. The other ‘snakes’ in this pit have been there for awhile, and they’re mighty hungry…” Carl laughed and waved a gloved hand at the two rubbermen holding Jimmy.

“What? What do you mean, hungry?” Jimmy said in a confused voice.

The rubbermen began swinging Jimmy’s rubber wrapped and shining form back and forth between them, until finally letting him go at the apex of ONE swing. They had aimed him at a section of the pit which currently only held a tangle of rubber inner tubes and sheeting.

Jimmy sucked in his breath as he fell, sightless, and bound, and bounced down among the springy tubes, slipping and sliding to a halt, face down in the jungle of rubber. He wriggled and flipped onto his back, the smooth rubber of the inner tubes and sheets sliding against his rubber covered ass and chest. His jutting cock pulled against a tightly wedged tube and then sprang free, slapping his thigh on the rebound, and causing him to gasp with unexpected pleasure from the feeling.

What did Carl mean about the others being hungry? Jimmy moved his bound legs and slid down a little further into the rubber tangle around him. He was having trouble thinking straight, bound in rubber and sightless, the rubber jungle of the pit caressing his sides and back. He began thrusting his stiff sheathed cock against something that felt like an inner tube, biting his lip as he moved closer and closer to orgasm. His cock was throbbing almost painfully from the thick rubber strap wrapped at it’s base and below his balls, when he heard a noise.

It sounded like rubber slithering across rubber.

There it was again. Wait, he heard it coming from the other side of him as well! Too late, he realized that it must be the other rubbermen trapped in the rubber snake pit with him. He heard their hoarse panting coming from all sides of him now, and then a muttered phrase at his side.

“Time to eat, boys!” A voice hissed. Jimmy turned his blind head towards the voice, and jerked as he felt rubber covered forms bumping against his head, chest, legs, and sides. He bent over and tried to hump away from the pushing rubber forms, but they quickly had him pressed tightly against stretchy inner tubes covering the floor of the pit.

“Wait! What are you doing!?” Jimmy protested as he felt one rubberman squirm his rubberized form up onto his chest and pressing down on his hips.

“Shut-up rubber worm!” Another voice muttered at his head. He opened his mouth to protest again when the rubberman ontop of him plunged his open mouth down on Jimmy’s stiff sheathed dick, which was jutting up from his rubber bondage suit. Jimmy gasped and thrashed his head back and forth.

He felt other rubber forms wriggling and humping around him, one pressing up against his hooded face, sliding back and forth as if trying to find something.

Jimmy opened his mouth to yell as the rubberman hanging on his dick plunged down to deep-throat him, and gagged as the rubberman at his head finally found and plugged his mouth with his thick latex covered cock.

“Mmmmmmmph! Mmmph, mmmmmph!” Jimmy struggled. Then in a turning point, surrendered. He began to arch his pelvis up in time with the down stroke of the one rubberman’s hot lips, and slowly began moving his own head up and down around the thick dick lodged in his mouth, lips sliding over the rubber, tongue swirling around the cock’s head on the upstroke.

He felt other rubber covered forms bumping and humping along side him, with moaning and hisses from all directions.

His own cock began to thrum with an approaching orgasm, and Jimmy yelled around the dick stuffed into his mouth as his own began jerking and spewing hot cum into the sheath that covered it, yanked up and down, slid over his shaft by the energetic sucking of the rubberman pressing down on his chest and hips.

The rubberman whose dick was jamming in and out of Jimmy’s mouth felt the yell’s vibration around his shaft and began shooting himself, grunting and swearing as he pounded his hips against Jimmy’s hooded face, the rubberman’s bound arms stretching against the inner sleeves of his bondage suit, tightening it over his chest until his nipples were outlined clearly in gleaming black.

Jimmy felt both the rubbermen roll off of him, and panted with the ebbing sensation of the strong orgasm he had just had. He turned his sightless head to the side, pressing into a soft inner tube and smiled under his hood.

“Okay, boys, now try to find your place in line…” He heard a voice say, and suddenly he was being bumped and prodded by rubber bound heads and shoulders, until he was lying face down among the rubber inner tubes and sheeting.

“What? Mmmmph…” Jimmy didn’t have a chance to ask anything more as one rubberman forced his head down, pressing it down against another of the soft inflated inner tubes. Jimmy struggled against the weight of the rubberman on top of him, twisting his head, trying to get a breath of air.

He began bucking as he felt a rubber form hump its way up onto the backs of his legs, and then farther, up over his butt in a slippery slide of rubber on rubber, till finally resting on his back, pressing him down even harder into the depths of the pit.

Other rubber forms moved in at his sides, keeping him in place as he desperately tried to heave the rubberman off of him. He sucked in snatches of air as he could, the rubberman on top of his head laughing and pushing his head down again and again.

“Now, son, here comes the final part of your initiation into the rubber snake pit!” The rubberman on top of him said in a low voice and began sliding his rubber bound hips back and forth. Jimmy felt the rubberman’s stiff cock pressing between his legs and then being wiped across his ass cheeks, back and forth, rubber slipping and squeaking as the rubberman searched for the entrance of Jimmy’s anal sheath.

Jimmy sucked in his breath and lay still as he felt the tip of the rubberman’s sheath dick press against his rubber coated asshole. The rubberman also paused, and then thrust forward, sliding into Jimmy’s latex rimmed ass in one long push.

Jimmy grunted into the rubber pressed against his mouth and face as the sizable dick plunged into his ass. He yelled and began bucking once again as the rubberman on top of him started fucking him, ramming his hips against Jimmy’s rubber wrapped butt cheeks, pushing Jimmy’s own stiffening dick down deep among the tubes and rubber beneath him.

Jimmy felt his own cock being stroked by the repeated thrusting as it was forced back and forth against the bouncing rubber beneath him. His ass tightened around the dick of the rubberman, squeezing the latex rimming his asshole into a shining second layer around the plunging rubberman’s cock. He wriggled, writhed, bucked and heaved against the cock in his ass, a bound form of shining black rubber, arms held tightly at his sides, legs clamped together, hooded head slipping between the other rubberman’s body and the rubber jungle of the pit.

The rubberman on top of him swore, and Jimmy felt the thick dick twitch and begin pulsing inside his ass as the rubberman spewed hot cum into his bondage suit’s dick sheath. With several deep thrusts, the rubberman finished and rolled off of Jimmy’s back, ass and legs.

Jimmy slumped, and snatched a breath as the other rubberman let his head up slightly. Panting, his own dick a stiff shining black latex pole shoved deep into the latex below him, Jimmy tried to calm down and stop his spinning thoughts.

Rubber. Ttrapped! Can’t breath easy, the rubbermen pressed all around me, the stretchy rubber of the inner tubes and sheets of the pit slipping and sliding against my rubber bondaged body…

Jimmy’s attempt at calming himself failed, and he began struggling once again, as he felt another of the bondage suited rubbermen begin squirming and humping his way up Jimmy’s legs to position himself over Jimmy’s used rubber wrapped butt.

“Welcome to the rubber snake pit boy!” A voice hissed and several other voices began laughing as the next rubberman slid his pelvis back and forth against Jimmy’s ass, sheathed cock inches away from Jimmy’s latex rimmed asshole.

At the edge of the pit, Carl smiled and stared down at the bound rubber wrapped forms twisting and sliding among the confusion of black rubber depths of the pit. Judging from the participants’ reactions, and Jimmy’s stiff dick, visible as he heaved up against the rubber form laying on top of him, the rubber snake pit was going to be a popular product. Carl smiled wider, and reached a gloved hand down to unzip the crotch of his catsuit…


The Rubber Garage, 7/7
by Gnjal

Rubber Bungie

Jimmy sat in Carl’s van, swaying with each bump in the road on the way back to Carl’s house. He had been taken from the rubber snake pit, dazed, used, and most of all obsessed with the rubber that had surrounded and bound him. After being removed from the rubber snake pit, he had been stripped completely, and shoved into a steaming shower, where several rubbermen in catsuits and hoods had scrubbed and rinsed the sweat, cum, and lube from his body. The soap suds had dropped from the large sponges they used, splattering against their own black rubber skins, wet and shining from the shower. He had stood, staring at their bobbing black rubber heads, gleaming in the steam of the shower, as they moved the rough sponges over his ass, between his legs, across his chest, under his arms, and everywhere else.

They had then pulled him from the shower, and finished roughly drying him, when Carl finally appeared, holding out a thick terry-cloth bath robe, grinning from ear to ear.

Now, Jimmy sat in the passenger seat of Carl’s van, mind flashing back to the writhing rubber forms in the snake pit, the dizzying roll of the rubber medicine ball, and the feeling of his cock shooting hot cum while rubber wrapped him and trapped him. He shook his head, and looked sideways at Carl.

“You did fine, Jimmy. Just fine. I’ll get you home for a snooze and we can start again this evening.” Carl told him in a friendly voice, eyes never leaving the road, which rushed by in the flash of the headlights. The sun was just peeking up over the tree line, turning the sky a gradually lightening shade of blue.

Carl glanced over at Jimmy, and recognized the rubber turmoil which must be whirling through Jimmy’s mind as he stared out at the road in front of them, eyes far-away and unfocused. Jimmy had just about completed his conversion to a full-fledged rubberman. Carl had heard Jimmy’s moans of pleasure as he was rolled back and forth among the grasping rubbermen in the medicine ball and also while being mounted in the snake pit. Jimmy was quickly becoming addicted to the feeling of rubber covering him, and the release rubber sex provided. Tonight, Carl would bind and use Jimmy once again, making his conversion to a squirming, bound, and used rubberman complete.

Carl smiled softly to himself, as the van zoomed over the road to home, rays of sun beginning to paint the black asphalt.

Jimmy had returned to Carl’s garage that evening, entering from the side door after a cautious knock. He quickly stripped out of his grey sweatshirt, jeans and sneakers at Carl’s gesture.

He now stood before Carl, standing in the chill garage, naked except for his socks and tight white underwear. Hands tucked under his armpits in an attempt to stay warm, Jimmy unconsciously bounced from foot to foot, waiting as Carl pulled darkly gleaming rubber gear from the plastic crates packed around the garage’s walls.

Jimmy couldn’t take his eyes off of Carl’s rubber covered body. Carl was wearing a tight full-body catsuit of black rubber with an attached openfaced hood. His hands were covered in heavy black rubber gauntlets matching a high pair of black waders covering his feet and legs up to his thighs, ending in a bright yellow stripe. Carl’s dick was outlined in the tight rubber of the catsuit, zipper running over it’s bulge.

“Now, Jimmy. This is the first layer for tonight.” Holding up a thin black catsuit, Carl moved over to where Jimmy was standing, and noticed that he was still wearing his shorts and socks. “What’s this boy? I thought I told you to strip!”

Carl flipped the rubber catsuit up and over his shoulder with a slap and rustle of latex and grabbed Jimmy’s tight-whites in his gauntlet covered hands. Looking up into Jimmy’s wide eyes with a touch of disapproval, Carl bent and yanked down the underwear.

Jimmy’s cock already stiff from the sight of Carl’s rubberized form, and from anticipation of the upcoming rubber bondage, bounced free and slapped against Carl’s hooded head. Carl straightened quickly, and grabbed Jimmy’s dick tightly in his fist.

“Now I want you to take off your socks Jimmy. And next time I tell you to strip, I mean everything!” Carl snarled at him.

Jimmy winced from the tight grip of Carl’s hand, and bent down to pull off one white crew sock and then the other, trying to balance against the pull of Carl’s hold on his now throbbing cock.

Jimmy tossed the socks onto the pile of his other discarded clothing and raised his eyes to look at Carl’s face, framed in slick black latex. Carl’s eyes flashed, and he squeezed Jimmy’s dick in his gauntlet’s fist, rubber sliding around it’s hard shaft, before letting go with a laugh.

“You need to be more attentive, Jimmy. I know it’s hard with all this rubber around, but you really need to listen to me. Or else, who knows what will happen?” Carl smiled at him with a trace of warning in his eyes, and pulled the draped catsuit off of his shoulder. “Now, this is already lubed and ready for you, so just step into it.”

Jimmy put one hand on Carl’s shoulder as he stepped into the tight black catsuit. Thick lube squelched up around his toes and calves as Carl shimmied it up his legs. Carl yanked it up with a smooth pull, and the rubber slid up his legs and over his ass and pelvis, trapping his cock in a tight rubber grip. Jimmy was now covered in gleaming black rubber from his toes to his waist.

“Okay, now your arms, you’ll need to wriggle your fingers to get into the attached gloves.” Carl held armholes of the catsuit ready for Jimmy.

Jimmy took a breath, and then plunged his hands into the rubber sleeves, pushing them easily down into the slippery lubed interior. Carl then pulled catsuit up his chest, snugging it around his sides and neck, before grabbing the back zip and pulling it up the middle of Jimmy’s back, stretching and tightening the gleaming black rubber over Jimmy’s nipples and chest.

Jimmy let out a moan as the rubber squeezed and slide around his body, lube sliming him completely within his latex skin. Carl moved back in front of him and pinched the rubber on either side of Jimmy’s thigh, jerking it up to smooth out the wrinkles at his knees. He performed the same operation on Jimmy’s other leg, until the rubber was tight at the top of his legs, jammed into the base of his ass, and wedged around his crotch. Jimmy clenched his hands into fists, the lube squirting between his fingers and palms, as he tried to calm his breathing, and ignore the feeling of the lubed rubber pressed against his dick and balls.

Carl picked up a heavy rubber hood and pulled Jimmy’s head forward, towards his rubberized chest. Hooking the hood over Jimmy’s forehead, he quickly pulled it down, smoothing it over Jimmy’s face with his gloved hands, black rubber shining in the lights of the garage, tucking it into the neck of the catsuit then zipping it up tight around Jimmy’s neck.

Carl stood back, and looked at Jimmy, wrapped in a black lubed latex skin. Jimmy’s eyes peered from the holes in the heavy rubber hood, his tongue running over the latex lapping his lips, poking out of the thin slit at his mouth. His crotch bulged, chrome zipper glinting in the lights, promising access to a stiff dick at a future time. His toes and feet were wrapped tightly in the footed ends of the catsuit, while the rest of his body was completely covered in rubber.

Carl nodded his approval, and went to the storage crates to retrieve the next layer of rubber gear.

Jimmy stood mutely, overwhelmed already by the intense feelings the lubed rubber was evoking in him, as Carl grabbed his right hand and forced it into a heavy rubber bondage mitten. He pushed Jimmy’s fingers deeply into the stiff mitten, clamping the attached cuff tightly around Jimmy’s wrist. Threading the cuff’s leather tongue into a chrome roller buckle, he pulled it tight and secured it. Jimmy held his now useless hand up in front of his hooded face, turning it this way and that, as Carl forced another mitten onto his other hand.

The mitten was of a dull black rubber, heavier than any he had seen before, fastened at his wrist with a wide leather strap and buckle. It forced his hand into a curled shape, fingers bound and useless in the grip of the heavy rubber, ending in a heavy chrome D-ring, fused between his thumb and fingers.

Carl dropped Jimmy’s other hand after cinching down the rubber mitten, and pick up a pair of rubber ankle cuffs. Crouching down, his own rubber catsuit squelching around him as it slid over his ass and back; Carl quickly wrapped Jimmy’s ankles securely in the cuffs.

Carl stood up, and gave Jimmy a shove towards a dimly lit corner of the garage. Jimmy stumbled and then walked to the corner, rubber wrapped feet sliding across the cold concrete of the garage floor.

Jimmy blinked as Carl flipped on a row of bright spotlights aimed at the latest set of rubber “test” equipment.

An array of heavy wide rubber straps with buckles hung suspended over what looked like a black rubber upholstered easy chair. The straps congregated into two main strands held by thick metal rings, which were hanging from the ceiling from a pair of heavy chains. Gazing up into the dark rafters, Jimmy thought he saw a glint of machinery, a winch or something attached to the chains.

“Over here, boy!” Carl ordered. Grabbing Jimmy’s hips, he steered and pushed him till he was standing directly in front of the rubber easy chair, the back of his legs bouncing against the arms. Carl pulled the thick mass of rubber straps in front of Jimmy and began attaching them around his body.

The first strap went under his armpits and across his chest, buckling tightly in the high middle of his back. Straps from this one ran up to each of the twin metal rings. Another chest strap was cinched below his nipples, pressing them up, outlined clearly against the rubber of the catsuit.

Two more wide straps went around the tops of his thighs, buckled painfully tight, bumping up against his rubber covered ass. These straps clinked as he moved, swaying under Carl’s ministrations, as their attached D-rings bumped against the rings ending his mitten covered hands and the roller buckles of the cuffs tightly holding them on.

Carl grabbed one of Jimmy’s mitten hands and pulled it down while simultaneously lifting one of Jimmy’s cuffed ankles. Clipping the attached D-rings together with a chrome snap, Carl let go, leaving Jimmy trying to balance on one foot as the other tugged down on his wrist, unable to reach the floor.

Carl stood in front of Jimmy and laughed, giving him a gentle shove backwards. Jimmy flailed his one free arm in an attempt to stay upright, but then slipped and landed heavily in the thick rubber seat of the easy chair, the lube in his suit squirting between his butt cheeks and up around his cock and balls. Jimmy grunted with the unexpected sensation as Carl moved in and quickly grabbed his other wrist and ankle.

Using another chrome snap, he secured them together also, leaving Jimmy sitting on the easy chair, knees thrust out, legs folded under him, arms bound to his ankles, the straps under his arms running up above his head to the dully gleaming machinery in the rafters.

Carl reached down to the front of the rubber easy chair and fingered a recessed control in it’s arm. A whine split the silence of the garage, and Jimmy felt the chains above him jerk, and then lift him bodily into the air, the straps under his armpits and around his chest tightening on him as his full weight was hefted up. Carl grinned and fingered the control until Jimmy was swinging about a foot above the black gleaming easy chair, knees splayed, bulging crotch obscenely exposed, hooded head on the same level as Carl’s.

“Now Jimmy, I call this the rubberman’s easy chair. It’s covered in thick black rubber, has some decent cushioning, and provides easy access to the winch control used in the harness your strapped into.” Carl released the control and straightened up, moving between Jimmy’s spread legs.

Reaching forward, Carl pinched Jimmy’s compressed nipples with the fingers of his gauntlets, smiling as Jimmy squirmed in his harness, feet twisting against his rubber covered ass, bulging dick under the chrome zipper of the catsuit’s crotch sliding as it grew even stiffer. Dropping his grip on one nipple, Carl reached down and began massaging Jimmy’s cock through the rubber of the catsuit. He could feel Jimmy’s dick slipping between the rubber and his fingers, sliding against Jimmy’s lower belly in a squelch of lube. Jimmy groaned and leaned his hooded head back, eyes closed as he submitted to the pleasure of Carl’s hand on his cock.

Carl felt his own cock stiffen and slide under his catsuit, and grinned with anticipation. Jimmy didn’t know what the chair and harness were for, yet.

Letting go of Jimmy’s nipple and crotch he laughed and picked up a thick rubber penis gag from the arm of the chair. Grabbing Jimmy’s hooded knob of a head he pulled it foward and jammed the gag deep into Jimmy’s mouth before he could protest. Reaching his hands around to the back of Jimmy’s head, he cinched the gag down until Jimmy’s cheeks bulged around its rubber straps. Giving Jimmy a light slap on the side of the face, he laughed again and leaned forward, slipping underneath Jimmy’s suspended rubber wrapped ass in one sinuous movement, twisting to land ass first in the easy chair.

Wriggling his rubber covered butt around till he was comfortable, he reclined in the chair, and stared up at the gently swinging Jimmy, bound and gagged in rubber above him. Jimmy’s ass was directly over Carl’s bulging rubber crotch.

“Ah, Jimmy. I really think this one is going to be the hot seller for all those masters with rubber slaves. Let’s see if it lives up to it’s promise, eh?” Carl reached up and grabbed the zipper tab over Jimmy’s crotch and pulled. The bottom of the catsuit split open, releasing Jimmy’s cock and balls and exposing his asshole. Lube dripped from the tip of Jimmy’s twitching dick, dropping to splatter against the black gleaming bulge of Carl’s rubber covered cock.

Carl reached up and grabbed Jimmy’s balls in one gloved hand, cock in the other and began to squeeze and slide along them respectively. The lube dripping from the catsuit slimed his gauntlets as Carl began stroking Jimmy’s throbbing dick. His fingers gripped Jimmy’s balls and squeezed rhythmically, causing Jimmy to gasp and bite down on the penis gag jammed between his teeth. He felt like his cock was going to explode from the slick sliding grip of Carl’s gloved hand. He jerked against the straps holding him, legs pulling down against his own wrists as his body convulsed, arching his back against the impending climax rising in his balls and loins.

Carl started pumping with more force and moved the thumb of the hand clamped onto Jimmy’s balls to plunge into Jimmy’s asshole, pressing in with a plop of lube. This was too much for Jimmy, bound and shuddering above Carl; His dick jerked and began spewing hot cum down over Carl’s rubber covered legs. Jimmy yelled into the gag and shook as the orgasm wracked his body, straining cock head purple, and lubed, emerging from the fist of Carl’s gloved hand.

Carl grinned and jammed his thumb deep inside of Jimmy’s ass as he came, swinging in the harness above Carl’s splattered black crotch. His own dick was now throbbing under the tight black grip of the his rubber catsuit.

Milking the last of the cum from Jimmy’s dick. Carl let go and pulled his thumb from Jimmy’s ass with a sucking plop. Reaching next to the easy chair, he pulled up an arrangement of thin wires attached to two plastic rings. He slipped one of the rings around the base of Jimmy’s still twitching cock, while fastening the other around his hanging balls. The wires ran down to a jack in the arm of the rubber easy chair.

“Okay, Jimmy. You’re nice and warmed-up. So let’s try out the easy chair.” Carl’s hands moved to his own crotch zipper and smoothly opened it, releasing his thick, stiff cock. Grabbing it with one gloved hand, he began stroking it to it’s full length and thickness as the other hand fingered the control on the easy chair.

Jimmy opened his eyes and looked around in panic, as the winch whined above him and his exposed ass dropped towards Carl’s jutting dick. He jerked against the harness and straps holding him, fingers clawing uselessly inside the heavy rubber bondage mittens as he heard Carl laugh and felt the tip of Carl’s thick cock head slide between his lubed ass cheeks.

“Struggle all you want, Jimmy. I must admit, a squirming ass feels better then a relaxed one.” Carl pushed on the winch control and dropped Jimmy lower. Jimmy yelled as Carl’s cock head pressed against his asshole, and suddenly popped inside with a lubed slide. Jimmy couldn’t help writhing his ass as the winch lowered him onto Carl’s thick dick until his ass cheeks bumped against Carl’s pelvis. Jimmy felt packed. Carl’s cock was so big! His breath whistled through he penis gag, as he fought to relax his sphincter muscles around the intruder.

Carl released the winch control and grabbed Jimmy’s rubber covered hips, pulling his suspended ass down farther, pushing in with his throbbing cock as Jimmy fought against him. Carl grunted from the feeling of Jimmy’s tight ass clenching around his dick and reached down to the easy chair control once again.

Flipping a toggle switch, he smiled as Jimmy jerked, electrical jolts shooting through his dick and balls from the plastic rings and attached contacts. Jimmy began yelling and fighting the rubber bondage in earnest, his ass clenching and unclenching on Carl’s thick shaft as the electricity jolted through him.

The voltage wouldn’t harm Jimmy in the least. But it did keep him from relaxing, and the mad dance it made Jimmy’s ass perform on top of Carl’s dick was pleasurable in the extreme.

Carl laughed and flipped another toggle on the easy chair’s recessed control panel. The winch above them began to jerk Jimmy up and down by at least two inches in a halting, abrupt whine of gears and clink of chains. This made Jimmy’s bound and suspended ass rise up and down on Carl’s slimed cock, causing Jimmy to moan into his gag and Carl to lean back into the rubber easy chair with an expression of deep satisfaction.

“Hang on boy, I can keep from shooting for at least an hour, so you should conserve your strength!” Carl laughed and leaned back, arms at his sides as the rubber strapped, gagged, harnessed, and suspended Jimmy was bounced up and down on his dick, ass muscles and cock twitching from the random sequence of electrical jolts administered by the easy chair’s circuitry. Jimmy’s eyes rolled in his head as his ass convulsed around Carl’s rock hard dick as it plunged in and out of his jerking ass; an hour at least!

Carl closed his eyes and concentrated on keeping his dick on the edge of climax without going over. He was going to try for an hour and a half this time! He gripped the arms of the easy chair in his gauntleted hands and smiled as the winch and Jimmy whined and yelled above him.


With That, Visiting Time Is Over. 

What Ever You Do Don’t Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.